Chapter 564 – The Lower Half of His Body Has Been Repaired. He Can Finally Stand Up!

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Chapter 564: The Lower Half of His Body Has Been Repaired. He Can Finally Stand Up!

At this moment, Joelson felt that the temperature of every organ in his body had begun to rise.

From the initial warmth to the boiling heat, it was now like lava!

Joelson subconsciously exhaled!

In the next moment, the countless magical energy in Joelson’s body directly rushed towards his lower half.

The mission of this magic energy was to repair Joelson’s thigh.

If a doctor heard about Joelson’s plan at this moment, he would probably show a disdainful look.

After all, Joelson’s legs were completely shattered into powder at this moment. It was impossible to repair them.

Forget about repairing them, even if he could only roughly shape them, the difficulty was extremely exaggerated.

In the next moment, both of Joelson’s legs turned red!

At this moment, the bones in Joelson’s thighs were slowly growing.

Although the growth speed was not fast, it was already observable by the naked eye.

However, there was also an extremely intense pain.

However, at this moment, Joelson’s expression was very casual.

After all, he had experienced all kinds of things and had seen all kinds of things. Right now, it was just a little pain. Joelson did not care. He just had to endure it.

After about half an hour, Joelson’s leg bones had finally finished growing.

Under the observation of the magic filaments, Joelson found that his bones were now even harder.

It was as if his bones were as bright as gemstones.

Joelson could feel a strong sense of power coming from his bones at this moment.

But this was only the beginning of the repair. If Joelson wanted to stand up again, he would need to grow ligaments and muscles.

After the bones in Joelson’s legs had completely grown, they continued to strengthen a little. Around the originally bright bones, there was a circle of milky-white things.

These milky-white things wrapped around the bones in his legs. Right now, the bones in his legs were similar to those of an ordinary person. However, if the difference in strength was really greater than theirs, it would be extremely exaggerated.

Right now, if he was willing to stomp his feet, the entire hotel would probably be shocked.

The guests in the hotel would probably think that an earthquake had suddenly occurred and run out to take refuge.

Thinking of this, Joelson could not help but feel a little funny. He did not continue to think about it. Instead, he continued to focus on repairing his legs.

After the repair of his leg bones was completed, muscles grew out of Joelson’s leg bones like strands of hair.

This was undoubtedly a huge project, but Joelson did not intend to complete it in one step. He was very patient and controlled the muscles on his leg bones to grow slowly.

Another hour passed, and the clock hanging on the wall had already pointed to the direction of five.

More than two hours had passed since Joelson started to treat his legs.

At this moment, the muscles in Joelson’s legs had also completely grown.

The muscles were extremely strong, and Joelson felt that his legs had become stronger after being reorganized.

If the strength of his legs had originally been one, then the strength of his legs, which had yet to be completely repaired, had already reached the level of six.

This was a gap of six times!

And Joelson also estimated that after his legs were completely repaired, his strength would increase once again, reaching ten times of his original strength!

This was an extremely exaggerated level.

After all, ordinary people wouldn’t smash their legs into pieces for no reason.

Although Joelson had broken his legs, it was a blessing in disguise, and he had gained even more power.

It wouldn’t be long before Joelson’s power would rise from the peak of the demigod level to the god level.

At that time, Joelson’s power would once more increase!

Right now, his muscles and bones had already grown back. In the end, the only thing that needed to be reconstructed was his ligaments.

This step could be said to be extremely simple, but it could also be extremely difficult.

After all, if Joelson only wanted to stand up and rely on his own strength to walk, then he would only need the most ordinary ligaments to achieve his goal.

It could even be said that ligaments that were inferior to ordinary people could also help Joelson achieve his goal.

However, Joelson was unwilling to do so. After all, if his ligaments could reach the level of bones and muscles, then the strength of his legs could reach an astonishing ten times.

How could this allow Joelson to choose the most ordinary, or even inferior, ligaments?

With this thought in mind, the repair work in Joelson’s legs was not neglected. Strips of fine ligaments were formed above the muscles.

Logically speaking, ligaments were the same as muscles. However, unlike muscles, ligaments required a stronger ability to stretch and contract. This was also an advantage that muscles did not have.

This time, the feeling that came from his legs was no longer an incomparable pain. Instead, it was an itch that made people break down.

If it was said that an ordinary person could still use an iron-like will to resist pain, an itch would cause the vast majority of people to despair.

The desire to scratch would really cause one to break down.

Even an expert with such great willpower like Joelson was currently covered with perspiration on his forehead.

Joelson’s brows were tightly knitted. He subconsciously clenched his fists so that his body would not be unable to control itself from scratching his legs.

Joelson knew that once he scratched his legs, it would further slow down the progress of his treatment, or even reverse the situation.

Therefore, he absolutely could not scratch his legs.

Joelson took a deep breath and could not help but swallow his saliva.

His fists could not help but tremble.

Although the ligaments did not take as long to regenerate as the bones and muscles did, it was so itchy that even he almost could not hold on.

Finally, after another ten minutes, the ligaments in his legs had completely grown.

Thus, both of his legs were finally fully recovered!

However, he did not stand up immediately. He used the magic thread to continuously scan the condition of his legs. Only when there was no problem with his legs did he use all his strength.

He stood up!

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