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After the banquet, because it was late, Quan Hao called back to Quan Fu. They won't go back tonight.

Today, Si Weiyu was dressed in a charming pink evening dress. In the eyes of men, he was so beautiful that he didn't have any idea about the whole party. He just wanted to take the little woman back to his apartment.

Si Weiyu had a good time. When he came out, he was smiling. The man next to him started the car. He looked at her with ulterior motives. He reached over and rubbed her hair. Her two strands of broken hair fell down gently, adding a few attractive amorous feelings.

"Stop it! Drive now. " Si Weiyu pursed his red lips slightly.

"Are you full? Would you like to have something more? " Quan Hao asked fondly.

"I'm full. I want to go home and have a rest." Si Weiyu shook his head.

This is just what a man wants. He wants to take her home to have a rest! I've put up with him tonight.

The car flew all the way to their apartment. Along the way, the scenery of Ni Hong on the street was charming.

Turning on the light in the room, he saw that it was bright and charming, with a strong warmth. Si Weiyu untied the hair button at random, and his black hair poured down like a waterfall, which fascinated the eyes of the man behind him. His Adam's apple rolled up and down, and he swallowed his saliva. He hugged the woman from behind, lifted her hair to one side, and his thin lips couldn't wait Sucking her white and charming skin, gnawing like a dog.

"Hey, I haven't taken a bath yet!" Si Weiyu protested and felt sorry to let him kiss him without taking a bath.

"You smell good." A man doesn't think bathing is so important at all. He thinks he's going to explode now.

"Then at least I'll change my clothes!" Si Weiyu chuckled and pushed him, avoiding him, feeling itchy.

"Don't change. I want you to wear this dress." With that, Quan Hao picked her up and went to the direction of the bed. Her eyes were so deep that it was like the dark night.

Si Weiyu slightly gapes big eyes, what does this man want to do? However, soon, she knew what the man was going to do, so he let her wear this dress, and then he loved her.


Si Weiyu gasps, but she doesn't forget to tear the dress. She doesn't allow this man to tear the dress she likes so much.

"Darling, if it's broken, I'll buy you another one." Quan Hao light coax, healthy arm will her small body to embrace into the arms.

Si Weiyu is speechless and chokes. It seems that this man is having fun tonight, so she has to give up her life to accompany a gentleman. The sound of tearing clothes and silk comes from the air, and the whole room is full of passion.

"Xiaoyu, let's have another child! Don't you always want a daughter? " Quan Hao's breath gently spilled on the corner of her mouth.

Si Weiyu is dizzy, and he is also fascinated by this man's voice.

"Well, all right!" She had no choice but to answer and come from this man.

Under the messy bed, the dress has become a general debris, fell on the floor of the room, very pitiful, the superior cloth, the Pearl also sprinkled on the ground, however, the man on the bed can be satisfied, he contentedly hugged the petite girl in his arms, fell into a deep sleep.

Si Weiyu's small face was subconsciously put into his arms, and his mouth showed peace of mind.

Early in the morning, two people open their eyes, looking at the mess of the ground, can't help looking at each other and laughing, last night was crazy enough.

Soon received a call from the little guy, this noon, to go back to the presidential palace for a meal, the family get together, Si Weiyu and Quan Hao get up together.

Si Weiyu chose a light blue dress, with her long black hair and no smell of chemical materials. With her porcelain white and delicate face, she was as pure as a student who had just entered the University. Behind her, Quan Hao hugged her lovingly, "wife, you are so beautiful."

"I want you to say it." Si Weiyu laughs. Now she has the dignity of being his wife.

Quan Hao held her little face in his hands, and then he chewed a kiss. After the kiss, he looked at her shy and ruddy face, which made her more beautiful.

At noon, everyone gathered in the presidential palace. A happy family dinner was held here. Two children, a big one and a small one, had a good time on the grass. In the nearby garden, Hermione and her daughter-in-law sat by, watching the children chasing and laughing, bending a happy smile. What could make her more happy than this moment!

In the hall behind him, Quan Ying and his son and son-in-law are also drinking and chatting about state affairs. The atmosphere is just right.

At noon, a sumptuous family dinner, the family sitting together, enjoying the fun of food, and at this time, Quan Xixi secretly announced a happy event, she just learned yesterday that she had a second child, has been nearly a month and a half.

When she was talking, her eyes bumped into her husband's deep doting eyes, and she chuckled with deep love.

"Just in time, Xiaoyu and I are planning to have a second child. By that time, sister, you and Xiaoyu will have company, and so will the children." Quan Hao is also pleased to announce their plans.Si Weiyu was a little shy and nodded with a smile. Quan Xixi was really happy, "great, I'm still worried about giving birth to this baby without a playmate! Now it has company. "

"I believe it won't be long before Xiaoyu has good news." Quan Hao is very confident to say, if get the Department not feather shame to stare at him one eye, no shame not dry, call her good no face.

The others all laughed, only two little guys with muddled faces didn't know what the adults were laughing at.

Listening to the news, everyone is happy. Quan Ying and Hermione look at each other and smile. Seeing that the big family is expected to have more children, they are very happy. In the future, the family will only be more prosperous.

After dinner, everyone took a rest in the presidential palace and went home. Feng Yexiao and his wife stood at the door to watch them leave. The two children were reluctant to part and watched the car go safely.

Quan Xi Xi gently stroked her abdomen, and the corners of her mouth overflowed with happiness and sweetness. Behind her, the president held her in his arms and whispered in her ear, "it's better to be a daughter."

"What if it's still a son?" Quan Xixi raised his head and asked him.

Feng Yexiao frowned slightly and said firmly, "it's my daughter."

He wanted to have a daughter for a long time, so he believed that God would satisfy his wish.

In the car, Quan Hao and Si Weiyu are sitting in the same car. She leans lazily on her husband's shoulder. In the afternoon, the city looks lazy and leisurely. The flowers and trees outside the window are as beautiful as pictures. The men and women in the car cling to each other's hands and quietly enjoy the scenery on the street.

This moment, sweet, safe.

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