Chapter 455: The Second Key Lesson in Life

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Chapter 455: The Second Key Lesson in Life

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"Let me out! I will kill him!" Black Egg snarled from within the Lunar Mark.

Even though Han had locked Black Egg’s physical body, he was unable to lock his pride and competitiveness.

Han’s judgment was right. Black Egg could not fight any longer. If he stayed on the battlefield, only death would await him.

Black Egg was different from other beasts or warriors. As an energy beast, Black Egg’s combat powers stemmed from the energy within his body.

When he was full on energy, Black Egg was an existence that the entire world would fear.

But when Black Egg did not have any energy, he would become weaker and weaker and eventually die.

It was a double edged sword. Black Egg used his energy reserves to damage the opponent, intending on trading life for life.

Han obviously could not watch Black Egg die. Even though Black Egg looked down at Han and refused to be obedient, in Han’s eyes, Black Egg was his friend. Han was never a cold animal who could watch his friends die and remain untouched.

What supported Han till now was his tenacity and his hot-bloodedness.


Han started focusing his attacks. From the first second, Han amped up his combat power; he used all the energies he could, be it plant, poison or soul power. Han utilized all the powers he could and launched an impressive attack!

The Three-Eye White Ghost was still engulfed in the excitement from this triumph over Black Egg. He was completely unprepared when he encountered the crazy attacks of Han.


Suddenly, all the bones from the Three-Eye White Ghost erupted. The bones were all misshaped. It was like a person with sharp knives stuck all over his body.

Following the eerie transformation, Han was pushed out by a shock wave. The Demonic Vines which surrounded the Three-Eye White Ghost were snapped from their roots and produced a crackled sound. It was evident that the attack of Three-Eyed White Ghost was extremely strong.

Han pressed onto the ground with one hand, and barely managed to stay upright. But he knew in his heart that with his level and energy, he was no match for the Three-Eyed White Ghost.

One must know that the Three-Eyed White Ghost absorbed all of Black Egg’s energy. It was the purest and highest level energy. Han was never a match for Black Egg. Now that the Three-Eyed White Ghost had obtained Black Egg’s energy at its peak, he was naturally much stronger than Han.

To make it worse, Han could not use Pathless or Void’s End -The two game bug-level techniques which Han took pride in.



After defending against Han’s flurry of attacks, the Three-Eyed White Ghost breathed heavily and absorbed almost all of Black Egg’s energy. The Three-Eye White Ghost’s energy had reached a crazy amount and he was now in adult form. There was an energy wave with each breath he took.

It was like his big gulps for breaths was not from Han’s attacks but because there was too much energy to digest.

"Human!" Three-Eyed White Ghost raised a single hand and pointed at Han, "Even the small dragon just now could not do anything to me. You? How dare you stand in front of me? I admire your courage!"

Small dragon?

Han’s expression did not change but his heart raced.

Pluto had specially talked to Han about the Dragon race. He even encouraged Han to visit the Dragon Valley and obtain his own mount.

But Pluto had never mentioned that Black Egg was a dragon. Why did he lie to him? Did Pluto have something that was difficult to express?

Han did not know about destiny he carried. Pluto did not tell Han because he felt that Black Egg was not powerful enough. To breakthrough fate’s seal, the only hope would be for Han to obtain the support of the dragon of the highest tier.

Pluto was unable to determine what kind and level of dragon Black Egg was. Therefore, he was unwilling to let Han to sign a contract with Black Egg. After all, Dragon Riders only had one opportunity to sign a life and death contract in their lifetime.

The Three-Eyed White Ghost looked at his new body with its defined muscle lines and dense bones satisfyingly. Then he looked at the thin Han and his gaze turned into contempt.

Han noticed the third eye of Three-Eyed White Ghost. The hidden eye on his forehead had taken form and bulged out in a strange way. Han wondered when the Three-Eye White Ghost would open his third eye and what power would the third eye bring?

From his fierce battle with the Three-Eyed King, Han already knew that the third eye was a top level genetic mutation. A person who had only one super power would acquire a completely new super power after obtaining the third eye. Their energy would also skyrocket just like one who acquired Soul Power.

At this thought, Han gulped. It was already a difficult battle with the Three-Eye White Ghost. But the Three-Eye White Ghost was still not in his strongest state. This battle did not bode well for him.

His brain became muddled. Even the most anti-toxic physique could not withstand the chain effect of a hundred Mad God pills. Han tried to remain attentive but his vision and mind became faint.

"It’ time." The Three-Eye White Ghost looked at Han coldly, and lightly said, "The time of your death is here."


The Three-Eye White Ghost suddenly disappeared and in the next second, he appeared within half a meter of Han. Han did not have any time to see Three-Eye White Ghost’s actions before he was sent into the air.


Movements of the Void!

Han clenched his teeth and adjusted this body in the air.

When he landed on the ground, he was in a proper attack position!

Storm strike!

His left rib was still in tremendous pain. The pressure that the enemy had imposed upon Han was indescribable but Han withstood the pressure and continued to attack!

The Three-Eyed White Ghost was stunned for a moment, and seemed confused.

No matter if it was in his Beast state or his human form, he had killed many opponents. But no one was as unyielding as Han.


Han was once again hit away with one blow. He once again used his signature Void Movement to maintain his balance, and then attacked again.



Again and again, Han’s body was filled with wounds. The path he travelled was splattered with blood.

But Han never stopped his attacks. He was like a machine who only knew how to attack. He kept attacking after each deflection.

It was as if an indestructible rock was in front of Han and he again and again struck against it with his body! Until his body breaks to pieces!

It was like a wave that relentlessly hit the rocks. Every encounter smashed it to pieces but it continued to attack!

Black Egg had stopped snarling. He realized that he did not completely know Han. He did not realize a man could fight so hard for his life and beliefs.

Black Egg hated himself!

He hated his foolishness which caused Han to be in this hopeless situation!

If it was not because he foolishly fell into the enemy’s trap, things would not have come to this!

Even though he was the strongest race in the universe, Black Egg now needed to be rescued by Han!

Black Egg did not owe Han a favor, Black Egg felt like he owed Han his life!

At the brink of death, Black Egg had already painfully and disgracefully closed his eyes. It was Han who saved him!

Now, Han was trying with all his might to save him again!

You are wrong!

You are wrong!

You are wrong!

You fool!

Black Egg repeatedly scolded himself in his heart. It was almost an impossible feat to make the prideful dragons admit that they were wrong. But at the moment, Black Egg truly felt that he was the most foolish thing in the universe!

Han does not deserve you?

Open your eyes! How could a foolish fellow like you deserve Han?!

In the end, who is the real iron-willed man!

Han was swaying on his feet. This was a battle without hope. He knew that he could not win.

But he had the heart of a true warrior, and strong beliefs which stop him from ever giving up. He could only fight till his death.

At the moment, Han was already bloody and looked unhuman. But the Three-Eye White Ghost did not have any sympathy for the enduring Han. He only mocked at how weak Han was, and at the same time, he was remorseful that it was unlike him to be pestered by a human for so long.


The Three-Eye White Ghost disappeared. When he reappeared, he carried a small panicky object. It was Yuan Yuan.

Yuan Yuan was miserably carried upside down by the Three-Eyed White Ghost who had held onto a small robotic leg of Yuan Yuan and lightly shook it. It was like a predator playing with its prey.

"You brought this little object in?" Three-Eyed White Ghost coldly asked.

"Let him go." Han said in a low voice. Blood dripped from his fingertips. His back was hunched. The strong pain made him unable to stand upright.


Three-Eyed White Ghost pressed down with his fingers and broke one of Yuan Yuan’s thin legs. He then threw Yuan Yuan on the ground and stepped down on him with his foot.

"Ok..I can let him go now." Three-Eyed White Ghost mockingly said.

"Master, run quickly!"

"Run with Black Egg!"

"Master, I am too stupid. I could not hack into the Golden Tower system. They, they won’t be coming!" Yuan Yuan said in a crying voice.

The Golden Clan were once the rulers and possessed extremely high level technology. Since Yuan Yuan failed to hack into the system, it meant that Han would not have any reinforcements.

Yuan Yuan felt guilty. When one of his legs was broken, he did not feel any pain. All he cared about was the safety of his master and his friend, Black Egg.

Such a loyal fellow.


When Black Egg witnessed everything, he felt like he was going crazy.

Why? Why was it so painful?!

Why am I in so much pain!

Black Egg felt that his heart was going to break, even Yuan Yuan cared about him? What is happening to the world?

Black Egg was once again reminded of Demon Claw and Ghost Claw. They were the predecessors of Blue Star and died to save him. That was the most important lesson in Black Egg’s life.

Now, Black Egg was learning the second most important lesson in his life.

"I will not leave you. I promised that." Han lifted his head and his lips broke into a smile." When I am gone, you, Black Egg, Silver Fox, Blue Star, Xiao Bao, and everyone in the base …you guys must all live a good life."

What did he mean?

What did Han mean?!

Yuan Yuan was stunned as was Black Egg. This sorrowful words did not seem like something that the optimistic Han would say.


In the next second, Han lightly touched the surface of the Lunar Mark and took out a bottle filled with Golden substance. With his fingers, he crushed the cap of the bottle, lifted his hand and gulped down the golden substance.

The pieces of glass slashed Han’s lips and throat but he did not care!


Han fiercly threw the empty bottle onto the ground. Then, Han’s entire person, entire life energy became to combust!

"If I die! You will not live either!" Han yelled out his declaration. His eyes were bloodshot.


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