When her boyfriend betrayed her, she decided to turn him into an ex. Do not fight do not know, she held the most precious thigh, but did not expect to be eaten by him dry wipe clean. The iceberg president, who has been frozen for thousands of years, was melted and instantly turned into his favorite wife. She cried out: I can't bear it
"Boss, Miss Mu has returned home!""Well!" The man answered indifferently."Boss, someone gave Miss Mu a bunch of roses!""Traitor! Hum The man finally raised his head, narrowed his eyes and hummed, the ending rising."Boss, Miss Mu watched a movie with that man today, had a candlelight dinner, and"What else...""And a kiss!"The fire in the man's eyes suddenly appeared, and he couldn't sit down any more. He suddenly rose from the sofa."B... b... boss, no, Miss Mu is going to marry that man in Holland!"The man patted the table with a big hand, "which plane, blow it down for me!""Yes"Wait a minute!" The man suddenly stopped."What do you want from boss?""If you want to blow up the adulterer, if she loses a hair, try it!"“……”
Su wennuan is forced to marry the most powerful Fang family in the imperial capital, but her fiance is a disabled man with disfigurement on face and incomplete body! At the engagement party, she realized that the man who had robbed her of her innocence the night before was her fiance's uncle! Later, the man spoiled her! After marriage, Su wennuan was cute and coquettish, and said, "honey, let's go and get couple tattoos, OK?" Mr. Fang asked, "what's the tattoo?"“ If you change your mind, you will be struck by thunder and lightning. In the next life, you will be reincarnated as an animal Fang mujin's mouth slightly twitched, asked: "so many words, quite painful! What are you tattooing? "“ I'll just tattoo one, OK! "Hahaha ~" Mr. Fang looked at the little mouse with his mouth covered and said, "as long as you are happy, I will listen to you!"