Contemporary Romance

Deadly Doting Marriage

Chapter 509

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Contemporary Romance
You’re reading Novel “Deadly Doting Marriage”on In a car accident, he lost his loved ones and a leg, causing him to be handicapped. The day the perpetrator of the accident was executed, he adopted his enemy’s eight-year-old daughter.For over ten years, he tried every means to torture her and make her pay for what her father had done.Due to a conspiracy, she was trapped in a fire and never woke up since then. He lost his mind too with her charred body in his arms.Four years later, she made a triumphant and gorgeous return, together with a boy who could see nothing but her.On a snowy night, he removed his prosthetic leg, got down on his knees on the snowfield and pulled at the hem of her clothes, begging, “Kathy, what do I need to do for you to come back to me?”“Only if you die!” She shrugged off his hand and left with great strides
The eldest daughter of the Garcia family, Olivia Garcia, was famous in New York City, but she had a bad reputation that everyone looked down upon. She lost her mother at a young age and became a tool in her stepmother’s hand. After successfully getting married into the wealthy family after ruining Brian Ford’s reputation, she sucked blood like a vampire to feed the Garcia family. After a car accident, she lost her daughter and saw through all the lies and deception. Having been reborn, she took every step to enter the Ford family again. She was not there to pursue a relationship, all she wanted was revenge. But how could the famous Tyrant King of New York City let her get away so easily? “After getting married into the Ford family, can you still run away?” From then on, Olivia became Brian’s most beloved, living a pampered life
[Status: Serializing. November 2020]"Sometimes love needs a second chance, because it wasn't ready the first time."Five years ago, she suddenly showed up on her grandfather's doorstep, asking for help to get out of the country as soon as possible. She needed to get away from her lover, taking with her their unborn child. She had enough of him, constantly breaking her fragile heart --- for the sake of protecting their child from the underworld, Ririna had to say goodbye to her unrequited love. Eli was a worldly man, as a future heir to the underworld empire and CEO of multi-corporations, there's nothing that he couldn't have when he wanted it. For him, there's nothing more exciting and satisfying than watching his company dominating the stock exchange and making more money. His mind made up during his childhood that he would never follow his father's steps, not be brought down on his knees by a woman, or so he thought, not until Ririna left him! His woman disappeared, taking his heart with her... Now, she's back!!! She wants to delve deeper into the accidental death of her mother. This is the chance Eli has been waiting for, this time she can't get away from him anymore. Threats and dangers are still lurking around them. Their enemies are seeking after them with lethal schemes. In this game of life and death, raising a child is not ideal. He must eliminate them all first before starting a family with Ririna, but the child he never knew he had is seeking him regardless. Is his child going to be his weakness or his strength? Story set in a fictional unnamed country.Updates with 2 chapters daily. (7PM GMT +8)Warning: May contain scenes (sex and violence) and dialogues not appropriate for young readers. Special Thanks: moonlitnight, angelli_08Pristine, ChangchangLongwei; Emijay; Miss BookieJoin our discussion on discord: website: you enjoy my content, please consider supporting what I do by buying me a coffee: Cover by RinkaShikimori/ Copyright 2020 anjeer
She Becomes Pretty And Cool After The Engagement AnnulmentThe fat and ugly Nora Smith is the laughingstock of the town when her fiancé breaks off their engagement. He says, “The sight of your gigantic face and thunder thighs disgusts me! Don’t ever pester me again!” “What an idiot.” Nora scoffs and turns around, her lips curling up into a smile. Later, when Nora successfully slims down, she returns as an astounding beauty. Her ex-fiancé comes to her bearing flowers and begs, “I was wrong, Nora. I’m willing to do anything as long as you come back to me.” Nora rests her chin in her hands and smiles as she replies, “Real men don’t dwell on the past.” Angered, he says, “You’re just a dimwit saddled with baggage that I dumped, Nora. No one will want you except me!”But following that
You’re reading Novel “Trial Marriage Husband: My Bed’s Broken!”on Caution: This novel contains R18 content.The first time they met, Miles appeared poor and unkempt, and the beautiful and flirtatious Tang Yu had a one-night stand with him because she was desperate.The second time they met, Tang Yu was marrying him at the Civil Affairs Bureau.“Hubby, I’m pregnant.”“That’s great. I can use the excuse of staying with my wife for labor to rest for a few months.”After the marriage, Tang Yu realized that she had been tricked. Tricked into marriage!Her husband had transformed into a rich and powerful business mogul. From then on, they were extremely loving and doted on each other.“Honey, don’t… be too close…”“Too tight?”“Yes, you’re too close!”With Miles’s baby in her stomach, was it too late for a divorce?