Eastern Fantasy

The Start Of The Legend Of The Harem Palace Sect in The Cultivation WorldSynopsis edited by: free_roamerSuddenly a strange sect with a strange name appeared.This sect only accepts female disciples. Every disciple should be single and they can't marry another person unless they want to be crippled and expelled.People call this the Evil Sect, many people want to destroy it but the only outcome is that the attackers disappear, never to be seen again.The sect didn't care about talent or appearances. Sometimes ugly women enter and goddesses are rejected.This sect is unique and strange, from it's technique they can become more beautiful than a goddess.Every woman or girl who enters, ugly or beautiful, transforms into a goddess like they are being reborn.Many formidable powerhouses wanted to kill the head and seize the sect or kidnap one of their members only to be disappointed.This strange legendary sect is told as an existence to be never offended. NO MATTER WHAT!!!=======Chapter is in the process of editing by: free_roamer from the beginning.Edited status:- Synopsis ✔- Auxiliary volume ✔- Vol 1: 1-8 has been edited by free_roamerChapter above 8 still unedited (Waiting for editor who want to do editing)=======Release Schedule: Changed into 7000-14000 words per-week!~Reason: Struggling With Financial Problem In Real Life.You can help the author just from some changes or your leftover money sent to here ~https://www.patreon.com/morvian=======Winner of Writing Prompt Competition #32 : System=======Tag: [Adult] [Comedy] [Cultivation] [Face-Slapping] [Harem] [Hentai] [Mature] [Male Protagonist] [Overpowered Protagonist] [Sect Building] [Reincarnati