Novels whose setting is in the past. Frequently these follow historical tales, sagas or facts. World with kingdom setting that are not from actual history saga, tales, are not included.

Battle Royale of the Sinners


2 Months ago
Tong, a sinner who was suffering endless torment in hell because of his mistake he had done in his previous life, was giving other chance to redeem himself by the devil. All he had to do was participating in the redemption program, organized by the gods and the devils. He would be reincarnated as a random citizen of China during the end of the era of the East Han, and the prelude of the era of the Three Kingdoms. He would also retain his memory and a cheat skill that he designed for himself. Tong later found himself reincarnated as Zhang Tong, the son of the Yellow Turbans leader, Zhang Jiao. The problem didn't end with just the dilemma of the Yellow Turbans Army. It appeared that other than him, there were 99 others from the modern world that reincarnated into this timeline with him as well. This redemption program by the gods and devils didn't seem to be simple. There was definitely something fishy going on. Then the hidden agenda revealed itself to the reincarnators. Zhang Tong had to utilize everything by any means necessary to survive this ordeal. -------------------------------------------------- Warning: It's a story with deranged characters that MC and friends won't get a smooth sailing life forever like the other typical WN novels. Patience and high tolerance are required for this novel. Constant nerfs, plot twisted, and changes in the story are expected. All RoTK fans should also be warned. I don't follow the trends of historical events. All characters and their thought won't be like in the 14th-century novel RoTK or Dynasty Warrior. Again, I don't sell 100% wet-dreams in this novel. I mixed nightmares in it. --------------------------------------------------
With a million dollars bounty on Ning Lou's head, she was the most notorious criminal pursued by federal agents who swindled her way throughout the four continents. Living as an anonymous magnate in a inconspicuous villa, she was at the peak of her life. But who would have thought a trip on the bathroom ended it just like that. The illogical part was, she transmigrated in the body of an unloved empress and in an era unknown in history. Caught in a web of heinous schemes inside the Imperial Harem, she must swindle her way for survival, while maintaining her distance from the so called 'Emperor'. However, this man was harder to trick than the old Buddhist monk. "Your Highness, the emperor sealed and barricaded all the secret passages!" "Your Highness, the emperor has replaced the eunuchs and maids!" "Your Highness, all the concubines suddenly fell ill and the emperor said Your Highness will serve him tonight." "Your Highness, the Phoenix Cloud Pavilion caught fire so the Emperor ordered to have Your Highness stay in his quarters from now on." "Your Highness, where are you heading to?" "Don't stop me, I'll swindle my way to be the Emperor instead!"
She knew how to sneak into Nwere's compound through the opening at the back covered with palm fronds. He had shown it to her himself.Moans cut the dark night like an axe. Ugomma recognized th
when she was first brought in the palace as a slave to pay off some debt, Natalie never expected to fall for the dark,feared and handsome prince, everyone viewed him as cruel and cold hearted,but to her he was the man of her dreams.He was the only heir to the prosperous Victorian empire, handsome and very arrogant with a captivating gaze that could make any woman sworn and his enemies stutter in fear, Prince Elliot was every man and woman dream and also their worst enemy.Two different people in one majestic tale of betrayal,one sided love, jealousy and finally heart warming Romance
She can hardly control the emergence of her dark side.The uncontrollable princess who should have never existed.When sent to a temple for her impropriety, she secretly runs off, seeking revenge on those who have wronged her mother.Travelling across the large expanse of land.Venturing through the depths of the empires.Her only goal?To put an end to her dear grandfather's life.***Warning, it will contain the following content:Action, romance, mystery, horror, cannibalism, thriller, comedy, and mature content such as sex, rape, murder, incest, child violence, bestiality, and slavery.If you are not comfortable with any of the above topics, please proceed with caution, or move along.***Also posting on Scribble Hub, Royal Road, Ink
"If you are my grandfather then what about my father?" asked Mouriya. He replied "I am just your grandfather's twin. He born first but I am the eldest" Mouriya in a confused manner "how come"? Leave that now this is not a problem. "if you're my grandfather's twin then how come you can be my age and so young". This story is about a Boy from Earth who had went to another galaxy to know about his father's kingdom and to save the people there from a evil and cruel king who is ruling the planet. DISCLAIMER: The character content, the following incidents and information are created by the author's imagination.
A boy named Shallot from the modern world one day died in a car accident and was reborn as a Saiyan and crash land in a plant called Eden where apparently there is magic??Read this story to know what shall happen next shall his fellow saiyan attack this planet or shall he live here peacefully fore
COMPLETEDA small story about adventurers, local history enthusiasts, treasure hunters. They wander around cities, forests, mountains, steppes and deserts, seek metal artifacts and search magnets for historical artifacts and sell some of them at auctions, donate some to museums and keep some in their home collections. They work in archives and funds, second-hand bookkeepers do not forget, they look for old books, road workers and topographic maps of the 17-20 centuries.There is the only main character Fang and his partner Dara.---English is the same as in other novels. While it is far from good. The approximate number of chapters is from 60 to 100. Updates 3 chapters per week. The number of words is from 600 to more 1200.COMPLETED
An unfavored Prince and a sickly daughter of a Prime Minister were brought together by a marriage bestowed by the Emperor....Yan Xing, the Fifth Prince of the Yan Empire was born premature and was said to be an impotent prince. Zhao Ling, the Second Miss of the Prime Minister household was said to be a sickly lady who couldn't be able to bear a child because of her weak body constitution.A Perfect Match!The whole empire was in clamor when the Imperial edict about the marriage was announced."Truly a match made in heaven""The spring night is out of reach for them. haha" "Both of them will be a short-lived ghost. At least they can accompany each other when going down the yellow river" ...........The Wedding Night.Zhao Ling glared at the man who was pressing her on the bed, "Aren't you impotent!"Yan Xing smirked looking down at the beauty, "well, aren't you a weak and sickly lady too! How comes you are as strong as a bull?"...........What secrets do both of them hold beneath their weak appearance?