When the main character keeps an animal, spirit or other lifeform as a mascot/ companion

Epic of Bee

Chapter 239: Don't I Get A Choice? Epic of Bee

2 Months ago
Gender Bender
Slice of Life
Upon dying an unlikely death, Ash, a man was transported into the body of hatching Queen Bee. He was also given something called The Queens System, but all is not well after being transported. Ash will be forced into a fight for her life because he is no longer a male, and his mind is telling him that he must kill the other virgin queens or he would be the next to die. This is a journey of one lost soul’s journey to find themselves and slow break out of their shell. AND IT’S ABOUT BEES! Plus, many other amazing humanoid races with no hoomans! Lots of information? Too many name? What was that Gene? I got you covered! Look up Epic of Bee Guide!