It is 2000, where social media hasn't born yet, we go for internet by dial-up modem or internet cafe, and Korean hasn't ruled the entertainment world. It is where a simple Taiwanese day dreamer girl, Xiao Ping, falls completely in love with a Japanese super star, Hasegawa Takeshi. Thus she decides to chase her love. One event after another, coincident by coincident happens during her effort. Eventually, will she ever wake up from her dream or keep on chasing her dream lover until it comes tru
“With every hour, day and month I wait, I love you more.” Here is where the boss submits and the lady dominates.---"A CEO hitting on a high school girl? Oh, how scandalous, Sir~”She is a sly teenager who likes to tease adults, use blackmail and ruin dates. But beneath that playful facade, she was once a naive heiress who was abused, mocked and neglected. Forced in a loveless marriage, she became even more miserable. For all her life, she tried to be perfect to gain acceptance, but in the end, nobody truly cared for her. Now that she went back in time after dying in the hands of her family, she decided to claim what was rightfully hers. "Hitting on you? Excuse me, who're you again? I don't think any girl would just ruin my date for no good reason – highschooler or not. That's unless you're actually a fan," was what her flirt of a future husband once said in this second life of hers.Though a jerk, this hot stuff has his uses other than being attractive. She needed him to get back on those who wronged her no matter how indifferent he was to her before. This time around, she will take her turn to piss people off while smiling all sweetly.With that in mind, she leaned closer to him and smiled as sweetly as she just imagined, making him drop his smug smirk and raise his brows in surprise."I'm not your fan – I'm your future wife, you douchebag."---Winter used to live with her adoptive older brother until her biological uncle and adoptive sister found her. She was a long-lost heiress whose deceased parents turned out to be an affluent and wealthy couple. While people would think that she was very fortunate, all this really did to her was take her freedom away. A whole new identity had been forced on her ever since.Meek and docile yet soft-hearted and hardworking – that she became. Trapped in expectations, Winter worked herself to death in order to be deserving of her position as the successor. Pressured by her family, she had to follow everything they said. Deprived of the freedom to decide, she was forced to marry someone who was older than her by seven years – and worse, a flirt of all things. Winter worked very hard but only to lose everything after her adoptive sister took the spotlight away. Everyone claimed her to be incapable of being the next head of their family business, thus making the adopted daughter the successor instead. Her uncle only used her in the end. This was what they were aiming for all along – to manipulate her and steal her inheritances before throwing her out entirely.Never did Winter expect that the first and last person who would at least pay attention to her at her worst was her husband, Marcellus. Flirtatious and playful yet detached and secretive – that he was. Devilishly handsome, head of a business empire, known for many notable attainments, and chased by beauties – Marcellus is a man of perfection. Not once did he treat Winter like a wife, though. She was nothing to him, and so was he to her. But before she met her eventual demise, he was the only person who tried to help her. Yet it was much too late. The next time they met again would be seven years back in time – where they would be a scheming duo of a bossy high school girl and a submissive conglomerate president.---[Warning: Mature Content](Cover Photo Not Mine: Credits to the original arti
Sypnosis:Have you ever fell in love with a fictional character from a game, your favorite book or in an anime?Eury is a big fan of Claude. An anime character and her virtual boyfriend. As an almost perfect girl like her , no guy has ever gets her attention in real life.But what if the perfect girl meets her virtual boyfriend in real life?Shiloh. A guy who looks exactly like Claude. Although they look exactly the same, they still have the complete opposite personality. If Claude is the perfect ideal guy for Eury then Shiloh is the least ideal guy for her.But will she be able to like someone who looks like her ideal guy or will she likes him even she is out of her league?How will her virtual boyfriend can became re
Adelia Adnan sangat antusias menyongsong kehidupan barunya di Perth, Australia untuk melanjutkan S2. Ia ingin hidup Wild and Free sebelum akhirnya ia harus menikah paksa dengan Bastian Abraham ketika perkuliahan ini selesai. Ia ingin memastikan dating dengan banyak cowok, travelling sejauh-jauhnya, dan mendapat nilai sempurna untuk perkuliahannya. Untuk melancarkan rencananya, ia sengaja memilih asrama di dalam kampus agar memiliki kehidupan mahasiswa luar negeri yang maksimal.Yang ia tidak tahu adalah, Bastian ternyata mendaftar S2 ke universitas yang sama, dan memutuskan untuk tinggal di asrama yang sama! Adelia akhirnya menemukan beberapa cowok yang siap mengisi hatinya, begitu juga dengan Bastian. Namun di saat yang sama, Adelia dan Bastian selalu bergesekan karena satu dan lain hal, dan akhirnya terjebak untuk lebih mengenal satu sama lain.Bagaimana mereka menjalani "berpura-pura tidak tunangan" selama menjalani hubungan dengan orang lain? Apakah nantinya mereka akan bersama saling mencintai, ataukah mereka akhirnya memuntuskan untuk berpisah dan mengerjar cinta mereka dengan orang lain?Warning: Banyak Plot-TwistPlease.... kasih review bintang 5 yah biar penulis semangattt gitu update-nyaCOVER: Winter Couple by Ramona Rosa - Pinter
'Is he gay?' 'Impossible, I'll prove it!'And so begins the romantic tale of Ji Xiaonian, a first-year student in Ning University who had been spoiled her entire life, and Bai Yan, the CEO of a major corporation who also happens to be a lecturer in Ning University. Their families were of equal standing, making them a match made in heaven. There was one problem, though, Bai Yan had avoided women all his life. What nobody knew, however, was that Bai Yan had been protecting his chastity for 28 years, all so he could wait for our heroine to grow into a fine, mature woman
****WARNING: R18****Nina was a normal high school student in Golden Oak School of the Elites. She belongs to the Bronze Class, where the students with the lowest ranks are.Golden Oak is known to be the school of the rich and famous. However, the Bronze Class is where the students who got admitted because of sponsorships or scholarships. Her family owns a small ramen shop near Northbay City Mall. Cross Realty Corporation was trying to buy all the lands around the mall. They got almost everything except Nina's family business.Andrew Cross was the CEO of a shipping company as well as the next successor of Cross Realty. His father asked him to persuade Nina's family to sell the shop as part of his training as the heir. He belongs to the Platinum Class of Golden Oak College.When Andrew visited the ramen shop, Nina begged him to save her and her sisters from some gangsters who were asking his father to pay off his debt."How much is it? I'll pay for it." He said."Ten million dollars or we'll get these girls and sell them to the underground cartel." One of the men answered."Please help us. Please save my sisters." Nina begged.It wasn't the first time they met, she's friends with some rich kids that he hang out with and met her there. She hated him. But he was the only person who could help them now.Andrew looked at the girl who was begging in front of her. Her face was tilted up looking at his face. Her hazelnut eyes were sparkling from tears. Her red plump lips has a small cut in the lower part and her left cheek was swollen. Did someone hit her? He gritted his teeth but tried to hide his reaction from her.She wasn't like the other woman she dated. She wasn't classy or sophisticated but there was something in her that mesmerized him."How do you plan on paying me?" He asked."I'll do eveything you ask. I-I'll give you myself." She suddenly blurted.She was so innocent. She doesn't even know what was playing in his head when she said that. He brushed his hand to her cheeks and wiped the tears flowing from her face."Then I'll buy you and your shop for fifteen million dollars. From now on, I own you. You belong to me." He said with a wide grin on his face.********************************Book cover is not mine. Credit to the rightful owner.**Contact me at [email protected]: authorsky_maidenFacebook: Sky MaidenFB Link: https://www.facebook.com/sky.maiden.



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Liu Xian and Ling Shang are engaged, their parents force them to spend their summer vacation together hoping they will make a good couple in the future and quit being enemies.One hotel room, a psycho couple.Woah, hold on our ship is gonna blow!2LI SHI

Meri Phuppo Ki Beti

Chapter 8

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Sheroze Khan a 23-year-old Pakistani living in UK has eyes in which girls can stare for hours, lips that make the perfect smile, cheeks that make the perfect dimple that makes the girls skip a beat. And when he opens his mouth his voice is like OMG. Hoorain Ali, A pretty 19-year-old having sarcasm as her second language, quite crazy, friendly girl living in Pakistan.Dive in to know about the two and how will they end up together
Mrs. Dealova (25 years), a beautiful woman known as LOVE, got an assignment from her lover to frame Bara in a scandal.Frans Johan (30 years) lover and big boss who has been selling Dealova since he was 20 years old finally really loves Dealova.Bara Febriansyah (27 years), a handsome and cold President Director, wanted to marry Dealova when she found out that his son, Chelo (5 years), really loved Dealova.Georgina (26 years), Bara's wife as a famous artist wants to divorce Bara and win custody of Chelo as a result of her affair with Bara's best friend, Alvino Chain (27 years)Will Dealova get the heart and love of a Bara to achieve her goals?Can Dealova reveal Georgina and Alvino's affair when Dealova finds out that Georgina has evil intentions towards Bara?Can Dealova and Bara's love be united while Dealova can't leave Joh
[WARNING: R18]"Is this your first kiss?" He asked. I felt a tear dropped from my eyes. I was scared. I thought I'm going to be raped. To my surprise, he stood up and stared at me."If that's your first kiss, then you're still a virgin?" I sat on the bed and started sobbing. "So what if I'm a virgin? That's the reason I changed boyfriend every week so they won't be able to touch me." It's true. I was never a slut or a whore. I dumped every guy I dated after a week so they wouldn't have a chance to take advantage of me.Margaret Miller is the only daughter of Benjamin and Amanda Miller. Not known to everyone, she's actually a Princess, her mother is the daughter of the King of Flousia, a small country north east of Japan.Although her father was rich, the king was against the marriage of her parents and stripped off her mother's title. Her mom died giving birth to her. She was left alone in their mansion because her father can't stay with her as she looks exactly like her deceased mother. She grew up rebellious and dominant to get the attention of her father. She was known in Golden Oak High School as a flirt, a slut and a whore because she changed boyfriend every week. Today is the last day of the week and she need to dump her latest boy toy, Jayden. She met him at her friend's house a week ago. She became interested because he was disguised as a girl."Hey Jayden, we're over." I said. I thought he was just like the other boys I've dated. I'll play with them for a week then we're done. I looked at Jayden and he smirked. Then he suddenly grabbed my arm and pushed me down on the bed. He was now on top of me."We're over? Do you think you can just bugged me for a week then leave? No! That's not how I play." His eyes became dark. It was the first time I saw him as a man. I felt his knee between my thighs, he was holding my arms on top of my head. I can't move. He moved his face closer and started to kiss me. I froze. He frowned and stopped when he saw me crying."Stop crying. I won't rape you for god's sake. If that's what you think! But you're not going to dump me. I won't allow that." He said annoyed."Why? You can get a real girlfriend in campus. You don't need to stay with me." From his face, he can easily get a girl. I heard he's popular with the girls in the bronze class."Because I'm going to take all your first time. Your body is mine, I won't let any other man touch you."*********************************** **Book cover is not mine. Credit to the rightful owner.**If you're into mystery-romance this is definitely for you!Contact me at [email protected]: authorsky_maidenFacebook: Sky MaidenFB Link: https://www.facebook.com/sky.maiden.
Bubu/Puma Zero Devanka (31 years) lost his beloved wife, Haruka, who was shot dead for protecting Bianca, the daughter of his best friend who was also killed in a shootout at a restaurant due to someone's revenge.Because of a promise to his wife and best friend, Bubu is forced to care for and raise Bianca.Bianca Adelia Thompson (19 years) lost her parents since childhood. From Bubu's affection, Bianca grew up to be a beautiful and smart girl. Because Bianca is used to living with Bubu. In Bianca's heart grew a sense of love.Can Bianca achieve Bubu's cold love who can never forget his wife ??Can Bianca fulfill her promise to Haruka to always take care of Bubu throughout her life ??Can Bubu find the killer of his wife and best friend
Bagas Dirgantara 24 years old, a young CEO sitting in his wheelchair, spends his time just working hard and reminiscing about his first love when he was 12 years old.Nikita Andrea 23 years old, a young teacher, wants to live independently by teaching in another city, so she has to have long distance contact with her lover Raka Wibawa.Raka Wibawa, 25 years old, is a young doctor who loves Nikita so much that he is willing to have long-distance relationships for the sake of Nikita's happiness.Until one day, Nikita accidentally met Bagas at the bookstore, which continued with Bagas' request to make Nikita his personal secretary. How did Bagas feel when he found out that Nikita was his first love woman?Could Bagas and Nikita's past love be able to reuni
SHADOW LOVER : LOVE IN THE END OF HEAVEN"Indeed He was present at the beginning of my life's journey, but you are present at the end of my journey to the end of me later." (Marey Megan)Dean Luther returned to Indonesia to make amends to his girlfriend Marey Megan who could not walk due to an accident when she was with him two years ago.As a result of the accident Dean's face was badly damaged. Dean was forced to change his face like Luis Fedrick, his cousin, a pilot. By using the identity of Luis Fedrick, Dean wants to get Marey's love back in his life before his leukemia takes his life.How is Dean's love story going? Can Dean be able to get Marey's love even though his life is not long anymore?Or will Luis Fedrick's love come into Marey Megan's life when Dean leaves he love for Luis Fedrick
Amber Banks is not an avenge girl, she is more than meets the eye in Trapped Within. After waking up from a freakish nightmare, her day starts off normal. Going to a brand-new school, meeting some friends along the way and finding out that her dreams really do come true when your being thrown inside the punishment room by the school’s princess. She felt like her world was about to end, until her guardian angel appeared and saved her. Amber overcame the room, but not the horrors that lie ahead of her. She clashed with her supervisor, somehow killed the bully, and survived death once more. Amber was untouchable. As the school year started to end, all her friends seem to disappear. The best friend fell off the face of the earth, the two lovers ended up running away as the high school became a graveyard. All that remains as the fog lifts are Amber and her boyfriend Jackson, also known as Mikel; Amber’s guardian angel. More mysteries started to unfold before the best friend fell into the abyss, a certain case rose from the ashes from Dawnwell; where a forgotten nightmare comes back to life. A brother that she didn’t care about was still alive as he carried a heavy burden that will sentences his fate. An unlikely link to this case came to visit Amber. It was her cousin Mia, as she told her that she was the victim and not Amber. Upon the day of the court, the sentence was made as Amber’s brother received his fate that would end the story to this tale of one Amber Banks in the Trapped With
You thought it's unrequited loveYou thought he doesn't feel the same wayBut it's either sometimesfeelings are hiddenorfeelings are late bloomerswhy late bloomers?because he thought it is someone else.Someday, he will wake up and realizes thatit is you who owned his heart at the very beginni