Once in 20 years, she stumbled, hit his luxury car, left her signature and number, and walked without a cloud. Not only that, but also in the name of his fianceeThe next day, President Ji's fiancee was discoveredSo, she's in a big trouble this time?!Not only that, a man gave her a flash marriage agreement.A year later, song Qingcheng photographed the divorce agreement in front of a man, "Mr. Ji, please sign it!""Did I ever tell you I couldn't write three words?""Which three words?""Ji Zhengting."
Far in the distance, the young lord returned, the war god woke up, gods killed, buddhas killed, beauties … Uh, I can't kill that, okay?

Ace of Divine Doctor

Chapter 1938

2 Months ago
He was abandoned by his family because of his physical disability, but eighteen years later, in the name of a miracle doctor, the king returned! A temporary worker in a hospital has gradually become a legend in the medical field with a pair of wonderful hands! A little man at the bottom of society, relying on his blood, became the owl king in the world! When the Buddha is powerless, I will help all sentient beings - Yang Feng.
Occasionally get a clean bottle and become the strongest immortal!Hey, that beauty, you are lurking in my farmhouse just to steal some radish skills? Do you have any life pursuits as a commercial spy…
My late husband actually cheated on me!!! I caught him on the very day I was picking out a birthday present for my daughter...

Age of Dreams

Chapter 543

2 Months ago
In order to save a little girl, Dr. Xiao Qi, who has just graduated, traveled from the United States back to China eight years ago and returned to his high school days.As a rebirth, how should Xiao Qi participate in this magnificent trend of change and stand at the top of the pyramid?Xiao Qi, who started from scratch, vowed to achieve the best of both worlds and achieve the best dream era!

Almighty Divine Doctor

Chapter 1007

2 Months ago
Learning medicine in the mountains is too boring. Come down the mountain and find your wife. Who knew that just as he reached the foot of the mountain, there were two beautiful girls who called him husband. Upon closer inspection, he had a cold illness! Sleep together. Don't hit, I'm telling the truth. With your extremely cold physique, you'll have to rely on my pure Yang body to 'heal' you. "Shame?" "Okay, then can you turn off the lights first?" And if the top quality Godly Doctor were to laugh at the beauty of the flower, the doctors would control the beauty of the masses!

Almighty Pretending System


2 Months ago
The beautiful lady shouted angrily, "Zhou Xiaofei, are you going to die if you don't act tough?" Zhou Xiaofei said helplessly, "How did you know?" If I don't act tough, I really will die! " Zhou Xiaofei, who had suffered a car accident, was given a new lease on life after receiving a darn system that required acting tough to acquire all sorts of skills. From then on, Zhou Xiaofei was either pretending to be strong or he was pretending to be strong …

Almighty Star Daddy

Chapter 66

2 Months ago
Upon waking up, Han Mo became another person, not only that, but also an eccentric little princess. In the eyes of others, he is the god of men, the god of singing, the god of cooking, and the god of variety shows. Whatever he writes is all god-made, but in Xuan Xuan’s little heart, Dad is an almighty existence, he is a scientist, yes A philosopher is a master of all things and a strong man. In the previous life, he worked desperately to pursue fame and fortune. In this life, he just wants to live with peace of mind and be a dad.
Ye Lingtian, a veteran of the mysterious army, has to work as a personal bodyguard for Li Yuxin, the daughter of Sanyuan Group, in order to gather 500,000 yuan for his sister's treatment. And see how Ye Lingtian, a tough guy who has experienced too much life and death, comes out of his own extraordinary road in this prosperous city.

Always check in

Chapter 114

4 Days ago
As a small salesperson, he accidentally activated the god-level sign-in system. [Congratulations on the sign-in success, reward 100 million yuan, a Lamborghini poison] [Congratulations on the sign-in success, reward the ownership of a magic city mall] [Congratulations on the sign-in success, reward 55% equity of Huatian Real Estate] [Congratulations on the sign-in success, reward Angel luxury brand 80 Equity] ... Looking at his more and more industries and the business empire he built, Ye Ling was completely helpless. I don't want to either! The system keeps asking me to sign in, and it’s always cool!

American Big Landlord

Chapter 1255

2 Months ago
Jessie Chou got a space and did another good deed, causing him to go to the United States by accident. Inherited a property, but with a large farm. Now that we become a landlord, then we will become a big landlord. Hire whites to herd cattle, blacks to farm, South Americans to drive sheep, and Mexicans to farm. It’s okay to bubble Hollywood women, tease the Hallyu actress. Follow the domestic actresses to pretend to be literary. Buy and sell teams if you have money, football, basketball, baseball,…
One day, Fang Jueyu's parents called him to the study. Father Fang: "Son, you are over 20 years old this year. It's time to tell you something!" Fang Jueyu: "What's the matter? You won't suddenly tell me that you are a rich man." Father Fang was surprised: "You know everything. a "? Fang Jue Yu:"??. FML really my nonsense, " Fang father:"! but this is not the point, today, I want our family from generation to generation passed down from family heirloom to you " from which life emerged Fang Jue Yu Earth-shaking changes. what? Are you talking about antique calligraphy and painting with me? Do you want Wang Xizhi's calligraphy or Zheng Banqiao's paintings? Oh, by the way, Van Gogh also gave me a painting from Grandpa Zuzuzu! You say why? Because their path to school was funded by my ancestors! You want to talk to me about sports cars? Do you mean Lamborghini, Ferrari or Bugatti Veyron? Those companies all have my shares, and I am still the largest shareholder! What? Do you have a mine at home? Sorry, many gold and diamond mines in Africa are also owned by my family!
He was an ancient martial arts expert, and also a super soldier king!He returned to the city and became the bodyguard for the beautiful chairman. The plot to crush competitors in the shopping mall, in the love scene to hold the beauty.Gossip with the gorgeous female secretary, and talk to the gorgeous female star.The days of the weapons specialist were clearly a bit carefree.Behind the unknown, he was silently "concerned" about the different assassins, masters, and professional employment groups, gradually walking onto the road to the peak of the strong …

Be a Okami from today

Chapter 724

2 Months ago
Host: Mr. Yuntian, what is your dream? Yuntian: help my sisters fulfill their dreams! Host: Oh, how many sisters do you have? Can you tell me what their dreams are? Yuntian: not many, just six sisters. Their dreams are very simple. They are nothing more than international superstars, super rich women, medical talents, painting masters, martial arts leaders and culinary experts. They are all little dreams! Compere: hiss, is that too difficult to finish? You are really a crazy devil! Yuntian: ha ha, I have finished it for them! Host: brother-in-law, do you still lack brother-in-law?! For Yuntian, who has a 100 times recycling system, the dreams of her sisters are not worth mentioning!
The impoverished youth Chu Feng bound the Myriad Worlds Express System and sent it back to the Myriad Worlds Delivery System. In the world of movies, anime, novels and myths, Chu Feng sent couriers. Deliver the courier for Spiderman, and beat the shit out of him while you're at it! Delivering courier to Liu Bang of Henggao, accidentally became emperor's tutor... From then on, Chu Feng roamed the tens of thousands of worlds, invincible in the city, becoming the most powerful courier in the universe!
The world had really changed. It was only a courier in a certain area, so how could he be stuck with the boss's precious treasure? "Please, if I'm not going to your room tonight, do you think we still have a courier?"
If I don't accept it, I will do it in my way! This is my standard of conduct.Simple and crude is my attitude towards life! Why? because I'm invincible!As the strongest agent,when he was carrying out missions abroad, Girls always threw themselves into his arms one after another.Which one of them dare to say they were able to get out of bed the next day?But who would know his old man ask him to work as a security guard at the cosmetics company a few days ago…When he was upset about that as the super soldier king,how could he staying here?He meet that Stunning woman!Now, His journey of true love begins!
The Lin Family was the current number one family in the Medicine Order. Once the Nine Serenities Soul Eating Needle had been released, they would be shocked to the core! Lin Feng had been driven out by the old man to experience the world for himself. Ever since he had his eyes set on the beautiful boss, he had been unable to stop himself. From then on, he galloped like a galloping flower, shaking Huaxia, intoxicating himself on the knees of beautiful women, awakening his power in the world.
As a Martial Immortal, Ye Xiao was expelled from his position. He returned to the hidden city of Jiang Cheng and married Lin Wan. After finding out the truth about the mission, Ye Xiao cheered up again. In order to coordinate with the higher ups, Ye Xiao hid his identity and lived leisurely in the city.When the War God marries a beautiful CEO and the War God returns after awakening, the city will definitely stir up a storm! Anyone who bullies my wife has to pay the price! Because I, Ye Xiao, am invincible!
Because of an unexpected transaction, Ye Feng encountered the US stock market "Fat-finger error" incident, and his account instantly got 200 billion. What do you do when you have money in the bank that earns a daily interest rate that no one else can reach in a lifetime... "There is no problem in this world that cannot be solved with money. If there is, use more money..."
The king of the killer group arrives at the Flower City, he was accidentally pestered by a beautiful CEO, becoming her personal secretary. As a qualified bodyguard, Qin Tian was unparalleled. He protected the beauty, wrote a period of urban legend!
The world's top killer is willing to be a family cook for his fiancee and enjoy a quiet life to make up for the days when he may leave at any time....
He was a special forces soldier who was conspired by the enemy and re-lived in the body of Lu Sen, a freshman medical student. With the skills of the former special forces, as well as a medical skills, save the school girl, flirt with the beautiful president, break the organ trafficking gang, destroy the medical drugs for marketing purposes organization, open a new hegemony!
He is a geomantic master, knows geomantic geomancy, bone palmistry, and more importantly, also knows martial arts; he is also a scoundrel, good at cheating, molesting beautiful women, and most importantly, is shameless enough. With the art of geomantic to save people, kill, with the heart of good and evil; with a rogue face disguise, face, protect the world's beauty in the arms. The face of the master will martial arts, who can not stop.
Ye Cuo, the world's top killer, died of being betrayed by the organization and was reborn in high school. Open your eyes and find yourself standing on the podium of the school's criticism. All the teachers asked him to admit his mistakes, all the students were watching jokes, but in front of the whole school, he confessed to the school flower who had been in secret love for three years but never dared to say it!
To write a love letter to the head nurse, this is the transfer of emotions between colleagues; to someone else's wedding to steal the bride, that is the bride happy. Wow, a beautiful woman wants to chase? That depends on my mood, even if the beauty is like a flower, can not see that is also floating clouds. They say you want to give yourself to me tonight? Tsk, I have to think about it. Please see the prodigal doctor Ye Qing, full of legendary urban experience.
Was the first generation soldier king hiding in a mental hospital to seek courage, or was he forced to do nothing? In order to complete the lowest level F grade mission, he had returned to the city and unintentionally unveiled a corner of the dark world. Inheritance expert, high-level cultivator, underworld sect, ancient martial arts experts came one after another... How would he deal with it? Beauties came one after another … What should he choose? As a industrious gardener who flew through tens of thousands of flowers, his leaves did not touch his body, Ye Tian Xie gave a dishonest smile, "I want to protect the flowers, but I also want to get rid of the insects!"
A year ago, a beautiful woman asked Ye Yu for help, and Ye Yu kindly extended a helping hand. In this way, the two had an encounter. A year later, in order to experience Ye Yu, the family handed over a group of 100 billion yuan to Ye Yu. At this time, a woman came to the company for an interview. Ye Yu found out that she was the beauty who had met herself a year ago. Not only that, she also gave birth to six babies for herself. Ye Yu was so happy, and later, Ye Yu gained the system. “Release task: ask the host to accompany the child to listen to the song, reward: super god-level music knowledge.” “Release task: ask the host to take the children to watch TV, reward: super god-level director ability.” “Release task: ask the host to coax the child to sleep, reward: super god-level hypnotism.” Soon after, Ye Yu found out that he was already omnipotent.
When he returned to the city, he was prepared to take good care of his brother's sister and make up for the pain in his heart. However, after receiving the old man's order, he became the personal bodyguard of the beautiful CEO.See how the little bodyguard dominates China and walks the world.
The Physical strength, magical equipment, medical skills … What this system can give to me? " The celestial sovereign system is restarting... "" Pain, greed, life and death problem. What can be solved?""Authentication successful. ""Humans have the seven emotions and six desires, and immortals have the determination to toil their mind.""Welcome to the Celestial Sovereign System."With this system can you find out your own answer?
Jiang Lang has become the husband of the beautiful president, in order to be able to eat soft rice, he stepped on the evil young man, sweeping the strong enemy, across the flowers, the top of the city, who threatens my soft rice business, though far will be killed!

Best Young Chef

Chapter 845

2 Months ago
The little chef mistakenly ate the magic mushroom and got amazing cooking skills and super luck. From then on, he went from the field to the prosperous city, stepped on the scum, saved the good people, soaked the beautiful women, and made a lot of money.

Big Manga

Chapter 1143

2 Months ago
Reborn in a parallel world similar to the earth, yet there is no Japan in this world!Some people say that he is a wizard, because he debuted at the age of fifteen, comics caused a sensation again and again, and even evolved into a cultural phenomenon.Some people say that he is a scourge, because he is also involved in novels, games, animation… His stories have changed the lives of countless people, making them unable to extricate themselves.However, regardless of praise or depreciation, his influence is there…“He changed our lives and led the trend of an era. He is the king of comics and a miracle in the cultural world. Perhaps, he lives to make the world boil!”-Time Magazine
Xiao Jun had been reborn ten years ago, and a 'choice system' had mysteriously appeared in his mind. From then on, he had embarked on a completely different life path. Life was decided one by one in front of Xiao Jun. The correct choice was made and the system was saved. The wrong choice was made and the system was forced to log back and start over.
Huo Bufan, the heir to the Huo family with assets worth hundreds of billions, was reborn in a low-level man after being murdered. When faced with a headache about how to face the unsuspecting mother and daughter, Huo Bufan discovered that the real murderer had pushed his stand-in to the stage with the intention of stealing Huo’s assets. The only way is to take root in this nearly broken family, start from scratch, rise quickly, and grab time with the real murderer behind the scenes. But, what if you have a relationship with this extremely beautiful wife for a long time? The lovely girl who protects the dad and the devil raised her head in confusion: "Dad, why didn't you sleep with your mother?"