Chapter 630 – “A Familiar Hall”

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When Ainsley's carriage descended into the front yard, many other carriages were also crowding the parking lot in front of the grand white mansion. 

However, these carriages were obviously better than the carriages that Ainsley saw when she attended the tournament's welcoming banquet. 

Indeed, no matter what, her rivals back then were middle-ranking families that were striving to be high-ranking families. 

But these people in front of her were genuine high-ranking families. 

Whether they just became one last year or had been one for decades or more, they're all high-ranking mafia families that were second only to the 7 great and 7 sacred families. 

Usually, when there were new high-ranking families, there were also old high-ranking families that fell from grace and got demoted to middle-ranking status. 

Just like how the Sloan Family declined so badly from a member of the 7 sacred families to a middle-ranking family almost demoted to low-ranking, there were many other families as well. 

Some of the families were a decade old, considered young among the ancient mafia families. 

Some families were old enough to have a hundred years of history but found no decent heirs for several generations, slowly deteriorating. 

The Walter Family of the 7 great families was one of the ancient families that never failed to produce an excellent heir. 

Even now, Finley, who was only eight years old, was already considered a super genius among his peers. 

These high-ranking families were more or less like that. The 'ancient' ones were usually superior, while the new ones knew their place and didn't try to fight the ancient ones. 

Of course, there were many families that were older than a decade, couldn't be called new, but couldn't be called 'ancient' either. 

Ainsley saw various kinds of families even before entering the party. 

Just judging from the carriages and the way the guests talked to each other, this invisible hierarchy existed. 

If that's the case, what about her family, a middle-ranking family that unexpectedly became the Walter Family's sworn ally? 

Ainsley couldn't guess what the guests' attitude toward her would be like, but she suppressed her thoughts and quietly lined up her carriage and found an empty parking lot. 

After that, the three people and one cat walked toward the mansion's entrance to get checked. 

Along the way, they obviously bumped into many families, but none of these families recognised them. 

Since this meeting was a private, yearly meeting, or even monthly, there's no way the guests didn't recognise each other. 

On the other hand, they knew all the other guests like the back of their hand. Thus, when they saw a new face, the guests instantly looked at Ainsley with a questioning gaze. 

"Which family is that?" One of the guests, the chatterbox wife, asked her friend, the wife of another family's big boss. 

The friend looked at Ainsley and was stunned for a second. 

"Purple hair...the Sloan Family, I guess? They're famous for their purple hair." 

"Ah, the Sloan Family. Is that baby the heir? Where are her parents? The family head doesn't come?" 

The chatterbox wife clearly didn't read the news a lot and didn't know about the Sloan Family. 

She just assumed that the family was a new high-ranking family and would make their high-ranking social debut tonight. 

In her mind, she couldn't help but scold whoever left such a cute, young heir alone with only two guards! 

Even she and her husband never left their heir to attend this kind of party with only two guards. 

The friend, who obviously watched more news and read more articles than the chatterbox wife, couldn't help but twitch her lips. 

"Hey, hey, how can you don't know...the Sloan Family is a middle-ranking family, in the middle of a tournament to become a high-ranking family. And…" 

The woman paused before whispering to the chatterbox wife. 

"The Sloan Family Head is a three-year-old girl. 

The chatterbox wife widened her eyes and exaggerated her gasp. 

"Really?! She's the family head? Oh my! This family doesn't look that promising…" 

To actually crown a three-year-old baby as their family head. The Sloan Family must be desperate and have no heirs other than this one! 

Many other women also had the same thoughts. 

They all had children and couldn't imagine their young children suddenly inheriting the family head's seat when the children were only three! 

Even the heirs of the deceased family heads at the welcoming banquet were all older than ten years old, definitely qualified to be a real family head with the help of the previous family head's close aides. 

But the Sloan Family actually forced a toddler to take up the mantle...she must be a puppet family head, right? 

The women all looked at the adorable Ainsley with pity in their eyes. 

Each of them gripped their children's hands tightly, sympathising a bit with Ainsley's condition. 

On the other hand, their husbands or the female bosses had different reactions. 

When they first saw Ainsley, they instantly knew more or less about her feats. 

'The genius child that even the mafia council is paying attention to. What is she doing here? Her family is not even a higher-ranking family yet!' 

Many bosses were puzzled with the baby's arrival, but recalling the baby's family was the Walter Family's sworn ally, they slowly accepted the baby's arrival. 

'Maybe she's here with her status as the Walter Family's sworn ally…' 

The bosses were tactful enough not to talk to Ainsley and only nod politely. 

Thus, Ainsley did the same and quietly passed the checkpoint before entering the huge hall lying in front of her eyes. 

When Ainsley saw the familiar hall, she couldn't help but frown. The hall reminded her of the bloody massacre she experienced a few days ago! 

This hall...

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