Chapter 501 – : The Fortune-Teller

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Chapter 501: The Fortune-Teller

At the Gu Mansion.

The Gu Family were panicking as well.

Gu Ruxue also knew about how her brother spread the secret just to back himself up. Now the news was everywhere!

“Brother, how could you do that?!” Gu Ruxue stomped her feet, not knowing what she should do. “What if Lord misunderstands me?”

She eavesdropped on the news a while ago. So few people might be aware of this secret.

Now the secret was revealed, Lord would definitely know about her previous behavior.

Gu Yunhe had not heard about this before, but when Gu Ruxue got so nervous, he started to panic as well.

“Ruxue, you can’t blame this on me. Chu Yu didn’t believe me, so I had to spill it. Also, you are the Phoenix Girl, a very important figure, Lord Ling has to flatter you, not you flatter him. What are you being so nervous about?” Gu Yunhe said.

He spread the secret because he was confident, but Ruxue seemed so cowardly.

Hearing what Gu Yunhe said, Gu Ruxue felt that the whole thing seemed to make sense.

Mrs. Gu said nothing next to them. Instead, she was thinking about something. Since Ruxue was already the Phoenix Girl… It would not matter if the capital knew about it.

Mrs. Gu said, “Ruxue, don’t blame your brother. He has been held down for so long in the capital, so he said something like that. It is totally useless to blame him for that.”


“I think that since we all know about this, then just say that we have known about this all the while. Don’t mention that you eavesdropped on the conversation.”

When Gu Ruxue heard that, she found her mother’s words making sense.

“Mom, what are we supposed to do?” Gu Ruxue asked.

“We could just say that you were taken to Putuo Temple where the monk told you that you are the Phoenix Girl who is going to have a rich life. Then you became sure about this when the strange phenomenon happened.” Mrs. Gu said calmly.

When Gu Yunhe and Gu Ruxue heard about this, they approved of the idea.

“Mom, that is what I am going to say. I need to go back to the Mansion now.” Gu Ruxue said, feeling relieved.

Mrs. Gu was about to see her off, when Chen Fu hurried in. “Madame, Young Master, Princess Consort, Lord Ling is here.”

They exchanged a look, then they went out to greet him.

Lord Ling looked confused. “What are you doing here, Ruxue?”

Gu Ruxue showed an apologetic expression.

“Lord, I heard some rumors so I came to my brother. My brother grew up in the military camp and has been a straightforward person. He is not as tricky as those young masters in the capital. So he was misled and spilled the secret.” Gu Ruxue said with a guilty face.

“I learned about the Phoenix Girl because a monk told me about this when I was little. No one cared about this prophecy, but when the scene happened at the Adulthood Ceremony, we all became certain that it was true. That was why we were misled. I am sorry, Lord, for giving you trouble,” Gu Ruxue said as tears started to cover her eyes.

When Lord Ling heard about this, he became confused. So she heard about this when she was little?

“Ruxue, tell me what the monk looked like!” Lord Ling said with excitement.

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