Chapter 1248 – Third Young Master Ye, This is Truly Your Daughter (I)

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Chapter 1248: Chapter 1248 Third Young Master Ye, This is Truly Your Daughter (I)

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Third Young Master Ye’s eyes were clearly filled with a warning, warning Qin Yutong not to spout nonsense.

Qin Yutong was stunned when she heard Third Young Master Ye’s words. Her eyes flashed quickly and she held back her laughter. She looked at Third Young Master Ye and deliberately said, “Third Young Master Ye, she is your daughter. You are this darling girl’s father. Why? Do you still want to deny it?”

At this moment, Qin Yutong was simply enjoying the show.

Yes, she did it on purpose. Ye Lanchen actually glared at her and threatened her. If it was any other time, she would definitely be afraid of Third Young Master Ye. However, she had two higher powers protecting her, what was there to be afraid of?

At this moment, Qin Yutong’s words were especially easy to misunderstand. Everyone’s first reaction when they heard these words would be to think that Qin Yutong meant that her daughter was Third Young Master Ye’s.

By extension, it meant that Qin Yutong was Third Young Master Ye ‘s woman, or at least a woman that Third Young Master Ye had once touched.

Everyone. “…”

Could this really be Third Young Master Ye’s illegitimate daughter? Was she really here to acknowledge her father today?

If this girl was not Third Young Master Ye’s child, this woman definitely would not dare to say this in front of Third Young Master Ye. After all, if she was lying, a paternity test would be able to expose her.

It felt like such a big scene. would there be another fight next?!

If there was another fight, who would Third Young Master Ye help?

After all, on one side was his daughter, and on the other side was his woman!

Just now, Third Young Master Ye was deeply in love with Chu Wuyou, and his feelings were thick.

But if this was really Third Young Master Ye’s biological daughter, then…

This kind of big scene was the favorite of the onlookers. All of them stared at it with their eyes wide open.

Secretary Liu was completely dumbfounded at this moment. What was the situation now?

Who was this woman? Was she going to blame his president?

Could Madam have misunderstood?

Secretary Liu looked at Chu Wuyou and saw that Chu Wuyou was obviously angry. He thought to himself that it was bad. It was over. It was over. Madam had already misunderstood and was very angry.

“Madam, it’s a misunderstanding. This is a misunderstanding. This child is definitely not the president’s. I promise.” Secretary Liu felt that at this time, he had to bite the bullet. As a secretary, this was something he had to do.

As soon as Secretary Liu said this, numerous gazes quickly shot at him.

Qin Yutong looked at him in shock!!!

Tang Zhixi looked at him and was very angry!!!

Chu Wuyou looked at him with a sharp gaze!!!

Qin Yutong’s lips could not help but twitch. She originally thought that Third Young Master Ye was courting death, but who would have thought that there would be another person who was courting death.

If you do not seek death, you will not die. Secretary Liu, you’re very good!!!

“Liar.” The little princess, Tang Zhixi, glared at Secretary Liu as if she was glaring at a heinous person. Just a moment ago, Secretary Liu had said that she was his little princess, but now he actually said that she was not his father’s daughter.

“No, I’m not a liar. Little princess, don’t be angry, I…” Secretary Liu met the little princess’ gaze and suddenly felt extremely mad. Oh my god, what did he do just now?

Did he hurt the little princess’ heart?!

Would the little princess never forgive him again?!

But under such circumstances, what could he do? What could he do?

“You’re a liar.” Tang Zhixi was angry, indicating that she would never believe him, let alone forgive him.

“No, I’m really not a liar..” Secretary Liu was so anxious that he was about to cry, but no one helped him, and no one paid attention to him. Why was his life so miserable?!

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