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She is the baddest woman on the planet. People dare not say her name, due to her ruthless reputation as a CEO for taking down companies with no mercy. She is the most dreaded person in town, no one dares to offend her and go unscathed. Some people call her, Cold-blooded Witch, while others call her the, Demoness.So what if I don't have friends? I have one and I am satisfied with that.To hell with my extended family who are hungry for power.Since they choose to abandon me first I don't give a damn about them,F*ck any man who thinks that I am an easy targets for ridicule? I am more than a man myself, Lie Ruge said with fierceness, panting heavily.This is the story about a girl who wanted to be loved and cherished even after the terrible ordeal she went through as a child. Her mother was murdered in her presence when she was just ten years old.After completing her high school, she was sent to a school which was the best school in the World.The funniest thing was that no one really knows anything about this particular school.There, she acquired the best martial arts skills, she was second to none. People of the underworld call her LADY BOSS. She was the most beautiful and dreadful woman that any man has ever set their eyes on. She was ruthless to her enemies but what will happen when she later falls in love with a man who will bring so much laughter and brightness into her dark world

The Dream Saga

Chapter 99 - Washing

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We all get dreams, don't we? But what if those dreams turn into our reality?Kai Ried, a smart but clumsy guy who had Deja Vu's since his birth was just living his boring life as a shut-in when his dreams begin to turn into his reality.In the process of escaping from his reality, he accidentally opens a door to a multiverse. and somehow teleports himself into a fantasy worldA world filled with ferocious beasts, gods, devils and monsters who hate each other and are at constant war for a wish-fulfilling trident.Luckily, in his new world, he has been gifted with the power of a devil, helping him to survive.Sounds typical, right!"But there's a twist: Kai keeps traveling through different mutliverses.One day he is fighting Black Beard, the next he is stuck inside a Superhero film.But when his journey felt like a paradise something happened that changed his fate forever, making him walk on the path of revenge.Editor: theblue_wing
To reward Meng Fan for his bravery before his heroic death, the cosmos rewarded him with a ‘system’, sending him back in time to three months ago, alive
He was bleeding. A hand through his chest. He looked back and said with a hoarse voice.Why? You were my Beta.His own right hand smiled.Because I know that I can become the alpha if I kill you myself
Raine Scott is a 22-year-old independent girl with a cool personality who loves her friends, family and work. Some of boys lined up for her, but being a part-timer distracts her from falling in love.She met a man whose broken and wasted who is apparently his boss, Noah Clark. He manages a photo editing shop and she became his part-timer. The strange feeling she experienced when she laid her eyes on him made her wanting him to fall in love with her and protect Noah's heart from being broken.Here, Raine Scott and Noah Clark's love story begins as they heal the wounds of their heart, growing feelings for each other, and become adults as they dream for the future. Their story's unfold with a glimpse of comedy with an important part in a photo editing shop
Lucas realized that he was one of the twelve fallen stars, nineteen years ago. The twelve stars turned out to represent the twelve Powers that came from outside the earth, more precisely a place that always followed the moon.Lucas decided to look for the eleven other fallen stars after he heard the story from his grandfather, with a roll of paper containing a symbol and a tattoo that he had on his wrist. Lucas makes these two things as clues to finding the other.Because Lucas wanted to know where he came from and why he and the eleven other stars fell to earth? How did Lucas find the others stars
Being the Grandmaster Of the All Job Class was what he attained in his past life. With him being cursed, he was forced to transmigrate to another world. Leaving his students behind.Upon his transmigration, he assimilated to the body of a child. His name was Joan Emsworth, the same name as the child he assimilated. He became a newbie again and was on his journey to regain his past strength.The schoolyear was coming and he planned to be a student. But all went wrong, he lost everything and was faced with his greatest despair. Facing great trials to test his courage and his bravery.Even though he was improving himself, his enemies were not also something to be trifled with. Making him cry many times.Meet Joan's journey of happiness, sadness, crying, bravery, courage, feel dreadness, enjoy the journey of adventures, meet imperfections, meet exhilarating action scenes, and enjoy diverse job classes
She wants to seduce him and he wants to seduce her, who will win the war of seduction?Jasmine Avans, a 24 year-old lady lost her contract to a guy popularly known as the Ice Prince. Acquiring the contract was a challenge given to her by her father. If she couldn't acquire the contract she would have to dissolve her company and join the family business. But if she managed to acquire it, she could save her company.Just to get the contract she lost, the renowned great seducer, Jasmine Avans, embarked on a mission to seduce the Ice Prince and get her contract back. In her series of attempts to seduce him she ended up falling into his trap. She would fall deeply in love with him just like he wanted.Jackson Smith, the only heir of Smith's International, was well known for his fine looks and cold attitude. Because of his cold attitude, people of the city gave him the title Ice Prince. The day he set his eyes on her, he had promised himself to make that strange woman his.After waiting for so long, the opportunity to get close to her finally arose, and so he vouched, "People say she is the great seducer, but I will seduce the great seducer and make her mine!"Just to realise his goal, Jackson snatched the important business contract from her. However, in the process of seducing her, he ended up being seduced over and over again.Who would win in the war of seduction? Could Jasmine save her company? Or would Jackson manage to make her his? Has anyone ever stopped to think about why this goddess became the renowned Great Seducer?EXCERPT"No man has ever been able to resist my touch nor my beauty and elegance, do you have a problem with that, Mister?" Jasmine asked as she played with his chest with his hands. Jackson was so unlucky to have slightly unbuttoned his white shirt before her arrival. She seized that opportunity to tease his bare chest.Jackson just let her took liberty with him without rebuking her. If he had known that letting her touch him so intimately will later make him go through severe pains, he would have stopped her."I am sure any part of his body she touches send thousands of electric charges down his spine. Will he be able to endure it and even though he can endure those electrifying sensations her hand is doing to his system, for how long will he be able to endure it?" Jeff asked. The way he talked showed that he felt bad for the helpless Jackson."Even though he can endure it, I bet he won't be able to endure it for more than two minutes. Just watch and see," Steve said smiling mischievously.Goddamn it! Why did I have to challenge her when I was just standing so close to her? I am gonna lose control of myself if she doesn't stop now.Jackson who was now very aroused thought gritting his teeth.(WARNING: MATURED CONTENT
Reborn and return to the age of 18, Su Mian vowed to use medical skills to benefit all mankind.“Daughter-in-law, I’m by your side, why don’t you benefit me first…”Before rebirth, Su Mian insisted on marrying a perverted scum man, and missed the military commander Wei for 30 years. After rebirth, Su Mian wanted to marry Chief Wei… Chief Wei has only three words to his wife in this life: pet, pet, pet!
When the sins of humans were far too much, even for Gods, they decided to send out their own foot soldiers, the winged Angels to exterminate the remaining humans, to reset this world and start life anew. This sparked a war of worlds between Gods and humans.The last bastion of humanity is the joint country of Niflheim, a place that only came to be due to desperation, every single person still breathing resided here, in fear of meeting the Angels and their wrath. Due to years of fighting against such beings, the remaining humans have all developed “Anima Cells.” These allow them to be able to use magic as well as heighten their physical strength levels.Yin is the adopted son of an unremarkable family of farmers, the monotony of his daily life in the stables and farmlands was a blessing, a blessing in that he did not require to fight the winged executioners in their endless parade for justice. One day, due to an unfortunate incident, Yin’s world would never be the same, just as his head was about to be severed from his body by an angel.A whisper was heard.[ You have been chosen as worthy of the Thanatos System, accept or perish. ]The last thing Yin wanted to do was perish
Sorry, I never loved you.Xu Jiaqi was the epitome of a perfect woman. Beauty, wealth, fame, intelligence.. everything was in her palms.She only lacked one thing.. the ability to understand love!Due to a series of unfortunate events, she fell into her step sister and fiancé's collaborative scheme and lost her life.After death, a System told her that she had been rejected from the circle of rebirth! Xu Jiaqi became a task taker in order to preserve her life, going through the worlds and undertaking missions.To her dismay, each time she received a new mission, there would always be sprinkles of love scattered around.Love, what love?! It was all an act to complete the missions! Listen, she never loved her targets!You don't love me? The man's voice shook as his soul began to blacken and go ballistic.—Xu Jiaqi: Hey, this guy is weird, he reminds me of the first guy we duped.System: Don't worry about it, it's just your imagination.—Male Lead: Qiqi, how could you leave me? Aren't we bound for three worlds and three lifetimes, never to be separated?Xu Jiaqi: …En? Don't misunderstand, it was all an act. All complaints will be handled by the System, I am just a humble actress
Jiang Sheng fell from a skyscraper. He ought to be dead, but somehow his soul traveled to another world. More surprisingly, he even transmigrated to become someone who was expecting a baby.‘What the hell? Are you kidding me? Isn’t this a male’s body? Pregnant?’Jiang Sheng almost freaked out, but what’s even worse was that this body belonged to a surrogate “mother” and boy toy of a tycoon. Apart from that, guess what? They happened to have an identical appearance. Why
Tinsley Rutherford's life turns upside down when her rich parents are killed in a tragic car accident. To make things worse, her fiance suddenly breaks off their billion-dollar contract marriage engagement.Sad and lost, Tinsley goes out one night to drown her sorrows in alcohol, and meets the mysterious and handsome Kian Wilson at a bar. To her shock, she wakes up the following morning in this handsome stranger's arms. In her panic, she flees his house and leaves him to search for his mystery princess.What happens when these two fated strangers meet again? Will they get a second chance this time, or will Tinsley make a run for it again
Xiao Jingting, a postgraduate student working on agriculture, transmigrates to a loser in wasteland. To his surprised, he who has been a single man for over 20 years now owns a handsome male wife. Unfortunately, his wife sleeps in separate rooms with him, and his two sons treat him like he is a monster
NOTE: This book contains a lot of Violence, Blood and Gore. If that would repulse you, then this book is not for you.After being treated like scum by his overly proud and arrogant father because of the Animal Spirit that he summoned, see how Xiao Lin, who after being kicked out from his dad's mansion and gladly accepted an ancient devilish expert's legacy when he survived an incredible fall to his death, which was due to the unspeakable degrees of bullying and torture by the arrogant disciples from his Sect, will journey to the apex of power and fame by climbing on their decapitated lifeless bodies and on the massively towering piles of corpses formed from the thousands of slain righteous and heroic cultivators who will try to block him in his path to universe-wide popularity and hegemony."With the Twin Silver Blades of Doom and Sorrow in my hands, and the uncanny Vampiric and Werewolf powers bestowed upon me by my ominous Animal Spirit, I will slash apart Kings, Gods or Deities, and dominate all Fiends, Demons or Devils that I will ever come across in my path of world conquest and ultimate power.""I, the Demonic Blade King, will reign eternally supreme in the sea of continents in the endlessly vast cultivation world.""Can't cripple or incapacitate him? Shatter your dantians and cut off your limbs yourselves!""Can't kill him? Lick his boots for his mercy!""Can't subdue him? Become his proud slave!""Can't charm him? Might as well surrender your puny, insignificant souls to him!
Red is an NPC (non-player character) villager of the popular game called “Code”. She is living her simple life to the fullest, not until an announcement crashes into the game. A horde of monsters materialises in the distance, wreaking havoc across the Kingdom of Freiy. Red scurries through the forest and plans to save her parents and her sister, only to see them die in her hands.She refuses to believe everything and goes against the script meant for her. The girl comes to learn about the world and how to complete the game. She created a war between nations, hence the rise of the death game.Red, becoming a variant among NPCs, travels across lands for a purpose. A quest to take all four obelisks in her hands and seek vengeance against Warner Asimov, the founder of Code.Will Red take her revenge against Warner or die inside the game?“A kingdom overturned by its foes can ascend once more. But one which shatters the inside? That’s game over.”(inspired quote from Zemo MCU)ORIGINAL BOOK COVERBig thanks for @Snowphira for doing the book cover!!!Will update a chapter everyday!Hop in to my server and talk about how awesome this novel is! (Thank you so much for supporting my work~
She brought her face up close to mine, only leaving an inch or two to spare.My eyes widened as I got an up close view of her iced ones. My, they were absolutely gorgeous.Your Highness, you know, don't you?I furrowed my eyebrows, suddenly uncomfortable in her presence."You know, right?" she repeated, holding my gaze. "You are aware of the tragedy that is yet to befall you, aren't you?In a year's time, you'll be dead. You'll die, do you get that? You'll be sacrificed to your ancestors’ so-called 'God'."———–⬇SYNOPSIS⬇——————–When average highschooler, Seonhee Lim gets thrown into the world of her best (and only) friend's favorite novel, "The Blessing Of Wisteria", she finds herself in a very threatening situation.She doesn't recall a thing about the contents of the novel, but what she does remember is that the role she possessed right now, the one which belonged to Crown Princess, Cynthia Amaryll Klaern, won’t stay around for long.Filled with thrill, mystery and drama, will Seonhee find a way to prevent her imminent death or will she find a way out of it with the help of someone special?[Quotes from the Novel]✿ “Alert the palace. The princess has awoken.”✿ “If I was her, I would’ve never benefitted all those greedy fools if I was to be killed at the end.”✿ “Don’t pretend to feign ignorance now, you scheming brat!”✿ “Father won’t stand this.”✿ “Damn it, where are they?” “Dead. Well, as far as I’m aware.”✿ “Are you here to give me a lesson about puberty? I’m sorry but you should know your place.
Rhash was a perfectly normal man living a life of abuse and bullying on earth. The only thing about him that he finds special is the series of dreams he had about Reif Callan. A man that the universe itself wronged and forced to become the world's Number 1 Villain.Rhash greatly sympathized with Reif and he wished to meet the man in real life. As if the universe finally took pity on him, Rhash was suddenly transmigrated into the world that Reif is living into an experimented body with similar features as a Vampire
After being experimented on for one thousand years to become the greatest human weapon of the world, Geraldine Gauthier swore to seek revenge on the wicked Emperors of the Empire.What will happen if the individual remodeled to serve the Empire turns her back on them?Taking advantage of the 16th Prince named Alexjin, Geraldine began to pull the strings to manipulate the scenarios according to her will."I shall receive your grace, Master. What can I do to remain by your side forever?" A deep, manly voice spoke politely while he was looking at the woman he adored so much."Well, well, well, look who do we have here. Your Majesty!" The woman responded in a sarcastic manner."You… must obey me, Majesty!" She added, smiling like a maniac
Klein has just entered a University. He thought that his college would be perfectly normal but still enjoyable. What he did not expect was that a certain guy will always misunderstand himIn their first meeting, Klein's eyes glowed as he saw a bag he wants to buy for his sister from a girl that tags along with Calix. However, Calix has prejudiced to people that only likes him for his appearance and he thought that Klein looks at him with infatuation causing him to feel displeaseOn the same day, Calix decided to eat at the booth that Klein and his classmates opened. For the first time, Klein personally served the food he had cooked to the customer to inquire where he can buy the same bag. But Calix misunderstood him again for wanting to get close to himStill, on the same day, Klein saw the girl with the bag confessing to Calix and was rudely rejected. Calix threatened Klein that he would receive the same fate if he confessed. In anger, Klein threw a stone at Calix before running awayOn still the same day, Klein planned on watching the concert at the University. What he did not expect was that Calix would be the singer. With his mood ruined, Klein walks out of the venue but he was once again misunderstoodKlein really doesn't like Calix and when the latter realizes the former was really speaking the truth, he despaired. It seems like he (Calix) was actually the one that fell in love, not Klein. What should he do now
The world doesn't lack geniuses, nor does it lack monstrous prodigiesAnd if that wasn't enough it is also filled with opportunities for those who wish to climb the top without a talent of their ownThus some are born among the stars while others rise into the sky like the morning sunBut one couldn't accept his fate, nor the fate he would acquire. Instead, he wanted to be the one to create those who reach the apex, the one to give and take, for he had enough of the worlds whimsical tide
Ordinary day, ordinary life, that is until, I found myself getting stabbed to death by my fellow student for reasons unknown to me. Then some kind of holographic window prompting me to reincarnate appeared while I was busy drifting through the infinite darkness of the void. Of course, I pressed yes, it’s boring here, then found myself to be a dungeon master… As a fucking monkey no less
Ji Yao, born of a pirate, was enchanted into freeing a chained pathetic looking youth while burglarizing a Prince 's castle under his father's instructions.Despite the various red flags like evil dark aura filling the dungeon, the youth's sinister red eyes glaring at him with a vile smirk on his face, Ji Yao still freed him.Little did he know that was the day he sacrificed his freedom as he would never be able to get rid of this stupid leech.He freed a psycho now he has to take responsibility
When Ivy Hughes meets Ceo and Underworld boss Noah Adler sparks and fists fly. The first time she meets him she hates him, the second time she meets him she saves his life. Burnt by love before she wants to be free with no ties but Noah wants her everything.This domineering CEO is determined to have her and she is determined to run. Can he tame the firey kitten and can she warm his cold heart?EXTRACT"But.""No buts, not any more you have to stay with me you are mine forever." His deep cello voice melted her heart, she would ask no more of her man tonight.Ivy for the first time initiated a kiss, she was too impatient to wait for Noah. She grabbed his face and turned it towards hers. She kissed him with everything she had and hoped that he felt her sincerity. He promised her she was his, his only lover. She accepted that, she didn't want more than to know she had someplace in his heart even if it wasn't love, as long as he had wanted her as much as she wanted him.Noah was relieved, he kissed Ivy back and was careful with her not to touch her back or sides. He held her and kissed her, he had missed this and didn't want to ever be alone again. He got a taste of his old life in the last twenty-four hours and he didn't enjoy it
Gem is a super girl who had been abandoned by her parents in the worst possible place ever.Despite being a superhuman, Gem was weaker than the lesser superhumans who found it fulfilling to hurt and abuse the elderly and children alike.The wastelands was a lawless place, so to seek for a better life, Gem was offered to join in an expedition. One that would finally set them free from the abuse.But this expedition required a lot of courage and sacrifice as it was proven to have little to no chances of success.And indeed it was a hopeless mission, crossing the flaming border with no equipment? It was as if these people had come here to die!One by one, Gem saw these people turn into ashes, their high pitched screams adding detail to the brutal flames that has formed an image in her mind resembling hell.She knew crossing the border was a false hope, but there was no coming back.See you in the afterlife! The cheerful voice of her friend echoed in her memories.Gem couldn't believe that out of the fifty people that she had come with, only one was able to escape the borders alive. The first one to do so in its entire history.She laid on the ground, feeling the dampness of the mud cool down her burning skin.I… I'm alive? They all turned into ashes… but how did I not?No one could believe it, they were all enraged. A little girl was able to survive such brutal flames? How did she do it and what could be the life waiting for her beyond the borders?Like a gem, strong and beautiful, are youready to emerge into the world of superhumans, dear readers?Come and join Gem through her adventures as she uncovers the truths beyond the super world
For five times he had been reincarnated.For the last one, he was allowed to live once more.For the story, he believed to reach a happy end.Story Synopsis:An anomaly was a creature made by humans, unintentionally of course as they were bloodthirsty monsters who despised their creators and vowed to the heavens they'll devour every human, children, and women included.They would slaughter every one of them without mercy. They were terrifying monsters who crawled on earth.To prevent them from running amok, humans gather talented and special people who have abilities, they were called Anomaly Sorcerers.Some use their powers for the greater good, some for their personal gain.Then, one man existed with the ability to change the course of fate. One whose existence wasn't anticipated even by the prophecies. Yet, for what end?To save humanity?To save his loved ones?Or to something else?Volume 1 Synopsis:Where the dreams could bloom yet could disappear as ashes blown by the wind. A city where everyone didn't know his past and his true self.Blending in and watch everything from the shadows. A man who slowly but surely changed the course of fate from behind the curtain.The whole city was nothing but a show to him, an opera where everyone act."As this was the last time, I might as well create the most interesting show that the world will never forget."When the curtains are set and the script at play."When the actors are acting and emotions are whirling."When the past became the twist. Perhaps the future is like the abyss."As everything came to harmony. It is time for us to enjoy the ceremony.
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events, and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.Shishio stared at the beautiful girl in front of him, and he couldn't look away. Her waist might be the narrowest waist that he had ever seen, and he was wondering how it felt to hug that waist. Finally, he made up his mind and decided to say hello to her, but suddenly…[Target has been found!]"Huh?"[Welcome to Scumbag System!][The more woman you have, the more rewards you will receive!][As a starting gift, you have received "Japanese Food Cooking Mastery"!][As the first target has been found, you also receive 500 million yen on your back account!][The journey has only been started!][Work hard, young man!]"???????"Shishio frowned and said, "I refuse!" without hesitation, but after a while…"I refuse!… I really refuse!… I really try hard to refuse!… Sorry, I can't refuse it…."Shishio tried really hard, but he couldn't…I'll update the chapter when I have nothing to doCover not mine found it on googleGrammar sometimes sucks but bear with it. I'll be full of energy to write your favorite fanfic
I'll show you the ropes of how to build a company from scratch. Soon we will stand at the top.Lisa Zafira Y. Summers lived a lucrative life as the CEO of Summers Holdings Incorporated in District 2. Yet, in an unfortunate circumstance, her luxurious life ended at the age of 24. She was assassinated!Her sudden death activated a mysterious system that claimed to have a connection with her maternal ancestors – the Ye Clan. This allowed her soul to randomly transmigrate into the body of a teenager who spent her life playing some online mobile game.Lisa was set to experience a new life with her previous instincts in business combined with a new identity full of gaming knowledge. Stockholders were replaced with squad members… taking investment risks became launch attack signals… planning new company ventures turned into joining tournaments. Soon enough, she found herself leading her friends on the path towards the business world. This is now the life of Sofia Blanca D. Su aka CEO UNRIVALED
Before she could open the door, Wang Shiwei pushed it from behind. He was standing just behind her with his arm on the door near her head.She turned back and what awaited her was his handsome face which was way too close to stop her heart from racing.She was looking down to make sure that her heart remains calm, but his warm breath was coming closer.“Why the hell I am getting this feeling, that he is coming closer?” she thought and glanced at his face and it turned out that he was more closer to her then 2 cm.Just a little push from back, and his lips can press hers. It was unbelievable and she was curious as to why Wang Shiwei was standing so close to her when he didn’t even liked her and moreover she was sure that he would hate her after what she did in the morning.“What are you doing?” she asked while looking at his lips and eyes, which was scanning her face.He smirked, “Just trying to fulfill your desire”.Caixia eyes become wider as she heard his words from his sexy lips, she gasped and putting her right hand on his chest, she tried to push him away.He grabbed her wrist which was pushing his chest and pressed it on the wall, looking down at her lips, he slowly moved his head toward her.Feeling nervous, she stuttered and said, “Stop seducing me! I never.. never had such an intention to begin with, now step back and let me go.Wu Aili was the Savage Queen of the underworld but her trusted teammate stabbed her back. After her death she transmigrated into Li Caixia body who is the biological daughter of the Li family.She is the only daughter but her parents favors her cousin ‘Dan – Lin’ more then her. Dan- Lin always mistreated Li Caixia and took the things which belonged to her.Wang Shiwei the wealthiest, handsome and the most famous bachelor of the country and was also called as the emperor of the ‘KU- GYE’ country.He was also the man liked by Li Caixia and she almost ruined her reputation to chase him but he never looked back at her.On an ominous night, Li Caixia dies in an accident but wakes up on her funeral which scares the hell out of her family and people present there.After getting all the previous memories of Li Caixia, Wu Aili decides to avenge herself and the owner of the body but while she was on her way to achieve success, somehow she get tangled by the wealthy Wang Shiwei who now forces her to stay with him.As they get together slowly the secret behind Wu Aili and Li Caixia death unfolds
A teenager had just purchased a bundle of all of the new and old Fallout games, Fallout 76 had just been released and he'd been badgered by his friends to play it… As a diligent person he decided that the best way to get acquainted with the series was to play ALL OF THEM!It'd taken him three days to complete Fallout 3, doing most of the side quests and exploring the Capital Wasteland. It'd been an extremely fun experience, even if the graphics were dated at the time…He didn't wait a moment after completing it, immediately putting in the Fallout Newvegas disk into his console… When the exhaustion finally caught up to him.Opening his eyes again and realising he was now a baby had him regretting ever laying hands on the series. Thus begins the story of his adventure through the Mojave wasteland
Within the biggest VRMMORPG in the world, New Genesis, there was a ranker by the name of Arthur Holmes, commonly known by his in-game alias “Merlin”.Arthur was one of the few original beta testers still playing after 30 years, he was originally a ranker, a player whose entire goal was to stay at the top, ahead of everyone else.However after 15 years he sacrificed his player ranking in search of knowledge.Arthur became a lore hunter, a player who indulges himself with the world's vast lore and unexplored history, preferring to uncover the world’s secrets rather than endlessly fighting monsters.At the age of 48, 30 years after the game came out, Arthur uncovered the greatest secret of all, and yet, ironically, his negligence in levelling up was the one thing holding him back from realising his goal, he knew he would never be able to catch up to the rankers, a gap of 15 years was Impossible to overcome.If only he could restart
Lee Fei is a normal 30-year-old man who has a good job as a librarian at the National University in China. He is an avid reader and has always read everything, including BL and GL, even though he declares himself 100% straight.He died just like that.There was no truck.There was no car accident.No deadly disease.Lee Fei reincarnated and transmigrated to the world of the book he had read days before he died.Unfortunately, a BL Dark Book.The worst he reincarnated as an insignificant side character!Lee Fei became Emery Darcy, who is the third child of a powerful duke. Your life should be full of wealth and happiness, right?Unfortunately, Emery Darcy followed the path of an exorcist! Yes, Emery Darcy is an Exorcist Bishop!To make the irony of his situation worse, this side character had a worse fate than the villain.What an injustice!As the knowledge of the plot of this world, Lee Fei intends to return to the home of his rich family and live a good life!So, what if he has divine powers and MANA from nature?He just wants a rich and peaceful life!Ehhhh? Is the MC making a honey trap for me?Is ML no longer a possessive demon, but a tsundere that is following me?Is the fallen archangel a shameless voyeur who spies on me even in the bath?A guardian knight who thinks I'm the reincarnation of the god of nature?Stay away from me, I just want a peaceful life!Does apocalypse come far?No matter, I'm rich enough to protect myself!Let's have a happy and rich life as a good nobleman should be.A gentle reminder for the characters that appeared:1. Emery Darcy – Gong and Shou2. Giovanni – Gong and Shou3. Arabeth – Shou4. Angel – Gon
Warning Mature Content: The Bullied Husbands came for revenge on whoever bully their wives.Kenzo, Maverick and Caleb were three best friends that had different status in life. Kenzo was known to be poor and worked in the construction site until he met Jaya Victoria. He got married to her the night they met through Caleb. Jaya Victoria was the heiress of a noble family. Although he’s been bullied many times by her family, he never let her go. However, when they started bullying his wife, he came back to his family as the heir to the Royal Throne. Would Victoria accept the fact that he’s a son of the Duke, a grandson of a Prince, and was the Crown Prince?…..Maverick was a homeless man and got kicked out of his work at a construction site. He got through his day by sleeping on the streets or under the bridge and hiding from his assassins. That’s when he became desperate and asked for Caleb’s help. Caleb takes her to his cousin’s house, Stacey who was also Victoria’s best friend. That’s when he worked as a houseboy and slowly, Stacey fell in love with him as he did. But Maverick didn’t want to fall in love since he knew that he'd have to leave soon. Would Maverick and Stacey get back together even after he takes his role as the heir?…..Caleb was a normal businessman and only loved one woman for years. He was ready to marry her even after living for years with her. However, after a single mistake, Kaisley left him. He became miserable when she married a tycoon. But then, after two years, Kenzo made them meet but he realized that the woman he loved became a battered wife. The worst part was he witnessed how she become miserable after her husband killed the baby in her womb. Would Kaisley accept her again in her life after the hardship
NOTE: cover art is a commission done by Ripcorez a fellow author on here and amazing artist. If you like his work, don't hesitate to reach out to him with a request for a commission of your ownSamuel Foster would be turning 18 in two weeks. He grew up in a fairly normal low case family home with his parents and two younger siblings. The thing out of the ordinary was he knew for as long as he could remember he would be getting married at 18 to a girl he never had met before due to a promise his family had made.Lena Scarlet, Princess Scarlet was feared by many, respected and loved by everyone near her. Deadly as she was calm, her one annoyance in life was the arranged married he father decided upon before she was born. Being fiercely independent and trained to protect herself, she never felt the need for a relationship or marriage as she fully capable of taking care of all her needs.However, a promise was a promise and whether either of them liked it or not, their parents were at least going to force them to live together before calling the wedding off.Please give the book a chance. I'm not the greatest of synopsis writers, as I am sure some of you can tell and the book may be slow at first due to the setup and lead in. But I promise it will getting more interesting as it goes along.Scene excerpt from the story:"You didn't happen to think it was important to tell before now?! The princess was furious with the other woman."I.." She paused for a second to swallow,"I never thought that it would come down to this. I promise though that they wouldn't do anything terrible.""They said the same thing to my father.. but they were wrong. I don't trust anyone's word." The princess replied standing up. The more her anger rose, the darker her eyes got."You should just be fortunate that I am not my father. Do you know what he did when faced with a similar situation?" with no reply, she continued"He killed almost all of them. You could say it was a massacre. Me, I won't got that far, but if anything happens to him, I will personally kill the person who touches him.
Simione needed to become a mistress. Not just another rich man's mistress, but M Conglomerate's President, Hawk Monsanto's. Truth was, the young billionaire does not interest Simione of any sort nor was his very attractive gorgeous looks concerned her. She just needed him for one thing, his fiancée Feather Han, owed her big time and that ballerina bitch had to pay with the most precious thing Simione desired, her broken heart.Hawk Monsanto rose to the top for one reason; he wanted to be the perfect match for the Han Scintillait's heiress. When he thought it was the right time to get what his heart desired, he willingly bleeds millions just to arrange a wedding engagement. However, whether it was work of fate or work of an evil seductress, he stumbled upon a rare beauty that he cannot set his eyes off. And before his money and rationality could ever warn him, Hawk had fallen into something his billions cannot buy."Who are you?" Hawk managed to ask between his ragged breath."That depends on who you want me to be," The girl uttered and for the first time, Hawk saw her upturned honey-colored eyes. Looking into it was like drowning yourself into something magical, something hypnotizing and very much irresistible that when the girl tiptoed to meet his lips, he willingly lowered his head to welcome her. And he was right there, opening his mouth for her—warm and wet—giving everything he must give and was kissing her back with equal ardor. The girl wrapped her arms around his neck, and he responded by pressing the girl's body closer, the fiancee forgotten.However, when Hawk was at the point of wanting more, the girl pulled away and Hawk opened his eyes bewildered onto her sudden retreat. He was gasping for air and would very much like to pull her back to finish the bliss she had started. But she only smiled at him, feeling very empowered by the fact that the M Conglomerate's President had already fallen into her trap."What's the matter?" He asked, confused as to what made her stop."Nothing," Her smile widened a little more, making her face bright and goddess-like and Hawk became more defenseless with that. "It's just that I only want you to have a free taste. The next of course comes with a big price
My name? Lance AugustusAge? 15Nickname? Five.Why they call me that? Because the mark tells us so."Don't be stupid, steer out of trouble, and whatever happens, stay alive." I really don't know why Dad always repeat those words to me everyday. I take heed of his words. Play by his rules, never dared to go against him except if it's extremely necessary.He's all that I need to get by. Our life was ordinary. Everything was perfectly fine, perfectly normal, just an everyday routine we get used to live. But then these guys came… And they start making a mess out of my life. They said I have powers. – Who believed that crap?They said I have extraordinary abilities. – Cool! I want to be Superman.They said I was chosen. – Who? The god of newbie bullies?The mark of five imprinted deep into my skin proves that I am one of the TWELVE. – You guys sure it's not a tattoo? I firmly believe it's a tattoo.I never believe them. I drove them out. I did not listen. I wish I did. Maybe they could have helped my Dad. Maybe they could have save him when "they" attacked. I know nothing. Because of my stubbornness I lost everything. So now I'm all alone. But she stretched her hand to me. She gave me hope. She invited me to come. And I did.So our search began. For the remaining TEN.I update 3 chapters on weekdays. And 2 chapters on weekend.You're more than welcome to put grammar correcting comments and other parts you hate. Promise, I won't hold that against you. What you're doing is a big favor for a procrastinating author like me who hates editing. Of course, if you want to post hate comments, go ahead! No one's stopping you