Chapter List
1 Florida Man Gets Isekaied, Pollutes New World 2 Florida Man Digs Catholes in Archaeological Sites 3 Florida Man Imposing as Sage Scams Teenager 4 Florida Man Defecates in Archeological Site, Covers His Stool with Ancient Mural 5 Scammed Victim Benefits from Florida Man’s Fake Medicine 6 Florida Man Scammed While Attempting to Scam Local Cultivator 7 Florida Man Builds General Store in Forest to Sell Grass 8 Florida Man Feeds Dire Wolf to His Cat 9 Florida Man Experiments with Steak, Attracts Vegan Neighbors 10 Florida Man Angers Vegan Neighbor by Growing Plant 11 Local Cultivator Suspects Florida Man as Scammer, Gets Scammed 12 Florida Man Worshiped for Being Righteous Scammer 13 Florida Man Claims He Deciphers Cat Language 14 Florida Man Claims Coriander Juice is a New Coffee Blend 15 Uncle R. Enraged as Florida Man Cooks Fried Rice Using Raw Pine Nuts and Leaves 16 Florida Man Addicted to Nutting in Forest 17 Drug-Addicted Florida Man Invents New Meds 18 Florida Man Cooks Chemical Weapon Using Dog’s Blood 19 Chemist Intrudes Florida Man’s House, Kowtows for Forgiveness 20 Florida Man Gets Rich Selling Trash 21 Florida Man Baths in Wolf’s Goo, Complains He Smells like Testicles 22 Florida Man Cures Stray Cat’s Blindness Using Homemade Parasites 23 Philanthropist "Mr. Florida Man" Donates Meth to Neighbor 24 Florida Man Scammer Starts New Franchise, Hires Scammed Victim 25 Florida Man’s General Store Runs a Promotion – Price Increases by 500%! 26 Florida Man's Overpriced Rotten Tea Becomes Popular Among Elders 27 Local Martial Artists Mistake Florida Man as Alien Scientist 28 Florida Man Invests 1,000 Years in Simulation Game 29 Florida Man Turns National Artifact into Chair 30 Cop Called on Florida Man for Practicing Long Throw Using Cat 31 Local Criminals Scared as Florida Man Uses Cat as Weapon 32 Robbers Killed by “Cat” While Attempting to Break into Florida Man’s House 33 Armed Robbers Slaughtered in Florida Man’s Store. The Store Owner Pleads “Please Raid My Store Again! I Love It!” 34 Dead Robber’s Father Blames Florida Man for Retaliating Against Robbers 35 Florida Man Steals Valuable from Crime Scene 36 Florida Man’s Used Weed Sold for Millions 37 Neighbor Stops Florida Man from Turning National Treasure into Furniture 38 Florida Man Discovers New Shrooms Species in His Pocket 39 Florida Man's “Cat” Feeds on National Treasures 40 Forklift Certified Florida Man Worshiped as Immortal 41 Male Karen and Two Pets Killed by Florida Man During Pokemon Fight 42 Florida Man Hijacked Plane to Sell His Homemade Meds 43 Local Laborers Idolize Florida Man as Savior 44 Florida Man Teaches Elderly Man Nutting Techniques 45 Florida Man Discovers New Giant Potato Species, Turns Everything into French Fries 46 Florida Man Hides Expensive French Fries in Impenetrable Granary, Raided by His Cat 47 Florida Man Invents AI Robot, Neighbor Panics 48 Arrest Warrants Issued against Florida Man for Allegedly Disintegrating Corrupted Cop to Ash 49 Child Welfare Agents Concerned as Florida Man Let Infant Daughter Wander in Forest 50 Florida Man Searches for Sexy Alligator to be His Wife
51 Parents Shocked - Florida Man Seduces Underage Girl Using Fairy 52 Florida Man Revives 6-YO Girl Using Tea and Food after Allegedly Killing Her with Radiation 53 Florida Man Distributes Drugs to Underage Girls, Parent is Happy 54 Florida Man Threatens to Cut Cat’s Legs for Food 55 Florida Man Challenges Thunderstorm by Standing on Open Field 56 Florida Man Struck by Lightning Bolts, Becomes Super Florida Man 57 Naked Florida Man Challenges Lightning Storm, Waving Nation Flag and Cursing God 58 Florida Man Destroys Illegally Parked Wooden Boat, Kills the Ship Owners 59 Florida Man Complains as Thieves Refuse to Attack Him 60 Florida Man Cultivates Mushroom for New Drugs, Accidentally Turns Visitor into Zombie 61 Billionaire Florida Man Reveals Business Secret: “Free Child Labor is a Must-Have!” 62 Local Shocked as Florida Man Develops Chemical Weapon as Food 63 Florida Man Builds Recycling Center to Remove Trash, Spreads Cordyceps Zombie Virus 64 Florida Man Jumps into Nuclear Reactor Pool While Filming New Jackass Knockoff Movie 65 Meth Making is Popular among Pharmacy Company, Said Florida Man Who Successfully Converted Famous Chemist into Meth Chef 66 Florida Man Trainee Warned Not to Insert Fingers into Electric Outlet, Gets Electrocuted 67 Florida Man Skins His Arm to Make Evening Dress for Sale 68 Officials Confused as Florida Man Draws Alligator Emoticon as His Business Signature 69 Elderly Men Interested in Florida Man's Balls, Survey Said 70 Senators Summons Florida Man for Hearing about His Balls 71 Greta Enraged as Florida Man Cut 2,000 Trees in Front of Official Agents 72 Florida Man Mistakes Emperor Envoy as Ohio Man, Offends the Officials 73 Florida Man Trainee Murders Police Officer Using Pokemon 74 Cops Panic as Florida Man Trainee Releases Wild Cat on Street 75 Hundred Police Officers Brutally Attacking Florida Man’s Pet Faces Retribution 76 Florida Man Plunders and Murders 200 Police Officers for Rare Dish 77 Florida Man Scot-Free After Murdering 200 Local Cops and Establishing Crime Syndicate 78 Florida Man Digs New River for Local Alligators, Neighbor Complains 79 Florida Man Raids Empty Police Station While Cops Raids His House 80 Kidnappers Hitting Florida Man’s House Captured and Eaten by “Cat” 81 Teens Mimics Parkour Video Game and Climb Florida Man House, Get Shot and Arrested 82 Philanthropist “Mr. Florida Man” Builds Apartment for Homeless People, Sued by Locals 83 Florida Man Teaches Children How to Brush Teeth, Eats Toothpaste and Get Hospitalized 84 20 Corpses Found Near Florida Man’s Farm, “Munch-Munch, Nom-Nom Meow” Said the Murderer 85 Florida Man Goes Picnic, Forgets Hungry Alligator at Home 86 Florida Man Travels Abroad for a Month and Leaves His Infant Daughter Home 87 Florida Man Bitten by Amazon Crocodile While Catching Wild Chickens for Dinner 88 Florida Man Practices Entomophagy While Touring Amazon Jungle, Gets Bitten by Amazonian Wasps, Tarantula, Black Caiman, and Snakes 89 Florida Man Pays His Employee's Wage with Cooked Wasps 90 PETA Protests as Florida Man Murders Two Amazon Caimans and Seduces Unicorn 91 Florida Man Tames Unicorn by Smashing 92 Florida Man French-Kisses 100 Wild Horses and Brings Them Home 93 Florida Man Defeats Horse in Sprinting. Horse Racing Associations Invalid the Race as Florida Man Used Firearms 94 Florida Man Proved Innocence after Karen Neighbor Accused Him of Having Intercourse with Horse, Her Husband Did 95 Florida Man Robs Chinese Temple With Unicorn, Steals Only Apple Juice 96 Super Hero “Florida Man” Speedruns a Boss Fight, “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That” 97 Vegan Cops Stalk Florida Man for Eating Meat at Home 98 Gunfire Exchanged during a High-Speed Chase after Cops Stole Florida Man’s Poke Ball 99 Florida Man on Shrooms Lights Himself on Fire, Damage the Pyramid, and Steal Pharaoh’s Golden Chocolate 100 Florida Man Cleans His Internal Organ Using High-Pressure Water, Suffers Brain Damage
101 Florida Man Accused of Sending Children to Lithium Mine 20 Hours a Day 102 Florida Man Traveling to China to Join Shaolin Temple Discovers Rare Pokemon 103 Florida Man Proclaims Himself as Messiah and Found New Religion to Become True Atheist 104 Florida Man Sings on Mountain, Becomes Disney Princess and Haunted by Ghost 105 Florida Man Criticizes Missionary, Gets Struck by Lightning, and Gains Enlightenment 106 Florida Man Raises Fund to Arm His Children with 12-Gauge Shotguns for Self-Protection in School 107 Philanthropist “Mr. Florida Man” Teaches Teen Carjacking Techniques and How to Survive Cop Chases 108 Florida Man Sued by IATA as He Flies to Space by Riding Drone 109 Locals Concerned as Florida Man Sponsors Female-Only Orphanage to Adopt a Daughter and Recruit Underaged Employees 110 Locals Refuse to Call Cops after Witnessing Florida Man Urinating on Wooden Mannequin in front of His 6-Year-Old Daughter, "We saw nothing!" 111 Florida Man Evicts 100-Year-Old Elders from Nursing Home and Forces Them to Work in Sweatshop 112 The Congress Denied the Threat of Functioning Alien Spaceship after Florida Man Fired Death Star Beam from Excavated Spaceship in His Backyard 113 Florida Teen Discovers Real Lightsaber in Alien Spaceship and Claims Ownership. Star Wars Fans Riots. 114 NSA Agents Files Lawsuit against Florida Man for Riding Unicorn into Area 51 115 Florida Man Riding Unicorn on Highway While Fleeing from Area 51’s Military Tanks Gets Caught on Video 116 Florida Man Robs Astronauts’ Graves to Eat Their Bones 117 Naked Florida Man Dances and Sings to Cheer Arson Victim after He Burnt Her House 118 Florida Man Murders 10 Elders and Bring Their Corpses Home for Food 119 Warrant Issued on Florida Man Again after His Missing Man-Eating Cat Found in Church Along With Half-Eaten Priests 120 Homeless Florida Man Arrested for Taking a Bath 121 Florida Man Outruns Cops by Mimicking Animals 122 Self-Proclaiming Environment Activist Florida Man Steals Church Pillar and Doors to Recycle Them 123 Armed Florida Man Interrupted Baptism Ceremony to Rescue His Cat. One Pastor Killed. 124 WHO Baffled as Florida Man Successfully Cured COVID by Spitting into Patient’s Mouth 125 Florida Man Accused of Being Pedophile after He Escorted Lost Child to Her Parent’s Home 126 Florida Man Abducts Children Home, Discovers They Are Adult Cosplayers 127 Florida Man Steals Man's Underwear to Smell Its Crotch 128 Florida Man Announces He Will Open Kindergarten for Elders 129 Florida Man Claims He Understands Life Better After Talking to Statues 130 Local Floridians Concerned as Florida Man Erects Caiman Farm Instead of Alligator Farm 131 Florida Man Invents Laser-Shooting Matchlock Rifles to Make Anime Character "Tanya Von Degurechaff" Real 132 Florida Man Armed His Employees with Job Applications to Repel Potential Looters 133 Florida Man Distributes Guns to School Teachers and Students for Self-Protection. Multiple School Shooters Reported 10 Minutes Later. 134 Florida Man Purchases Luxurious Sports Cars to Decorate Parking Lot 135 Florida Man Attempted Time Traveling, Crashed His Brand New Ferrari Roma into Trees. 136 Florida Man Arrested For Hiding A Thousand Underage Immigrants and One Dead Body in His Sweatshop 137 Florida Man Forces Minor to Fight in Martial Arts Tournament Wearing John Wick’s Tactical Suit and Carrying Gun 138 Middle-Aged Florida Men Identified as Teenagers Participate in School Sports Tournament 139 Florida Man Fingers Elementary School Girl in Public to Heal Her Eyes 140 Florida Man Struck by Lightning While Fingering His 7-Year-Old Girlfriend 141 Florida Man Discharged Homemade Nuclear Waste Water While Taking Bath in River, Claimed the Water Came From Fukushima 142 SWAT Team and FBI Mobilized as Florida Man Successfully Genetic-Engineered 7-Year-Old Girl into Adult WAIFU 143 Wanted Florida Man Dressing in Among Us Suit is Terrorizes Towns. FBI Warns Children Not to Trust Any Man in Among Us Cosplay. 144 Florida Man Accidentally Evaporated Entire Town by Shooting Fireworks While Parachuting. One of the Fireworks Was Genuine 100-ton TNT. 145 Florida Man Burnt Alive While Doing TikTok Challenge - Taking a Bath in Active Volcano 146 Florida Man Defends Bullied Man from Angry Karen by Using Mushrooms, then Mocks Her for Having “Saggy” Genitalia. 147 Florida Man Earns Millions by Forcing Teen to Eat Black Matsutake Mushroom with Cheese 148 Florida Man Encourages Martial Art Students to Bring Guns to Karate Class 149 Florida Man Successfully Launches First Ever Flying Bus, Screams at Passengers Not to Parachute during Flight, “This ain’t Fortnite!” 150 Florida Man Attends Parent’s Meeting at Local Middle School While Bringing Adult Toys to Advertise His Store
151 Florida Man Equipped School Bus with Mini-Gun and Drove It on Highway. Wild Anaconda Got Run Over and Shot to Death. 152 Florida Man Destroyed 18 Medieval Ships While Trying to Find a Parking Spot for His School Bus in Shipyard 153 Florida Man Identifies His Immigrant Employees as Floridian to Escape Charges from Immigration Police 154 Vegan Representative Challenges Florida Man in Fencing. The Latter Brings Guns. 155 Florida Man Scams Copium-Addicted Senators during Sports Conference. No Press Has Been Charged. 156 Florida Man Breaks into House and Set New Guinness World Record of Longest Poop on House Owner’s Bed 157 Local Prince Filed Lawsuit against Florida Man as the Guinness Book World Record’s Longest Turd Exploded on His Face 158 Florida Man Tied Children with BDSM Ropes and Sent Them to School. Teachers Approved While Parents Protested. 159 Florida Man Identified as Disabled Joins Paralympic Games, Breaks Every World Record 160 Paralympic Host Refuses to Void Florida Man’s World Records as 99% of Athletes Self-Identified as Disabled 161 Florida Man Wins Lottery, Receives Gold Digging Catfisher as Prize 162 Florida Man Sued Doctor for Prescribing Antibiotics Instead of Heroin 163 Florida Man’s Student Accidentally Gunned Martial Artist to Death during MMA Match 164 Florida Man Killed Local Emperor and Two Princes as They Refused to Purchase His Fake Meds 165 Florida Man Broke into Stranger’s House and Stole Garden Light Bulb 167 Florida Man Builds Ramps on Public Parking Lot Rooftop to Complete IRL GTA Stunt Jump Achievements Chapter 166 Florida Man Infiltrating Stranger’s Storeroom Assaulted By Another Burglar. One Burglar Killed. 168 100 SQ/M Clothing Store Building Abducted by Florida Man’s UFO Chapter 167 Florida Man Builds Ramps On Public Parking Lot Rooftop To Complete IRL GTA Stunt Jump Achievements 170 Florida Man Invented New Strongest Flashlight, Accident Blinded Himself and His Employees by during Experiment. Chapter 168 100 SQ/M Clothing Store Building Abducted By Florida Man’s UFO Chapter 169 Florida Man Quits His Job To Start New Career As Gamer, Spends All His Savings In Gacha Game. Chapter 170 Florida Man Invented New Strongest Flashlight, Accident Blinded Himself And His Employees By During Experiment. Chapter 171 Florida Man Establishes Meth Factory in Shopping Mall and Offers Meth-Making Master Class as Services. Chapter 172 Florida Man Chased High-Schooler from Shooting Range for Bringing Multiple Girlfriends on a Date and Skipping Zaza Smoking Schedule Chapter 173 Game-Addicted Florida Man Sued Game Company as Game’s “Quest” Forced Him to Touch Grass Chapter 174 Florida Man Found Drunk Naked Woman Sleeping in His Bed, Cuddled with Her, Kicked Her Out in the Morning, and Refused to Elaborate. Chapter 175 Florida Man Wrestled a Pig in a Professional Wrestling Match. The Pig Owner is Confused. Chapter 176 Florida Man Scammed Foreigner as Revenge after Being Called by Racial Slur Chapter 177 Florida Man Saved Feral Dog, Brought It Home, and Killed It for Food Chapter 178 Cops Called on Florida Man for Hoarding Infected Dog Corpses in His Backyard for Science Experiment Chapter 179 Florida Man Trainee Accidentally Found New Religion and Created New Loli Goddess by Showing Viral VDO to Kindergarten Girl Chapter 180 Unknown Hacker Removed Florida Man’s Information from Police Department after the Latter Confessed He Imported “Virginity” Restoration Meds from Outer Space Chapter 181 Scammer Attempted to Sell Second-Hand Tesla as Brand New. Florida Man Scammed Him and Bought It for $1,000. Chapter 182 Florida Man Stormed into Gun Store, Threatened Store Owner, and Robbed a Pen Chapter 183 Professional Wrestler “Florida Man” Fired From WWB After His Debut Match Got Interrupted Due To Technical Difficulties. The Executives Claimed Florida Man’s Gimmick Was Too Overpowered.