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Chapter 301 Chapter 302 Chapter 303 Chapter 304 Chapter 305 Chapter 306 Chapter 307 Chapter 308 Chapter 309 Chapter 310 Chapter 311 Chapter 312: Beaten To Death By Big Brother Yang Chapter 313: Give You My Papa Chapter 314: Being a Sister-in-Law is Not Easy Chapter 315: A Cute and Silly Husky Chapter 316: You Are Asking The Right Person Chapter 317: Where is Yang Yi Amazing? Chapter 318: Jingle Bells Chapter 319: Xixi’s Performance Chapter 320: Praise of Love Chapter 321: The Resentment of Big Boss Lan Chapter 322: Brother Yang’s Wife Chapter 323: Changing Emotions Chapter 324: It Will Be Sunny Afterwards Chapter 325: A Wonderful Encounter at the Audiovisual Store Chapter 326: The Rented Room Borrowed by The Film Crew Chapter 327: An Undisputed Weekly Champion Chapter 328: If Prison Break Is Made Into A TV Series Chapter 329: Add Fuel To The Flame Chapter 330: There Are Many Delicious Foods to Eat When Making A Movie Chapter 331: Future Plan Chapter 332: No One Can Bully You Chapter 333: Yang Yi’s Method Chapter 334: Everyone Wants to Act In A Movie Chapter 335: Not Following The Script Chapter 336: Digging A Pit For Oneself Chapter 337: I Knew His Motives Werent Pure Chapter 338: A Big Bad Wolf Grandmother Like Smile Chapter 339: Only One End Of The Barbers Pole Is Hot Chapter 340: Surprise Chapter 341: The Powerful Singer Mo Fei Chapter 342: This Song Can Be Sung for A Lifetime Chapter 343: An Unexpected Twist And A Display Of Extraordinary Talent Chapter 344: Whats So Special About Four Seasons Hotel? Chapter 345: A Curtain Call And A Beginning Chapter 346: Calm Jin Yingming Chapter 347: Little Guo’s Returning the Favor (Teaser) Chapter 348: I Won’t Use A Different Pen Name Chapter 349: My Papa Is Delicious Chapter 350: Its Not Like I Have Conans Constitution