Absolute Great Teacher

After the gold medal teacher, Sun Mo of the city’s No. 2 Middle School, fell into the water, he transmigrated to Tang Guo, Zhongzhou Academy and became a newly graduated intern teacher. Sun Mo bound the Peerless Master System, turning waste into little geniuses. Under Sun Mo’s guidance, the little children became masters after one year, passed emperor level after three years, and attempted god level after five years.An emperor-level boss! How dare you say that this master and apprentice are fakes? Swordsman, spear saint, sword demon, Wushuang Guoshi, a generation of devil emperor, two great saints, three saint supremes, all are taught by me. Are you afraid?He had a pretty, white and rich fiancée who was the principal, but the prestigious school was declining. Any lower and it would be delisted and deposed. Sun Mo’s task is to help his fiancée sit firmly in the position of principal and help Zhangzhou return to the rich list.I will turn tr*sh into gold, quoth Sun Mo.

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Chapter 1: If Your Heart Is Clear, There’s No Need to Fear Any Wind and Rain!

Chapter 2: Favorable Impression +1

Chapter 3: Divine Sight

Chapter 4: Great Teacher Halo

Chapter 5: It’s Incorrect to Cultivate like That

Chapter 6: Reward

Chapter 7: Paying A Personal Visit for Guidance

Chapter 8: Expert-grade Circulation Technique

Chapter 9: Extremely Shocking

Chapter 10: I Know All Your Secrets!

Chapter 11: Call Me Teacher Sun!

Chapter 12: Sun Mo, You Schemed Against Me!

Chapter 13: A Small Step toward Being a Great Teacher

Chapter 14: Even Rotten Wood Must Be Made into Something Worthy!

Chapter 15: Increase in Combat Strength

Chapter 16: Honor Graduate

Chapter 17: Promise Me, Don’t Become a Bootlicker!

Chapter 18: Battle Hall’s Test

Chapter 19: When I’m Teaching Someone a Lesson, How Are You Qualified to Interrupt Me?

Chapter 20: Mysterious Golden Human

Chapter 21: This Round, Qi Shengjia Is Victorious!

Chapter 22: Reaping a Wave of Favorable Impression Points

Chapter 23: Great Teacher Halo, Ignorant and Incompetent

Chapter 24: When A Gentleman Seeks Revenge, It’ll be From Day to Night

Chapter 25: Sun Mo’s Value!

Chapter 26: His Old Home Was No More

Chapter 27: Wealthy Family, Rainy Season!

Chapter 28: First Meeting

Chapter 29: Sitting At Home, But Points Were Coming Down from the Sky!

Chapter 30: Ying Baiwu, 13 Years Old, Goodbye!

Chapter 31: Being Appreciated

Chapter 32: Resignation Letter

Chapter 33: White Clothes Silver Spear Xuanyuan Po

Chapter 34: The Place of Belonging for a Genius

Chapter 35: First Personal Disciple!

Chapter 36: Rare Monster Snatched by a Newbie Player!

Chapter 37: Why Is It Him?

Chapter 38: Immemorial Vairocana

Chapter 39: I’m Here to Acknowledge You as My Master!

Chapter 40: Apologize to Teacher Sun!

Chapter 41: That’s Amazing, My Fiance!

Chapter 42: Soul Imprint

Chapter 43: My Aptitude Is Definitely Number One under the Heavens!

Chapter 44: An Abandoned Student!

Chapter 45: I, Sun Mo, Won’t Give Way, Won’t Retreat, Won’t Concede!

Chapter 46: Don’t Be Afraid, He Is Just Someone Who Eats ‘Soft-Rice’!

Chapter 47: Number One Great Teacher in Jinling!

Chapter 48: Scheming

Chapter 49: Magnificent Performance

Chapter 50: A Sure-Win Battle

Chapter 51: Thrashing

Chapter 52: Sun Mo Victorious. Indisputable!

Chapter 53: Three Letters of Resignation

Chapter 54: Headhunting from the Myriad Daos Academy

Chapter 55: First Meeting with An Xinhui

Chapter 56: Super Mission

Chapter 57: Invulnerable Glaze Golden Body!

Chapter 58: Looks of A Genius

Chapter 59: You Guys Don’t Know How Terrifying Sun Mo Is!You Guys Don’t Know How Terrifying Sun Mo Is!

Chapter 60: Storming Hostility

Chapter 61: Sorry, I Have 5 Students Too!

Chapter 62: Black Doggy Sun

Chapter 63: Teacher Sun, I Look upon You Highly!

Chapter 64: Sun Mo, First Level of Blood-ignition, Please Guide Me!

Chapter 65: Crushing, Divine Skill

Chapter 66: An Xinhui’s Praise

Chapter 67: Three Grand Rewards

Chapter 68: Becoming a Fan

Chapter 69: Wondrous Blossom

Chapter 70: Sun Mo Was Stunned, Ultimate Drawings

Chapter 71: Returning from a Rewarding Journey

Chapter 72: Imperious Manifesto!

Chapter 73: Entering Official Employment

Chapter 74: Secondary Occupation Obtained!

Chapter 75: First Public Lecture

Chapter 76: Debut

Chapter 77: This Is My Stage

Chapter 78: You Guys Don’t Understand Teacher Sun’s Excellence!

Chapter 79: I Think I Should Learn How to Cook!

Chapter 80: Harvesting Favorable Impression Points

Chapter 81: Scram, Copy This a 100 Times!

Chapter 82: Real Hammer

Chapter 83: God Hands

Chapter 84: Great Teacher Halo, Prestige Exploding Forth!

Chapter 85: Best in the Central Province

Chapter 86: Black Doggy Sun Acts Up Again!

Chapter 87: Performance Time

Chapter 88: Flooded with Favorable Impression Points

Chapter 89: I Give Full Marks, Not Afraid that You’ll Be Proud!

Chapter 90: Generous Rewards

Chapter 91: An Upgrade in Combat Strength

Chapter 92: Sun Mo’s Name Rising Like the Wind

Chapter 93: Public Guidance

Chapter 94: Defeating Enemies with a Single Move

Chapter 95: Five Personal Disciples

Chapter 96: Saint-Tier Cultivation Art? I Know One Too!)

Chapter 97: Completely Won Over

Chapter 98: A Small Goal

Chapter 99: A New Impossible Mission

Chapter 100: Colleagues’ Exclamation

Chapter 101: All Attributes +1

Chapter 102: Spirit Rune Grandmaster

Chapter 103: Only Winners Gain Respect

Chapter 104: I, Li Ziqi, Will Throw Money at You!

Chapter 105: The Protective Sun Mo

Chapter 106: The Mysterious Darkness Continent

Chapter 107: 0 points

Chapter 108: Contrast between Past and Present

Chapter 109 The School’s Ultimate Divine Art

Chapter 110 Starmoon Tempering The Body, Second Level of Blood – Ignition Realm

Chapter 111 New Skill Obtained!

Chapter 112 A Change in Classroom, Snatching Seats!

Chapter 113 Controlling The Crowd

Chapter 114 God Hands Are Truly Deserving of Their Reputation

Chapter 115 Finding a gem

Chapter 116 Great Teacher Halo, Misleading Students

Chapter 117 To Be Ranked First

Chapter 118 Grandmaster-grade Performance

Chapter 119 Shock

Chapter 120 A Genius with Zero Will to Live On!

Chapter 121 #10 in the Battle Hall

Chapter 122 A Genius Invention

Chapter 123 Immersed Deeply in the Study of Spirit Runes, Unable to Extricate Oneself!

Chapter 124 Sun Mo, Unique!

Chapter 125 Goodness Gracious! Excellent Skill!

Chapter 126 Great Arrogance from One with Power

Chapter 127 Giant Medicine Packet, Miraculous Effect

Chapter 128 Please Bring Me Along Next Time!

Chapter 129 Spirit-Refinement Realm, Acupoints Open!)

Chapter 130 Mysterious Major Character

Chapter 131 A Girl Who Loves Money So Much That She Could Die for It

Chapter 132 Giving Food

Chapter 133 Beating Up Scum

Chapter 134 Those Who Offend Sun Mo Will Be Destroyed No Matter the Distance!

Chapter 135 I, Ying Baiwu, Refused to Resign Myself to Fate!

Chapter 136 Home Is Where My Mother Is!

Chapter 137 Celebrity teacher

Chapter 138 Iron-fist Punishment

Chapter 139 Justice Might Come Late, but It Would Never Be Absent!

Chapter 140 Do You Want to Join My Great Teacher Circle?

Chapter 141 The Sixth Student

Chapter 142 Spirit Intent

Chapter 143 A Great Increase in Fame Again

Chapter 144 The Potted Plant Teacher

Chapter 145 Consummate Inference

Chapter 146 Getting Along Amicably

Chapter 147 Hot Item

Chapter 148 Soar

Chapter 149 Paying Someone Back in Their Own Coin

Chapter 150 Amazing Talent

Chapter 151 The Battle At Victory Dojo

Chapter 152 Great Teacher Halo, Soul Imprint

Chapter 153 Victory! Victory! Victory!

Chapter 154 Girl Group, Shooting to Fame with a Single Battle!

Chapter 155 I, Li Ziqi, Am Really Excellent!

Chapter 156 Human-shape Alchemy Pill

Chapter 157 Paying Someone Back in Their Own Coin

Chapter 158 Three Treasure Chests, Ample Rewards

Chapter 159 Golden Prescription

Chapter 160 The Powerful Living Blood Technique

Chapter 161 Upgraded to the Ancestor-Level, #1 in Rankings

Chapter 162 A celebrity’s headaches

Chapter 163 Malicious Attack

Chapter 164 Sun Mo’s Violent Temper

Chapter 165 Boss’s Admiration

Chapter 166 Sun Mo Has Definitely Overdone It This Time Around

Chapter 167 One Step Away from Death

Chapter 168 Level Six of The Divine Skill

Chapter 169 Surrounded and Attacked In the Pearflower Alley

Chapter 170 Aren’t You Too Amazing?

Chapter 171

Chapter 172 Real Intention Revealed!

Chapter 173 Checkmate, Sun Mo, You Guys Have Lost!

Chapter 174 From Today Onward, You’re Expelled!

Chapter 175 Great Teacher Feats, Huge Reward

Chapter 176 Not Only Did I Not Go Bald, But I’ve Become Stronger!

Chapter 177 Third Level of the Blood-Ignition Realm

Chapter 178 Sun Mo’s Prestige

Chapter 179 Are You Trying To Kill Me?

Chapter 180 Helping Someone to Breakthrough, Very Easy!

Chapter 181 Self-created Spirit Rune, Perfect Concept!

Chapter 182 Dark Secret Art!

Chapter 183 Promotion

Chapter 184 Dark Monster Food Recipe

Chapter 185 #1 Ranker of the Battle Hall Coming to Pay a Visit

Chapter 186 Here’s the Brush, Why Don’t You Draw It?

Chapter 187 Can You Understand It? If You Can’t, Just Shut the Hell Up!

Chapter 188 Determined to Continue Learning about Spirit Runes, My

Chapter 189 Journey to the West Wildly Popular, Blooming Writing Style! (52, #31930 HIS)

Chapter 190 So Outstanding That It Makes One Despair

Chapter 191 If You Don’t Wish for Him to Die, Then Shut Up!

Chapter 192 Amazing Prowess of the Living Blood Technique

Chapter 193 The Papaya Girl Is Gone

Chapter 194 Appreciation and Heavy Gifts from Uncle Zheng

Chapter 195 Wondrous Blossom Reappears, a Second Famous Painting Is Born!

Chapter 196 His Name Is Sun Mo, You Can’t Afford to Offend Him!

Chapter 197 All Heroes In Pursuit of ‘Deer’ (check footnote)

Chapter 198

Chapter 199 Today, All of You Have to Die!

Chapter 200 Fresh Blood Massacre, Each Slash Exploding Heads!

Chapter 201 Why Would I Care about What Powerful Connections You Have? KILL!

Chapter 202 Rich Treasury

Chapter 203 Named Sword, White Bird. Treasure Trove of the Heretic King

Chapter 204 Generous Rewards, Getting Rich Overnight

Chapter 205 The Number One Great Teacher in Central Province Academy!

Chapter 206 An Extravagant Line-up of Great Teachers

Chapter 207 My teacher Is The Best!

Chapter 208 Set a Small Target First. Let’s Earn 100 Spirit Stones!

Chapter 209 The Fifth Great Teacher Halo, Comprehended!

Chapter 210 This Is Someone Who Knows His Stuff!

Chapter 211 Earning It Big

Chapter 212 Accomplishment Of A Small Goal

Chapter 213 Spirit Pressure Allergy

Chapter 214 When You Hit Someone, Hit Their Face

Chapter 215 Can’t Afford To Not Admit Defeat

Chapter 216 Sun Mo’s Third Profession

Chapter 217 Mysterious Species of Darkness

Chapter 218 Great Teacher Halo, Self-Taught Halo

Chapter 219 Sun Mo’s 6th Great Teacher Halo

Chapter 220 A Terrible First Battle

Chapter 221 All of Your Performances Are Such an Eyesore!

Chapter 222 Negative EQ!

Chapter 223 I’m A Great Teacher!

Chapter 224 We Are Friends Starting from Today!

Chapter 225 All Fairy Tales Are Lies

Chapter 226 Remember to Call Me along Next Time!

Chapter 227 God Eyes?

Chapter 228 You Know a Peak-Grade Cultivation Art? Very Well, It’s Mine Now!

Chapter 229 Your Turn, Fang Wuan!

Chapter 230 Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands, Amazing!

Chapter 231 Achievement Reward, Saving A Student’s Prospects!

Chapter 232 Midnight Guidance, Immediate Effect

Chapter 233 Casual Guidance, Bright Prospects

Chapter 234 Thousand Feet Waterfall, Plump Mandarin Perch

Chapter 235 Mysterious Species of Darkness

Chapter 236 Pretending To Know When You Don’t, It’s Really A Disgrace

Chapter 237 Sun Mo Is A Herbology Expert?

Chapter 238 Halo Erupted, Misleading Students

Chapter 239 Battle to Clear Shame

Chapter 240 New Lease of Life

Chapter 241 Openly Recruiting

Chapter 242 Teacher Sun, Please Take Me In As Your Disciple!

Chapter 243 Cleared Up the Scene

Chapter 244 Teacher for a Day, Father for Life, Kneel Down!

Chapter 245 I, Sun Mo, Am Iron-headed!

Chapter 246 Victorious!

Chapter 247 Loaches Are So Adorable, We Have to Add More Salt Then!

Chapter 248 ‘Gold mine!

Chapter 249 Lightning Protection, Perfect Defense

Chapter 250 Miraculous Species under the Heavens, Not Encountering It Even in 1,000 Years!

Chapter 251 Life-and-death Letter!

Chapter 252 From Today Onward, Call Me Lu Ouhuang (Lu Zhiruo)

Chapter 253 Dragon Repaying a Debt of Gratitude

Chapter 254 Fifth Level of the Blood-Ignition Realm

Chapter 255 Go Sleep, Everything Exists in Dreams!

Chapter 256 This Is My Treasure. Those Who Touch It Shall Die!

Chapter 257 Teacher, Be careful!

Chapter 258 A Sword Breaking Ten Thousand Stances

Chapter 259 A Transaction with an Ancient King

Chapter 260 Protection of the Wind King

Chapter 261 From Today Onward, We Are Partners

Chapter 262 Life Winner

Chapter 263 Killing You? A Single Wooden Blade Is Already Enough!

Chapter 264 Return from A Rewarding Journey

Chapter 265 Peak-grade Medicine Packet, Complete Recovery!

Chapter 266 Sun Mo’s New Home

Chapter 267 Logistics department collapsing

Chapter 268 Sharp Retaliation

Chapter 269 Priceless Advice, A Happy-Go-Lucky Young Man!

Chapter 270 True Intentions Revealed

Chapter 271 The Ruthless Black Doggy Sun

Chapter 272 Beat Him Up for Me, Beat Him Up Ruthlessly!

Chapter 273 Sun Mo’s Revenge

Chapter 274 Confiscating Possessions and Exterminating a Family

Chapter 275 Department Head Sun, Can You Please Spare Me?

Chapter 276 Saving Cai Tan

Chapter 277 Student Group, Evolve!

Chapter 278 Three Clones, Strength Shooting Up!

Chapter 279 Sun Mo? A Grandmaster Herbalist?

Chapter 280 If You Love Him, You Should Let Him Be Happy!

Chapter 281 Oi, Is Your Brain Spoiled?

Chapter 282 Generous Rewards

Chapter 283 Fully Packed Classroom

Chapter 284 Headmaster Cao’s Shock

Chapter 285 How Outstanding Is This?

Chapter 286 I Must Headhunt Him At All Costs!

Chapter 287 Teacher Sun, Could You Give Me the Pleasure of Having a Meal with You?

Chapter 288 Giant Medicine Packet up for Sale!

Chapter 289 Exceptionally Good Medical Effects!

Chapter 290 Crazy Sale of the Medicine Packets, Earning Huge Profits!

Chapter 291 Yet Another Generous Reward!

Chapter 292 Great Teacher Halo, Complete Focus

Chapter 293 Are You Guys All Monsters?

Chapter 294 The Rise of A Genius

Chapter 295 Invincible Unarmed, Returning to Peak!

Chapter 296 Teacher Sun, Please Accept Me As Your Disciple!

Chapter 297 Sun Mo’s Decision!

Chapter 298 Qi Shengjia, You Will Lose for Sure!

Chapter 299 You Have to Get Used to Victory!

Chapter 300 Hunger Marketing, Super Sales

Chapter 301 I Want to Fight for Teacher’s Glory!

Chapter 302 Fight for the Quota

Chapter 303 His Battle Prowess Was This Strong?

Chapter 304 Only the Weak Would Pray

Chapter 305 Explosive Increase in Fame

Chapter 306 A Luxurious Gift

Chapter 307 Sun Mo, Are You Actually A Famous Artist?

Chapter 308 Maybe, He Could Become a Secondary Saint!

Chapter 309 Rewards from Opening Chests

Chapter 310 Trouble-making Expert!

Chapter 311 If We Can’t Get the Championship, I’ll Resign!

Chapter 312 Impromptu Speech, Sword Pointing to the Championship!

Chapter 313 Amazing, Outstanding, Phenomenal!

Chapter 314 My Teacher Is Very Amazing!

Chapter 315 Sun Mo, Are You A Devil?

Chapter 316 This Is Sun Mo, My Fiancé!

Chapter 317 A Bad Beginning

Chapter 318 I, Sun Mo, Will Spam Money!

Chapter 319 First Round, Death Race!

Chapter 320 Fascinating Performance

Chapter 321 Today Is the Day Where We Become Famous!

Chapter 322 Sun Mo, You Are Actually a Spirit Controller?

Chapter 323 Li Ziqi, You Should Just Forfeit!

Chapter 324 Losing One’s Way in Darkness

Chapter 325 Human-faced Canyon, Journey of Death

Chapter 326 Is It Really Good to be So Shameless?

Chapter 327 We Can’t Possibly Stop Here in Life, Right?

Chapter 328 Shocking Performance

Chapter 329 Desperate Straits

Chapter 330 Matchless Wits

Chapter 331 Sun Mo’s Students Are Really Strong!

Chapter 332 Congratulations to the New Student Group from the Central Province Academy, Battle Spoils Obtained!

Chapter 333 Targeting the First Place, Let’s Charge!

Chapter 334

Chapter 335 Speeding Rapidly Ahead

Chapter 336 Final Trial!

Chapter 337 Fleeing in the Snake Cave

Chapter 338 First Round Rankings

Chapter 339 The Rise of Central Province Academy!

Chapter 340 Slaughter You!

Chapter 341 This Strengthening Effect Is a Little Frightening!

Chapter 342 What Vulgar Words!

Chapter 343 Brothers of Chen Clan, Peerless Talent!

Chapter 344 Sun Mo, Can You Leave a Path of Survival for Us Mortals?

Chapter 345 Saint-tier Cultivation Art, Dharma Skyshock Fist!

Chapter 346 Your ‘Luck’ Is Unrivaled!

Chapter 347 Jixia Academy, Flying Sword Withers

Chapter 348 Half-step Grandmaster

Chapter 349 Don’t Say Anything, Kiss Her!

Chapter 350 Sorry, It Isn’t That I Want to Humiliate You. I Only Want Your Cultivation Art!

Chapter 351 A Beautiful Smile

Chapter 352 (Teacher of life’, Black Doggy Sun

Chapter 353 Winning Two Out of Three Rounds. Absolute Domination

Chapter 354 The Start of Worship

Chapter 355 The Radiance of A Genius!

Chapter 356 Monster

Chapter 357 Thoroughly Convinced

Chapter 358: Death Group Battle

Chapter 359: Accomplished An Insta-kill!

Chapter 360: Do You Want This Vibrantly-Colored Flower Carp or This Not So Vibrantly-Colored One?

Chapter 361: Second Round Ends

Chapter 362: Opening Reward

Chapter 363: This Will Be A Black Horse!

Chapter 364: Great Teacher Halo, Complete Focus Obtained!

Chapter 365: Coming to Seek Guidance

Chapter 366: Saint-tier Cultivation Art, Dharma Skyshock Fist!

Chapter 367: Sun Mo’s Guidance, A Complete Transformation!

Chapter 368: System, You Are Truly Bad!

Chapter 369: Sun Mo of Central Province Academy, Invincible!

Chapter 370: Meeting An Old Friend Again

Chapter 371: God Hands Was Really Amazing!

Chapter 372: Choose One of Three, Deathly Choice!

Chapter 373: Impromptu Lecture, All Hail the Great Central Province!

Chapter 374: Do You Have to Show Off So Much?

Chapter 375: Matchless Archery Skill!

Chapter 376: Two-Faced Male-and-Female Pair

Chapter 377: Hidden Wealthy Person

Chapter 378: Once I Subdued the White Tiger Guard, All of You Will Die for Sure!

Chapter 379: Dharma Skyshock Fist, Amazing Display of Might

Chapter 380: I’m Sorry, The Spoils-of-War Belong to Me Now!

Chapter 381: Group Annihilating Expert

Chapter 382: Those Who Refuse to Submit Shall Be Killed!

Chapter 383: Teacher Sun, I’ve Benefited from Your Teaching!

Chapter 384: Priceless Secret Treasure of Darkness

Chapter 385: Ancient Use of the Spiritual Control Technique

Chapter 386: Why Is Your Teacher So Young?

Chapter 387: Immense Reward, New Mission Issued!

Chapter 388: Mysterious Enemy, Powerful Sun Mo!

Chapter 389: Black Spire, Place of Death!

Chapter 390: Great Teacher Halo Unleashing Its Might Again!

Chapter 391: Darkness Illusion

Chapter 392: Don’t Ask! If You Do, It’s A Great Teacher Halo!

Chapter 393: Are Teacher Sun’s Students All Monsters?

Chapter 394: Seizing Secret Treasure

Chapter 395: Exploding It with a Single Punch

Chapter 396: Protection Medicine

Chapter 397: Although I Don’t Really Understand, I Feel It’s Very Impressive!

Chapter 398: You Are Actually A Philosopher?

Chapter 399: Shockingly Great Harvest

Chapter 400: Taking on A Master

Chapter 401: Life Winner

Chapter 402: New Reward, Obtaining New Knowledge!

Chapter 403: It’s Me Who Is Useless. I Lost to Sun Mo from the Central Province Academy!

Chapter 404: Sun Mo of the Central Province Academy, First-Level of the Divine Force Realm, Please Guide Me!

Chapter 405: Champion?

Chapter 406: Sorry. He Is Just a Newbie to Sun Mo!

Chapter 407: No Matter Whether You Guys Are Convinced or Not, You All Have to Accept This Reality!

Chapter 408: Time of Rising Fame

Chapter 409: Victorious Return, Shaking the academy!

Chapter 410: Top-grade Mission Reward

Chapter 411: I Became Stronger Again, but I Have Yet to Go Bald!

Chapter 412: New Mission Issued, Strongest Secret Treasure!

Chapter 413: I Will Give You Two Choices

Chapter 414: Sun Mo’s Charisma

Chapter 415: I Couldn’t Have Fallen in Love with Sun Mo, Right?

Chapter 416: Friendship of A Great Teacher

Chapter 417: Opening Chest, Getting Reward!

Chapter 418: Immense Point Generator

Chapter 419: Value of A Great Teacher

Chapter 420: A Colleague Seeking Guidance

Chapter 421: Living In A Luxurious Manor, Appreciating Famous Tea, One Should Live Like Sun Mo Does!

Chapter 422: The Library in the Cold Winter

Chapter 423: Teacher for a Day, Father for Life. Everyone, Kneel Down!

Chapter 424: Li Ziqi’s Identity

Chapter 425: God Hands Showed Its Might Once Again

Chapter 426: Live Guidance, Astonishing Everyone

Chapter 427: Sincerely Convinced

Chapter 428: Central Province Academy’s Number One Person

Chapter 429: A Wave of Rewards

Chapter 430: Map of Darkness, Seven Great Treasures

Chapter 431: Being Able to Meet Sun Mo Is Truly My Good Fortune!

Chapter 432: The Title of Spirit Rune Grandmaster, obtained!

Chapter 433: A Handsome Steed. Heading to Guangling with Lots of Money

Chapter 434: Skyraise Academy, A Pillar of Green Smoke!

Chapter 435: I Depend on My Capabilities for a Living!

Chapter 436:

Chapter 437: Sun Mo Becomes Famous

Chapter 438: Sun Mo’s Debut

Chapter 439: Group of Five Examiners, Delineating Failures!

Chapter 440: Unexpected Elimination

Chapter 441: Full Ten Points, Perfect!

Chapter 442: Loud Finger Snap, Teach You How to Act!

Chapter 443: Flowers Blooming in Winter, Mei Ziyu

Chapter 444: If Life Was as Beautiful as First Sight

Chapter 445: Written Exam for Spirit Runes, Hell-like Difficulty!

Chapter 446: Full Marks Exam Papers

Chapter 447: The Two Words ‘Sun Mo’ Are Written with Vigorous and Fascinating Strokes

Chapter 448: If You Hit Someone, Hit Their Face

Chapter 449: We Agreed to Retake the Exam Together Next Year, Yet You Secretly Got First Place?!

Chapter 450: The Start of the Third Round

Chapter 451: Sun Mo’s Magnificent Performance

Chapter 452: Handsome!

Chapter 453: Heavenly Display!

Chapter 454: Excellent Display!

Chapter 455: Virtuosic

Chapter 456: Magnificent and Amazing Show

Chapter 457: Break Record, The Grand Slam!

Chapter 458: Is This Something Humans Can Do?

Chapter 459: New Nickname Obtained!

Chapter 460: Peak-Grade Reward

Chapter 461: At the Jiang Manor, They Say, ‘Like A Dog In Front of the Door’ Sun Mo!

Chapter 462: Headhunting Crazily

Chapter 463: Announcing the Rankings

Chapter 464: That Sun Mo Is Actually So Terrifying?

Chapter 465: Three Kneels Nine Kowtows, Acknowledging Teacher On the Spot!

Chapter 466: The Start of the Fourth Round, Question and Answer

Chapter 467: Sure to Pass!

Chapter 468: Only Achieving Success By Not Forgetting One’s Initial Intent!

Chapter 469: Longing to Get One Person’s Heart, Till Death Do Us Part!

Chapter 470: Award Ceremony, Life’s Peak

Chapter 471: New Reward, New Mission, New Connections!

Chapter 472: Sudden Change, an Expert at the Longevity Realm!

Chapter 473: A Heinous Crime

Chapter 474: Return to Central Province, to Enjoy the Applause and Fresh Flowers!

Chapter 475: Great Crisis of the Central Province Academy

Chapter 476: Opening Treasure Chests, Obtaining a New Great Teacher Halo!

Chapter 477: Teacher, So You Are Actually So Cool?

Chapter 478: Inspecting Progress, On-the-spot Guidance!

Chapter 479: Assistant Li Ziqi Is Here!

Chapter 480: Sun Mo’s Might

Chapter 481: I Gave You a Chance Earlier, but You Didn’t Want to Cherish It

Chapter 482: A Heavenly Price to Headhunt Sun Mo

Chapter 483: Rare Building, Darkness Illusion Dojo

Chapter 484: The School’s Greatest Treasure

Chapter 485: Saint-tier Cultivation Art Obtained!

Chapter 486: Great Teachers Headhunting Plan

Chapter 487: Passionate Kiss

Chapter 488: Get Rid of the Despicable Guy, Build up the Atmosphere, and Bring Back the School’s Reputation!

Chapter 489: Black Doggy Sun, Going Out at Full Power!

Chapter 490: The Taste of Despair

Chapter 491: Damn, Could It Be That Sun Mo’s Family Owns a Mine?

Chapter 492: Reward. The End Point of Studies of Spirit Runes.

Chapter 493: The Other Side of the World, a Mysterious Gigantic Manor

Chapter 494: Dark Dawn

Chapter 495: Deer Tail Banquet

Chapter 496: Isn’t Teacher Sun’s Popularity a Little Too Terrifying?

Chapter 497: One-Vote Sun

Chapter 498: Attending The Banquet

Chapter 499: Damaged Famous Painting

Chapter 500: Don’t Panic, We Still Have Teacher Sun!

Chapter 501: Riches and Honor, Solitary Life Painting

Chapter 502: Great Teacher Feat, Immense Reward

Chapter 503: Start of A Good Show

Chapter 504: Sorry, the Grandmaster-Level Sun Mo Is Simply a Daddy!

Chapter 505: The Significance of This Famous Painting

Chapter 506: Excellent in Writing and Painting

Chapter 507: Painting Battle

Chapter 508: Skill Shocking Everyone

Chapter 509: I’m Deeply Afraid That I’ve Underestimated Sun Mo!

Chapter 510: Golden Sentences from the Mouth

Chapter 511: Rare Treasure of Darkness

Chapter 512: Sun Mo, Apologize!

Chapter 513: I’ll Show You Who’s the Boss!

Chapter 514: Do You Think My Teacher’s Title as a Botanist Grandmaster Is Fake?

Chapter 515: The Show Hasn’t Ended Yet!

Chapter 516: Crushed

Chapter 517: Great Teacher Produces Great Students

Chapter 518: Teacher Ni, You Can’t Win Against Me!

Chapter 519: I Have Great Righteousness In My Heart, I Fear No Evils Spirits, Demons, And Monsters!

Chapter 520: Perfect Ending, Luxurious Reward!

Chapter 521: Second Level of the Divine Force Realm, Entering the Great Teacher Hero Rankings

Chapter 522: Black Doggy Sun’s Name Resounding Out Loud in the Great Teacher Circle

Chapter 523: New Great Teacher Halo!

Chapter 524: Quickly Go and Invite Sun Mo, Grandmaster Sun!

Chapter 525: Famous Doctors Gathered for Diagnosis

Chapter 526: Sun Mo Takes Action!

Chapter 527: There Is No Way One Can Actively Seek a Saint-Tier Pill

Chapter 528: 2-star Title, Here I Come!

Chapter 529: Genius Spirit Controller

Chapter 530: Why Do I Have to Let You Benefit from Every Good Thing?

Chapter 531: Golden Sentences One After Another

Chapter 532: Those Who Offend the Central Province Academy Must Be Eliminated Regardless of the Distance!

Chapter 533: Receiving Help

Chapter 534: Becoming Famous Again!

Chapter 535: Prowess of God Hands

Chapter 536: After I Become A 3-Star Great Teacher, I’ll Come to Marry You!

Chapter 537: Amazing Reward, Examinations Start!

Chapter 538: Bai Shuang and the Entrapping First Round

Chapter 539: Great Teacher Report, Li Ruolan!

Chapter 540: Irresistible Lady Was Very Angry, the Consequences Were Very Serious!

Chapter 541: The Bizarre Spiritual Controller Exam

Chapter 542: Meeting Mei Ziyu again

Chapter 543: Full Marks, Simply So Strong!

Chapter 544: What Is A Top Student?!

Chapter 545: See You Again in the Great Teachers Battle

Chapter 546: Many Thanks for Teacher Sun’s Guidance!

Chapter 547: Wanting to Make Huge News!

Chapter 548: Li Ruolan Loves Grading People

Chapter 549: Start of Performance

Chapter 550: Sun Mo’s Teaching Method

Chapter 551: A Lesson That One Would Remember for Life

Chapter 552: Birth of a New Spirit Rune

Chapter 553: A Request for Help

Chapter 554: Go Clean Yourself Up and Wait to Apologize to Me!

Chapter 555: Completely Convinced

Chapter 556: Godly Reward

Chapter 557: Divine Language Contract, Death Risk!

Chapter 558: New Great Teacher Halo

Chapter 559: Being Able to Encounter Teacher Is the Greatest Fortune of My Life!

Chapter 560: Encountered Poaching

Chapter 561: Great Teachers Battle!

Chapter 562: First Battle!

Chapter 563: Sun Mo Wanting to Headhunt Someone!

Chapter 564: This Lady Boss Will Definitely Make You All Kneel beneath My Skirt!

Chapter 565: Peanut Gallery

Chapter 566: Invincible Buddha Fist

Chapter 567: You Are Not Even Giving Me a Chance to Be Your Simp?

Chapter 568: I Forfeit

Chapter 569: All Simps Shall Die a Terrible Death

Chapter 570: Do You Want to Do Facial Surgery?

Chapter 571: Exceptionally Handsome

Chapter 572: Teacher Sun, Please Do Facial Surgery for Me Too!

Chapter 573: I Want to Complain, This Is Clearly Substitution Cheating!

Chapter 574: Grandmaster Sun, I Wish for You to Take Me as a Student, Please Accept Me!

Chapter 575: God Hands, Famous throughout the World!

Chapter 576: New Great Teacher Halo Obtained!

Chapter 577: Passing Smoothly

Chapter 578: The Initial Appearance of the Mastermind Behind the Scenes

Chapter 579: Sun Mo Taking Action, Saving a Life!

Chapter 580: Fifth Round, Genius vs Mortal

Chapter 581: Teacher Is So Serious, Is He Not Afraid of Beating Her to Death?

Chapter 582: So Strong That It Makes People Feel Despair

Chapter 583: Comprehension, Another Great Teacher Halo!

Chapter 584: I’m Sorry, This Halo Is Not for Sale

Chapter 585: Finals

Chapter 586: Heaven-Defying Character and Charisma

Chapter 587: Sun Mo, It’s Finally Your Turn!

Chapter 588: Peerless Saint-Tier Spiritual Control Secret Technique!

Chapter 589: Fearsome Spiritual Beast

Chapter 590: Exploding the Head With a Single Blade?

Chapter 591: Myriad Manifestations Spirit Wave Art, Half-step Grandmaster!

Chapter 592: So What if You Are a Genius? I Will Just Destroy You!

Chapter 593: M…meeting Parents?

Chapter 594: Top-rated Treasure Chests, Luxurious Rewards!

Chapter 595: Success in Cultivating the Divine Art

Chapter 596: Arrogance of The Powerful

Chapter 597: Invitation from ‘A’ Grade Academy

Chapter 598: Finals

Chapter 599: The Profoundness of the Mysterious Sword

Chapter 600: Daybreak Starlord

Chapter 601: Personal Disciples Battle, On-the-spot Guidance!

Chapter 602: Can Eat Melon, But Won’t Play Chess Anymore, You’ve Lost!

Chapter 603: Peak-Grade Rewards, Rarity Grade S!

Chapter 604: The heart of a great teacher

Chapter 605: Isn’t Sun Mo’s Student Too Amazing?

Chapter 606: Who Can Win This?

Chapter 607: Black Doggy Sun’s Three Personal Students

Chapter 608: This Opponent Is a Little Formidable, I Want To Fight a Little Longer!

Chapter 609: Seeking Guidance From the Public

Chapter 610: Advance, Student Group!

Chapter 611: Teacher Sun, Please Feel Free To Instruct Me!

Chapter 612: Since Liu Mubai Was Born in This World, Why Is There Still a Need for Sun Mo?!

Chapter 613: Enlightening Someone

Chapter 614: Darkness Approaches

Chapter 615: Teacher I Was Lucky Not To Have Disgraced You!

Chapter 616: Appreciation of a Major Character

Chapter 617: Sun Mo’s on-the-spot Guidance

Chapter 618: Gathering of Geniuses

Chapter 619: Xuanyuan Po, Your Acting Skills Are So Exaggerated!

Chapter 620: Life Tutor, Chicken Soup for the Soul!

Chapter 621: Mysterious Species of Darkness, Strange Ability!

Chapter 622: Sorry, I Didn’t Hold Back Enough and Injured You!

Chapter 623: I’m Fighting for My Teacher!

Chapter 624: Transforming into Wind, Ceremony of Death!

Chapter 625: Sliding Into the Dark Abyss!

Chapter 626: Dark Great Teacher

Chapter 627: Two #1

Chapter 628: Are Your Peerless Saint-Tier Cultivation Arts Cabbages?

Chapter 629: Dragon Ball Spirit Rune, Shocking Everyone

Chapter 630: The Birth of the Champions, Personal Students Ruling the Top Rankings!

Chapter 631: Opening Treasure Chests Continuously, Top Rewards!

Chapter 632: New Job, New Mission!

Chapter 633: A Test From the Dark Great Teacher World

Chapter 634: Appreciation, Reward, a Powerful Enemy Comes!

Chapter 635: The Deterrence of Great Teachers!

Chapter 636: A Visit From a Dark Great Teacher. Receive My Godly Fists!

Chapter 637: Using Virtue To Convince Someone

Chapter 638: Seeking People in the Rain

Chapter 639: My Pride Is Given to Me by My Teacher!

Chapter 640: Who Dares To Touch My Students?

Chapter 641: There Are Actually Four More People Who Are Stronger Than You?

Chapter 642: What Else Can I Do? I Am Also in Very Much Despair!

Chapter 643: Student Group, Erupt!

Chapter 644: Where Was the Agreed One-sided Crushing?

Chapter 645: Don’t Talk to My Teacher Like That!

Chapter 646: Do You Want to Join My Great Teacher Circle?

Chapter 647: So You Are the One That’s Worth the Most!

Chapter 648: Teacher Sun, Please Begin Your Performance!

Chapter 649: Terrifying New Mission

Chapter 650: New Ranking and New Great Teacher Halo

Chapter 651: His Name Shaking the Entire Jinling!

Chapter 652: From Now Onwards, I’m the Most Handsome Guy in This Academy!

Chapter 653: Sun Mo Changed My Life

Chapter 654: Sun Mo Has Returned!

Chapter 655: Student Recruitment Meet

Chapter 656: Yaoguang? That’s a Constellation in the Sky!

Chapter 657: Priceless Advice of Black Doggy Sun

Chapter 658: Teaching and Dispelling Doubts, Great Teacher’s Responsibility!

Chapter 659: Myriad Daos Great Teacher Circle Comes to Pay A Visit!

Chapter 660: Great Teacher Duel, Courtesan Puppet

Chapter 661: My Surname Is Hua and My Name Is Manyue. I Give You My Greetings!

Chapter 662: Golden Sentences ‘Sun’, Let’s Put Away that Remarkable Power, Alright?

Chapter 663: Achievement Accomplished, Jinling’s First Spirit Rune Grandmaster!

Chapter 664: To Think That Teacher Knows Alchemy As Well?

Chapter 665: It’s All F*cking Sun Mo’s Fault!

Chapter 666: Strong External Help

Chapter 667: Sun Mo’s Second Spiritual Beast

Chapter 668: Ultimate Divine Art of the Central Province Academy

Chapter 669: A Shockingly Great Harvest

Chapter 670: Teacher Duan, Please Halt Your Steps!

Chapter 671: Black-Hearted Couple Headhunting People Left and Right!

Chapter 672: 100 Cultivation Arts in Continuous Display!

Chapter 673: Is There Anyone Else Who Still Wants To Spar?

Chapter 674: Consider It My Loss if I Don’t Poach Everyone From the Myriad Daos Academy Today!

Chapter 675: You Are Making Things Difficult for Me, Right?

Chapter 676: I Want To See How You Win After I Unleash My Ultimate

Chapter 677: Sorry, I Learned Your Saint-Tier Cultivation Art!

Chapter 678: One Man Show, Standing Above the Crowd

Chapter 679: Sorry, I Really Know!

Chapter 680: Are You A Devil?

Chapter 681: I Also Have A 6-Star Great Teacher Ally. Are You Scared?

Chapter 682: One-sided Crushing!

Chapter 683: Why Don’t I Have A Son-In-Law Like Sun Mo?

Chapter 684: Great Waves Rising Again

Chapter 685: New Great Teacher Halo

Chapter 686: Happiness Came Too Fast, It Feels Just Like a Tornado!

Chapter 687: Divine Language of Spiritual Control, Air Proof!

Chapter 688: It Isn’t So Easy If You Want to Become My Student

Chapter 689: All You People from the Central Province Academy Have to Die!

Chapter 690: Unexpected Twist and Turns

Chapter 691: She’s My Pride!

Chapter 692: Number One Boss in Jinling

Chapter 693: Immortal Crane

Chapter 694: Top-Rated Rewards and Leveling Up

Chapter 695: Lecture in the Battle Hall

Chapter 696: Taking On a Personal Teacher

Chapter 697: I’m Actually Such an Outstanding Human, How Annoying!

Chapter 698: Convincing People through Virtue, Great Teacher’s Grace!

Chapter 699: My Combat Strength Is at Most 6,000 Points, but His Is at Least over 10,000!

Chapter 700: New Reward and Ancestor-Level Concept!

Chapter 701: Receiving a Friend from Afar with Wine!

Chapter 702: Today, This Daddy Wants to Crush All of Your Doggy Heads!

Chapter 703: Combat Genius

Chapter 704: I’m Also a Bug That Wants Face!

Chapter 705: Where’s the Agreed upon ‘Most Doted Child’ of the Goddess of Luck?

Chapter 706: Peak of the Sixth Level of Divine Force Realm, Spear Arts Grandmaster!

Chapter 707: The Arrival of the Eldest Princess!!

Chapter 708: Imperial Preceptor of Great Tang, Sun Mo?

Chapter 709: Master, I’m Your Henchman Now!

Chapter 710: Sun Mo, Today Is the Date of Your Death!

Chapter 711: From Now Onward, You Will Be My Holy Pharaoh!

Chapter 712: First Wave of Rewards

Chapter 713: I’m the King of the World

Chapter 714: The Heavenly Sword Can Run Rampant Through the World!

Chapter 715: Death of a Star General, Gorgeous Attacks

Chapter 716: Bodhi Wisdom, Saint-tier Secret Treasure!

Chapter 717: Top-rated Battle Spoils

Chapter 718: c

Chapter 719: Wind Rising in Jinling

Chapter 720: The #8 Personal Student

Chapter 721: Excellent Acting Skills

Chapter 722: Sweeping Through

Chapter 723: Do You Want to Become My Personal Disciple?

Chapter 724: Hectomillionaire

Chapter 725: Saint Weapon Evil Vanquisher

Chapter 726: The Birth of a Famous School

Chapter 727: Personal Disciple Seeking Guidance

Chapter 728: Battlegod Rampart

Chapter 729: Reimbursed Trip

Chapter 730: The distance between a genius and a mortal

Chapter 731: Training Groups from the Supreme-tier Famous Schools

Chapter 732: Deposition of an Outstanding Hero

Chapter 733: Sun Mo Enters the Canyon, Comprehension Begins!

Chapter 734: Could It Be You Also Want to Evolve and Become One of My Crazy Fans?

Chapter 735: Even If All These People Are Added Up, They Are Not a Match for My Teacher!

Chapter 736: That Fellow Is Dead for Sure!

Chapter 737: I Also Want to Be Low-Profile but These Fellows Don’t Want to Give Me a Chance!

Chapter 738: Priceless Advice, Immeasurable Value!

Chapter 739: The Profound Secret of the Battlegod Canyon

Chapter 740: Geniuses Are Always So Illogical!

Chapter 741: Taoshi Academy, Start of Poaching!

Chapter 742: Godfather-level Halo

Chapter 743: Person with Superb Prospects

Chapter 744: Bai Hao, You’re Really Useless!

Chapter 747: That Dream Is Too Wonderful, I Don’t Wish to Wake Up.

Chapter 745: Great Reporter’s Exclamation

Chapter 748: Headhunt, Fiercely Headhunting!

Chapter 746: Not Only Can Your Looks Not Make It, But Your Intellect Can’t Either!

Chapter 749: Three Consecutive Halos, Finding One’s Initial Intent!

Chapter 750: Winner In Life

Chapter 751: A Considerate Guy

Chapter 752: Go and Ask Great Teacher Sun. He Was the One Who Guided Me!

Chapter 753: Ten Thousand Streams of Sword Qi Shooting Out in Unison, Passing the Stage in a Single Day!

Chapter 754: Did the White Dragon Horse Eventually Marry Reverend Tang Sanzhang?

Chapter 755: Shooting to Fame in a Single Day

Chapter 756: Counter-Attack of the Lowest-Ranking

Chapter 757: Passing the Stage

Chapter 758: Exploding A Head with Strength

Chapter 759: The Happiness of a Genius Is Indeed So Simple and Dull!

Chapter 760: Disciples Would Resemble Their Teacher!

Chapter 761: Capabilities a Tier Higher

Chapter 762: Simply So Outstanding That He Soars

Chapter 763: Only I Can Punish My Students!

Chapter 764: True Meaning of the Battlegod Murals

Chapter 765: Who Says 6-star Great Teachers Can’t Be Taught a Lesson?

Chapter 766: The Host This Time around Is Indeed a Little Impressive!

Chapter 767: This Sun Mo Is a Distinguished and Accomplished Man!

Chapter 768: What’s the Meaning of the Battle God Diagram?

Chapter 769: At the Very End, Simps Would End Up with Nothing!

Chapter 770: Don’t I Want Face?

Chapter 771: Passing Off the Opinions of Others as Your Own

Chapter 772: Sun Mo’s Prestige

Chapter 773: A Wave of Rewards

Chapter 774: Showing The Right Path

Chapter 775: We Are All Great Teachers Yet Only He Stands above the Crowd?

Chapter 776: Wife, Quickly Come Out and Look. Great Teacher Sun Cleared the Stage Again!

Chapter 777: Personal Disciple of the Tyrant Blade

Chapter 778: Dark Dawn, Star General Candidate!

Chapter 779: I Came Here for the Sake of Killing You!

Chapter 780: Battle God’s Sword Will, Incomparably Profound!

Chapter 781: Isn’t Your Luck Far Too Good?

Chapter 782: Black Doggy Sun’s Name!

Chapter 783: If You Continue Acting like This, I Will Fall in Love with You!

Chapter 784: Great Teacher Sun, I Want to Take You On as My Teacher. Are You Still Accepting Disciples?

Chapter 785: Sorry, You Don’t Even Have the Qualifications to Be a Stepping Stone.

Chapter 786: The Last Stage, a Life-and-Death Situation!

Chapter 787: Life with Snacks Is as Expectedly the Best!

Chapter 788: Favorable Impression Points from the Ancient Battle God +10,086

Chapter 789: Inheritance of the Battle God

Chapter 790: New Great Teacher Halo Obtained!

Chapter 791: Generous Rewards from the Battle God!

Chapter 792: Emergence of Divine Art, Shocking The World (1)

Chapter 793: Emergence of Divine Art, Shocking The World (2)

Chapter 794 - Ample Rewards!

Chapter 795 - Vast Improvement, New Subject Obtained!

Chapter 796 - Black-White Academy, the Nine Greats

Chapter 797 - Headhunting from the Nine Greats

Chapter 798 - Why Don’t You Give Up On Being A Great Teacher?

Chapter 799 - Favorable Impression Points Explode!

Chapter 800 - Stone Statue Breaks, Secondary Saint Comes Out

Chapter 801 - Sitting for 100 Years, Becoming A Secondary Saint In One Day!

Chapter 802 - Things Settling Down

Chapter 803 - An Xinhui’s Great Surprise

Chapter 804 - Respectfully Sending Great Teacher Sun Off!

Chapter 805 - Returning to Jinling, Visiting the Old Headmaster!

Chapter 806 - Number One in Jinling, Exceptional Prescription

Chapter 807 - Examination Starts, The Shortest Straw!

Chapter 808 - Bright Pearl Wulan, Dragon Subduing Academy

Chapter 809 - Scammer Student

Chapter 810 - Priceless Advice, Domineering Introduction!

Chapter 811 - ear Ancestor-Level, Sun Mo’s Performance

Chapter 812 - Student, It’s Also A Merit To Admit Other People’s Excellence!

Chapter 813 - Shooting to Fame After One Lesson

Chapter 814 - Grandmaster Botanist

Chapter 815 - Flaunting So Much Until the Scalp Turns Numb!

Chapter 816 - Huge Explosion in Popularity!

Chapter 817 - Great Teacher Halo, [Unworthy of being Taught]

Chapter 818 - The Mysterious Dragon Subduing Palace

Chapter 819 - Could it be that this man surnamed ‘Sun’ is a madman?

Chapter 820 - Insta-defeat Situation

Chapter 821 - No Matter How Strong He Is, It’s Impossible for Him To Be Stronger Than Teacher Sun.

Chapter 822 - Problem Student

Chapter 823 - : The Ancestor Level

Chapter 824 - Could You Possibly Have Some Misunderstanding With Regards to This Holy Term ‘Great Ancestor’?

Chapter 825 - Don’t Panic, I Still Have a Pair of Twos!

Chapter 826 - From Today Onwards, I Will Teach You!

Chapter 827 - Eat A Good Meal To Calm Your Nerves First!

Chapter 828 - God Hands Displaying Its Might

Chapter 829 - Buddha Is in My Heart

Chapter 830 - Treatment of a Grandmaster

Chapter 831 - This Influence Is a Little Great!

Chapter 832 - Without Teacher’s Lectures, I’m Going To Die!

Chapter 833 - Impossible Bet

Chapter 834 - Preparing to Create A Miracle!

Chapter 835 - Taming a Giant Dragon, Tyrannically Soaring Through the Skies of the Nine Provinces

Chapter 836 - Hot-blooded Tempering

Chapter 837 - : Three Missions at One Go, Ample Rewards!

Chapter 838 - Have You Won for Sure? Did You Ask for the Opinion of My Teacher?

Chapter 839 - Practical Combat Teaching, Displaying One’s Skills!

Chapter 840 - 36 Kills, Breaking the Record!

Chapter 841 - Sun Mo Becoming Famous Again!

Chapter 842 - Switching From Arrogance to Deference

Chapter 843 - Flowers Can Bloom Again but Wasted Youth Would Be Lost Forever!

Chapter 844 - Ancient Dragon Language

Chapter 845 - Unlimited Challenge Mode

Chapter 846 - Can We Still Play Happily?

Chapter 847 - Encountering A Heavenly Headhunting Offer

Chapter 848 - Great Teacher’s Bearing, Respect for the Wise!

Chapter 849 - Sun Mo, You Shouldn’t Have Come to the Dragon Subduing Academy!

Chapter 850 - Fighting a Giant Dragon, a Commotion Shaking the Entire School!

Chapter 851 - I Also Feel Helpless to Be Born as a Human Yet Being so Outstanding!

Chapter 852 - Sun Mo to the Rescue

Chapter 853 - Let Me Tell You Secretly, I’m Actually A Famous Artist Too!

Chapter 854 - The Kite-Chasing Girl

Chapter 855 - Genius Seeking Help

Chapter 856 - Teacher, I Shouldn’t Have Doubted Your Decision!

Chapter 857 - The Life of a Genius Great Teacher Is So Dull, Dry, and Simple!

Chapter 858 - Autumn Hunting Sacrificial Ceremony

Chapter 859 - Slaying Horses!

Chapter 860 - Worry-free Students

Chapter 861 - : Teacher Sun Is Immeasurable!

Chapter 862 - Useless Slave!

Chapter 863 - Wolf Totem, Lecturing on the Spot!

Chapter 864 - Magical Darkness Secret Art!

Chapter 865 - The First White Star

Chapter 866 - Two Rewards

Chapter 867 - Xianyu Wei, Release Your Light!

Chapter 868 - Headhunting Sun Mo? Do You Think That I Don’t Exist?

Chapter 869 - Teacher Sun’s Judgment Is Truly Accurate!

Chapter 870 - You Are So Outstanding to This Extent, I Will Feel Jealous Oh!

Chapter 871 - Teacher Sun, Do You Want To Join My Great Teacher Circle?

Chapter 872 - Getting Three Stars in One-Shot, Extremely Brilliant!

Chapter 873 - Learning from Everyone!

Chapter 874 - Give You A Black Star!

Chapter 875 - The Strongest Support

Chapter 876 - The Omnipotent Black Doggy Sun

Chapter 877 - Since I Have a Divine Skill, I Can Simply Do Whatever I Desire!

Chapter 878 - Free Gift

Chapter 879 - Impossible to Defeat!

Chapter 880 - Do You Want To Be My Personal Student?

Chapter 881 - There’s No Need for Too Many Dolls, Eight of Them Is Enough.

Chapter 882 - Whose Student Is This? She Is So Fierce!

Chapter 883 - Untitled

Chapter 884 - Wild Boar Girl, Unrivaled Battle Prowess

Chapter 885 - Crow Turning Into Phoenix

Chapter 886 - Senior, You Dropped Your Deer!

Chapter 887 - Sun Mo Blew A Fuse, Life and Death Battle!

Chapter 888 - Overwhelming Advantage In Skill

Chapter 889 - Personal Disciple Obtained √

Chapter 890 - Great Reward

Chapter 891 - : A Night of Sudden Changes!

Chapter 892 - Dark Dawn

Chapter 893 - Four Symbols Starlord

Chapter 894 - Sharpshooter Jebe

Chapter 895 - Sure Death Situation, Extremely Difficult Mission

Chapter 896 - Breaking the Situation

Chapter 897 - Detective Sun Mo

Chapter 898 - Great Desolation Dragon Subduing Scripture, I’m Coming!

Chapter 899 - Your Scheme Is Very Deep!

Chapter 900 - Great Ancestor-Level Puppeteer, Deadly Secret Art!

Chapter 901 - Teacher Sun, Why Not Join My Great Teacher Circle?

Chapter 902 - Sun Mo Picking Up the Gains

Chapter 903 - Astute and Circumspect, A Secondary Saint’s Prestige

Chapter 904 - Invincible Divine Language

Chapter 905 - Dragon Suppression Soul Dance, Great Reversal!

Chapter 906 - The Final Winner

Chapter 907 - Dark Saint, Ten-Thousand Leaves!

Chapter 908 - Obtaining the Great Desolation Dragon Subduing Scripture

Chapter 909 - The Dust Has Settled, a New Great Teacher Halo

Chapter 910 - Saint Gate’s Sect Lord, An Esteemed Guest Arriving!

Chapter 911 - : Immense Rewards by the Jin Country’s King

Chapter 912 - Merely the Position of an Imperial Preceptor, Who Would Care about It?

Chapter 913 - How Paradise in the Human World Looked Like

Chapter 914 - Returning to Jinling, Sun Mo’s Genuine Appearance

Chapter 915 - Missions Completed, Huge Rewards

Chapter 916 - Continuously Opening Treasure Chests, Receiving So Many Top-Rated Rewards Until His Hands Grow Soft!

Chapter 917 - With Divine Arts in Hand, the World Belongs to Me

Chapter 918 - Awesome Scientific Law

Chapter 919 - New Mission!

Chapter 920 - Are Wild Flowers Really So Fragrant?

Chapter 921 - Students Who Were in the Midst of Growing

Chapter 922 - Xianyu Wei’s Knowledge Gained From a Day’s Viewing

Chapter 923 - So, This Is Then Teacher’s ‘Complete Form’!

Chapter 924 - Making History, Setting A Record

Chapter 925 - The Unsurpassable Great Teacher Sun!

Chapter 926 - Perfect Rewards, Great Teacher Halo

Chapter 927 - The Luck of the Lucky Mascot Is Invincible!

Chapter 928 - Start of the ‘C’ Graded League Tournament, the Groups From Famous Schools Set Off!

Chapter 929 - Showing Off for the First Time

Chapter 930 - Our Teacher Is Number One Under the Heavens, I Absolutely Dare To Brag About This for Sure!

Chapter 931 - Deadly Sea of Trees

Chapter 932 - 5-Stars Great Teacher, Longevity Realm Major Character!

Chapter 933 - The Students’ Night Lesson!

Chapter 934 - First Wave of Spoils of War

Chapter 935 - Secret Treasure Appears

Chapter 936 - Knowledge Is Wealth

Chapter 937 - Earning One Wave First!

Chapter 938 - Fervent Fan

Chapter 939 - Sun Mo’s Test

Chapter 940 - Danger Incoming

Chapter 941 - Life and Death Flower Sea

Chapter 942 - Resolving the Situation Brilliantly

Chapter 943 - Top-Rated Species, Dual Aspects

Chapter 944 - Tremendous Improvement, I Want To Fight Against Ten!

Chapter 945 - Today Shall Be the Date of Your Death

Chapter 946 - Daoist Immortal Crane

Chapter 947 - Receiving Rewards, Increase in Knowledge!

Chapter 948 - Greenhaze Aboriginals

Chapter 949 - Suddenly Gaining an Additional Trump Card

Chapter 950 - Arrival of the Green-robed Ancestor

Chapter 951 - Rebirth Waterfall

Chapter 952 - My Name Is Lian Fangcao!

Chapter 953 - Flaunting Once More

Chapter 954 - Homeward-Bound Ginseng

Chapter 955 - Twists and Turns Again

Chapter 956 - The Profession of a Grandmaster-Level Botanist Is Simply So Stable!

Chapter 957 - Full Harvest

Chapter 958 - Vile Canyon

Chapter 959 - Arrogant Aboriginals

Chapter 960 - A Large-Scale ‘Screwing-Up Scene’

Chapter 961 - Magic Beanstalk

Chapter 962 - Harvest

Chapter 963 - I Admit That I’ve Underestimated Him!

Chapter 964 - Call for Daddy To Spare Your Life!

Chapter 965 - Everyone Owes Sun Mo A Favor!

Chapter 966 - Amongst the Humans, How Many More of Them Are As Amazing As You?

Chapter 967 - Invaluable Rewards

Chapter 968 - Surrounded By Danger

Chapter 969 - Ancient Battle Trees

Chapter 970 - Happiness Came Too Quickly, Like A Tornado

Chapter 971 - Ecology Battleship, Strong Enemies Attacking

Chapter 972 - Why Are You the One Who Takes the Benefits for Every Good Thing?

Chapter 973 - I Don’t Want Such a Master Even if You Beat Me to Death!

Chapter 974 - Please Receive My Bow!

Chapter 975 - It Is Really Impossible for This Queen!

Chapter 976 - Ecology Ship, Annihilation Plan!

Chapter 977 - The Last Victory

Chapter 978 - Winner Takes All

Chapter 979 - Huge Harvest

Chapter 980 - Obtaining a New Great Teacher Halo!

Chapter 981 - Spoils of War and a New Target

Chapter 982 - Sun Mo’s Brilliant Disciples

Chapter 983 - Flourishing Foundation of 1,000 years!

Chapter 984 - Who Dares To Steal My Students?

Chapter 985 - A Student Has Grown Stronger Again!

Chapter 986 - The Joy of a Genius Great Teacher Is Simply So Simple, Unadorned and Dull!

Chapter 987 - Start of the Exam

Chapter 988 - Amazing Display

Chapter 989 - My Teacher’s Surname Is ‘Sun’ and His Given Name Is ‘Mo’!

Chapter 990 - Crushing the Written Exam

Chapter 991 - : Calligrapher Li Ziqi

Chapter 992 - : Full-Marks Exam Paper

Chapter 993 - Wonderful, Very Wonderful, Extremely Wonderful!

Chapter 994 - The Crushing Continues

Chapter 995 - Giving a Lecture, the Little Sunny Egg Displaying Her Prowess!

Chapter 996 - A Flower Amongst Great Teachers, Devastating Beauty!

Chapter 997 - Give Others A Chance to Live, Please?

Chapter 998 - Exceptional Showcase

Chapter 999 - My Teacher Is the Best In the World!

Chapter 1000 - Kind and Charitable Sun Mo