Chapter 420 - I Don’t Want to Be a Helpless

Chapter 420: I Don’t Want to Be a Helpless Woman

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“Believe me, I can definitely take good care of myself. I won’t go in and I won’t even stand at the door. I’ll just stand a distance away or even at the door of the He family’s next-door neighbor! What do you think~” Qiao Mei looked at Xia Zhe eagerly. As long as she was in the area near the He family’s house, she would be able to see what was going on inside.

Even after He Ning moved away, the He family still maintained the habit of growing flowers and plants at the house. Every year during the new year period, He Ning would come back for a gathering with his two eldest brothers. For the sake of He Ning’s health, they had always maintained the house based on what He Ning needed. They were worried that any changes might cause He Ning to fall ill if he suddenly came for a visit.

Qiao Mei had found out that she could now use plants to see things within a six-kilometer radius. However, if she wanted to see clearly, she had to do it within a range of 500 meters. Otherwise, she would not be able to see or hear clearly as there would be very serious noise interference.

Xia Zhe said gently, “What if what’s going to happen today turns out exactly the same as what happened to the Jiang family 10 years ago? Be good and stay at home. I’ll be back to accompany you soon.”

“I’m not that weak! I wasn’t even afraid when the earthquake happened back then! This is such a small matter!” Qiao Mei said.

‘ʀᴇᴀᴅ ʟᴀᴛᴇsᴛ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀᴛ No(v) e lBin ᴏɴʟʏ.’,

Xia Zhe frowned and said, “This is different from what happened that time. The last time, it was an unavoidable natural disaster and there were very few people around. I was also by your side. This time round, if there are many people fighting in the He family’s house, how can I protect you? What if you get pushed around and fall down? What if He Ning holds you hostage?”

Xia Zhe could already imagine countless scenarios where Qiao Mei could get injured and did not dare to think further. He would not bring Qiao Mei along so that she would not get hurt at all.

“But if I don’t face these things, how can I protect our children?” Qiao Mei said as she looked at Xia Zhe with a serious expression.

“Second Aunt-in-law and Third Aunt-in-law just take care of their children by staying at home. Even my mother never cares about such things. They’re all doing fine! We’ve all grown up well!” Xia Zhe felt so anxious that he stood up.

Qiao Mei looked at Xia Zhe and felt a little shaken. She was not a helpless woman who could only stay at home to take care of the family.

Xia Zhe also realized that he had spoken too harshly and quickly explained, “That’s not what I mean… I’m just worried about you…”

Qiao Mei also understood that Xia Zhe had said those words in a moment of anxiety. She held Xia Zhe’s hand and said, “You can’t protect me all the time. Besides, He Ning is eyeing us covetously now. You know very well what he wants to do, so I must develop the ability to protect myself and our children. Only then can you feel at ease.”

He would be returning to the army in half a month’s time. Given Qiao Mei’s current condition, she would not be able to join him as a military spouse yet. When she eventually returned to Foshan Village to look for her grandfather, there would also be no one around to protect her.

“Alright, I’ll bring you there.” Xia Zhe gave it some consideration and finally decided to bring Qiao Mei with him.

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Qiao Mei immediately jumped up and hung on to Xia Zhe like a koala bear. Xia Zhe could lift Qiao Mei with just one hand.

“That’s great! My husband is the best!” Qiao Mei smiled happily.

“Lower your voice. No one else is awake yet. If Second Aunt-in-law wakes up, you won’t be able to go,” Xia Zhe said.

Qiao Mei immediately covered her mouth with one hand and said, “Yes, yes, yes. We can’t be too loud.”

“Let’s make a pact first. You can only be next to me and must not leave my side at all. Do you understand?” Xia Zhe sat on the bed and allowed Qiao Mei to sit down while straddling him.

Qiao Mei wrapped her arms around Xia Zhe’s neck and said sweetly, “I understand! My beloved husband!”

Qiao Mei was still worried about the three-year agreement. Although this matter would not be discussed publicly, He Ning would definitely take revenge.

“Then what about our three-year agreement with He Ning?” Qiao Mei asked.

“The three-year agreement? The He family never has any intention of letting us off. Besides, who can prove that the Xia family did this? He Ning still needs to rely on the ginseng to extend his lifespan, so he won’t act rashly. Don’t worry,” Xia Zhe said cunningly.

Qiao Mei realized now that the type of conflicts and games of the upper-class society far exceeded her expectations. In her other life, she was a criminal lawyer and had seen many types of grudges held by people, but those paled in comparison with the current situation she was in.

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