Chapter 465 - Emotional

Chapter 465: Emotional

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Qiao Mei had also thought about this carefully, but she really did not dare to tell Xia Zhe.

She could usually get away with small matters by sweet-talking him. However, this matter threatened her life and the life of the babies in her womb. If Xia Zhe found out about it, the situation would probably be similar to what Xia Fang had described.

“Knock, knock, knock.”

The three of them looked towards the door in unison. Xia He stood up to open the door. At this hour, it should be Qian’e coming around.

“You’re here. Come in quickly,” Xia He said.

Qian’e stood at the door cautiously. Without Xia Fang’s permission, she did not dare to step into the house.

In those years, she had done many wrong things in order to woo Xia Zhe. She even came to visit Xia Fang all the time and shamelessly did that for more than a month. She had always felt bad about this.

“Come in and sit down,” Xia Fang said with a smile.

She had liked Qian’e initially. After all, during that time, Qian’e was considered a good match for the Xia family. Although her family was not as rich as the Xia family, her talent was definitely out of their league.

She did not know what happened in between, but she knew that this kid was quite pitiful in the end.

Qian’e changed her shoes and sat down beside Qiao Mei, not daring to look at Xia Fang. She already felt sorry for things she had done in the past, and now she was still “joining forces” with the He family to harm Qiao Mei. In Xia Fang’s eyes, she was probably already an enemy.

“Well… since we all know each other, there’s no need for any introduction. Qian’e, tell us what happened today,” Qiao Mei said as she gave Qian’e a push.

Qian’e looked at Xia Fang with some apprehension. Xia He quickly said, “Aunt already knows about this. Just speak up.”

“He Mei has asked me to settle this matter within three days. Her goal is for me to kidnap Qiao Mei so that she can threaten the Xia family to let the He family off. After that, she might do something to Qiao Mei’s child. She said that if the kidnapping is not successful, then… then…” Qian’e stammered and did not dare to continue.

“Then kill the baby in Qiao Mei’s womb, right?” Xia Fang asked.

Qian’e nodded and said, “Yes… she wants me to kill Qiao Mei’s child. She says it would be even better if Qiao Mei dies as well so that she can replace Qiao Mei.”

Xia Fang sneered and said, “Hurhur, how can she have the cheek to enter our Xia family’s door? Is she even worthy?”

“She even says that I just need to tell her whatever I need. There’s nothing else. Oh right! These are the agreements that she and Ma San wrote for me. Qiao Mei, see if there is anything missing.” Qian’e took out the two agreements from her bag and handed them to Qiao Mei.

Qiao Mei looked through the agreements in her hand patiently. Qian’e really learned how to do it with only one lesson. There were no mistakes nor anything missing in the agreements. Even if they were to confront each other in court, she was 100% confident that they could take down the He family in one fell swoop.