Arafoo Otoko no Isekai Tsuuhan Seikatsu

Arafoo Otoko no Isekai Tsuuhan Seikatsu

Machine translation novel (MTL)

Kenichi is a single man in his forties who is transported to another world without understanding why. Thanks to the internet shopping ability obtained during the teleport, the uncle escaped safely from the forest filled with monsters.The uncle used the sh

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Episode 1 Status Open!

Episode 2 Escape the Forest!

Episode 3: Coming to the City

Episode 4 is easy.

Episode 5 Alliance Registration and Markets

Episode 6 Business Preparation

Episode 7 Business goes smoothly

Episode 8: You might have come up with a good backwash.

Episode 9 Laundry Bassami sells well

Episode 10 Banquet with the Beasts in Kawara

Episode 11 Good Business Partners

Episode 12 Prepare to Build a House in the Forest

Episode 13 Summon Monsters! But what about the fuel?

Episode 14 Bathing in the Forest

Episode 15 The Owner of the National Castle

Episode 16 Picking her up in the woods

Episode 17 Beast Man and Forest Cat

Episode 18 Building a Home Vegetable Garden

Episode 19: Dig a well

Episode 20 Mr. Primura's Bath

Episode 21: Is there anyone else?

Episode 22 Life in the Forest

Episode 23 Straight Down

Episode 24 Equipped and set off for Bandit Crusade!

Episode 25 Wilderness Crusaders

Episode 26 is in! Come on, come on!

Episode 27 After the Battle

Episode 28 Ikinari Odori Belt

Episode 29 Touring the Village

Episode 30: Split the Gold

Episode 31 The Girls' School of the World is in the Forest

Episode 32 Travel

Episode 33: By the lake

Episode 34 New Heaven and Earth

Episode 35 Let's make a picture book

Episode 36 A Neighbor Has Arrived

Episode 37: Securing fuel for heavy equipment

Episode 38 The City of Astrantia

Episode 39: The Crotons in the village

Episode 40 Rescue Operations

Episode 41: Farewell to the Crotons

Episode 42 Tooth Bear Elimination

Episode 43 Primura added

Episode 44 Fireball!

Episode 45 Primula's Business

Episode 46: Let's check the clifftops.

Episode 47 On the Cliff

Episode 48 Road Knight

Episode 49 More Villagers

Let me show you 50 stories about real merchants.

Episode 51 Dungeon?

Episode 52: Confronting giant spiders!

Episode 53: How does spider egg taste?

Episode 54 Different World Steamed Tea Bowl

Episode 55 Treasure Tips?

Episode 56 A little treasure hunt

Chapter 57 Natural Things

Chapter 58 Smoked Salmon

Chapter 59: Red Rice

Episode 60 Big Bang

Episode 61 Treehouse

Episode 62 Nobles have arrived.

Episode 63: Let's get you a job.

Episode 64: We're heading to the construction site.

Chapter 65 Construction begins

Episode 66, Countess.

Episode 67: Troubled by useless people

Chapter 68 Construction Completed Successfully

Episode 69 Back to Astrantia

Episode 70 Barriers to Supremacy

Episode 71: I had a relative in another world.

Episode 72 The Vicomte is here.

Episode 73: A beating!

Chapter 74: Let's Go to King's Landing

Episode 75 Beyond the Hill

Episode 76 Trouble Adventurer Alliance

Chapter 77 Combat against Goblin

Chapter 78 Aftertreatment of the Battle

Episode 79 Cats & Dawgs

Episode 80 Merchant Happy Communion

Chapter 81 Castle and Princess

Chapter 82: Entertaining the Princess

Episode 83 Princess's Request

Chapter 84 Sweet Poison

Episode 85 Mice and rats retrieved

Episode 86 The court cook is amazing.

Episode 87 Evil Spirit Retreat!

Episode 88 Secret Rewards

Episode 89 Death Fight! []/(exp, adj-no) (arch) in the midst of one's eyes/in the middle of one

Episode 90: The Crisis in the Kingdom?

Chapter 91 Madness and Kindness

Episode 92 Preparation for Departure

Episode 93 Together with Kugoe

Episode 94 Get the Magic Equipment!

Episode 95 The Shadow of the Transferee

Episode 96: Arrival at the crash site

Episode 97 Wheel Loader

Episode 98 Rocket Punch!

Episode 99 Golem, stand on the earth!

Episode 100 Adults and Children

Episode 101 Wieburn Destroyed

Episode 102 Pass is open! And what is the Holy Knight?

Episode 103 Pass Stay Town

Episode 104 Banana Banana

Episode 105 Lesser Dragon Dismantling Command

Chapter 106 Open-air bathing in a lake

Chapter 107 Arrival in Sovana

Chapter 108 dwarf

Chapter 109 Plasma Cutter

Episode 110 Espionage in the Empire

Episode 111 Dragon Killer clues

Episode 112 The Imperial Mage

Episode 113 Suggestions for Asylum

Chapter 114: Smuggling

Episode 115 Family reunion

Episode 116 Departure for King's Landing

Chapter 117 Driving up the Pass

Episode 118: Eat Dragon Hormone Grill

Episode 119 Royal Secrets

Episode 120: Seeing again

Episode 121: Take the power of the Holy Knight!

Episode 122 Slave?!

Episode 123 Hamada Borderbell

Episode 124 Tears of Amaranthus

Episode 125 Copy the castle's library.

Episode 126: Everyone wants to come.

Episode 127 Sugarcane and Cacao

Episode 128 Nobles

Episode 129 Travel and Bard

Episode 130 Merchant Primura

Episode 131 Back to Astrantia

Episode 132 Life on the Lake Begins

Episode 133 Making a Village Begins

Chapter 134 Combat Machine Beast

Episode 135 Using Golem

Episode 136 On behalf of the Moon

Episode 137 Sakura

Episode 138: I'm convex!

Chapter 139 Job Sharing

Chapter 140 Survey of the Lake Begins

Episode 141 Clarken

Chapter 142: Down the River

Episode 143: The Bee's Child

Episode 144 Elves

Episode 145 Elf Culture

Episode 146 Night with Elves

Episode 147 Ingredients of the World

Chapter 148 tubeworm

Episode 149 Underwater Caves

Episode 150: In a dark cave