Chapter List
Chapter 151. Asking The Enshrined Deity To Act Chapter 152. Puzzled Chapter 153. How Long Does It Take To Drink This Pot of Tea? Chapter 154. Wind Saint Buffy Chapter 155. Magic Peach Treats The Wound Chapter 156. To Wait Chapter 157. News Chapter 158. Forgetting a Person Chapter 159. Zhao Hai Ponders Chapter 160. Good Fertility Chapter 161. Storm Chapter 162. The Deity Presides Chapter 163. The Storm Calms Chapter 164. A Trivial Matter Chapter 165. Travel Plans Chapter 166. Virtuous Phantasms1 versus Magic Pets Chapter 167. Biochemical Beasts? Chapter 168. Buffy Comes Out Chapter 169. Besieging the Deity Chapter 170. Flower City Chapter 171. Thinking of a Way Chapter 172. Into the Swamp Chapter 173. Upgrade Again Chapter 174. Treasuring a Jade Ring Becomes a Crime Chapter 175. Alodia Chapter 176. Give Me Face Chapter 177. Going Around in Circles Chapter 178. Marriage? Chapter 179. Award Chapter 180. Toast Chapter 181. Jealousy Chapter 182. Karen Speaks of the Past Chapter 183. Grounded Chapter 184. There are only two Masters Chapter 185. Evan's Plan Chapter 186. Laura is Attacked Chapter 187. Marry the Young Master Chapter 188. Divergent Warlock Chapter 189. Brother Hai Chapter 190. Warning, Threaten Chapter 191. Within Two Days Chapter 192. Devouring Blood-Mosquito Chapter 193. Rank Nine Giant Mosquito Chapter 194. Subduing the Giant Mosquito Chapter 195. Flower Protection Alliance Chapter 196. Flower's World Chapter 197. Wine Chapter 198. A Strange Uncle Who Deceives the Little Girl Chapter 199. Upgrade Chapter 200. Multipurpose Young Secretary
Chapter 201. Intents Chapter 202. Beastfolk Three Classes Chapter 203. Cai-er's Abilities Chapter 204. Karen's Stinky Face Chapter 205. Sudden Change Chapter 206. One Person Becomes a Thousand Chapter 207. Blood Oath Chapter 208. Shue of Ten-thousand Shadows's Shock Chapter 209. Identity Chapter 210. Southern King Chapter 211. Blood Still not Cold Chapter 212. Figthing Spirit Chapter 213.4.6 Split Chapter 214. Young Miss Chapter 215. Do You Hate Me? Chapter 216. This Moment Chapter 217. Poison Chapter 218. Wait Chapter 219. Black Magician Alliance Chapter 220. Radiance Church Chapter 221. Joining the Alliance Chapter 222. Become My Slave Chapter 223. Undead with Light Magic Chapter 224. The Final Blow Chapter 225. Destroy Chapter 226. Blessed Magic Arrays Chapter 227. Strength of the Radiance Church Chapter 228. Beast God City Chapter 229. Occupying an Area Chapter 230. Into the Prairie Chapter 231. Unyielding Chapter 232. Star Grass Chapter 233. Big Bellied Pig-headed People Chapter 234. Precious Gift Chapter 235. Together in the Tent While Sleeping Chapter 236. Jackal Chapter 237. Helping Him Solve Trouble Chapter 238. Strange Prompts Chapter 239. Cattle-head King'sFlag Chapter 240. Prophet Chapter 241. Waving a Hand to Exterminate the Enemy Chapter 242. ‘As Many As You Want' Chapter 243. Sneaky Move Chapter 244. Re-evaluation Chapter 245. Liar With A Complicated Identity Chapter 246. ‘I Want The Battle Flag' Chapter 247. Battle Rations Chapter 248. Healing Is Costly Chapter 249. Sudden Change Chapter 250. Determination
Chapter 251. Anytime Chapter 252. 3 Jobs Chapter 253. Beheading Blood Oath Chapter 254. Gift Chapter 255. Plan Chapter 256. Tool Spirit? Chapter 257. Changes Of Iron Mountain Castle Chapter 258. A Fighting Chance Chapter 259. Move Forward, And Move Forward Again Chapter 260. Herculean Bull Tribe's Plight Chapter 261. Poetic Payback Chapter 262. ‘Finish Him Off After Drinking' Chapter 263. Gasol's Frustration Chapter 264. Two Blades Chapter 265. Entering The Bull-headed Races' Territory Chapter 266. Shocking News: Main Camp Lost Chapter 267. Who Was It? Chapter 268. Mastiffs Chapter 269. Large-horned Raging Bulls Chapter 270. Regretful Gasol Chapter 271. No Chance Whatsoever Chapter 272. Complicated Human Merchant Chapter 273. Children Issues Chapter 274. National Policy Chapter 275. Teaching Material Frustrations Chapter 276. ‘You Have Won' Chapter 277. Best Time To Counterattack Chapter 278. In Need of a Maniac Chapter 279. West Wonder King's camp Chapter 280. Surveillance Chapter 281. Finding Clues Chapter 282. We Can Start Chapter 284. Special Requests Chapter 284. Seeing West Wonder King Chapter 285. The Princesses' Situation Chapter 286. Trap Chapter 287. Poison! Chapter 288. North Chapter 289. News and Merchant Chapter 290. One of Us Chapter 291. Inside Information Chapter 292. A Sense about Living Chapter 293. Milk Wine Partnership Chapter 294. Leaving West Wonder King's Camp Chapter 295. Revenge! Revenge! Chapter 296. Semi-Warring Clan Chapter 297. Mastiff Chieftain Chapter 298. If We Won't Succeed, Then We'll Die With Honor Chapter 299. Snowstorm Chapter 300. Difficulty Hurrying Along
Chapter 301. Captives Chapter 302. Time for Revenge Chapter 303. The Chieftain Flees Chapter 304. Ultimate Weapon Chapter 305. A Splash of Cold Water Chapter 306. Plan Chapter 307. Hidden Battle Chapter 308. Such an Idiot Chapter 309. An Idiot Who Can't Distinguish Good and Evil Chapter 310. My Own Kingdom Chapter 312. Playing the Role of A Silkpants Chapter 312. Keeping Up Appearances Chapter 313. Ruyen Purcell Steps into the Stage Chapter 314. Meeting His First Fiancee Chapter 315. Completely Speechless Chapter 316. Seen Through Chapter 317. Mask and Status Chapter 318. Travelling Together with Ruyen Chapter 319. Who is it? Such Gall! Chapter 320. Eight Armed Demon Chapter 321. Apologizing Chapter 322. Shun's Family Chapter 323. Trap Chapter 324. Spring Grass Residence Chapter 325. Calci Family Chapter 326. Robert Chapter 327. Escalating Conflict Chapter 328. Power and Prestige Chapter 329. How did I get a stupid son? Chapter 330. Illin Chapter 331. They're as close as brothers? Chapter 332. A Gift to You Chapter 333. Send-off Chapter 334. Lifeline Canyon Chapter 335. Brilliant Method Chapter 336. Freewind Merchant Company Chapter 337. Hundred Battles Fortress Chapter 338. Spies Chapter 339. Retreating Chapter 340. Planning Chapter 341. Fight! Wipe them out! Chapter 342. Correctly Guessing the Identity Chapter 343. Mercenaries Chapter 344. Keeping Count Chapter 345. Intent to Incriminate Chapter 346. Lionheart's Hidden Issues Chapter 347. Shelley Family's Test Chapter 348. River Law City Chapter 349. Arrow Turtle Chapter 350. Insane Level Ups
Chapter 351. Ancient Black Permafrost Chapter 352. Big Harvests Chapter 353. Sky Water City Chapter 354. 13th Young Master Chapter 355. City Lord's Mansion Chapter 356. Smith Chapter 357. Sweet Plum Courtyard Chapter 358. Megan Chapter 359. Plum Blossom Princess Chapter 360. Business Chapter 361. Fire Fish Business Chapter 362. The Restaurant Is Attacked Chapter 363. Furious Chapter 364. As Expected Chapter 365. Grand Duke Lionheart and The Buda Family Chapter 366. The Cautious Smith Chapter 367. Smith's Appreciation Chapter 368. Benefits Chapter 369. Mantis Chapter 370. Radiant Church, Good People Chapter 371. I'll Give You A Sleeping Pill Chapter 372. Shock Chapter 373. Didn't Know, Didn't Look, Still Scary Chapter 374. Off To The Sea Chapter 375. Ape Island Chapter 376. Blade Scale Whale Chapter 377. Little Monkey Chapter 378. Little Jin Chapter 379. Strange Tree Chapter 380. Pirates Chapter 381. Arriving at the Port Chapter 382. 5th Successor Enters the Stage Chapter 383. Learning to Brew from the Apes Chapter 384. I'm Afraid That You Can't Handle It Chapter 385. I'll Accept These Ships. Chapter 386. It's Not Impossible, It is a Certainty Chapter 387. Level Up Chapter 388. Multi-purpose Processing Machine Chapter 389. First Contact with Merpeople Chapter 390. Multipurpose Processing Machine's Fee Chapter 391. Two Days Chapter 392. Call Them Chapter 393. Charlie Chapter 394. Sincerity Chapter 395. Buda Family's Opportunity to Recover Chapter 396. Business Chapter 397. Second Prince Chapter 398. Attitude Chapter 399. Waiting Chapter 400. Pleasantly Surprised
Chapter 401. Methods Chapter 402. Markey Family Chapter 403. Method of Improving Strength Chapter 404. Ruyen is Attacked Chapter 405. Unexpected Benefit Chapter 406. Charlie's Delight Chapter 407. Gift Chapter 408. Heading off to the Sea Once Again Chapter 409. Rank Promotion Chapter 410. Devilish Idea Chapter 411. Face-off Chapter 412. Recording Magic Chapter 413. Rock Shrimp Tribe Chapter 414. The Trade is Concluded Chapter 415. Returning to Jade Water City Chapter 416. Strength Chapter 417. Smith's Worries Chapter 418. The Devil Resurfaces Chapter 419. Megan's Thoughts Chapter 420. Megan's Idea Chapter 421. Doesn't Need a Reason Chapter 422. Identity Chapter 423. The Family Patriarch Arrives Chapter 424. The Sea Chapter 425. Decision Chapter 426. Hot Spring Chapter 427. Trade Chapter 428. Raise the Banner of the Wild Dragon, Show them Who is Invincible! Chapter 429. Primary Interest Chapter 430. Gift for Women Chapter 431. Another Reason Chapter 432. Attack Chapter 433. Might of the Undead Chapter 434. The Thoughts of Origin Sword Saint Chapter 435. Wealthy Twin Stars Chapter 436. Level Up Chapter 437. Next Plan Chapter 438. Defending the Black Wasteland Chapter 439. Two-in-One Chapter 440. Deception Squad Chapter 441. The New Swamp Chapter 442. Grandly Opening the Main Entrance Chapter 443. Important Matter Chapter 444. Running Water Chapter 445. I'll Hand it Over to You Chapter 446. Pure Iron Armor Chapter 447. Arriving at Carson City Chapter 448. Dark Soldier Fort Chapter 449. Disregard Chapter 450. Banquet
Chapter 451. Story Chapter 452. Homely Chapter 453. Side Dishes Chapter 454. Two Types of Liquor Chapter 455. Killing Intent Chapter 456. Family Banquet (First Part) Chapter 457. Family Banquet (Last Part) Chapter 458. Same Camp Chapter 459. Crown Prince Arrives Chapter 460. Foul-mouthed Jason Chapter 461. What Does He Plan To Do? Chapter 462. Hallucinogen Chapter 463. Drinking Liquor While Waiting Chapter 464. I Have to See Chapter 465. A Brother's Thoughts Chapter 466. Going To Jason's Home Chapter 467. Having Such a Friend is a Blessing Chapter 468. Goodbye To Yesterday, Hello To A Better Tomorrow Chapter 469. Alibi Chapter 470. Three-Dimensional Map Chapter 471. Singing Chapter 472. Savage Wolf and a Malnourished Horse Chapter 473. Endure! Chapter 474. Change in Attitude Chapter 475. Huge Harvests Chapter 476. Antimagic Powder Chapter 477. Acting Out of Desperation Chapter 478. Disgusting Chapter 479. All Of My Enemies, Kill Them! Chapter 480. Rooting Out the Source of Trouble Chapter 481. Exterminating an Entire Family Chapter 482. Engraved Ark Chapter 483. Eternal Alliance Chapter 484. Third Eunuch Chapter 485. Matters in the Great Hall Chapter 486. Reward Chapter 487. Appearing Aggressive Chapter 488. Walking in Circles is Hereditary Chapter 489. Family Greeting Chapter 490. Two Identities Chapter 491. Announcements Chapter 492. Switching Owners in One Night Chapter 493. Golden Island Finally Belongs To Someone Chapter 494. Plate Silk Grass Chapter 495. Nuances of Golden Island Chapter 496. Slave Market Chapter 497. Artisan Slaves Chapter 498. Wedding Chapter 499. Wedding Date Has Been Decided Chapter 500. Marriage Bestowment
Chapter 501. Marriage Chapter 502. Swatting Some Bugs Down Chapter 503. Triple Collaboration Chapter 504. Markey Family Changes Leadership Chapter 505. Air Force Chapter 506. Welcomed by the Tribe Chapter 507. Joyful Reunion Chapter 508. God Exists Chapter 509. Meeting the Mastiff Clan Chapter 510. Telling the Reason Chapter 511. Prairie Wolf Tribe Chapter 512. Wolf King Chapter 513. Dog-headed Race's Friendship Flag Chapter 514. Black Bear Beastman Chapter 515. Intelligent Black Bear Tribe Chapter 516. Black Bear Tribe's Friendship Flag Chapter 517. Well Worth-it Transaction Chapter 518. Dead Minister Chapter 519. Sun? Chapter 520. Arriving at Beast God City Chapter 521. The Ugly Ah Tai Chapter 522. Four Tribes Chapter 523. The State of the Human Merchants Chapter 524. Alliance Chapter 525. Vassal Chapter 526. Eviction Chapter 527. Crazy Aksu Empire Chapter 528. Life Combustion Chapter 529. Two Choices Chapter 530. Robert's Shock Chapter 531. Evan's Hesitation, Robert's Decision Chapter 532. Angrily Rebukes Chapter 533. The Final Decision Chapter 534. Seeing Marriott Chapter 535. Overly Popular Bread Fruit Chapter 536. Purcell Family's Tragedy Chapter 537. Final Request Chapter 538. The Sword Saint's Shock Chapter 539. The Emperor's Worries Chapter 540. Big Chess Board Chapter 541. Iron Wall Fortress Chapter 542. Beast King Chapter 543. Arrangement Chapter 544. The Fight Begins Chapter 545. The Radiant Church's Hope Chapter 546. Negotiations Chapter 547. Damaged Vitality Chapter 548. Cooperation Chapter 549. Hundred Thousand Slaves Chapter 550. Trivial Matters
Chapter 601. Settling In Chapter 602. Ice Pillar Chapter 603. Perverted Bubble Chapter 604. Bloody War Chapter 605. Wind Bead Chapter 606. Fighting Intent Chapter 607. Excitement Chapter 608. Cooperation Chapter 609. Sea Race Incident Chapter 610. Swordfish Tribe Chapter 611. Stone Column Island Chapter 612. Queen Chapter 613. Secret Chapter 614. Arrogant? I Have Strength! Chapter 615. Curious Fishman Race Chapter 616. Dangerous Character Chapter 617. The Army Departs Chapter 618. Defensive Line Chapter 619. Azure Dragon Battle Snail Chapter 620. Cone Attack Chapter 621. Messenger Fish Chapter 622. Mobile Phone? Telephone? Chapter 623. War Chapter 624. You Take Command Chapter 625. Such a Character! Chapter 626. Devil Scorpion Chapter 627. Poisonous Scorpion Tail Chapter 628. Four Armed Demon Chapter 629. Interesting Thing Chapter 630. Definitely Chapter 631. Lukewarm Elven Race Chapter 632. Imperial Water Oyster Chapter 633. Frequent Each Other Chapter 634. The True War Chapter 635. Besieged Chapter 636. Fierce Struggle Chapter 637. Sacrificial Offering Chapter 638. Resolution of the Sea Dragons Chapter 639. Two Days Chapter 640. Attitude Chapter 641. Turning Misfortune into a Blessing Chapter 642. Demon Realm Aura? Chapter 643. Core and Level Up Chapter 644. Water Refining Technique Chapter 645. Soul Sucking Reef Chapter 646. Tai Ji Eight Trigrams Chart? Chapter 647. Innate Treasure Chapter 648. Startling Changes Chapter 649. The Dragons Must Be Eliminated Chapter 650. Seeing Their Reaction
Chapter 651. Startling the Mermaid Queen Chapter 652. Buddha Empire Chapter 653. Visiting the Elves Chapter 654. Voiceless Soundbird Chapter 655. Elf Queen Chapter 656. Anger! Chapter 657. A Suspicious Great Elder Chapter 658. Rebels Chapter 659. Supreme Elder Chapter 660. Fixing the Elven Bow Chapter 661. The Radiant Church's Backup Chapter 662. Preparation Begins Chapter 663. Taking Two Cities at Night Chapter 664. Dark Creatures of the Underworld Chapter 665. Easily Accomplished Chapter 666. Officially Declaring War Chapter 667. Waiting for a Day Chapter 668. Removed from the Continent! Chapter 669. Rout! Chapter 670. Being Ruthless Chapter 671. Transformation? Chapter 672. The Dragons didn't Appear Chapter 673. Demon! Chapter 674. Blood Void Chapter 675. Seven Days Chapter 676. Rushing About Chapter 677. Your Excellency, You Have No Choice But To Govern Us Chapter 678. History's Most Unique Throne Ascension Chapter 679. Demon Chapter 680. Protecting the Homeland Chapter 681. Influential Figure Chapter 682. Unimportant Person Chapter 683. Slaves Chapter 684. Gan Clan and Barn Chapter 685. Historical Novel like the Three Kingdoms? Chapter 686. Man Eating Flower, Flower Devil Race Chapter 687. Flame Demon Chapter 688. Best Wife Candidate: Succubus Chapter 689. The Weakness of the Undead Chapter 690. Miscalculation of Time Chapter 691. Preparation Chapter 692. Demon Dragon King Chapter 693. Fight Chapter 694. This Enemy Is Hard To Deal With Chapter 695. Billy's Idea Chapter 696. Deploying Troops Chapter 697. Bustling About Chapter 698. Crucial Refining Chapter 699. Dwarf Race Chapter 700. Consummate the Marriage
Chapter 701. Who To Promote First? Chapter 702. Elves in Flower City Chapter 703. Threat Chapter 704. The Elephant Race Arrives Chapter 705. The Thing They Worried Most About Chapter 706. Don't Take It Too Seriously Chapter 707. Domain Chapter 708. Domain War Chapter 709. Myriad Transformation Domain Chapter 710. Captured Chapter 711. Strengthened Chapter 712. Unexpected Development, The Divine Race Has Arrived Chapter 713. Change of Laws, Beginning of Chaos Chapter 714. Dao Lotus Chapter 715. Universe Grand Dao Chapter 716. Rising Sun City Chapter 717. Divine Artifact Chapter 718. Comprehending A Domain Chapter 719. Hook! Chapter 720. Divine Race Arrives Chapter 721. Using the Trigram Chapter 722. An Enemy of an Enemy Chapter 723. Adjusting Strategies Chapter 724. Promotion Chapter 725. God-rank Army Chapter 726. Crystal Stone Chapter 727. Experiment Chapter 728. Shue of the Thousand Shadows Chapter 729. Sly Divine Race Chapter 730. Blood Lightning Bead Chapter 731. Machine Gun and Artillery Chapter 732. King of Kings Chapter 733. Formidable Diamond Ape Tribe Chapter 734. Storm Clouds Approach Chapter 735. How To Deal With It? Chapter 736. Adjusting The Army Chapter 737. The Fight Begins Chapter 738. The Dwarves' First Accomplishment Chapter 739. Projection? Chapter 740. Immortal Cultivator? Chapter 741. Pressed to Defend Chapter 742. Surrender Chapter 743. Magic Beast Upgrade Chapter 744. Repelled Chapter 745. The Prophecy Must Be Fulfilled Chapter 746. Method to Upgrade the Undead Chapter 747. Anxious Elves Chapter 748. Unlocked, Magic Background Chapter 749. The Usage of the Magic Background Chapter 750. Another Prophecy
Chapter 751. Favoring Two Races Chapter 752. Change in the Demon Race Chapter 753. Talents Needed To Be Kept Chapter 754. Dark Mist In The Icefield Chapter 755. Dreaded By The Demon Race Chapter 756. Immortal Cultivators Really Exist Chapter 757. Five Gates Sect Chapter 758. Slaves of the Divine Race Chapter 759. Asking Them Over To See Chapter 760. Worries of the Demon Dragon King Chapter 761. Verbal Debate Chapter 762. After the Battle Chapter 763. Actually, We Are Sheep Chapter 764. Shun Becomes A God Chapter 765. Tactic Most Suited For The Space Chapter 766. God of Thunder's Army Chapter 767. Engagement Chapter 768. Wave After Wave Chapter 769. Completely Empty Chapter 770. Zhao Wen Returns Chapter 771. Blood Devouring Mosquitoes Levels Up Chapter 772. Dealing with the Divine Race Chapter 773. A Good Plan Chapter 774. I Have a Way Chapter 775. The Demon Race Moves, War On Two Fronts Chapter 776. Skill Chapter 777. Thunder Yun's Thoughts Chapter 778. Thunder Yun's Plan Chapter 779. Thunder Yun's Discovery Chapter 780. Demon Dragon King's Worry Chapter 781. A Night of Loss, Two Choices Chapter 782. What Zhao Hai Doesn't Know Chapter 783. The Divine Realm's Situation Chapter 784. Make Them Know How Terrifying We Are Chapter 785. Drill Chapter 786. A Brave Soldier Breaks His Arm Chapter 787. Drastic Changes In The Icefield Chapter 788. Fuck, This Is Bullshit! Chapter 789. Last Resort! Good Or Bad? Chapter 790. Decision Chapter 791. Unexpected Decision From the Fishmen and the Lyon Empire Chapter 792. Remaking The Ark Continent Chapter 793. Agreement! Chapter 794. Blown Away Chapter 795. Bird Flying on a Vast Sky Chapter 796. Zhao Hai's Depression Chapter 797. Death Qi Army Chapter 798. Domain Weapon Chapter 799. Cai'er Is Jealous? Chapter 800. Transfer
Chapter 801. Fei'er's Strange Action Chapter 802. Prosperous Ark Space Chapter 803. Strange Javelin Attacks Chapter 804. Playing With You! Chapter 805. Have A Chat Chapter 806. The Great Demon King Meets Zhao Hai Chapter 807. Eye of Truth Chapter 808. Taking the Great Demon King Chapter 809. The Demon Realm and the Underworld Chapter 810. An Astute Great Demon King Chapter 811. Showing A Movie? Chapter 812. The Shocked Third Prince Chapter 813. Anguish Chapter 814. Heart of Earth Fire Chapter 815. Prepared Chapter 816. Attack! Chapter 817. Letting Matters Drift Chapter 818. Response of the Demon Race Chapter 819. Hatred! Chapter 820. The Demons Want To Send Their Troops Chapter 821. The Divine Race Will Collapse Soon Chapter 822. The Demons Enter The Space Chapter 823. Three Continuous Rounds Chapter 824. Attacked By Their Own Weapon Chapter 825. Discussing A Cooperation Chapter 826. Counter-attack Plan Chapter 827. Broadcasts? Chapter 828. Choosing A Place Chapter 829. Environmental Awareness Chapter 830. Poisonous Grass Is Also Useful? Chapter 831. Unknown Future Chapter 832. Transformers? Mecha? What!? Chapter 833. Atlanta Plane Chapter 834. Mutual Plan Chapter 835. Free State Chapter 836. A Rare Relaxation Chapter 837. Fire Chapter 838. Fighting to Win Chapter 839. Demon Realm's Beast Tide Chapter 840. Fighting a Battle To Force A Decision Chapter 841. Right to Speak! Chapter 842. Secret Chapter 843. The Bastards, They Dare To Trick Me! Chapter 844. Lu Wei Appears Chapter 845. Great Dao Lotus Formation Chapter 846. Human Fueled Ship Chapter 847. Hell King's Ship Chapter 848. Having a Meal with the Demons Chapter 849. A Use of the Underworld's Dark Mist Chapter 850. Domain Weapon vs Domain Weapon!
Chapter 851. Second Improvement? Chapter 852. How to Deal With the Divine Race? Chapter 853. The Hell King's Ship Shows It's Might! Chapter 854. Foreign Races Appear Chapter 855. Arrogant Foreign Race Chapter 856. A Place to Train In Chapter 857. Shock! Chapter 858. Ultimate Weapon! Chapter 859. Nibbling at the Taurus Continen Chapter 860. I'm Quite Disappointed Chapter 861. Golden Saint Seiya? What in the world?! Chapter 862. Starting to Repel Chapter 863. The Final Battle Chapter 864. A Bloody Battle Chapter 865. Not Short On Money Chapter 866. Devil Legion's Moun Chapter 867. Biggest Worry Chapter 868. Gold Ben's Plo Chapter 869. Divine Race's Huge Problem Chapter 870. Axe Island Shipyard Chapter 871. Technomagic Civilization Chapter 872. Everyone Is Busy Chapter 873. The Atlanta Plane Invades Chapter 874. Plan of Research Chapter 875. The O'Neal Family's Turning Poin Chapter 876. Turbid Waters Are Good For Catching Fish By Hand Chapter 877. Huge Rebellion by the Vassal Races Chapter 878. Fighting another Ultimate Weapon! Chapter 879. Planting an Ultimate Weapon? Chapter 880. Don't Worry Chapter 881. Demon Realm's Currency Issue Chapter 882. Crystal Card and Selfishness Chapter 883. Two Geniuses Chapter 884. Yin Fire? Chapter 885. A Lich's Anger Chapter 886. Establishing the Laboratory Chapter 887. The O'Neal Family's Response Chapter 888. Unprecedented Crisis Chapter 889. Way To Break The Formation! Chapter 890. Most Violent Way Chapter 891. Shock That The Undead Brough Chapter 892. Elder Star's Resolve Chapter 893. Way Out For the Vassal Soldiers Chapter 894. What I Would Settle On In The Future Chapter 895. The Two Sides of the Matter Chapter 896. Blood Red Wine, Graceful Demeanor Chapter 897. You Think Too Highly Of Yourselves! Chapter 898. Two-man Ac Chapter 899. Just A Step Closer! Chapter 900. Finally Reached
Chapter 901. A Fight On Both Sides! Chapter 902. Science and Technology Background and Universal Scanner Chapter 903. Zhao Hai's Thoughts Chapter 904. Lesser Science and Technology Background Chapter 905. Modern Era Women Chapter 906. Mysterious Hell King's Ship Chapter 907. Can It Be A Trap? Chapter 908. Sneaking on the Seabed Chapter 909. We've Gone Astray? Chapter 910. Along the River, Through the Center Chapter 911. Connecting Heaven Palace? Attack it! Chapter 912. They Should've Thought About It Long Ago! Chapter 913. Elder Star's Plan Chapter 914. Maddened Divine Race Chapter 915. Destruction and Regret! Chapter 916. Don't Offend A Dark Mage! Chapter 917. This Also Costs Money? Chapter 918. Strange Undead Chapter 919. Heart Bond! Chapter 920. Too Hateful! Chapter 921. A Change In Temperament! Chapter 922. The Lion King Chapter 923. Is This The End Of the Divine Race? Chapter 924. Can't Decide Chapter 925. Another Angle Chapter 926. Fei'er's Worry Chapter 927. The Might of the Taurus! Chapter 928. You Think The Divines Are Stupid? Chapter 929. Dealing With The Cancer Clan Chapter 930. Sagittarius Clan's Magic Formation Chapter 931. Firm Like A Rock, Unmoving Like A Mountain! Chapter 932. Cursing Before Death! Chapter 933. Order For Arrest! Chapter 934. Attitude Decides Destiny Chapter 935. Fight for People We Can Fight For Chapter 936. A Thousand Troops Are Easy To Get, But Finding One Good Talent Is Difficul Chapter 937. Superior and Subordinate Chapter 938. I'll Certainly Find You! Chapter 939. Laying it Ou Chapter 940. The O'Neal Family's Worry Chapter 941. Skeleton King! Chapter 942. Zhao Hai's Guess Chapter 943. The Hard to Deal With Gemini and Aquarius Continents Chapter 944. The Proud Winged Pegasus Patriarch Chapter 945. Selfishness That Leads to Insanity Chapter 946. I Will Play With You Next Time Chapter 947. Protecting The Last Bloodline Chapter 948. Different Ways of Ascending Chapter 949. Letting Me Do Free Work? Chapter 950. Two Matters, One Problem
Chapter 951. Demonstration of Authority Chapter 952. Feeling! Chapter 953. Not Planning To Go Back Chapter 954. Heart's Demon Oath Chapter 955. I Have a Reques Chapter 956. If You Believe In Me, Then You Will Have Eternal Life! Chapter 957. Violent Debate Chapter 958. Fierce Battle Chapter 959. Elaborate Sneak Attack Chapter 960. The Biggest Benefit Is Yours Chapter 961. Huge Level Ups! Chapter 962. No Repulsion? Chapter 963. The Situation of the People In the Space Chapter 964. Atlanta Plane Chapter 965. Bank Experience Chapter 966. Unusual Mood Chapter 967. Recreational Vehicle Chapter 968. Meeting Warriors At Nigh Chapter 969. I Must Run A Factory Chapter 970. Believe Me! Chapter 971. Making a Mistake Chapter 972. Can the Underworld Cooperate? Chapter 973. Gu? Chapter 974. So We Cooperate Chapter 975. Charles! Chapter 976. The Underworld's Three Big Powers Chapter 977. Wolf Fang Mountain Is Yours Chapter 978. Start of the Attack Chapter 979. Shan's Anger! Chapter 980. Fenglei's Regre Chapter 981. Confrontation Chapter 982. Zhao Hai's Action Chapter 983. Winged Pegasus Clan's Final Hope Chapter 984. The Foreign Races' Decision Chapter 985. Shan Moves Chapter 986. Acting Out A Play Chapter 987. The Frantic Winged Pegasus Clan Chapter 988. Magic Armor vs Ultimate Weapon Chapter 989. Flaw of the Ultimate Weapons Chapter 990. Preparations For A Night Assaul Chapter 991. Huge Light Bulb Chapter 992. The Suppression Has Started! Chapter 993. Divine Dwarf Race Chapter 994. The Dwarves Enter The Space Chapter 995. Dark Pharaoh Chapter 996. Entering the Underworld Chapter 997. Three Saint City Chapter 998. Some People Have Plan About Three Saint City Chapter 999. Blood Energy! Chapter 1000. Spiritual Confrontation
Chapter 1345. Acknowledging as Master? Chapter 1346. Master and Disciple Chapter 1347. Purple Jade Bamboo Chapter 1348. Spirit Wine Business Chapter 1349. Reconciliation Chapter 1351. Supreme Commander Chapter 1352. The Pirate Paradise's Complicated Situation Chapter 1353. Louis' Suspicion Chapter 1354. Zhao Hai's Worry Chapter 1355. Already Waiting For Those Words Chapter 1356. I'm Not A Good Person Chapter 1357. Zhen Ling's Plan Chapter 1358. Rich Person Chapter 1359. Developments Chapter 1360. An Event, An Acquaintance Chapter 1361. The End of the Yin Wind Ghost Emperor Chapter 1362. Unexpected Level Up, Taking The Assistant As A Concubine Chapter 1363. Faith Power, Nascent Soul Stage? Chapter 1364. Stellar Sword Control Technique Chapter 1365. Faith Weapon, Buddhist Technique Chapter 1366. Mudra! Chapter 1367. Flying Phoenix Pavilion Chapter 1368. The Six Realms Battlefield Isn't Peaceful Chapter 1369. Daoist Zhao Hai? Chapter 1370. Hell King! Chapter 1371. Mystery Chapter 1372. Prideful Spiri Chapter 1373. Devil Realm's Movements Chapter 1374. Completing the Seclusion Chapter 1375. Self-confidence Chapter 1376. Dividends Chapter 1377. Jade Clear Mountain Chapter 1378. Where There Are People, There Are Rivers and Lakes Chapter 1379. Mo Sheng Chapter 1380. The Sect Master Qing Xuan Chapter 1381. Heavenly Sword Liu Feiyang Chapter 1382. Wonder Sword Formation Chapter 1383. Slayer Zheng Chapter 1384. Strongest Core Disciple Chapter 1385. Li Zongdao, A Real Man Chapter 1386. Entering! Chapter 1387. Three Days of Preparation Chapter 1388. Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield Chapter 1389. Ironpear Wood Chapter 1390. Strange Green Creature Chapter 1391. Century-Old Ironpear Tree Chapter 1392. Xu Race Chapter 1393. Repor Chapter 1394. Robbery Chapter 1395. Crouching Tiger Fist Revealing Its Migh
Chapter 1396. Lotus Lake Chapter 1397. Beings You Can't Offend Chapter 1398. Imperial Water Technique, Asking For Help Chapter 1399. Pagoda Chapter 1400. They Will Agree Chapter 1401. Revenge! Chapter 1402. Uneasiness In The Newcomer's Region Chapter 1403. Enlightenment Technique Chapter 1404. Kong Miao Is A Reincarnated Monk? Chapter 1405. Kong Miao's Rage! Chapter 1406. Plot Of The Xu Race Chapter 1407. Changes To The 12 Metal Beasts Chapter 1408. Charging The Formation! Chapter 1409. Chanting Sutras Chapter 1410. About Zhao Hai Chapter 1411. Kill! Chapter 1412. The Situation Changes Chapter 1413. Large Magic Artifac Chapter 1414. Can't Focus On One Thing Without Losing Focus On Another Thing Chapter 1415. Envy And Hate Chapter 1416. Eager To Try Chapter 1417. Scanners Chapter 1418. Follow Me Chapter 1419. Shiver Chapter 1420. Absolutely Cannot Be Offended Chapter 1421. Blocking The Way! Chapter 1422. Anger Chapter 1423. Impact! Chapter 1424. Stellar Transformations Art, Homing Star Sword! Chapter 1425. Can Anyone Explain? Chapter 1426. Futile Resistance Chapter 1427. Persuasion Chapter 1428. Popular Undead Chapter 1429. Giant Spirit Race Chapter 1430. Condition Chapter 1431. An Issue Chapter 1432. Infinity Technique Chapter 1433. Kong Xiang's Surprise Chapter 1434. Bizarre Octopus Islands Chapter 1435. Proof of Allegiance Chapter 1436: Immortal Stage Chapter 1437: Detective Race Xia Baichuan[1] Chapter 1438: Suspicious Point! Deceptive Battle! Chapter 1439: Yan Dong Chapter 1440: Cultivation Method Chapter 1441: Highcloud Flying Shuttle Chapter 1442: Target! Chapter 1443: Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needle Chapter 1444: No Captives Chapter 1445: Zhao Hai's Plan
Chapter 1446: Guerilla Tactics Chapter 1447: Stall! Chapter 1448: Breaking One Finger Is Better Than Hurting Ten Chapter 1449: Direct Confrontation! Chapter 1450: Ambush Chapter 1451: Ba Muer Chapter 1452: Friends? Enemies? Chapter 1453: Such A Character! Chapter 1454: Getting Ready To Set Off! Chapter 1455: Price For Playing Tricks Chapter 1456: The Way Forward Chapter 1457: Agreed! Chapter 1458: Call Me Brother Tang Chapter 1459: Formation Breaking Spirit Snake Needle, Get! Chapter 1460: Counterfeit Chapter 1461: A Difficult Task Chapter 1462: Face-slapping Chapter 1463: Attracting Hate Chapter 1464: Fierce Chapter 1465: Block Chapter 1466: Deviation? BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1467 Chapter 1468: Tang Jie's Discovery! Chapter 1469: Mu Yu Chapter 1470: Furnace Formation Chapter 1471: Getting More and More Interesting Chapter 1472: Strength of the Enemy Chapter 1473: Tang Jie's Ambition Chapter 1474: Refining Grandmaster Chapter 1475: Proof Chapter 1476: Collision Chapter 1477: Victory Chapter 1478: Everyone's Reaction Chapter 1479: Striking While The Iron Is Hot Chapter 1480: Farsighted Chapter 1481: Attack Chapter 1482: Bitter Experience Chapter 1483: Dare to Fight!? Chapter 1484: Immortal Experts Make A Move Chapter 1485: Fierce Immortal Stage Expert! Chapter 1486: Transcending Tribulation Chapter 1487: Lightning Pool Chapter 1488: The Ten-thousand Realm Battlefield's Big Five Chapter 1489: Revealing Cards Chapter 1490: Fireweaver Army Chapter 1491: Eyeing The Rifles Chapter 1492: Bullet Chapter 1493: Flames Chapter 1494: Rifle Technique Chapter 1495: Annihilated!
Chapter 1496: Making the Rifles Chapter 1497: Weapons Dealer Chapter 1498: Huge Celebration Chapter 1499: Army Threatening The Border! Chapter 1500: Reward Chapter 1501: Mortar Chapter 1502: Metallic Plants Chapter 1503: Requesting Combat Assignment Chapter 1504: Confident! Chapter 1505: Battle Start Chapter 1506: Crackle of Gunfire Chapter 1507: Bombing The Enemy Ship Chapter 1508: Space Crisis! Chapter 1509: Spirit Snake Rifle Chapter 1510: Immortal Rifle Technique! Chapter 1511: The Real Battle Begins! Chapter 1512: Huge Harvests Chapter 1513: Turtle Immortal Chapter 1514: Immortal Showdown Chapter 1515: Bullet Sliding Chapter 1516: Decisive! Chapter 1517: Bestowing a Planet Chapter 1518: Attacking The Bug Race Chapter 1519: The Bug Race Crisis Chapter 1520: Rampage Chapter 1521: Wild-natured Beauty Chapter 1522: Seals! Chapter 1523: Level Up Chapter 1524: Polite Immortal Experts Chapter 1525: Matters Behind The Curtains Chapter 1526: National Affairs Chapter 1527: School Visit Chapter 1528: Handover Chapter 1529: I'm Going! Chapter 1530: Preparing for Departure Chapter 1531: Giving A Push Chapter 1532: Immortal Expert Blocking The Way Chapter 1533: Use Of The Bone Plants Chapter 1534: Hornview Mountain Chapter 1535: Probing Chapter 1536: Black Dragon Comes Chapter 1537: Tying Up The Dragon Chapter 1538: Julie's Evolution Chapter 1539: Impeachment Chapter 1540: No? Chapter 1541: Startling Changes To The Clouds Chapter 1542: Deceitful Guo Ling Chapter 1543: Not Enough Levels Chapter 1544: Sea of Beasts Chapter 1545: Beast Concealed In The Clouds
Chapter 1546: Cloud Rat Zhe Jun Chapter 1547: Zhe Jun Persuades Them To Surrender Chapter 1548: Changing The Status Chapter 1549: Four Boundaries of the Cloudsea Territory Chapter 1550: Around Hidden Cloud Village Chapter 1551: Uses of White Clouds Chapter 1552: Ye Island Plan Chapter 1553: Crowd In An Uproar Chapter 1554: Kicking the Ghost Spirit Realm Out Chapter 1555: Causing A Stir In The Cloudsea Territory Chapter 1556: Waiting for Time Chapter 1557: Cloud Mountains and Silver Rivers Chapter 1558: Mi Clan’s Third Miss Chapter 1559: Plan Chapter 1560: Settling Grievances Chapter 1561: Establishing The Formation Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1562: Long-term Mission Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1563: Troops of the Hundred Treasures Realm Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1564: Giant Spirit Realm Reappears Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1565: Who Laughs Last Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1566: Direct Bombardment Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1567: Sight of Defeated Soldiers Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1568: I’m The Director Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1569: Closest Allies Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1570: Two Years Later Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1571: Peace Talks With The Ghost Spirit Realm Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1572: Biggest Winner Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1573: Cloud Beast Spiritual Qi Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1574: Urgent Recall Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1575: Sky Tower Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1576: Two Years Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1577: Next Target Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1578: Sky Tower Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1579: Fish In A Net Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1595: Fireweavers Sends Troops Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1596: Troops Blocking The Way Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1597: Violent Charge Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1598: Elder Prisonheart Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World BTFTLIAW – Chapter 1599 Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1600: It’s Not The Time Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1601: Win Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1602: A Stunning Proposal Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1603: Paying A Visit After The Battle Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1604: Battle Analysis Chapter 1605: Change of Plans Chapter 1606: Fleet Changes Chapter 1607: People On Our Side Chapter 1608: Three-dimensional Army Formation Chapter 1609: Attack Is Blocked Chapter 1610: The Fleet Rams The Mountain
Chapter 1611: Two Fingers Chapter 1612: Breaking Through Chapter 1613: Guest Seat Elder Chapter 1614: No Problems? Chapter 1615: Spiritual Crystal Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1616: Zhu Rong’s Treacherous Plan Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1617: Expelled Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1618: Heaven-shaking Explosion Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1619: End of the War Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1620: Hundred and Twenty-Face Spiritual Crystal Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1621: One Year Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1622: The Plan Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1625: Zhao Hai the Nobody Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1626: Agree in Principle Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1627: Two Lines Moving Together Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1628: Unhindered Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1629: Cold-blooded Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1630: You’re The Alliance Leader Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1631: Buddhist Realm Visits Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1632: Mad From Hate Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1633: Kong Jian Buddhist Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1634: Occupied Headquarters Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1646: Double Shadow Mat Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1652: Winning Zhang Hao Over Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1658: Investigating the Trail Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1660: No Need To Care Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1663: Three-dimensional Formation Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1666: Becoming Friends Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1669: Darkness Hall Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1673: Let Him Check Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1675: Preparing The Gift Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1677: Ornate Treasure Ship Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1679: News Goes In All Directions Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1681: Improving Relations Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1684: Face Slapping Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1686: Repeating Killing Intent Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1688: Kill The Killers Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1691: End of the Trial Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1695: Rejuvenating Pill Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1697: The First Life and Death Arena Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1699: Overbearing Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1703: Want to Seize The Ship Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1705: Joining Zhang Feng To Survive Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1709: Praying Disciple Business Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1712: Making The Choice Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1715: Changing Appearance Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1717: Attack Starts Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1719: Guessing The Identity Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1721: God-level Control Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Chapter 1723: Battering Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World