Chapter 617 - you dare to be angry at me

Chapter 617: Chapter 617, you dare to be angry at me

Lu Fan’s breakthrough was very low-key.

From the 11th level to the 12th level, most people didn’t even know that Lu fan had made a breakthrough. Compared to the previous breakthrough, this time it was almost unnoticeable.

There wasn’t any spiritual Qi vortex that enveloped the entire five phoenixes, nor was there any dazzling special effect-like heaven and earth phenomenon.

There was only Lu Jiulian’s dull sigh.

Lu Fan’s breakthrough had accidentally brought about Lu Jiulian’s breakthrough.

After his breakthrough, Lu fan observed Zhu Long’s condition. After he found that Zhu Long’s condition had gradually stabilized, Lu fan did not pay too much attention to it and continued to repair the five Phoenix Bow.

Now that Lu fan had obtained the firesource beast ancestor statue, he could infuse the pure fire source power Upanishad into the five Phoenix bow. With the addition of the gold source power Upanishad, the power of the two power Upanishads would probably have the terrifying ability of extreme destruction.

This could also be considered the five phoenixes’trump card, and Lu fan would not easily use it.

Originally, Lu fan had planned to find a place to try this arrow. However, thinking about it, with the power of the five Phoenix Bow, once this arrow was shot, it would immediately attract the attention of the elemental gods in the ancient starry sky.

Therefore, Lu fan could only hold it in.

As for finding the giant beast, Kui Si, to practice, Lu fan thought about it and decided to forget about it. After all, the giant beast, Kui Si, was an existence that he had forcefully raised to the Great Dao level. His ability to take hits was still okay, but when it came to combat power.., it was really mediocre.

With the power of the five Phoenix Bow, Kruse would probably be turned into ashes instantly.

The Giant Beast Kruse’s function still existed. If it was just like this, it would be a waste if it died without even emitting its own light and heat.

After half of the Star Tear Wood repaired the five Phoenix Bow, Lu Pan kept the remaining half of the star tear wood.

The value of the star tear wood was very high. After all, for the reward of breaking through to Qi disciple level 12, other than the immovable reward of the indestructible demon body, there was only the star tear wood left.

Moreover, just the materials that could strengthen the toughness of a true treasure was enough to surprise Lu Pan.

After carefully putting away the star tear wood, Lu Pan appeared to be a little bored.

After all, his breakthrough had been completed, and the repair of the five Phoenix Bow had been completed for the time being.

Lu fan had nothing else to do.

After getting off the white jade capital pavilion and strolling around the island in the center of the lake, Lu fan began to check on the maidservants’homework.

In the Alchemy Pavilion.

Ni Yu was holding a golden pot with little ying long in her arms. The pot was filled with medicinal pills. Because she cultivated pills every day and invented all kinds of standard medicinal pills, she had received a lot of luck, her current cultivation was not weak, and she had barely stepped into the gold immortal realm.

When Lu fan appeared in the Alchemy Pavilion, ni Yu almost choked to death by the pills.

“Young Master!”

Ni Yu got up, feeling a little uneasy. She never thought that young master would actually appear in the alchemy pavilion.

Lu fan looked at Ni Yu, who was eating pills as snacks, and was suddenly speechless.

He felt a little disappointed.

Did this girl forget the reason why she couldn’t grow up?

Back then, she had eaten too many body tempering pills and her body had already been shaped. If her body hadn’t been shaped, this girl would probably be… fat by now.

Thinking of Ni Yu’s piglet-like appearance, Lu fan shook his head. Forget it… Fortunately, her shape had been shaped.

As for the Little Raindragon, it had gained a bit of weight.

Lu fan thought for a moment, then tore open the universe of origin and threw the tearful little raindragon into it.

It had been a long time since he had eaten salted fish. It was time to find the five Phoenix immortal essence and cultivate properly.

After doing all this, Lu fan controlled the thousand blades chair and left the Alchemy Pavilion.

Ning Zhao was cultivating quietly. Powerful energy waves were swirling around her.

Now, Ningzhao had also successfully become a gold immortal. She cultivated very hard. After all, as the servant girl of the Young Master, Ningzhao was the first one to get the immortal destiny. Therefore, she had been working very hard. She did not want to lose the face of the young master.

However, Lu fan knew that the cultivation talent of his three servant girls was not very strong.

If Lu fan had not handed over the fate tower to them and obtained the vast amount of fate, it would have been very difficult for Ningzhao and Yi Yue to become gold immortals.

They were not like Ni Yu, who could put the refined pills in the fate tower as a reward. They could easily obtain fate.

They could only work diligently to manage the fate tower to increase their strength.

“Young master…”

Ningzhao and Yi Yue bowed to Lu fan one after another.

Looking at the diligent Ningzhao and Yi Yue, Ni Yu, who was following behind Lu fan, immediately blushed. No comparison meant no harm. Her laziness was too conspicuous.

“Not bad.”

Lu fan smiled.

After checking his homework, Lu fan went back to the pavilion.

He leaned on the railing to listen to the wind. After a while, he felt relaxed.

Lu Fan decided to open the fire source star.

He was qualified to open the fire source power Upanishad.


He rolled up his sleeves and picked up a piece. Lu fan instantly put the piece on the chessboard. The piece fell as if it was on fire. Endless Flames shot up to the sky.


It was as if a stone had been thrown into a pond.

On top of Heaven’s secret peak.

Lu Mushuang and Mo Tianyu were playing chess.

They sensed it the moment Lu fan placed the chess piece. They looked at each other and smiled.

What was the purpose of the Heaven’s Secret Pavilion’s existence?

Wasn’t it to convey the White Jade Capital’s will?

Now that the fire source star had opened, it was young master Lu’s will. Therefore, they naturally had to publicize it.

Black yellow paper, Old Lu Xue.

Soon, the Heaven’s legacy pigeon flapped its wings and flew out of the Heaven’s legacy peak. It told all the cultivators of the five phoenixes about the opening of the fire source star.

After the message was sent, the whole world was in an uproar.

Many people who had failed to comprehend the gold origin power Upanishad shifted their target to the fire source star. One after another, the cultivators flew out of the five Phoenix continent and landed on the fire source star.

The Heaven’s favorite of the human race, Chai Feng, and Luo Yang also appeared.

“Brother Luo, your talent in the fire origin Upanishad should be extraordinary, right?”

Chai Feng looked at Luo Yang. Luo Yang was a heaven’s favorite who could be chosen to enter the place of comprehension.

In fact, there were people who specialized in different fields. Some people were good at comprehending the gold origin Upanishad, while others were good at the fire origin Upanishad..

It was rare to see someone who was good at many kinds of Upanishads. After all, one could not chew too much.

This time, Chai Feng only came to give it a try.

However, last time, he was tricked by Lu fan. As a result, he had to spend his energy to train 30 emperor realm cultivators.

This time, Chai Feng had the urge to pull Luo Yang into the water.

After all..

It was not a bad thing to train emperor realm cultivators for the five phoenixes.

Therefore, Chai Feng made a bet with Luo Yang.

Luo Yang was surprised, but he refused without thinking.

“Brother Chai, you don’t know this. The five phoenixes seem to be born with an unimaginable sensitivity to the fire source power Upanishad… you haven’t seen the cool scene of Brother Nine Lotus’power upanishad sea with a diameter of 50,000 miles in the place where the power Upanishad was comprehended. You haven’t seen the domineering manner of Miss Bai when everyone was still at the starting line…”

“I’m not as good as you. I’m not as good as the geniuses of the five Phoenixes when it comes to comprehending the fire source power Upanishad.”

Luo Yang waved his hand.

This made Chai Feng feel a little depressed. This old Luo didn’t take the bait.

Soon, the fire source star opened.

The rules were similar to the golden source star. The existence of the flaming mountain was like a pyramid. On the peak of the Flaming Mountain, there was a statue of the fire source beast ancestor.

Seeing that he couldn’t reach Luo Yang, Chai Feng didn’t insist.

The cultivators climbed the flaming mountain. Under the scorching heat, they started to hesitate on the steps of the Flaming Mountain.

Chai Feng didn’t have the talent to comprehend the fire origin power Upanishad. His performance in the Golden Origin Power Upanishad wasn’t bad, but in the fire origin power Upanishad, he was nothing special. However, after climbing two thousand steps.., he was suppressed by the beast ancestor’s pressure and fell down the mountain.

However, the overall situation of the fire source power Upanishad was much better than the gold source power Upanishad.

Perhaps it was because the fire attribute was more common, but there were dozens of people who had climbed five thousand steps..

One had to know that to be able to climb five thousand steps meant that one had grasped ten percent of the power Upanishad.

Compared to the gold source pyramid, there were only a few people who could climb five thousand steps.

Of course, comprehending the Power Upanishad was a good thing.

However, those who couldn’t comprehend it weren’t in a hurry. As long as the beast ancestor statue was here, they would study it every day and night. They treated comprehending the power upanishad as a kind of cultivation. Sooner or later, they would be able to climb the 5,000 steps.

Overlord, Tang Yimo, Sima Qingshan, and the other five Phoenix Golden Immortals were a little dispirited.

They thought that their talent in the golden origin power Upanishad was average. Perhaps the fire origin power Upanishad could perform well.

In the end, the Overlord’s performance in comprehending the fire origin profound was even worse than that of comprehending the gold origin profound.

And Tang Yimo couldn’t find much either.

Mi Jia did have some talent in the fire origin profound. However, she was only able to ascend 4,000 ladders, and was still a little far from reaching 5,000 ladders.

However, at least she was much better than the overlord who couldn’t ascend 1,000 ladders.

If she could ascend 3,000 ladders, she would at least have some chance of reaching 5,000 ladders. After the day after tomorrow’s hard work, she would also be able to grasp 10% of the profound meaning.

And the starting point was only 1,000 ladders. That basically meant that her talent was not good enough. No matter how hard she worked, the upper limit of her talent was still there.

The competition of profound meaning comprehension was indeed very cruel.

It was also very realistic.

Because, if you couldn’t do it, you really couldn’t do it.

Some people had monstrous talent. Perhaps from the beginning, they stood at a height that others couldn’t reach even if they spent their entire lives.

Regarding the performance of the people on the Flaming Mountain, the bored Lu Pan was watching with great interest.

It was as if he was watching a farce.


Lu Jiulian felt that she had become stronger again. However, there was still some distance before she could break through to the Great Luo immortal realm.

Although he did not know how he had become stronger, now that he was stuck at a bottleneck, Lu Jiulian felt that he might still have to make some efforts.

He could not say that he did not want to work hard anymore.

This was not right. If he did not work hard… what was the difference between him and salted fish?

He, Lu Jiulian, was not salted fish.

However, how could he break through to a higher realm?

Lu Jiulian thought for a while and then set his eyes on the fate tower.

He came to the fate tower and accepted a heaven-grade mission in the Golden Immortal realm..

This could be said to be the most difficult mission in the entire fate tower.

Lu Jiulian was very cold and arrogant. Now, his fame among the five phoenixes could be said to be at the height of the Sun. He was no less than young master Lu of white jade capital. After all, he had killed 14 great dao-level gods and demons in the land of gods and demons, along with Luo Yang’s celebration, it had spread to every corner of the five phoenixes.

However, even with such a reputation, Lu Jiulian still remained cold and arrogant.

He was not a good conversationalist.

After accepting the mission, he did not flirt too much with the cute fate fairy. He did not even say a word and directly teleported to the mission site.

“Green Lotus Golden Immortal accepted a heaven-grade mission from the Golden Immortal Zone? That’s the most difficult mission in the Fate Tower!”

“As expected of Green Lotus Golden Immortal. I heard that he killed everyone in the land of gods and demons’enlightenment and spread the might of the five Phoenixes!”

“I heard that those gods and demons were scared and retreated when they heard the name of Green Lotus Golden Immortal… He’s too powerful!”

“Green Lotus Golden Immortal… He’s too powerful!”

In the Fate Tower’s mission hall, the cultivators were filled with emotions.

Lu Jiulian had long forgotten about these emotions and praises.

On the top floor of the Fate Tower.

Lu Jiulian opened her eyes.

The background of this mission was the Great Mysterious College.

Lu Jiulian appeared here with a calm expression. In the distance, the giant beast, Kruse, opened his eyes from his deep sleep.

Ever since he was beaten up by Lu Fan, the giant beast, Kui Si, had become much more alert. As long as there was the slightest movement, he would become alert.

“Great Dao level deity!”

Lu Jiulian took a deep breath and stared at the giant beast, Kui Si. He did not expect that there was a great dao level deity imprisoned in the fate tower.

“As expected of young master Lu of white jade capital. He is indeed mysterious and unpredictable. I can’t see through how strong his cultivation is.”

“He can even suppress a great dao-level FIENDGOD.”

Lu Jiulian slowly pulled out the green lotus sword at his waist.


A heaven-shaking shockwave suddenly erupted from beneath his feet.

Green lotuses bloomed around his body. With a sweep of his sword, sword Qi swept out for ten thousand kilometers. In an instant, the ground was filled with destruction.

The battle between Lu Jiulian and the giant beast, Kui Si, was very intense.

Although fourteen great dao-level Fiendgods had died at the hands of Sword Immortal Lu Jiulian, Lu Jiulian did not show the slightest bit of arrogance, nor did he let down his guard.

After all, his family members knew their own affairs. If he did not activate his special state, he would probably be beaten to death when facing a great dao-level god.

After a few rounds of fighting, Lu Jiulian was certain that this giant beast, Kui Si, was only at the bottom of the great dao-level gods.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Lu Jiulian and the giant beast, Kui Si, were fighting.

The giant beast, Kui Si, was also venting his anger. Ever since he became a great dao-level god, he had fewer opportunities to fight.

After all, if he was an immortal level demon, the five Phoenix Golden Immortal could still practice.

However, the Great Dao level demon was not something that the five Phoenix Golden Immortal could deal with at this stage.

Therefore, the giant beast was very serious in this battle. He wanted to fight with his domineering aura, and he wanted to fight with his fierceness!

After a long time.

Lu Jiulian’s body was covered in blood, and his body was covered in wounds.

His green lotus strength suit was also dyed in blood.

He held the Green Lotus Sword and sat down on the ground. In the distance, the giant beast, Kruse, had also lost the battle.

However, his eyes were filled with viciousness as he bared his teeth at Lu Jiulian.

Lu Jiulian ignored him.

At this moment, he was a little suspicious as to how he had killed fourteen great dao-level gods and demons in the land of Enlightenment.

If it was so difficult for him to even fight against the giant beast, Kruse, how did the elites of the Great Dao level die at his hands?

However, if he couldn’t figure it out, he wouldn’t think about it anymore.

Right now, he had completed his accumulation during the battle and broken through the bottleneck.

He should be about to break through and truly step into the great luo immortal level.

He had long since comprehended the profound meaning of the gold source. Now, in the land of Enlightenment, he had comprehended the profound meaning of the fire source.

With two profound meanings, Lu Jiulian was very confident in breaking through to the Great Luo immortal realm.

He pressed the Green Lotus sword against the ground and stood up slowly.

Lu Jiulian didn’t choose to kill the giant beast, Kui Si.

“I’ve already guaranteed that I can break through. You, Giant Beast, leave it to the next person who has broken through through through the Dao through battle,”Lu Jiulian said.

The giant beast, Kui Si, continued to grimace, breathing heavily through its nose.

Lu Jiulian, on the other hand, was covered in blood. With the Green Lotus Sword in her hand, she turned around and glanced at the giant beast.

“Why Are You So Fierce?”

“I once killed fourteen Great Dao level gods in the middle of the earth…”

“Do you think you have the right to be fierce to me?”

Lu Jiulian said.

In the next moment, the aura on her body changed. It was as if she had truly become a peerless killing God. One after another, important parts of the fallen Great Dao level gods appeared around her.

A dense bloody stench and a terrifying aura interweaved, forming a storm.

This scene caused the enormous beast, Kui Si, to instantly stop his mocking words. He even revealed a friendly yet embarrassed smile.

After all, these important parts were surrounded by the genuine great dao rank god Aura. The pressure from his bloodline caused the enormous beast, Kui Si, to not dare to breathe loudly.

Moreover, at this moment, Lu Jiulian’s aura was gradually overlapping with Lu fan’s threatening figure in the eyes of the giant beast, Kui Si

Lu Jiulian left.

Kui Si, the giant beast, who had come back to his senses, was crying pitifully on the top floor of the fate tower.

He was too miserable.

Lu Pingan was so threatening that it was fine to torture him on a large scale.

But now, he even logged into his alternate account to beat him up!

He, Kui Si, the giant beast… was suffering too much.


Lu Jiulian didn’t kill Kui Si, the giant beast. However, after defeating Kui si, his mission was considered complete.

After receiving the blessing of fate, he returned to the land of Ascension.


In the land of Ascension, Lu Jiulian’s aura couldn’t be suppressed anymore. In an instant, it shot up into the sky.

It was like a straight beam of light shooting into the sky.

Lu Jiulian closed his eyes. Purple clouds gathered around his body. Between the fire and gold profound meanings, he was combing the turbulent energy.

With Zhu Long’s experience in breaking through, Lu Jiulian’s breakthrough this time could be said to be a natural success.


His aura stabilized.

The purple clouds were dense.

Lu Jiulian raised his head and looked at the sky, only to see the rolling thunder clouds.

The Great Luo Immortal Thunder Tribulation.

Lu Jiulian knew that he could not avoid it. He could not compare to the Destiny’s daughter, Zhu Long.

After a series of Thunderbolts, Lu Jiulian successfully transcended the tribulation and stepped into the Great Luo immortal realm.

She became the second great Luo immortal after Zhu long.

Great Luo Immortals were blessed with luck. They were able to jump out of the five phoenixes and roam the three realms with a single thought. They were extremely powerful.

Lu Jiulian’s breakthrough was naturally something that made some happy and some sad.

After the Overlord and Tang Yimo heard the news, they felt immense pressure.

After all, they had always been compared to Lu Jiulian. Now, it would be a long time before they could catch up to Lu Jiulian.

The Overlord and Tang Yimo looked a little sad.

Their talent in profound meanings was average.

To break through to the Great Luo immortal realm, it was very important to comprehend profound meanings. Therefore, if they did not comprehend profound meanings, it would be very difficult for them to catch up with Lu Jiulian.

However, they did not feel sad for too long. Very soon, they regrouped and began to cultivate diligently.

Perhaps the birth of the Great Luo Immortal had created a huge stimulation for the five Phoenix cultivators.

Countless cultivators began to cultivate crazily and diligently.

When the human geniuses Chai Feng and Luo Yang saw this, they couldn’t help but sigh. It was no wonder that the five phoenixes were able to enter the immortal martial realm in such a short period of time. The enthusiasm of the five phoenix creatures in their cultivation was simply too great.

Compared to them, the geniuses of the ancestral land of the human race who were constantly oppressed by the gods and demons were not inferior.

How could they endure this?

Therefore, under this kind of atmosphere, Chai Feng and Luo Yang didn’t dare to relax in the slightest and joined the great army that was cultivating diligently.


The ancient starry sky.

Cold and quiet.

The stars that had existed since ancient times were quietly floating and sinking, like dust in the air.


However, a dull and oppressive sound suddenly appeared in the void.

It was actually continuously distorting. Even some of the stars that were quietly floating were pushed out horizontally by an enormous force.

However, this enormous force did not destroy these stars.

Very soon, the void distorted, and a vast and boundless world appeared.

The entire world was migrating in the starry sky.

Daoist tonggu flickered for a moment, and soon, he appeared in the sky above this world.

His face was flushed with excitement.

He returned to the ancestral land of the human race, the chaos origin immortal domain. After much persuasion, he finally managed to persuade those old fogeys to migrate to the ancestral land of the human race.

By migrating to a region closer to the five phoenixes, he could at least lend a helping hand if the five phoenixes were exposed.

There were two beast ancestor statues among the five phoenixes. This was of great significance to the human ancestral land.

This was also the reason why the experts in the human ancestral land agreed to migrate for a world that had just entered the immortal martial realm.

It had always been the case that only other worlds migrated to the human ancestral land. When had the human ancestral land ever migrated.

However, the human ancestral land was different from the five phoenixes. As the headquarters of the human race, there were many heavenly god-ranked gods and devils watching over it.

And now, the migration of the human ancestral land naturally attracted the attention of the gods and devils.

The news was immediately transmitted back to the elemental world.

The fire elemental god was still immersed in the rage of the Beast ancestor statue being stolen.

The gods and devils he had sent out to investigate were all disappointed, making the fire elemental god furious.

Now that the news of the migration of the human ancestral land had been transmitted, the elemental gods immediately became even more anxious.

“Only the beast ancestor statue can cause the migration of the human ancestral land.”

“One ancestor beast statue might not be enough, but two ancestor beast statues are definitely enough!”

“Daoist Tonggu must know something. The black-robed man who stole the ancestor beast statue must have something to do with him!”

“If the human ancestral land really gets two ancestor beast statues… the human race will definitely rise! Should we strike first?”

The elemental gods continued to communicate.

If it was in the past, they would definitely gather an army of gods and fiendgods without saying a word and crush the ancestral land of the human race.

However, things were different now.

This was because the human race was no longer an existence that could be easily kneaded.

Just as the elemental gods were having an intense discussion…

A heavenly god-ranked Fiendgod rushed into the land of Enlightenment like a meteor.

“The primal chaos creature that controls the statue of the wood origin beast ancestor has awakened!”

“The land of enlightenment of the wood origin profound… has been opened!”

As soon as this news came out.

The aura of the elemental gods, who were in the midst of a heated discussion, suddenly froze. In the next moment, their excitement surged wildly.


Lu fan didn’t know that the land of enlightenment of the wood origin profound had been opened.

At this moment, he was debating whether or not to fuse with the wood element indestructible demon body.

His fire element indestructible demon body was perfect, which was enough to fuse with the wood element indestructible demon body. However, Lu fan was a little conflicted.

After all..

The gold element indestructible demon body was activated, and his golden hair was noble.

The fire element indestructible demon body was activated, and his red hair was also dazzling..

However, when the wood element indestructible demon body was activated, a green light filled the air, which made Lu fan feel a little uncomfortable.

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