Chapter 3338

Chapter 3338: Establishing Reputation

The news that the Immensity Heavenly King had his body destroyed and his soul imprisoned by the Peace Ruler immediately spread through the Peace region, followed by the Jade Centre Domain, the Grand Heaven Domain, and the Scarlet Blood Domain. It shook up the entire Wood Spirits World.

After all, he was a heavenly king, someone only second to rulers in the Wood Spirits World. Every single heavenly king enjoyed a highly revered position. Even the three rulers would treat them as honoured guests.

However, such an impressive heavenly king had ended up in such a miserable state now, which immediately changed how all the experts in the Wood Spirits World viewed the lord of the Peace region.

In short, the Immensity Heavenly King’s fate struck fear and reverence towards the Peace Ruler into the hearts of many experts of the Wood Spirits.

“Did you see it? That’s the Immensity Heavenly King. His soul has been imprisoned by the Peace Ruler before being hung outside the Divine Palace of Peace.”

“Sigh, a mighty heavenly king has ended up in such a miserable state. How lamentable.”

“Why does the Peace Ruler seem so ill-tempered? I need to make sure that I show him my utmost respect when I see him in the future. I can’t afford to show any disrespect.”


Primordial realm experts constantly entered and departed from the Divine Palace of Peace. They were all experts scattered through the Peace region. They came either because they had something to report or wanted to make some kind of offering. All of them behaved with great caution.

They noticed the Immensity Heavenly King who hung outside the Divine Palace of Peace immediately and discussion filled with mixed feelings broke out.

The four illusionary figures conjured from the four souls were immobilised, but they remained conscious.

As they hung outside the divine palace like ornaments for everyone to see, their faces became extremely ugly from the tremendous sense of humiliation.

“Sir, I understand my mistake. I hope you can show us some mercy and spare us this time.” The Immensity Heavenly King who refused to accept this lowered his proud head and sent a message into the Divine Palace of Peace submissively, but he did not receive any reply.

With no other choice, the Immensity Heavenly King used a secret technique and communicated with the distant Grand Heaven Domain, “Heaven Fighting Ruler, I request your assistance.”

The Immensity Heavenly King and the Heaven Fighting Ruler had some history. The Heaven Fighting Ruler even ended up owing him a favour in the past, so right now, he could only seek help from him.

Very soon, the Immensity Heavenly King’s call for assistance was answered. The Heaven Fighting Ruler personally visited the Divine Palace of Peace with a gift.

Jian Chen sat with the Heaven Fighting Ruler in the Divine Palace of Peace. Bai Yurou stood to the side like a maidservant, personally pouring tea for the two rulers.

“Heaven Fighting, have you come here personally because of the Immensity Heavenly King?”

After a simple greeting, Jian Chen directly approached the main topic.

The Heaven Fighting Ruler smiled wryly in response. “I once owed a small favour to Immensity. Since he’s gone out of his way to request my assistance, I can’t just turn a blind eye to it. Fellow Jian Chen, why don’t you do me a small favour with this and spare him this time? After all, he is a heavenly king. His status is anything but ordinary. To him, this is truly damaging to his reputation.”

Jian Chen sighed softly. “Heaven Fighting, you gave me a large number of Lifesoul Flowers and inner cores in the past, so I should help you with all of your requests as long as it’s within my capacity.”

“However, you must also understand that this matter regarding the Immensity Heavenly King is no trifle either. Ceremonial Bell is a capable subordinate of mine. Immensity clearly knew Ceremonial Bell was my subordinate, yet he still went after him. That’s clearly an insult to me.”

“If I just spare Immensity like this, how am I supposed to show myself to the rest of the world anymore as the lord of the Peace region?”

“And how will the various organisations of the Peace region view me as the so-called lord of the Peace region?”

The Heaven Fighting Ruler could hear the determination behind Jian Chen’s voice. Even he was not enough to save the Immensity Heavenly King as the Heaven Fighting Ruler.

“I’ve been brash. Immensity truly has gone too far with this. Do as you must, fellow Jian Chen. I won’t dwell on this matter any further.” The Heaven Fighting Ruler did not dare to push Jian Chen too far. After a short conversation with Jian Chen, he bade farewell and left there.

The Heaven Fighting Ruler’s fruitless visit left the Immensity Heavenly King ashen. He was filled with regret now.

If he had known earlier that the lord of the Peace region was not so easygoing, he would have never been the first one to take action.

“Greetings from junior Chu Tianxing, sir!”

“Greetings from junior Bai Yueye, sir!”

At this moment, Chu Tianxing and Bai Yueye arrived before Jian Chen under a maidservant’s lead and bowed politely.

Jian Chen smiled gently at the two of them and said, “No need for these trifling acts of courtesy. Please have a seat!”

“Thank you, sir!” Bai Yueye and Chu Tianxing both bowed with respect from the bottom of their hearts.

The two of them sat down before Jian Chen nervously. Gazing at the Peace Ruler before them, they felt anything but calm.

Even now, they could still clearly recall how Jian Chen was a puny person in trouble in their eyes when they first encountered him in Death Valley. He had almost perished to an ancient forest beast.

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Yet now, he had become the lord of the Peace region, as well as the fourth ruler.

Whenever they recalled this, it all felt like a dream.

Jian Chen passed the tea he had just made over to Chu Tianxin and Bai Yueye. “This is Comprehension Tea. I’ve specially prepared it for you. Drink it while it’s hot.”

“It’s been a while since you last made progress, so your cultivation has already stabilised. Now, I’ll push your strength to the Primordial realm in a single stroke.”

“Of course, this is all the assistance I can provide to you. You’ll have to rely on yourself for the journey beyond the Primordial realm.”

Drinking the Comprehension Tea and eating the Violet Cloud Peach, Chu Tianxing and Bai Yueye entered secluded cultivation in the Divine Palace of Peace. Going from Godking to the Primordial realm was not an easy feat. Even with the assistance of Comprehension Tea and Violet Cloud Peaches that were contaminated with Xuanhuang Qi, they could not reach the Primordial realm immediately. They still required a period of dedicated cultivation.

Everything in the Peace region developed as Jian Chen had expected. After taking control of the Peace region and setting down new rules, Jian Chen earned a large amount of revenue with every passing day. His wealth grew at an alarming rate.

But without any exception, he handed all of the resources over to Xia Jianming to make use of. Xia Jianming did not disappoint Jian Chen either. He contacted the nine imperial cities. Under the support of a tremendous amount of resources, the nine imperial cities set up spiritual fields in various regions very quickly before farming Lifesoul Flowers en masse.

A simple Lifesoul Flower would take an extremely lengthy amount of time to mature if grown at its regular speed, measured in the tens of thousands of years, or even hundreds of thousands and maybe even possibly the millions.

Jian Chen clearly could not wait for these Lifesoul Flowers to mature slowly. As a result, under his instructions, these Lifesoul Flowers all had their growth accelerated through special methods.

With that being the case, the cost that came with it was obviously tremendous. In just a short amount of time, the average number of resources he had devoted to accelerating the growth of each Lifesoul Flower had already exceeded the value of the Lifesoul Flower by several dozen times.

And this cost grew with each passing day.

However, Jian Chen did not care about that. He had never cared about these resources of the Wood Spirits World in the first place. As long as he could quickly harvest these Lifesoul Flowers, he would even be willing to spend all the resources in the Peace region on this.

“Growing Lifesoul Flowers takes some time, but I’ll be able to save a lot of high quality God Tier heavenly resources contaminated with Xuanhuang Qi. The last thing that I lack right now is time.”

“After all, the resources of the Wood Spirits World are basically all low quality, while the heavenly resources with Xuanhuang Qi in the space in my soul are extremely precious. I won’t be able to replenish my supply of them. Such precious heavenly resources will only achieve their full potential when they are used at absolutely crucial times,” Jian Chen thought.

With sixty percent of his soul healed, he could obviously take out even more things from the space in his soul, but he faced no external threats right now, so he was rather reluctant to use these God Tier heavenly resources with Xuanhuang Qi.