Chapter 564 - Xue Ni Ran Away

Chapter 564: Xue Ni Ran Away

She gently nudged Fang Mo’er with her shoulder and questioned her with her eyes.

Fang Mo’er stuck her tongue out at her and shook her head, gesturing for her to wait.

Xue Ni was stunned by Shi Mo’s imposing manner. She knew that she had made a mistake and had now been discovered. She stared at Shi Mo in a daze, finally speaking only after a long pause, “Brother Shi, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean Miss Fang any harm. Look, I didn’t hurt her. Didn’t she kidnap me this time as well?”

Fang Mo’er interjected, “Yes, I’m fine. You only let me go because I agreed to break up with Shi Mo. If I hadn’t agreed, would I still have been able to leave?”

Looking at Shi Mo who was furious, Fang Han added fuel to the fire.

She looked at Xue Ni and said, “Xue Ni, I really didn’t expect you to do such a thing in order to snatch my brother-in-law away. You’re the eldest daughter of the Xue family after all. This is too embarrassing. Brother-in-law, how are you going to avenge my sister?”

Shi Mo went forward and grabbed Xue Ni by the collar, lifting her up a little. He stared at Xue Ni with a sharp gaze, causing Xue Ni’s heart to pound nervously.

His thin lips parted slightly, he coldly questioned Xue Ni, “I’ve really underestimated you. To think that you would actually do such a thing. I’ve always treated you as my sister. I didn’t expect you to have other intentions. After doing such a thing, what do you think we should do?”

Xue Ni was suddenly being held in Shi Mo’s hand. When had she ever seen Shi Mo become so irritable?

The impression she had always had of Shi Mo was that he had always been indifferent, as though he was not interested in anything.

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But now, just for Fang Mo’er, he was actually treating her so roughly.

“Brother Shi, we grew up together. Would you really cast the blame on me for the sake of a woman who has come in halfway through our relationship?”

Xue Ni and Shi Mo had grown up together. Although she had been overseas for some time, she knew Shi Mo’s character very well.

Shi Mo had become the person in charge of the Shi family’s business at such a young age. He had even taken the business to the next level, using iron-fisted means.

Although he was not ruthless, he was still cold-blooded. Although they had always had a good relationship, she did not know how he would treat her now.

Xue Ni was thinking about how she could get out of this.

“Where’s the IOU?” Shi Mo ignored her words. His only thought was to help Fang Mo’er settle the matter of the so-called evidence.

Hearing this, the fear in Xue Ni’s heart subsided a little. She still had the IOU in her hand. It had been signed by Fang Mo’er herself, so it was legally certified.

Since she had already been discovered, Xue Ni might as well go all out.

She smiled and said, “Brother Shi, I’m really doing this for your own good. Fang Mo’er can’t help you at all and is always causing trouble for you. I’m just helping you solve your problems.”

She reached out to hold Shi Mo’s hand. Shi Mo immediately let go of Xue Ni’s collar.

After gaining her freedom, Xue Ni smiled at the three of them before turning around and running towards the door.

When Fang Han saw this, she moved to chase after her when she saw that Xue Ni had already opened the door. She said, “If you catch me, I’ll shout out for help.”

Fang Han stopped in her tracks. There were still customers downstairs. If Xue Ni really did that, it would cause a panic.

Seeing that no one was moving, Xue Ni rushed out.

Fang Han stomped her feet anxiously. “If we let her escape, what about sister’s IOU note? It’s worth hundreds of millions. Are we really going to pay her that much money?”

Fang Mo’er took two steps forward and walked to Shi Mo’s side without saying anything. She only looked at him.

Shi Mo did not move, he only looked at Fang Mo’er and said, “Don’t worry, just leave it to me.”

Indeed, Fang Mo’er was not anxious at all. She would just take things as they came. However, she would be going to shoot a variety show the next day and did not have the time to resolve this matter. Furthermore, she could not allow Xue Ni to expose this matter while she was shooting a variety show.

Shi Mo was still finding it hard to accept that Xue Ni would actually do such a thing. That was because, in his impression, Xue Ni had always been just an arrogant young miss. She had a bad temper, but she would not resort to doing such a thing.

However, since she had dared to do such a thing to Fang Mo’er, he would definitely not let her off. No matter who it was, he would not let them off.

“As long as she apologizes, I can let this matter go. After all, she saved your life once. However, this is the only time. If anything happens again, I’ll really take action.”

Fang Mo’er had not planned on telling Shi Mo about this matter initially. However, since he already knew now, she would just explain everything and would no longer have to feel any guilty about it in the future.