Chapter 1135

Chapter 1135: Chapter 1154-retreating in one piece

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The Azure Dragon Family had come to Xiao Jiuyuan and asked him to return to the Azure Dragon Family immediately.

“Right now, the Azure Dragon Family is getting more and more arrogant. If they don’t become strong enough, they will probably suffer the wrath of the Azure Dragon Family. Especially PEI Xi, this little girl. ”

“””Alright, if you really want to enter the death zone, I will discuss with the elders of the Academy and let you in. However, you should think about it again. If you are willing to go in, come here tomorrow morning and find me. I will let you in. “” ”

“””I’m willing to go in now,””Yun Qianyu said quickly. ”

President sikong didn’t agree with this point.

“””You guys should go back and think about it. Don’t regret it when you go in.”” ”

“””Besides, I still have to discuss with the elders whether to activate the death zone.”” ”

“Yun Qianyu finally stopped talking. After thinking for a while, she agreed,””””Okay, then we’ll come together tomorrow and enter the death zone.”” ”

“After she finished speaking, she greeted sikong Lin and walked out. ”

Xiao Jiuyuan and Feng Wuya followed her.

“Zi Yi wasn’t in a hurry to leave, but his eyes followed the group of people who were leaving. After they disappeared, he slowly turned around and looked at Dean sikong. ”

“””Director, I’m going to die tomorrow as well.”” ”

“He was only a one-star Spirit King, and there was still a big gap between him and others. That was why he had to work hard and cultivate. ”

Entering the death zone was his chance.

“After sikong Lin heard Ziyi’s words, he said,””Since all of you insist, then let’s go in together tomorrow morning.”” ”

“””Thank you, principal.”” ”

“Zi Yi got up and left after thanking him. When he left the courtyard of the Dean, he saw the three people in front of him talking and laughing. He looked at them with deep eyes until they disappeared. ”

“One of his men suddenly appeared beside him.””Young master, are you really going to die? That would be too dangerous. “” ”

“””No.”” Zi Yi shook his head.””I have to go in even if it’s dangerous. Don’t tell me I’m not even as good as a woman?”” ”

“After he finished speaking, he turned around and left. The purple figure disappeared like a stream of light. ”

“Because Yun Qianyu’s dormitory had been destroyed, she followed Xiao Jiuyuan to his place to rest. ”

“As for Xiao Jiuyuan, he shared a room with Gu Yao. ”

“In the evening, the few of them prepared a table full of dishes and had a good meal. ”

“At the dinner table, several people encouraged each other. This time, they had to retreat safely from the death situation. ”

“When they came out again, their skills would not be as restricted as they were now. ”

“Thinking of that kind of situation, Yun Qianyu’s heart was filled with enthusiasm. She had never been a person who would be controlled by others. ”

“However, ever since he came to Tian Qing Academy, he had been restricted in every way. He would be hunted down all day long, but if he came out of the death zone … He wouldn’t have had to hide like a stray dog. ”

“Thinking of this, Yun Qianyu raised her glass and toasted Xiao Jiuyuan and Feng Wuya. ”

“””I hope that the three of us can all retreat safely. Then, our spiritual power cultivation will increase greatly, and no one will be able to bully us as they please in the future.”” ”

“””Let’s do it. “” ”

Feng Wuya immediately snatched the cup and downed it in one go.

“Xiao Jiuyuan’s handsome face was full of worry. Yu ‘er was only a spirit general at the moment. If she were to enter a life and death situation, she would be in great danger. When he thought of this, he could not help but worry. ”

“However, he also knew her determination. These days, she was always hunted down by people and was not happy. ”