Chapter 641 - Wave Slash!

Chapter 641: Wave Slash!

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The ocean, open and wide indeed, contained many mysteries.

With opportunities came risks.

It was exactly at that time when the storm started. Just like what everyone saw, giant waves were everywhere.

Every wave was tall and majestic. Most importantly, every wave was extremely powerful!

If it happened on the Earth, the huge waves would wipe out billions of people easily!

Bei Feng looked up to face the incoming wave calmly despite the ship’s violent shaking.

The strong winds were also causing the edges of Bei Feng’s clothes to flap loudly.

Bean-sized raindrops fell from the cloudy skies above as lightning flashed across the firmament, lighting it up.

Yet no water droplet could fall onto Bei Feng’s body. Due to his powerful blood Qi, the water droplets from the sea and rain would evaporate when they got near his body.

However, when compared to the huge wave, Bei Feng was nothing but a miniature figurine.

Even the ship which ran on spirit stones was affected. Its usual speed had been slowed down to only four times of the speed sound due to the huge waves.

With that speed, it was going to be hard to catch up with the Immortal Spirit Fishes.

Hence, Bei Feng ordered for the ship to ignore the waves and charge at full speed.

Within a few seconds, the ship was already touching the foot of the wave!

The hundred meter tall wave probably contained a few tons of water, so crashing through it was extremely risky even for a strong ship!

Even planes would get a dent when colliding with a bird due to the impact generated by the high velocity. It would definitely be a huge spectacle when the ship travelling at 10 times the speed of sound collided with the giant wave!

Finally, the huge, giant wave was upon them!

“Embracing Moon Move, Space Slash!”

A fierce weapon appeared in Bei Feng’s hand. It was neither a knife nor a sword, but one look at it was enough to scare someone. Bei Feng had finally made a move when the wave was less than 10 meters away!

It was as though a sleeping dragon had awakened!

Standing on the deck and waving his weapon, Bei Feng looked like a deadly shark!

With one quick slash, thick and powerful blood Qi entered the weapon and fused with it, causing it to emit a dark ray!

Bei Feng’s body also started to emit powerful energy! With such a sharp and powerful weapon, even space was cut open!


A ray of sword Qi shot out from the sword and charged at the approaching wave!

To everyone’s surprise, the giant wave was split in two the moment the sword sliced through it!

The split revealed a two-meter-wide space between the split waves, proving how strong Bei Feng was even when facing a natural catastrophe!

And in between the split waves was a kilometer-long path!

Thanks to the newly created path, the ship was able to sail forward more smoothly. In the blink of an eye, it reached 10 times the speed of sound as it sped through the water.

When the ship passed through, the giant wave collapsed!


A loud sound could be heard echoing through the area when the wave collapsed into the water below.

As there were not many natural disasters that could kill strong cultivators like Bei Feng, he was not very concerned by the waves. Only if it was due to bad luck could one die that easily.

At that moment, Bei Feng had already shifted his attention to another approaching wave. Despite the wave being much taller than the previous one, Bei Feng was unfazed and ready to split it in half as well!

The air pressure is getting stronger, and the Ling Qi around us is getting disorderly too.

Bei Feng furrowed his brows. His strength, which had been suppressed by 30%, had been further suppressed to 50% now.

The Heaven Earth Ling Qi around them had also become extremely chaotic, and was unsuitable for absorption.

In other words, they could not rely on the Ling Qi in the surroundings to recover their energy.

The boat hadn’t slowed down at all the entire way, and Bei Feng didn’t know how many times he’d slashed out. He also had no idea how far they were away from Golden City by now.

The clouds hung low in the sky, and the air was charged with electricity. Just touching their clothes would cause arcs of electricity to jump to their hands.


A deafening explosion rang out from a place near Bei Feng. A huge dent appeared in the waters, measuring over 100 meters in width.

A huge patch of white mist that contained a sliver of gold within it rose up from the sea.

A bolt of lightning had struck down, directly evaporating a portion of sea water!

The lightning had fallen quite close to Bei Feng, so he could feel the amount of power it held.

When it struck, Bei Feng could feel all his hair standing up on ends.

The frequency of the lightning falling had become higher and higher. If the target of that lightning had been me, even I would have received heavy injuries.

Bei Feng’s brows were deeply furrowed. At this rate, they would definitely be in trouble.

The lightning was simply too fast. It practically did not give people any chance of reacting at all.

Even Bei Feng did not have full confidence in his ability to dodge it.

If he could spread his mental power out for several tens of kilometer, Bei Feng was quite sure that he could evade it, but right now, he completely didn’t dare to send out his mental power.

The lightning storm was simply too domineering. If he sent out his mental power now, it would instead attract all the lightning to him.

If the thunder clouds were higher, it wouldn’t be a problem even if he spread out his mental power, but with the height that those clouds were at now, spreading his mental power out would be no different from putting up a lightning rod on his head.

About a dozen kilometers away from Bei Feng and the rest, hundreds of Immortal Spirit Fish were rushing in a certain direction, completely disregarding their pursuit.

Lu Bu walked up, and respectfully said, “Family Head, please go in and rest. You can leave this place to us.”

“There’s no need. It’s fun for cultivators to contend against each other, but it’s even more fun to contend against the heavens.”

Bei Feng shook his head. After swinging the sword countless times, he seemed to have comprehended something.

He’d never cultivated the art of the sword before, but with him swinging the sword so many times now, he seemed to have gained a more profound understanding of the sword.

When he used weapons previously, he had only been wielding them as complementations to his brute strength.

He was not any stronger or weaker when he was using his own fists and legs.

But, that was because he’d rarely met any powerful experts stronger than him. Normally, he would be fighting against people who were weaker than him, so there was naturally no difference between using weapons or his fists.

This time, with vastly different circumstances, he was instead able to fully focus on comprehending the sword. Every time he swung the sword, the angle and strength would change, and each sword stroke would be more perfect.

Although the saying that comprehending one thing would result in comprehension of all things… wasn’t exactly correct, there were, no doubt, some merits in that reasoning.

Bei Feng had trained with his bare fists most of the time, so he naturally understood the control of his strength extremely well.

Even though he didn’t have the slightest bit of foundation in the art of the sword, he could rely on his excellent control of his strength to quickly improve in it!

A regular person would take a long time to learn even the most fundamental stabbing and slashing movements with a sword. Those were the basics of sword art. Every sword move—no matter how beautiful—would consist of stabs and slashes, with different combinations of the two.

The difference in power of the moves only consisted in the usage of blood Qi transmission.

Everyone’s blood Qi energy was unique. Their methods of using the blood Qi were also different, which meant that the amount of strength they could exert with it was different as well.

The same martial technique could show a huge difference in power when trained by two different people.

Some people might be more familiar with the martial technique’s method of transmitting energy, while some people might not be suitable for it. The power that they could exhibit with it would naturally be very different as well.

Bei Feng seemed to have got ahold of something, yet still without understanding something.

Training in martial techniques is just attempts to make the transmission of blood Qi energy more suitable to oneself. Just like the Form and Will Fist—from the time I started training in it, I’ve already carved out my own path with it. There are already some differences from the textbook Form and Will Fist recorded in the original method. Now, it’s already more suited to me.

Lu Bu stood quietly behind Bei Feng, not saying a word. Bei Feng seemed to have sunk deep in thought, but every time a wave crashed on them, he would swing down his sword.