Chapter 110 - Compensation Resources

Chapter 110: Compensation Resources

Who would dare to touch the spoils of war of a Venerable without his permission?

However, they couldn’t just leave these corpses outside the city. If any accidents happened, who could bear the responsibility?

Wang Yi was slightly stunned when he heard this. After pondering for a moment, he said, “Put those things away. Use them to rebuild the city, as well as to compensate the soldiers who died in battle and those who were injured.”

The moment he finished speaking…

Wang Yi did not give the others a chance to react and disappeared from the city wall.

Fang Yuan and the others indeed did not react. Wang Yi had spoken so casually, but to them, it was no less than a bolt from the blue.

It had to be known that beasts underwent continuous cultivation and were nourished by spirit qi all year round. Thus, the spirit qi contained in their flesh was extremely dense. If humans ate their meat for a long time, it would have a very strong effect on their martial arts cultivation.

Furthermore, the flesh and blood of many beasts were the main materials for refining cultivation pills.

It could be said that the flesh and blood of these beasts were extremely precious martial arts cultivation resources. Therefore, it also gave rise to the special duty of hunting beasts.

In order to obtain huge wealth and cultivation resources, some martial artists would take the risk to leave the city and wander around the wilderness.

Since the low-leveled beasts had turned into bloody mists thanks to Wang Yi’s roar, none of the corpses from the beasts that Wang Yi had given to Cang City were below Rank-4.

Most importantly, there were more than ten Rank-8 beast king corpses and a complete corpse of a top-notch beast king.

These were the precious resources that really made people envious.

Fang Yuan and the others did not say anything. They only bowed deeply toward the place where Wang Yi had stood just now.

Then, Fang Yuan said to Tang Zhenyu with a solemn expression, “Brother Tang, this matter is very important. You need to personally handle it.”

“The distribution of all the compensation resources bestowed by Sir Wang must be implemented properly. Anyone who dares to interfere and obtain resources for personal interests will be killed without mercy!”

In the end, Fang Yuan’s voice sounded cold.

Tang Zhenyu’s expression turned stern when he heard this. He said solemnly, “I will personally supervise this matter. There will definitely not be any mistakes.”

He naturally knew the seriousness of the matter.

If the compensation given by a Venerable to the casualties was embezzled by others, it was very likely to trigger the anger of an invincible Venerable after the matter was exposed.

After Wang Yi disappeared, the grandmasters at the edge of the battlefield outside the city finally dared to take action. In a few flashes, they had already appeared on the city wall.

When Fang Yuan saw them, he recognized them at a glance. He hurriedly bowed and said, “The Guardian of Cang City, Fang Yuan, greets everyone.”

Upon seeing this, Fang Mingze and Tang Zhenyu also bowed.

With Wang Yi’s status and strength, it was fine for him to ignore these people, but Fang Yuan and the others could not.

These people were really too noble.

Putting aside the fact that all of them were at the Grandmaster Realm, just their identities alone were impressive. They were the true higher-ups and the true big shots of Langya County City.

As the Guardian of Cang City, Fang Yuan’s words and actions affected the lives of millions of living beings in Cang City.

In that case, the words and actions of these people affected countless lives in hundreds of giant cities under the rule of Langya County City.

The comparison between the two was obvious.

However, after these people arrived at the city wall, they did not have the dignity of higher-ups at all. Upon seeing Fang Yuan and the others bow, they very politely helped them up.

Don’t be ridiculous…

They were not stupid. They had seen Wang Yi’s attitude toward them clearly just now.

Thus, they would not believe that Fang Yuan and the others had nothing to do with that Venerable.

Moreover, with their strength, they clearly heard the conversation on the city wall.

That Venerable had actually given all the spoils of war to Cang City as compensation. Those beast kings and even those Rank-8 beast kings seemed to be nothing in the Venerable’s eyes.

However, this top-notch beast corpse was different. This was a truly peerless treasure.

That was very tempting even to a Grandmaster-Realm being. Even the bewitching leader dressed in golden armor coveted it.

It could be said that this top-notch beast corpse was countless times more precious than the entire Cang City.

For such a precious treasure to be casually given to them by the Venerable, it was obvious how much he valued them and this giant city.

Fang Yuan and the others knew very well that it was definitely because of Wang Yi that this group of people was so polite to them with their status. They still had this bit of self-awareness.

Fang Yuan cupped his fists again and said with a smile, “Sirs, it’s been a long journey. Why don’t you follow me back to the Guardian’s Residence to rest?”

The leading supreme grandmaster did not refuse. He nodded and smiled. “In that case, I’ll disturb Guardian Fang.”

“May I know where the Battle Supervisor sent by Langya County City, Zhao Tianlin, is?”

When Fang Yuan heard this, his expression became extremely strange.

The other party was also a smart person. Seeing this, his heart couldn’t help but skip a beat.

As the Battle Supervisor, Zhao Tianlin should have been on the front line with Cang City when the beasts surrounded the city.

However, he was currently nowhere to be seen on this wall. Something had obviously happened.

That day, when Zhao Tianlin requested to supervise the battle in Cang City, the leader knew that Zhao Tianlin must have some private matters. However, because Zhao Tianlin had already stepped into Rank-8, the leader gave him some special privileges and also gave him a warning. However, the leader did not expect that something would still go wrong.

If it were any other time, it wouldn’t be a big deal. However, there was a Venerable hidden in Cang City. If Zhao Tianlin provoked this Venerable, things would really get out of hand.

Fang Yuan did not hide anything, nor was there a need to hide anything. He directly told the leader what had happened at the Su family’s villa.

Since Wang Yi was already a Venerable, killing Zhao Tianlin was not a big problem.

However, Fang Yuan emphasized that Zhao Tianlin had a personal grudge against that Venerable’s family. In the end, this matter even involved the Three Absolutes Auction House.

The few grandmasters from Langya County City were not fools. They almost instantly understood what Fang Yuan meant.

Moreover, Fang Yuan’s meaning was obvious.

As long as they did not have anything to do with Zhao Tianlin or the Three Absolutes Auction House, this matter would not affect them.

The few of them looked at Fang Yuan with gratitude in their eyes. If the other party hadn’t said anything, there was a possibility that they could offend that Venerable because of this matter.

Thinking of this, they couldn’t help but feel a chill down their spines. How dangerous!

As grandmasters, they also cupped their fists at Fang Yuan and said, “Thank you for your guidance, Guardian Fang.”

Upon hearing this, Fang Yuan knew that the other party had already accepted his words. Then, he smiled and said, “You’re too polite.”

“Why don’t you return to the Guardian’s Residence with me first?”

The few of them had no objections at this moment, so they followed Fang Yuan into the city.