Chapter 111 - Yang God Sect

Chapter 111: Yang God Sect

After Wang Yi left the city wall…

Along the way, he discovered that the damage in the city was very serious, especially the buildings close to the city wall. They were the most affected by the aftershocks of the battle and had already turned into ruins. There were basically no intact buildings left.

There were also more and more figures on the street. The crowd that had taken refuge in the underground shelters came out. Everyone was more or less injured, but their eyes were filled with joy.

The red alert had been turned off.

This meant that the crisis of the city being destroyed was over. How could this not make people excited and ecstatic?

Countless city guards maintained order on the streets. Although there were many people around, nothing happened.

When Wang Yi returned home, he found Su Shiya pacing back and forth in the bedroom. Her face was filled with nervousness and uneasiness.

Meanwhile, the Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard sat at the door and dutifully carried out Wang Yi’s orders.


When the bedroom door was pushed open, Su Shiya saw who it was and suddenly let out a long sigh of relief. Her tense nerves relaxed.

However, when she saw Wang Yi’s tattered clothes, her heart suddenly rose to her throat.

In a few steps, she arrived in front of Wang Yi and kept rubbing his body. Her eyes suddenly turned red as she asked in a panicked voice.

“Ah Yi, are you hurt anywhere?”

“How’s the battle outside the city? The tremors were terrifying!”

Wang Yi casually tore off the torn clothes on his body and threw them aside. He could not help but feel a little embarrassed. He had been too careless.

Along the way, his mind was attracted by the tragic situation in the city. Thus, he subconsciously forgot that his clothes had been damaged from the battle with Demon Venerable Tiandu.

He didn’t have the time to deal with it on the way, which made Su Shiya worried.

Wang Yi didn’t waste any time. He pulled Su Shiya into his arms and waited for her to calm down before saying, “Don’t worry, such a small scene won’t hurt me.”

“As for the battle outside the city, with me around, what can’t I settle?”

When Su Shiya heard that, she was relieved to see that Wang Yi did not look injured.

When Wang Yi said that he had resolved the crisis outside the city, Su Shiya did not doubt him at all. After all, Wang Yi was a ‘grandmaster’ powerhouse who was even more powerful than the Guardian.

Seeing that Su Shiya had completely calmed down, Wang Yi said again, “I’ll go fetch Mom and Dad. Wait for me at home.”

Upon hearing this, Su Shiya’s face turned pale again. She had been worried about her parents when the red alert sounded.

In such a crisis where the city was at risk of destruction, her two parents were ordinary people without any martial strength. When they encountered danger, they did not even have the ability to protect themselves.

However, since Wang Yi was a ‘grandmaster’ expert, she naturally could not stop Wang Yi from participating in the battle. At this critical moment, she could not distract Wang Yi and could only hide her worries in her heart.

Seeing that Su Shiya’s expression was not right, Wang Yi knew what she was worried about. He reached out and rubbed the top of her head. Then, he smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Mom and Dad will be fine.”

“I’ve left a will mark on all of you. Even if the beasts really attacked the city, Mom and Dad will be fine.”

It wasn’t until Wang Yi finished speaking that Su Shiya’s expression returned to normal. However, she still wanted to follow him.

Wang Yi naturally had no reason to object. Although the city was in chaos now, there was definitely no danger with him around.

Moreover, he could lock onto the location of her two parents through the will mark. It would only take a while for them to return.

Seeing that Wang Yi had allowed her to follow him, Su Shiya’s face lit up with joy and she urged him to set off quickly.

Only after leaving the villa did Su Shiya realize that the crisis had a far greater impact on Cang City than she had imagined.

Because the villa was protected by the Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard, the aftershock of the battle outside the city basically did not affect this place.

However, it was another world outside the villa. Since Wang Yi had stepped in, the buildings and people beyond the villa were not harmed at all by the previous beast roar.

However, when Wang Yi was fighting the Demon Venerable Tiandu’s clone, he could not hold back even if he wanted to. He could only divert his attention to take care of the huge city and lead the battlefield deep into the wilderness.

Even so, the aftermath of the battle still affected Cang City greatly. As a result of the secondary damage, the buildings around the villa were more or less damaged.

Wang Yi led Su Shiya against the flow of people and soon arrived at the entrance of the underground shelter not far from the Su family’s villa.

At this moment, there were still people walking out of the entrance of the shelter. Wang Yi directly swept his spiritual power over.

He realized that Su Changlin and Li Lanxin were still in the underground shelter. Meanwhile, Wang Yi did not know whether to laugh or cry at what was happening around them. At the same time, a murderous intent flashed across his eyes.

Then, Wang Yi smiled at Su Shiya and said, “Let’s go. Dad and Mom are inside. I’ll bring you to see something interesting.”

With that, he pulled Su Shiya inside. The surging crowd acted as if they couldn’t see them and didn’t affect them at all.

In just a moment, the two of them arrived at the deepest part of the underground shelter.

Countless people were gathered around three people who were standing in the middle.

Among them, a middle-aged couple looked like rich people based on their clothes and aura.

At this moment, a faint golden light enveloped the two of them. The dark underground shelter was illuminated, making the two of them look even more solemn and holy.

Beside them, a middle-aged man in a long robe and a long jade crown on his head was shouting crazily with a fanatical expression, “Look, this is the miracle sent down by the Yang God!”

“They are the people chosen by the Yang God Venerable. From now on, their divine light will protect them from all illnesses and calamities.”

With that, the man swung his dagger at the two of them.

However, before the dagger could touch the two of them, a golden light flashed and the dagger stopped in front of them, unable to move forward.

Meanwhile, the figure of the middle-aged man in the robe was sent flying and he slammed heavily into the wall.

After receiving such a heavy blow, not only did the middle-aged man not show any pain, but he became even more fanatical and crazy. He pointed at the two of them again and shouted, “Did you see that?! Did you see that?!”

“These are the people chosen by the Yang God Venerable. With the Yang God’s Golden Light protecting their bodies, no attack can hurt them at all.”

“As long as you believe in the Yang God Sect and pray sincerely, such miracles will also descend on you.”

When the surrounding people saw this, their expressions revealed strong desires.

Even Su Changlin and Li Lanxin’s eyes were filled with shock. They were also suspicious. Could it be that they had really been chosen by the so-called Yang God Venerable?