Chapter 112 - Bluffing

Chapter 112: Bluffing

They could not be blamed for not being calm enough. After all, they were just ordinary people who had never come into contact with martial arts before. Thus, they had never seen such a scene before.

When the red alert bell sounded in Cang City and the roar of the top beast king shook the entire city, they lit up the shelter with this golden light.

It was indeed as the other party had said. There were indeed several times when they encountered danger along the way, but they were all blocked by the golden light.

Of course, what they did not know was that when the golden light appeared, the middle-aged man in the long robe happened to be nearby and saw everything.

Hence, this scene that shocked the two of them happened.

Wang Yi couldn’t help but cover his face as he watched from outside the crowd. This fellow was really too good at bluffing people.

However, the seal that Wang Yi had left on the three members of the Su family was mainly used for defense and did not have much attack power. At most, it would only result in some backlash.

Otherwise, the middle-aged man would have been reduced to ashes by the power of the seal before his attack even landed.

Seeing that the couple was intimidated by him, the middle-aged man in the long robe struck while the iron was hot and continued to bluff them. “The two of you have received the favor of the gods. Hurry up and join the Yang God Sect and serve the Yang God Venerable.”

“With your status, you will definitely be able to hold the position of the four Divine Envoys of the sect. You will even have a chance to enter the Divine Kingdom of the Yang God and enjoy endless lives with the Yang God.”

Wang Yi really could not stand listening to the other party’s nonsense anymore. Furthermore, the killing intent in his heart was also surging.

The damned Yang God Race was really haunting him.

He had yet to find trouble with the Yang God Race, but he did not expect them to trick him.


“Is Yang God Venerable that powerful? Let him come out. This Venerable also wants to see if he’s as powerful as you say.”

Wang Yi suddenly mocked. At the same time, he also addressed himself as a Venerable. There was no special reason for that. He simply liked this form of address.

Moreover, with Wang Yi’s invincible combat strength, he was qualified to be called a Venerable.

He wanted to see how terrifying this so-called Yang God Venerable was. Only those who had just entered the Connate Realm could live for a thousand years. What right did he have to boast about eternal life?

He also wanted to test the combat power of this Yang God Venerable. How could he compare to this fake Venerable?

Just now, he had killed the Demon Venerable’s clone with three arrows and injured the Demon Venerable’s main body with a single slash. At this moment, Wang Yi was filled with confidence. He was not afraid even if the Yang God Venerable came.

As soon as Wang Yi finished speaking, it was as if a mysterious force had suddenly descended. The surrounding crowd could not help but retreat to the sides, opening up a path.

Perhaps it was the effect of that mysterious power, but so many people collectively retreated without a stampede happening.

Wang Yi held Su Shiya’s hand and simply walked towards the middle.

Su Changlin and Li Lanxin couldn’t help but look happy when they saw who it was. They ignored the middle-aged man in the long robe in front of them and went up to them in a few steps. They said in surprise, “How did you find us here?”

Seeing that her parents were indeed fine, Su Shiya also looked happy. She held their hands and said, “Ah Yi said that the crisis outside the city has been resolved by him. We’re here to bring you home.”

At this moment, the middle-aged man in the long robe who had been standing at the side saw that the two people, who were about to be successfully fooled by him, were about to be taken away by the two young people who had just arrived.

His expression could not help but turn ferocious. Suddenly, he pointed at Wang Yi and Su Shiya and shouted angrily, “How dare you!”

“Lowly heretics, how dare you provoke the Yang God Venerable? What right do you have to see him?”

“You might not even be able to stand the divine light that the Venerable has sent down, let alone the Venerable’s true body.”

The middle-aged man pointed at the golden light on Su Changlin and Li Lanxin’s bodies as he spoke provocatively and disdainfully.

Wang Yi almost laughed in anger at the other party’s words. If not for the fact that the seals on their bodies were left by him, he might have really been fooled by this middle-aged man. This man was really too engrossed in his role.

If this had happened in Wang Yi’s previous life, with the middle-aged man’s acting skills, he would definitely get a lot of money.

However, Wang Yi also thought of teasing him. He chuckled and said, “Are you talking about this golden light?”

When the middle-aged man heard this, he straightened his back and raised his chin to look at the roof. His voice came from his nostrils. “Of course!”

Wang Yi wanted to laugh when he heard the other party’s words. Was he going to kill him on the spot again?

Wang Yi did not say anything. Under the incredulous gazes of all the onlookers, as well as Su Changlin and Li Lanxin, he casually waved his hand. Then, the golden light that illuminated the entire space disappeared into thin air.

With the disappearance of the golden light, Su Changlin and Li Lanxin’s faces became a little unnatural. They felt that something was missing, and they no longer felt confidently safe.

Su Shiya naturally knew the inside story. Seeing this, she pulled the two of them to the side and explained.

As soon as the underground shelter went dark, the crowd erupted into chaos. The noise was so loud that it sounded like the roof was about to be ripped off.

“Who is this person? He’s too strong. Was the protective divine light sent down by the Yang God Venerable broken just like that?”

“It seems that the so-called Yang God Venerable isn’t much either. A random person who came over managed to destroy this golden light.”

It was obvious that some of them firmly believed in the existence of the Yang God Venerable and could not accept what was happening in front of them. They were already fanatics.

On the other hand, some people’s attitudes were ambiguous. They did not care that the golden light had been destroyed and were even in the mood to mock it.

At this moment, the vision of the middle-aged man in the long robe who was looking up at the roof suddenly turned dark. When he heard the discussion from the crowd, his heart skipped a beat and he felt that something was wrong.

He turned his head slightly stiffly. With the help of the light in the darkness, he vaguely saw that the young man who had just spoken was looking at him with his arms crossed and a teasing expression. The protective golden light on the middle-aged couple had also disappeared.

The middle-aged man in the long robe subconsciously swallowed his saliva. A drop of cold sweat slid down his face, and his body involuntarily trembled.

He knew that he had definitely run into a tough nut this time.

He had seen with his own eyes how strong the protective golden light on the middle-aged couple’s bodies was. He had also personally experienced its strength. Ordinary people would definitely not be able to break it, let alone do it so casually without making a single sound.

Although the middle-aged man was extremely nervous and afraid, he did not feel any despair.

The young man in front of him was terrifyingly powerful, but it was not as if he did not have any trump cards to contend with him.

In the darkness, he suddenly stretched out his fingers and tapped on the jade crown on his head in a very rhythmic manner. He also muttered softly, “Lord, save me! Lord, save me!”

Wang Yi, who was watching from the side, had no intention of stopping him.

Instead, he stared at the jade crown on the other party’s head with interest and a meaningful smile appeared on his lips.