Chapter 119 - Wang Yi's Preaching (1)

Chapter 119: Wang Yi’s Preaching (1)

They were full.

Since he had nothing to do, Wang Yi smiled and said, “If everyone has nothing to do, why don’t you discuss martial arts with me?”

Everyone was shocked when they heard this, and their faces could not help but reveal ecstasy.

The surprise was all too sudden.

Wang Yi’s words were polite, but no one present was a fool. Who wouldn’t understand what he meant?

A Venerable was about to preach!

How lucky and glorious was it to have a supreme Venerable being who was willing to discuss martial arts with them?!

Even though Wu Shuang was a grandmaster and was extremely close to Venerable Ning Jing, she did not have many chances to listen to the Venerable’s lectures.

Other than Su Shiya, who was sitting in her seat without moving, everyone else looked excited. They bowed to Wang Yi and said gratefully, “Thank you, Lord Venerable, for preaching to us.”

Wang Yi shook his head and smiled. “Everyone, you’re too polite.”

Then, he swept his gaze across everyone and said slowly with a serious expression, “Everyone knows that there are nine levels in martial arts. Martial artists at the Battle Soldier Rank train their bodies, martial artists at the Battle Warrior Rank refine their spirit qi, while martial artists at the Battle God Rank refine their spiritual power.”

“In that case, which of the three powers do you think is the most important and most powerful for martial artists?”

Wu Shuang took a step forward. As a Rank-9 grandmaster, she had the most say in this. Without any hesitation, she answered Wang Yi’s question.

“Spiritual power is the condensation and manifestation of a martial artist’s own will. It’s a supreme power that can only be derived after stepping into the Grandmaster Realm.”

“Spiritual power can suppress any martial artist below the Grandmaster Realm. This also means that a grandmaster can ignore martial artists below Rank-7. Thus, spiritual power is naturally the most important and powerful.”

The rest of the people kept nodding. They had no objections to Wu Shuang’s words.

Moreover, this was also a publicly acknowledged principle in the world of martial arts. Martial artists cultivated step by step. They first refined their bodies, then refined their spirit qi, and finally refined their spiritual power. Thus, spiritual power was indeed more important and powerful than the other two powers.

However, upon hearing this, Wang Yi shook his head and said, “Spiritual power can suppress any martial artist below Rank-7 because their physical strength and true qi are not strong enough at that level.”

And with that…

Wang Yi’s body trembled slightly, and his body emitted a lustrous glow. The Nine Suns True Qi, which was extremely powerful, surged through his meridians at high speed. Meanwhile, the three colored flying daggers emitted wisps of saber qi from his spiritual sea.

The terrifying power kept trembling in the void as if it was about to manifest some mighty existence.


With a loud bang, three terrifying figures surrounded by dazzling light appeared in the air in front of them.

As there was no pressure spreading out, the others did not feel anything. However, Wu Shuang looked at the three figures that suddenly appeared in front of her and her expression could not help but stiffen.

As a Rank-9 grandmaster, she could vaguely sense that these three Venerables were on par with her realm. They were even slightly stronger than her.

Wang Yi pointed at the three figures in the void and said with a smile, “These are incarnations condensed from my pure physical strength, true qi, and spiritual power. Every incarnation has the combat strength of a peak Rank-9 martial artist.”


As soon as he finished speaking, there was a series of gasps. Only then did the others understand how terrifying the three figures in the void were.

They also finally understood why a Venerable could suppress the endless Langya Domain.

It was too terrifying!

He had casually condensed three peak-level Rank-9 incarnations. If he could maintain them for a long time, he would probably be able to dominate half of the giant cities that belonged to the human race.

Wang Yi pointed at one of the incarnations surrounded by red light and continued, “This is completely condensed from the power of my physical body.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Wang Yi pointed at an incarnation surrounded by golden light. “This is completely condensed from my spiritual power.”

“Everyone, let’s see if spiritual power can completely suppress physical strength when the two incarnations clash!”

Wang Yi’s voice seemed to have an unfathomable power. As he spoke, the surrounding power of the world and spirit qi instantly gathered in the hall.

Although it was slightly lacking compared to a Connate expert’s control over the power of the world, it was definitely much stronger than the power of the world that a top-notch grandmaster could interfere with. It was simply impossible to calculate its strength.

In the blink of an eye, the power of heaven and earth and boundless spirit qi transformed into a small space that existed alone in the void.

As Wang Yi pointed his finger, the two figures, one red and one gold, flashed on the spot and disappeared into the small space.

After doing all this, Wang Yi looked at everyone with a smile and said, “Everyone, please!”

The moment he finished speaking…

Wang Yi pointed his finger and endless divine light instantly enveloped everyone.

They did not even have the chance to react. Everyone felt their vision blur as if they had passed through layers of the void. Their consciousness left their bodies and involuntarily flew toward that small space.

At this moment, space seemed to have frozen, and time seemed to have stopped. It seemed like thousands of years had passed, but it also seemed like an instant. When everyone stabilized themselves, they realized that the scene in front of them had completely changed.

They were no longer in the hall of the villa that had been renovated into a restaurant. As far as the eye could see, it was an endless wilderness.

Everyone was currently at the peak of a towering mountain. However, this mountain seemed to have been cut in half by a peerless divine weapon. The top of the mountain was as smooth as a mirror, it spanned a diameter of more than ten kilometers.

The two figures, one red and one gold, were facing each other at the center of the summit.

“This is the Heaven-Breaking Peak!”

Someone couldn’t help but shout when they saw where they were. Clearly, this person had already recognized this place.

This was the former territory of the Silver-Winged Beast King. It was probably tens of thousands of kilometers away from Cang City.

No one could imagine that in just a flash, they had actually crossed an endless distance and appeared on Heaven-Breaking Peak.

No one had noticed that there was a ‘kitten’ with silver wings lying down at the foot of Heaven-Breaking Peak.

Wu Shuang sized up her surroundings, feeling the breeze on her body and smelling the scent of the wilderness in the air. A hint of disbelief flashed in the depths of her eyes.

The others might not have noticed it, but as a Rank-9 grandmaster, she more or less sensed it when Wang Yi pointed out his finger.

It was as if her will and spirit had been extracted the moment she was enveloped by the divine light.

In other words, they might not have corporeal bodies at this moment. Instead, they existed in the form of mental will.

As she thought about this, she seemed to remember something. Her expression suddenly changed again and again. She carefully sized up her surroundings again. The more she looked, the more shocked she became until there was only one thought in her mind.

What a stroke of luck!

Legend had it that Connate Realm experts could control the power of the world. With the power of the world as the core, they could fill it with endless spiritual power and build a special space that could pull in one’s spiritual will.

When a martial artist’s spiritual will was in this space, they could perform martial arts without any restrictions.