Chapter 120 - Wang Yi's Preaching (2)

Chapter 120: Wang Yi’s Preaching (2)

They could fight wantonly and cultivate any powerful techniques in this space. This was because no matter how serious their injuries were, as long as they returned to their bodies, they would fully recover.

Most importantly, when their spiritual will returned to their body, not only would their insights from battle and cultivation would completely fuse into their bodies, but they would also be able to bring back some of the power of the world and the spirit qi that constructed this space.

However, these only existed in legends…

Constructing such a special space would be a little strenuous for a Connate Venerable, and it would more or less exhaust them.

In this chaotic era, the human race was surrounded by enemies. Venerables had to protect the fate of the human race and suppress many powerful enemies.

The safety of countless living beings depended on these Venerables. They had to maintain their peak state at all times to deal with any danger that might appear at any time. They could not afford any mistakes.

Therefore, even with Wu Shuang’s status, she had only heard of this but had never really seen such a special space.

Wang Yi’s figure also quietly appeared in this space. He swept his gaze across the dazed crowd and smiled softly. “Everyone, please take a look.”

When Tang Zhenyu finished speaking…

The two figures seemed to have received an order and erupted with a shocking aura at the same time. Terrifying power continuously collided in the void as the two figures directly fought.


The red figure’s body was like immortal divine gold. It waved its fists and formed countless dragon and elephant phantoms. Then, it used its extremely powerful physical strength to attack the golden figure.

The golden figure’s body trembled slightly. Then, an extremely powerful wave of spiritual power spread out and crushed the void, directly suppressing the red figure. At the same time, a golden heavenly saber condensed from spiritual power appeared in its hand. As it waved the sword, it slashed out a terrifying saber light.

In the blink of an eye, the two figures had bombarded each other hundreds of times. The towering Heaven-Breaking Peak was shattered by the aftershock of the battle and disappeared into the wilderness.

What Wang Yi wanted to express through this battle was very clear and simple.

All the spectators could directly feel the collision and attacks between the two extreme forces. They could clearly see who was stronger and who was weaker.

The blood essence around the red figure erupted like a natural furnace. It was not affected by the suppression of spiritual power at all. As it waved its fists, it was still incomparably ferocious.

The battle between the two figures continued. The golden heavenly saber slashed at the red figure with endless divine might, producing countless sparks and the sound of metal clashing. However, the red figure was actually unharmed.

The red figure’s fists were accompanied by the dragon and elephant phantom. Its fists tore through the void and smashed into the golden figure with terrifying vital energy.


The golden figure seemed to have transformed into another form. Its spiritual power instantly boiled, and its body seemed to have hidden into a mysterious space.

It was not in the same latitude as the red figure. The power of the red figure’s fists was enough to destroy the world, but it was unable to injure the golden figure at all.

The battle continued…

The two sides both had the upper hand, but neither side could completely overwhelm the other.

Wang Yi seemed to have known that this would happen. He said calmly, “Did everyone see it clearly?”

Before the spectators could recover from their daze, they were shocked speechless by the battle and Wang Yi’s words.

What they had seen and heard today was breaking their inherent views about martial arts and the iron law of the martial arts world.

Who didn’t know about this?

Martial artists in the first three ranks refined their bodies, while martial artists in the subsequent three ranks refined their qi. Meanwhile, martial artists in the last three ranks refined their spiritual power.

Innate true qi was stronger than physical strength, and its quality was higher.

By the same token…

Spiritual power was stronger and of higher quality than true qi.

No one had expected that the physical strength, which was the lowest in the strength system, would actually be evenly matched with the spiritual power. Both had their advantages and disadvantages.

Space and time seemed to have frozen. Everyone stood there in a daze for a long time.

There was a long pause.

The aftermath of the battle between the two figures shattered the wilderness within a thousand kilometers. Only then did someone come back to his senses and ask in a hoarse voice, “Lord Venerable, why did this happen?”

As the voice spoke…

The others also came back to their senses and looked at Wang Yi at the same time. There seemed to be questions in the depths of their eyes. There was desire, the yearning to explore, and sincerity toward martial arts.

They stared at Wang Yi without blinking as if they were waiting for an answer.

When Wang Yi saw this, he did not waste any time and went straight to the point. “The reason why you think that spiritual power is stronger than the other two powers is because when martial artists master spiritual power, their strength level is already at Rank-7.”

“In contrast, the levels of the other two powers are insufficient. Furthermore, spiritual power targets a person’s spiritual will. That’s why you have the illusion that spiritual power is the strongest and is of the highest quality.”

Everyone found it difficult to accept when they heard this.

If these words were said by anyone else, they would definitely think that the person who spoke was trying to mislead the crowd and scare them. They would definitely reprimand that person and even scold them.

However, these words were personally said by a Venerable. They had also seen with their own eyes that the battle between two extreme powers had been evenly matched. Thus, they had no choice but to believe it.

At this moment, Fang Mingze, who had been silent all this while, suddenly asked, “Sir, may I ask why one’s spiritual power will be at Level-7 when one first masters the use of spiritual power?”

Actually, when Fang Mingze heard Wang Yi’s words, he suddenly felt a flash of inspiration in his mind. However, he could not capture the key point behind Wang Yi’s teaching. He simply felt that it was extremely crucial to his martial arts path. That was why he could not help but ask.

Wang Yi turned to look at Fang Mingze with a flash of admiration in his eyes. This question had hit the nail on the head.

Although Wang Yi’s martial arts cultivation was not of the same system as the martial arts of this world, with his realm and vision, he could still give guidance to these martial artists who were still in the nine-rank system.

The question Fang Mingze asked also addressed the shortcomings of the cultivation system he had discovered in this world.

The martial arts of this world did not have any system at all. Instead of saying that it was cultivation, it was more like nurturing strength.

Wang Yi waved his hand and stopped the two figures who were still attacking. Then, he chuckled and said, “That’s a good question.”

“After a martial artist enters Rank-1, they can actually cultivate three powers at the same time.”

Wang Yi looked at Fang Mingze, who was listening attentively, and could not help but ask with a smile, “When you were at the Battle Soldier Rank, did you feel any true qi or spiritual power?”

Upon hearing this, Fang Mingze shook his head firmly and said respectfully, “Sir, I’ve never felt them before.”

Wang Yi seemed to know that Fang Mingze would answer like this. He smiled and continued speaking.

“Actually, true qi and spiritual power have always existed during this process. Although they aren’t being manifested, they are always being nurtured.”