Chapter 122 - Everyone's Gains

Chapter 122: Everyone’s Gains

In the outside world…

Xu Liancheng, who was sitting upright in his seat, suddenly opened his eyes. A glint flashed across his eyes.

An invisible passageway that directly connected to that special space seemed to appear above his head.

An inexplicable force surged out of the space and entered Xu Liancheng’s body through the invisible passageway.


The sound of something shattering suddenly came from Xu Liancheng’s body, and his aura instantly boiled.

His cultivation level, which had fallen to the early stages of Rank-5 due to his old age, seemed to have regained its vitality and instantly soared.

In the blink of an eye, his cultivation level returned to the mid-stage of Rank-5. However, this momentum did not stop. Instead, his aura was still rising.

Only when his realm reached the peak of Rank-5 and was one step away from Rank-6 did this terrifying increase stop.

A shocking change suddenly happened to Xu Liancheng’s body. His half-white head of hair returned to black as his cultivation level increased.

His body was no longer as withered and weak as before. His blood essence soared into the sky like a furnace. Based on his current appearance, he did not look old at all. He was clearly a peak Rank-5 expert middle-aged man.

Feeling the surging and incomparably strong power, as well as his body that seemed to have regained its vitality and was shockingly energetic, his eyes could not help but water.

The martial path that should have been completely severed because of his aging body was now miraculously reconnected.

As a result, he still had another chance to make a breakthrough and ascend the supreme martial path in his lifetime.

How could he not be excited?

Xu Liancheng knew very well that it was all thanks to this young man that he had such an opportunity.


Without any hesitation, Xu Liancheng simply knelt on the ground and lowered his head.

This time, he was not kneeling because of Wang Yi’s strength or Wang Yi’s status as a Venerable.

He was kneeling because of Wang Yi’s kindness which allowed him to continue on the path of martial arts.

He was also kneeling because of his passion for the path of martial arts.

Of course, Wang Yi also noticed Xu Liancheng’s current state and simply accepted his bow.

Then, a wisp of true qi seeped out and lifted Xu Liancheng’s body up. Wang Yi only nodded slightly at Xu Liancheng. Following that, he stretched out his hand and pointed at the special space in the air that had a corner shattered. He said calmly, “Continue watching.”

When Xu Liancheng heard this, his expression turned serious as he looked at the others in the space.

In that space, the others were still comprehending with their eyes closed. They kept moving forward on the path they had found.

From time to time, countless phantoms appeared and disappeared around them. These represented their comprehension and understanding of martial arts that had evolved in this space.

Not long after…

Fang Yuan and Tang Zhenyu opened their eyes almost at the same time, and their figures also disappeared from this space.

It was very similar to Xu Liancheng’s situation. The moment the two of them opened their eyes in the outside world, an invisible passageway connected them to that special space.

Endless power poured into their bodies through this passage.


They had all just entered their respective realms. One was at the early stage of Rank -8, and the other was at the early stage of Rank-7.

As a result, with the infusion of the mighty power, their auras immediately increased crazily, instantly reaching the peak early stage of their respective realms.

Without any pause, they broke through this minor level. Then, their cultivation levels continued to soar until they stopped at the advanced-stage of their respective realms.

Fang Yuan’s eyes flashed with a sharp light. The spiritual power around him was violent. Furthermore, it actually contained an incomparably domineering sharpness that resembled an unsheathed immortal heavenly saber.

Although he did not use a specific cultivation method, Fang Yuan had comprehended a wisp of the strongest saber intent from the Little Li Flying Dagger technique. In terms of spiritual power alone, Fang Yuan could already crush peak Rank-8 or even early-stage Rank-9 grandmasters.

Meanwhile, Tang Zhenyu’s true qi was surging around his body at this moment. His originally calm and peaceful true qi had become abnormally violent, and wisps of Nine Suns True Qi were faintly discernible.

He had also comprehended a wisp of Nine Suns True Qi from the Nine Suns Divine Art without any specific cultivation method.

At this moment, the true qi in Tang Zhenyu’s body had completely suppressed his spiritual power.

It was very likely that he could crush all Rank-7 and even Rank-8 grandmasters with just the power of his true qi.

The two of them felt the changes in their bodies and the supreme power they had comprehended in that mysterious space. They naturally knew that this was a shocking opportunity.

Then, they knelt down towards Wang Yi with pious and fanatical expressions.

Wang Yi also used his true qi to lift the two of them up. Then, they looked at the remaining two people in the space.

At this moment, there were more and more phantoms in the space. The two people who were still sitting cross-legged seemed to be under great pressure. Veins bulged on their bodies, and sweat kept dripping from their foreheads, soaking the ground under their feet.

Finally, Fang Mingze seemed to be unable to hold on. When he was about to open his eyes, his figure had already disappeared. Then, the entire space suddenly collapsed in all directions, and a third of it disappeared.

As Fang Mingze disappeared, Wu Shuang could not hold on anymore. Her figure disappeared in a daze.

At the same time, the entire space collapsed and completely turned into fragments. One-third of the space was completely absorbed by the invisible passageway that appeared above Wu Shuang’s head.

The other third of the spatial fragments instantly appeared in the corner of the villa, above the head of the Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard.

The moment that special space disappeared, Wang Yi suddenly felt a little dazed. He felt that he had lost his perception of the surrounding world and could no longer control the power of the world.

However, Wang Yi did not feel anything about this. After all, he did not rely on the power of the world to survive. Even if he could not control it, it would not affect his combat strength.

At this moment…

Fang Mingze, Wu Shuang, and the Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard hiding in the corner opened their eyes at the same time.

Fang Mingze’s aura surged, and his cultivation directly broke through to the early stages of Rank-5. All kinds of phenomena appeared around him while a dragon and an elephant protected him.

The air was filled with the aura of Nine Suns True Qi, and layers of heat waves appeared in the scorching air.

The ancestral cavity between his eyebrows appeared and disappeared as if an invisible force was surrounding him with a sharp intent to kill everything.

Fang Mingze had actually taken advantage of this opportunity to directly raise the Dragon Elephant Wisdom Technique to Level-1. He was only missing an opportunity to step into Level-2.

What was even more appalling was that he had actually comprehended a wisp of the Nine Suns True Qi from the Nine Suns Divine Art. He had also comprehended a wisp of the sharp saber intent from the Little Li Flying Dagger technique that could destroy everything.

Moreover, he even used that wisp of saber intent as a guide to directly produce a trace of spiritual power in his ancestral aperture.

Although this trace of spiritual power was very weak, it really existed.