Chapter 140 - This Matter is Easy to Handle (3)

Chapter 140: This Matter is Easy to Handle (3)

At this moment, there was only one thought in Wu Shuang’s mind.

What a joke!

Fang Yuan was far away in Cang City. How could his voice sound over the phone?

“It’s me. Wait a moment. Venerable Ning Jing has something to tell you!” Wang Yi said into the phone.

Then, he handed the phone in his hand to the stunned Venerable Ning Jing and said with a smile, “It’s a call from Fang Yuan, the Guardian of Cang City.”

Venerable Ning Jing took the phone in a slight daze and placed it gently by her ear.

There was a long pause.

Even after the call was hung up, Venerable Ning Jing still felt a little dazed. She couldn’t even remember what she had just said.

She really could not understand how exactly Wang Yi could contact Cang City, which was billions of kilometers away, with just a phone.

This was like telling people in ancient times that they did not need letter paper to write messages. Instead, they could contact their family and friends thousands of miles away with something called a phone. It was equally incomprehensible and unacceptable.

This was completely beyond their comprehension.

Thus, Venerable Ning Jing was also unable to accept it for a moment. However, she had been in a high position for many years after all, so she quickly stabilized her mind.

A faint smile appeared on her face. She gave Wang Yi a thumbs up and said, “Fellow Daoist Wang, can this method only be used with Cang City?”

Although she was doing her best to stabilize her emotions, she could not hide the urgency in her words.

She stared at Wang Yi so intently, afraid that he would nod and agree.

Seeing Venerable Ning Jing like this, Wang Yi shook his head helplessly and chuckled. “Fellow Daoist Ning Jing, you must be joking.”

“When I say that the problem can be resolved, I naturally mean that a communication network with all the giant cities can be established.”


Although Venerable Ning Jing was already mentally prepared, she still felt inexplicably shocked when Wang Yi said it himself.

Wang Yi was straightforward. Before Venerable Ning Jing could ask him in detail, he directly told her the exact steps.

Wang Yi was not afraid that Venerable Ning Jing would not understand. After all, this thing was too simple.

The most important thing was that there was only one step. One simply had to dial 404 and be done with it. What couldn’t she understand?

Wu Shuang’s reactions were indeed fast and discerning. Before Venerable Ning Jing could give the order, she simply rushed out of the hall.

In just a moment, Wu Shuang returned to the hall. Along with her were the hundreds of Reflecting Stones supported by her true qi.

For a long time after that, the phone never stopped ringing.

Wu Shuang, a peerless grandmaster, seemed to have become a primary school student who was punished by her teacher to do her homework. She kept writing on the Reflecting Stones.

Meanwhile, Venerable Ning Jing received a series of calls from the Guardians of the various giant cities.

“Li Shuangyu, the Guardian of Linyuan City, greets Lord Venerable!”

“Huo Zhenbei, the Guardian of Beihe City, greets Lord Venerable!”

“Luo Wenju, the Guardian of Moliang City, greets Lord Venerable!”

Seeing how busy the two of them were, Wang Yi sighed helplessly. A good table of dishes had been wasted just like that.

This was the first time people had been indifferent to his cooking ever since he used the Liu Maoxing Peak Cooking Card.

However, Wang Yi could understand. After all, this concerned the survival of the human race. Compared to this, all delicacies and enjoyment had to make way.

Wu Shuang wrote on the last Reflecting Stone, and Venerable Ning Jing hung up on the last call.

Then, the two of them could no longer suppress the excitement in their hearts and laughed out loud at the same time.

They were actually laughing so happily and boldly as girls.

With their status and position, how could they not know what this meant? How could they not know how important this was to the human race?

Now that the giant cities had the ability to communicate almost instantly, it meant that the human race already had absolute strength. They were the first to start a war with the Yang God Race in terms of information transmission.

A long time passed…

Seeing that the two of them had finally calmed down, Wang Yi said helplessly, “The dishes have already turned cold and most of the spiritual energy has been lost. Why don’t I cook another table of dishes?”

It was only at this moment that the two of them realized that this was not a war meeting organized by the Venerable Palace to draft battle plans. Instead, it was a banquet for Wang Yi and his wife.

They had only been focused on establishing communication networks with the various giant cities and had neglected the two main characters today.


Venerable Ning Jing couldn’t help but feel a little awkward. She coughed dryly and said with a smile, “How dare I trouble Fellow Daoist again?”

“This dish looks extremely exquisite and tempting. It’s still edible!”

The moment she finished speaking…

Venerable Ning Jing picked up her chopsticks and placed a piece of fish into her mouth.

It was indeed as Wang Yi had said. The dishes were a little cold and a lot of their spiritual energy had been lost. However, as Venerable Ning Jing chewed gently, her eyes suddenly lit up.

She stretched out her thumb again and praised him. “Wu Shuang is right. Fellow Daoist Wang’s culinary skills are definitely better than the Heavenly Palace immortal banquet!”

She could have sworn that she had never tasted such delicious food. What was her chef’s cooking compared to this?

Venerable Ning Jing could not help but move her hands even faster. Her chopsticks seemed to have split into countless afterimages that constantly appeared among the various dishes.

Seeing this, Wu Shuang did not hold back. In an instant, she turned into a peerless Taotie and followed Venerable Ning Jing.

Wang Yi was helpless and could not help but support his forehead with his hand. Venerable Ning Jing was a Connate Venerable after all. How could she act as if she had not eaten for a long time?

To be honest, with Venerable Ning Jing’s status, no matter how delicious Wang Yi’s cooking was, it would not make her lose her composure.

However, after establishing the communication network that enveloped all the giant cities in the Langya Domain, she could no longer maintain her composure. It was only because of her emotions that this scene happened.

After three rounds of wine and five dishes, everyone was full.

Then, Venerable Ning Jing cupped her fists at Wang Yi with a solemn expression. “As a Venerable of the Langya County City, I thank Fellow Daoist Wang on behalf of all the humans in the Langya Domain!”

Wang Yi waved his hand when he heard this. “Fellow Daoist Ning Jing, you don’t have to do this!”

“I’m a human. This is my duty.”

Venerable Ning Jing nodded slightly and said with a smile, “The war has yet to begin, but our human race already has a 30% chance of winning.”

“With Langya County City as the center, no matter where we find traces of the Yang God Race, we can simply send out a team formed by grandmasters and kill them at lightning speed.”

“Other than some extremely distant places that might not be able to receive our support in time, more than ninety-nine percent of the giant cities are within the coverage of our support.”

It was still the same old saying. A casual remark could reveal much to an attentive listener.

As soon as Venerable Ning Jing finished speaking, scenes from the movies in his previous life suddenly appeared in Wang Yi’s mind.