Chapter 142 - Heaven and Earth Gate

Chapter 142: Heaven and Earth Gate

The moment Venerable Ning Jing and Wu Shuang walked out, the spatial passageway created by the light particles disappeared into the void.


Wang Yi suddenly frowned slightly. He felt that the moment the spatial passageway disappeared, the three powers in his body started to dissipate at the same time.

Although this loss was very weak, there was indeed a loss.

Perhaps these powers were insignificant to Wang Yi, but that was relative to his unfathomable and terrifying strength.

If an ordinary top-notch grandmaster were to use the Heaven and Earth Gate, with the amount of power lost, they might only be able to use the gate 100 times.

Then, Wang Yi came to a realization.

That was true!

How could such a passageway that could pass through space appear out of nowhere? It definitely required the power of the user to support it. Thus, it was normal for his power to be consumed.

The table and chairs under the ancient tea tree were still there.

The few of them sat around the table. The flames were constantly burning the bottom of the pot. As the temperature rose, the spiritual spring kept churning. White steam mixed with spiritual energy coiled above it.

After the spiritual spring was completely boiled, Wang Yi personally brewed tea for them. After that, he stopped talking and only had a faint smile on his face.

The courtyard fell silent in an instant, save for the breathing of the crowd and the crackling of the flames as they burned.

At this moment, everyone was still in shock and could not recover for a long time.

After all, what they had just experienced was too magical and unbelievable. It had completely exceeded their understanding.

It was simply impossible to imagine what kind of power was needed to cross billions of kilometers in one step.

As expected…

This silence did not last long. Venerable Ning Jing could not help but ask, “Fellow Daoist Wang, may I ask how difficult it is to cultivate the Heaven and Earth Gate technique?”

Venerable Ning Jing knew very well that since Wang Yi had used such a secret technique in front of her, he was not prepared to hide it.

Therefore, she did not ask Wang Yi if he could teach her. Instead, she asked him if it was easy to cultivate this technique.

Wang Yi picked up his teacup and took a sip. He smiled and said, “Fellow Daoist Ning Jing, try my tea leaves. They taste very good.”

Then, under Venerable Ning Jing’s seemingly murderous gaze, Wang Yi could only say helplessly, “Martial artists above Rank-9 can cultivate the Heaven and Earth Gate secret technique.”

“If it’s personally cultivated by a Connate Venerable, as long as you have the cultivation method, you can learn it in a moment.”

“For martial artists below the Connate Realm, as long as their comprehension isn’t too bad, they should be able to successfully cultivate in two to three days.”

“As for those Rank-9 grandmasters who have yet to undergo a qualitative change in strength, no matter how stupid they are, they will probably be able to successfully cultivate it in a month.”

Wang Yi was not exaggerating about this. The greatest difficulty of the Heaven and Earth Gate was the special sorting and fusion of the three powers.

After a martial artist advanced to the Connate Realm and broke through the shackles of life, they would have already completely mastered the use of all their powers.

As long as one had the special sequence and fusion method of three powers, they could instantly condense light particles.

As for the requirement that one’s spiritual power had to be able to interfere with the world, this was even less of a problem for Connate Venerables. They were good at controlling the power of the world.

Venerable Ning Jing couldn’t help but be overjoyed. She didn’t expect this secret technique to have such a low requirement for cultivation.

That was right!

This cultivation method had very low requirements!

She originally thought that only Venerables could cultivate this kind of heaven-defying secret technique that could allow one to instantly cross endless space.

It had to be known that although a Rank-9 grandmaster martial artist was already very powerful, there were still many of them in the Langya Domain.

If everyone could master this secret technique, why would they be afraid of the Yang God Race? Why would they be afraid of the beasts?

Who wouldn’t concede to them?

The spatial passageway could directly open above their heads. With an invincible Venerable leading the way, they would lead the strongest experts above Rank-9 in the entire Langya Domain to attack.

Suddenly, Venerable Ning Jing seemed to have thought of something and asked carefully, “Fellow Daoist Wang, is there a limit to the distance of the passageway?”

This was what Venerable Ning Jing was most concerned about now. What if the spatial passageway condensed by the Heaven and Earth Gate could only cover the distance between two cities?

Although this method was still very heaven-defying, it was somewhat useless in the war between the humans and the Yang God Race.

In fact, Venerable Ning Jing had secretly calculated the number of experts above Rank-9 in the Langya Domain.

With this number of experts, as long as the spatial passageway could cover 20% or even more than 10% of the giant cities that belonged to the human race, it would be able to play a decisive role in the future battle.

When Wang Yi heard this, he chuckled and said, “Fellow Daoist Ning Jing, don’t worry. Since I said that I can resolve it, the distance will definitely not be a problem.”

“If Fellow Daoist Ning Jing personally uses this technique, as long as you have the coordinates of the destination, although the Langya Domain is huge, you can go anywhere you want!”

The moment he finished speaking…

Wang Yi suddenly sighed and said helplessly, “However, if it’s used by a top-notch martial artist, the effect will be inferior. They can only freely open a spatial passageway within a third of the Langya Domain.”

“As for those below the Peak Realm, let’s not talk about them. At most, they can only open a spatial passageway within a tenth of our territory.”

To be honest, Wang Yi was not very satisfied with this. There was actually a distance restriction.

However, he had forgotten that this was the martial arts world, not a movie. How could there be no restrictions when opening a spatial passageway?

Moreover, this planet was really too big. The territory of the Langya Domain alone was countless times larger than the Earth in his previous life. It was already very heaven-defying to be able to travel freely in such a vast territory.


When Venerable Ning Jing heard this, she couldn’t help but gasp. If they could achieve this effect, it would be too terrifying.

However, before Venerable Ning Jing could speak again, Wang Yi pointed a finger at her glabella.

When Venerable Ning Jing saw this, she instantly understood what Wang Yi was trying to do. She did not dodge at all and was directly hit between the eyebrows by his finger.


Countless cultivation insights and methods regarding the Heaven and Earth Gate seemed to have transformed into a torrent of data. With Wang Yi’s fingertip as a medium, it was instantly transmitted into Venerable Ning Jing’s spiritual space.

Meanwhile, Venerable Ning Jing’s consciousness sank into her spiritual space to read, understand, and digest the huge wave of information sent by Wang Yi.

It only took a moment.

Venerable Ning Jing suddenly opened her eyes, and an infinite divine light seemed to flash in her eyes.

She formed a sword with her fingers, and countless light particles surrounded her fingertips.

As she rotated her fingertips, a circular spatial passageway instantly appeared in the void. Light particles were spinning rapidly around it.

The corner of a giant city appeared at the other end of the spatial passageway.

Then, Venerable Ning Jing took a step forward and instantly appeared in the giant city.