Chapter 158 - Slaying a Connate Expert (3)

Chapter 158: Slaying a Connate Expert (3)

Seeing that the other party was preparing to escape, Wang Yi couldn’t help but flash an evil smile.

His voice was flat and emotionless. He seemed to be talking to himself and announcing to the world, “Are you trying to escape? Can you even escape?!”

In the beginning, his voice was as faint as the whisper of Death, and it gently entered Elder Sharp Wing’s ears.

Then, his voice shook like thunder, echoing throughout the entire world and the boundless wilderness.

When the fleeing Elder Sharp Wing heard this familiar voice, his body stiffened slightly and he could not help but look back.

However, it was this glance that made him feel like a disaster was about to happen and his life was about to enter a countdown.

The terrifying human that he had left behind had suddenly appeared behind him.

The fists that surrounded the sun phenomenon were only a short distance away from his wings.

Wang Yi’s aura was majestic and invincible, like a divine weapon that had been unsheathed.

He did not even give Elder Sharp Wings a chance to react. The power of extreme yang surged in his fists and smashed into the black wings.


As the two collided fiercely, the sound of metal colliding echoed in the surroundings. Elder Sharp Wing’s body was like a cannonball as he smashed toward the wilderness.

Meanwhile, Wang Yi retracted his fist and frowned slightly. A look of surprise and bewilderment appeared on his face.

As the person involved in the attack, Wang Yi knew best how terrifying that punch was. He might not be able to kill the other party instantly, but it was not a problem to severely injure him.

However, other than the black flames on the wings being extinguished by Wang Yi’s punch, the black wings were not damaged at all. It was as if the wings were made out of immortal divine gold.

This time, Wang Yi’s interest was piqued. How boring would it be if it was just a simple beating? It would be more exciting to fight a battle with this kind of resistance.

A series of sonic booms sounded from Elder Sharp Wing’s body as he drew a perfect parabola in the air, directly crushing the magnificent mountain that was ten thousand meters tall.

Seeing this, Wang Yi charged forward. Before Elder Sharp Wing could struggle to get up, he was ruthlessly kicked down again.

It was fine if Elder Sharp Wing was insulted, but as a Venerable-level existence, he had never been humiliated like this before.

Endless humiliation and grievance surged from his heart. Elder Sharp Wing was naturally unwilling to accept this. He was unwilling to die with such humiliation.

At this moment, Elder Sharp Wing did not care if he had expended too much energy or if his combat strength would decrease after the battle. The most important thing now was to save his life.

If he lost his life, everything would be useless.

His spiritual body burned crazily, disregarding the consequences. Then, a raging black flame burned from the inside out.

Elder Sharp Wing’s body directly turned into a flaming state. His might was countless times stronger than before, rising to a peak that he had never reached before.


Endless divine power surged violently from all over his body. Elder Sharp Wing’s expression was ferocious as he suddenly struggled to get up.

The black wings on his back glowed like immortal weapons. As he waved them crazily, he slashed at the foot that was stepping on his back.

However, Wang Yi’s feet seemed to be a pillar that held up the sky. No matter how hard Elder Sharp Wing struggled, he could not move at all.

The figure that had completely turned into flames was still being stepped on by that foot.

Seeing the black wings slashing at him, Wang Yi’s eyes were filled with excitement. He did not clash head-on with them.

Instead, his five fingers curved into claws and reached out, grabbing the black wings that were like immortal weapons.


Then, Wang Yi roared. The phantom of a dragon and an elephant appeared in the void, and endless physical divine power poured into his limbs.

The foot that stepped on Elder Sharp Wing’s body and the palm that grabbed the black wings exerted force at the same time.


Accompanied by the unpleasant sound of metal rubbing against each other, a black wing was torn off by Wang Yi under the effect of this divine power.


It was as if the pain of having his wings broken had exceeded his understanding of the world. Even with Elder Sharp Wing’s Connate Realm strength, he could not endure it anymore and let out an inhuman scream.

As his wing was torn off, Elder Sharp Wing’s aura immediately weakened like a deflated balloon.

His strength was declining rapidly. In an instant, he instantly fell from his current minor level. Furthermore, the decline in strength did not slow down at all.

It was only when he could barely maintain his strength at the initial Connate Realm that the decline stopped.

Even so, Elder Sharp Wing’s aura had become extremely unstable. It was as if his foundation had suffered a huge blow and he would fall out of the Connate Realm at any time.

At this moment, Elder Sharp Wing’s heart was dead, leaving only endless despair and confusion. He could no longer muster any will to resist.

He could not imagine why he had ended up in such a miserable state.

It had to be known that his wings were his Connate foundation. They were the Connate Phala that he had plucked with all his might in that suffocating Phala Space filled with endless darkness.

The Connate Phala that represented all his strength and martial will was now in the hands of someone else.


Just like Venerable Ning Jing’s silver sword, this pair of black wings were Elder Sharp Wings’ Connate Phala.

With the current tense situation, where the Yang God Race and the human race treated each other as food and resources, it was almost impossible for them to stop fighting.

How could he show any mercy? How could he tolerate holding back?

Although it was said that even ants would find a way to survive, in the current situation, Elder Sharp Wing could not find a way to survive. He could only wait for death to arrive.

Meanwhile, Wang Yi pinched the black wings in his hand, feeling the terrifying power contained in them and the faint immortal aura. A faint smile flashed across his lips.

The dragon and elephant phantoms appeared in the void again. Accompanied by the roars of dragons and elephants, the divine power of his body instantly erupted.

Using the strength of his hands and feet, Wang Yi simply tore off the other black wing.

This time, there was no heart-wrenching scream. Elder Sharp Wing, who had been confused and desperate just now, had already fainted.

It was impossible to imagine how painful this was to make such a being faint from the pain.

He could still barely maintain his strength at the early Connate Realm, but in the blink of an eye, he fell from that strongest domain.

Following that, his aura continued to slip.

Three qualitative changes in strength!

Two qualitative changes in strength!

One qualitative change in strength!

When his realm completely fell out of the Peak Realm and stabilized at the peak of Rank-9, the decline finally stopped.