Chapter 167 - Forging Technique

Chapter 167: Forging Technique

In the next few days, Wang Yi signed in with the system for a body-tempering divine technique and some supplementary pills.

He obtained the Formless Duality Technique!

This was the strongest cultivation technique that Wang Yi had obtained so far from signing in. This made up for his lack of a physical Dharma Idol.

It could definitely be said to be a peerless body-tempering cultivation technique. When cultivated to the peak, one’s body could transform into a formless god’s true body. Even after experiencing a thousand calamities, it would not fall and would not be destroyed.

It could allow him to control endless physical strength. It could also perfectly fuse the power of the Dragon Elephant Wisdom Technique and the Indestructible Vajra Technique. From then on, his body would no longer have any flaws.

The Formless Duality technique had been modified by the system. It perfectly fused the Buddhist Formless Divine Technique1 and the Daoist Minor Formless Technique2.

However, in Wang Yi’s impression, be it the Formless Divine Technique or the Minor Formless Technique, they were both extremely powerful internal cultivation techniques. But for some reason, they became body-tempering cultivation techniques after the system fused them.

Perhaps it was because Wang Yi was too powerful, but with the help of the terrifying medicinal power of the Formless Pill, it only took him a few days to cultivate the Formless Duality technique to the peak of Level-9. He was just one step away from stepping into Level-10.

Furthermore, as the level of the Formless Duality technique increased, Wang Yi could sense that his physical body was gradually reaching perfection.

If he cultivated it to perfection and achieved Level-13, his physical body would definitely reach the Perfection Realm. At that time, the treasures of his physical body would be revealed and his endless physical potential would be unearthed.

At that time, Wang Yi’s combat strength was probably so terrifying that it could no longer be measured. He could definitely suppress peak Physical Realm experts at will.

Actually, Wang Yi already had a guess in his heart. The cultivation of true qi and spiritual power should also require three cultivation techniques respectively to reach the Perfection Realm.

In other words, he still needed to cultivate two true qi-type cultivation techniques and two spiritual power-type cultivation techniques to increase all his powers to the most perfect and peak state.

At that time, his endless potential would be unleashed, and there would be no possibility of further improvement. He could pluck the Connate Phala and integrate it into his body, stepping into the supreme realm that countless people dreamed of.

However, Wang Yi did not choose to sign in for the other cultivation techniques immediately. He wanted to cultivate the Formless Duality technique to the peak of Level-13 for now.

He wanted to see exactly how terrifying his combat strength would be after all his physical potential was released.

Although he did not choose to sign in for a cultivation technique, because of the black wings he had obtained previously, Wang Yi directly signed in for a forging technique.

It was the Ou Clan Forging Technique!

The name was very ordinary. It could not be compared to names like the Heaven and Earth Supreme Weapon Forging Technique or the Slaughtering Gods, Eliminating Immortals Invincible Weapon Forging Technique.

However, what was extraordinary was that the Ou Clan Forging Technique was really abnormal. One needed to refine Connate-level weapons at the elementary level of this technique.

When the two were compared, those with sharp eyes could naturally tell which technique was stronger.

If this technique was spread out, it would probably cause a stir in the entire country. After all, Venerable Ning Jing was not the only Connate Realm expert.

Moreover, not everyone could have their own Connate-level weapons like Venerable Ning Jing.

Many of the weapons used by Connate experts might even be only at the Grandmaster level.

First of all, Connate-level materials were too precious and rare. Second, Forging Masters who could refine Connate-level weapons were even rarer.

There were probably very few Forging Masters of this level in the entire country.

It was late at night. Su Shiya, who had been cultivating hard, had already fallen asleep from exhaustion.

Wang Yi lowered his head and kissed her forehead, his eyes filled with love. Then, his figure instantly disappeared from the bedroom.

In a secret room of the Venerable Palace…

Wang Yi sat cross-legged. The black wings, which were comparable to a Connate lifeform, floated in front of him, scattering black divine light.


Wang Yi was preparing to forge a weapon. He wanted to customize a Connate-level weapon for Su Shiya.

Although he could not interfere with Su Shiya’s will to become stronger, it wouldn’t be an issue for him to give her full support from behind.

Wang Yi closed his eyes as he constantly deduced and designed the embryonic form of a Connate-level weapon in his mind.

He needed the Connate-level weapon to have Connate-level combat power and the ability to fight independently without the help of its master.

This was very difficult. Not only were the requirements for the materials extremely strict, but the requirements for Forging Masters had also reached an unimaginable level.

Regardless of whether it was the strength realm of the Forging Master, or the attainments of the Forging Master in forging techniques, they had to reach the peak of perfection.

Otherwise, any mistake would cause the forging to fail. At that time, not only would the precious materials lose their power and become useless, but the Forging Master would also be in danger.

However, this was not a big problem for Wang Yi. After all, he had the materials. There was definitely no problem with using the black wings as forging materials.

What about the other two requirements? There was no need to talk about his strength for the time being. If his realm wasn’t high enough, there would probably not be any experts in the entire Langya Domain whose realms would be ‘high enough.’

As for Wang Yi’s attainments in forging, although Wang Yi had never forged any combat weapons, the Ou Clan Forging Technique had already been completely imprinted in his mind by the system.

In other words, at this moment, besides the fact that he had never personally forged a weapon before, Wang Yi’s theoretical knowledge was definitely at the grandmaster level.

In Wang Yi’s mind, the embryonic form of the Connate-level weapon was already nearing completion. All the key parts were gradually outlined.

The Ou Clan Forging Technique could be divided into the Inscription Formation Forging Technique and the Will Forging Technique. The problem that Wang Yi was facing now was choosing between the two.

As the name suggested, the Inscription Formation Forging Technique involved engraving array patterns on a weapon to increase the power of the weapon.

However, this technique relied too much on array patterns. If the array patterns were strong, the weapon would be strong. If the array patterns were weak, the weapon would be weak.

If a Forging Master’s attainments in array patterns were insufficient, it was very likely that they would only be able to forge a Grandmaster-level weapon with Connate-level supreme materials.

On the other hand, if a Forging Master’s attainments in array patterns had reached an unbelievable level, they could still forge Connate-level weapons even with ordinary Grandmaster-level treasures.

The other technique was called the Will Forging Technique. Unlike the former, this technique used the Forging Master’s own martial will to replace the array patterns and engrave his strongest martial will on the weapon.

However, if this technique was used, the power of the weapon would completely depend on the strength of the Forging Master’s martial will.

By the same logic, if a Forging Master’s martial will was weak, they would waste precious materials. Meanwhile, if a Forging Master’s martial will was strong, they would turn trash into magic and forge ordinary materials into Connate-level weapons.

Wang Yi kept muttering to himself. There were pros and cons between the two techniques.

If he used the Inscription Formation Forging Technique, with his current theoretical knowledge, he was very confident in forging a weapon with initial Connate combat power.

Meanwhile, if he used the Will Forging Technique, he might be able to rely on his martial will to break through the shackles of the materials themselves and forge a supreme Connate-level weapon with all kinds of unbelievable power.