Chapter 172 - Wu Shuang Breaks Through Again

Chapter 172: Wu Shuang Breaks Through Again

However, Su Shiya still did as she was told. She reached out and took off the hairpin that Wang Yi had just clipped for her before handing it over.

Actually, Wang Yi had his own considerations for lending Venerable Ning Jing the Guardian Wings.

The few Connate experts of the Yang God Race were either injured or dead. It was too late for them to hide now. They definitely wouldn’t dare to come out and cause trouble for the time being.

Meanwhile, Su Shiya was in Langya County City, so she shouldn’t be in any danger. For the time being, she didn’t need the Guardian Wings to protect herself.

Moreover, even if a Yang God expert suddenly attacked, Su Shiya still had his spiritual mark on her. It would not be a problem for her to last for a while.

During this period, it was enough for Wang Yi to open a spatial passageway and rush back to provide support.

At that time, regardless of whether it was a Rank-9 creature or a Connate Venerable, he was absolutely confident that he could protect Su Shiya and ensure her safety.

After reaching out to take the Guardian Wings from Su Shiya, Wang Yi flicked his finger on the black wings.


An inexplicable fluctuation shook the Council Hall. A faint halo lingered on the Guardian Wings, and the wings almost instantly transformed into their combat form.

The two sharp wings glowed with a metallic luster. They were like divine weapons that had been unsheathed as they floated in front of everyone.

Wang Yi casually threw the Guardian Wings at Wu Shuang and said indifferently, “This is a Connate-level weapon.”

“After encountering a Yang God expert, you just need to use it.”

“After sensing the aura of the Yang God Race, it will automatically reveal its power to kill powerful enemies.”

It was as if Wu Shuang hadn’t reacted. She instinctively reached out and caught the Guardian Wings that were thrown at her.

Sensing the terrifying power on it, Wu Shuang’s expression completely changed.

She finally knew why Venerable Ning Jing did not hesitate to ask for it.

This was a Connate-level weapon!

With such a supreme treasure in hand, it was indeed enough to ensure that they would be safe from the Yang God Race.

Wu Shuang naturally knew how precious the item in her hands was. He hurriedly bowed to Wang Yi and Su Shiya and said, “Thank you, Venerable. Your wife has bestowed a precious treasure on me.”

At this moment, Su Shiya was clearly still in a daze. She did not expect that the hair clip that she thought was very beautiful was actually such a treasure.

Upon hearing Wu Shuang’s words, Su Shiya snapped out of her daze and waved her hand. “No need, no need. Sister Wu Shuang, you’re too polite.”

The matter was settled.

Wang Yi looked at Venerable Ning Jing and said directly, “Let’s prevent any accidents from happening, and prevent the Yang God Race from sensing any movement and hiding completely from us.”

“Why don’t we come up with a plan now and split up to forcefully kill them?”

After saying that, Wang Yi’s eyes could not help but reveal a cold killing intent.

Upon hearing this, Venerable Ning Jing waved her hand and said with a smile, “Fellow Daoist Wang, don’t be anxious. I still have something else to mention.”

Wang Yi raised his eyebrows slightly. He could not figure out what was more important than eliminating the Yang God Race. He could not help but ask curiously, “Fellow Daoist Ning Jing, is there anything else?”

Venerable Ning Jing pointed at the zombie-like Elder Sharp Wing in the corner and said again, “This person has already told us everything he knows.”

“He’s no longer of any value now. Leaving him alive will only bring trouble sooner or later. It’s better for Fellow Daoist Wang to kill him personally.”

In fact, what Venerable Ning Jing meant was very simple. Wang Yi had personally captured Sharp Wing, and killing Yang God experts could increase their strength. Of course, Wang Yi should kill Sharp Wing personally.

Wang Yi felt a little helpless. He naturally knew what Venerable Ning Jing meant, but he did not expect her to be so serious about such a small matter.

Wang Yi shook his head gently and said indifferently, “This person’s cultivation level has already fallen to Rank-9. He’s no longer of any use to me.”

“As for Shiya, she can’t bear his power now. I’ll leave him to Fellow Daoist Ning Jing. It’s good for you to recover some vitality.”

Seeing that Wang Yi did not seem to be joking and that she already owed him a lot of favors, Venerable Ning Jing did not mind owing him more. She smiled and said, “Thank you for your kind intentions, Fellow Daoist Wang. It would be impolite for me to refuse.”

“However, a Rank-9 Yang God expert is of no use to me. If Fellow Daoist Wang has no objections, how about we let Wu Shuang kill him?”

Wang Yi did not mind. He shrugged and said, “Fellow Daoist Ning Jing, you can make the decision yourself.”

Venerable Ning Jing seemed to have expected this. As soon as Wang Yi finished speaking, she gestured to Wu Shuang.

Wu Shuang also knew that this was a great opportunity. After bowing and thanking them, she immediately condensed a long sword of true qi in her hand.

Wu Shuang also used a sword as a weapon, perhaps because of Venerable Ning Jing’s influence.

Then, she slashed out!

Elder Sharp Wing, who had lost his mind, was powerless to dodge. Or rather, he did not know how to dodge at all.

As the sword light flashed, Elder Sharp Wing’s figure was directly cut into two by the sword edge.

An invisible fluctuation shook the Council Hall. Pure ownerless spiritual power seeped out of the Elder Sharp Wing’s corpse and surged into Wu Shuang’s spiritual space almost instantly.


In an instant, Wu Shuang’s expression changed drastically. She felt her spiritual space trembling non-stop, and she felt like she was about to explode.

Ignoring the fact that it was a meeting among Venerables, Wu Shuang sat cross-legged on the spot and activated her secret spiritual technique.

She refined the essence from that huge wave of spiritual power and fused it into her spiritual power in hopes of achieving a qualitative change in strength.

Wang Yi and Venerable Ning Jing looked at each other and smiled faintly. From the looks of the current situation, that power was enough to support Wu Shuang to complete the qualitative change in her spiritual power and become a top grandmaster who had undergone two qualitative changes.

However, just in case, the two of them still paid attention to the process of Wu Shuang’s qualitative change and guarded her.

It had to be said that Wu Shuang’s breakthrough this time was quite impressive. She had actually troubled two Venerables to personally guard her. If word got out, many top existences would be envious.

As expected…

Wu Shuang’s aura continued to rise as her powerful spiritual power attacked the invisible barrier.

It was just like how a dragon hid in the abyss and could break free at any time to soar into the sky.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Wu Shuang’s spiritual power seemed to have undergone a magical qualitative change and possessed all kinds of unbelievable power.

The sound of rocks shattering could be heard from her spiritual space, and her spiritual power had undergone a qualitative change.

At the same time, Wu Shuang’s aura instantly soared, and he took another big step forward from the nine-rank system.

In less than ten minutes…

Wu Shuang, who was sitting cross-legged with her eyes closed, had already stabilized herself. When she opened her eyes slightly, wisps of terrifying light flashed in her eyes, and the terrifying aura around her was restrained.

She looked so ordinary that it was as if she had returned to her true self.

Wu Shuang, who had broken through, was naturally extremely excited. However, when she saw the three people waiting beside her, she instantly remembered the main purpose of gathering here today.