Chapter 18 - The Importance of Controlling the Sky

Chapter 18: The Importance of Controlling the Sky

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Under the counterforce of the punch, Wang Yi’s figure was like a meteor streaking across the sky. He rapidly fell towards the ground while accompanied by a dazzling light.


Since he was just too fast, the instant he landed, rumbling sounds rang out, shaking the mountains as if there was an earthquake.

The ground looked as though it had been attacked by a missile. Then, a huge ring-shaped hole appeared out of thin air. Dust flew everywhere and enveloped everyone!

Wang Yi stood at the center of the ring-shaped crater. Through the layers of dust, he looked at the Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard in the sky. Just as he was about to leap into the sky again, he was stunned.

Holy f*ck! How could that leopard be so shameless?

At this moment, the Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard suddenly let out a sigh of relief.

It made the right bet!

Although it had paid a heavy price, it was good to be alive!

As expected, this fierce man really did not know its own innate ability.

Furthermore, the Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard was still alive. That terrifying punch saved its life.

The Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard’s enormous body was still rising. At the same time, two super small white clouds appeared out of thin air under its two remaining intact hind legs.

When the force of the punch was exhausted, the momentum of its ascent stopped, but the Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard’s body actually didn’t fall.

Instead, it relied on the two white clouds that had suddenly appeared to float in the air.

Although it looked rather shaky and clumsy, it was indeed floating in the sky.

Previously, after one attack, Wang Yi had already determined that its silver wings were merely a powerful physical weapon.

It was like the fangs and claws of a ferocious beast. Its wings simply did not possess the ability to fly.

Therefore, he wasn’t afraid that it would escape. However, he didn’t expect this dog thing to have such a move.

As Wang Yi looked at this series of actions while standing in the crater, he felt extremely annoyed.

He really wanted to shout out loud and ask the heavens to pay attention to this big shot, who was flying using its feet!

At this time, Wang Yi was also somewhat helpless. No matter how strong he was, he was still within the nine-rank system. There was indeed nothing he could do to the enemies in the sky.

After all, he was still a human. No matter how high he jumped, there would be times when he would fall. If he had to think of a way to fly into the sky and kill that fellow, Wang Yi could only shout. “I can’t do it!”

Meanwhile, the Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard stood in the air by standing on two white clouds.

It was finally no longer afraid.

It was safe!

But it also felt helpless in its heart. That guy in the crater was a real bastard who didn’t follow the rules at all.

If he was from the Secret Sect City, he might be disdainful or furious, but he probably wouldn’t attack right away. Instead, it was very likely that he would use his identity to retaliate. After all, people from the Secret Sect City were even harder to provoke!

Meanwhile, if he didn’t have a powerful background, then when he heard the name of the Lord Demon Venerable, even if he wanted to steal the treasure, he would have some misgivings. After making sure that no one would find out, he would kill the Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard.

However, he did not expect that Wang Yi was not from the Secret Sect City and didn’t even know what kind of existence the Demon Venerable was!

He suddenly attacked in rage because the Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard was too loud and had scared him.

The Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard felt extremely wronged. He felt even more wronged than Dou E1.

It was shouted so loud earlier just to show off the prestige of the Demon Venerable!

However, it did not expect that Wang Yi would suddenly attack just because of this! This guy was just a fool. He was a humanoid beast whose brain was full of muscle and nothing else.

Actually, this was nothing.

The most frightening thing was that this sort of person was extremely powerful. This was simply unreasonable.

As the saying went, people were not afraid that the hooligans would become cultured. Instead, they were afraid that the hooligans would learn martial arts.

This kind of crazy person who didn’t play by the rules was the most terrifying when they had strength.

The Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard floated in the air and stood on its hind legs.

Its heart was bleeding as it looked at its limp front leg, as well as the other front leg that was dripping with blood.

Although it was acceptable to pay this price to preserve its life, the price was indeed a little too high.

In the future, even if it recovered, its strength would be greatly reduced. At most, it could only display the strength of a peak Rank-8 beast king.

The beast’s eyes were filled with rage as it looked at the culprit in the pit.

Now that it was safe, the Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard no longer had any reservations and started scolding Wang Yi.

“You bastard! Didn’t you tell me to stop? I’m waiting for you here. Come and kill me if you dare!”

Since he could no longer catch the other party, Wang Yi was actually prepared to pluck the Seven-Colored Heaven Ascension Stage and return. He felt a little vexed.

However, the Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard’s provocation made Wang Yi feel even more vexed. A wave of evil flames surged in his head, and then he shouted angrily,

“Bastard! Come down if you dare! I’ll give you one of my hands!”

The Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard didn’t want to be outdone either. It bared its fangs and roared, “Bastard! If you have the ability, then come up! If you come up, I’ll let you have my two hind legs!”

Wang Yi shouted, “You dog! Do you dare to come down!”

The Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard roared, “Bastard! Do you dare to come up?”

The man and beast began to curse at each other from afar. Neither of them was willing to show any weakness. Their roars were like rolling thunder that spread in all directions.

It scared some of the weaker creatures into fleeing into the distance as if they were escaping from a fatal disaster.

Among them were some ferocious beasts that were natural enemies of each other. They didn’t even have time to attack each other. They only ran for their lives, not daring to stay in the vicinity for even a second longer.

The argument between the man and the beast lasted for a few hours before stopping.

The reason was very simple. After such a long exchange of words, their mouths were already dry.

Wang Yi stood in the crater, his hands on his waist as he panted. He felt that this was more tiring than fighting for hours.

He glanced at the figure in the sky. This bastard. Even though its strength was nothing much, its ability to court death was really strong.

Putting everything else aside, Wang Yi had truly gotten into a dispute with this beast. However, he didn’t believe that this kind of ability didn’t have any limitations and could allow the creature to float indefinitely in the air.

Meanwhile, the Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard in the air was in an even worse state. Its huge head drooped down, and its long tongue was dangling. It really did look like a dog that was panting weakly.

At this moment, it felt extremely aggrieved. Looking at the other party’s unrelenting attitude, those who didn’t know better would think that it was the one at a disadvantage!

It silently muttered, “It’s all my fault!”

“It was a treasure that I had guarded for a long time, and it was about to be taken away by someone else.”

“However, I was severely injured and had to pay a price of half a front leg to survive.”

“Meanwhile, this son of a b*tch had nothing to lose. What was he trying to steal?!”

Meanwhile, Wang Yi’s breathing quickly became even. After all, his strength was still there. He only felt a little parched.

After waiting for a while, he realized that the Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard didn’t move. It just floated above him and didn’t leave. It was also staring at him. Then, Wang Yi suddenly smiled evilly.

In a flash, he disappeared into the pit.

The Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard was shocked by this sudden movement, and its eyes were filled with confusion. What kind of scheme was this monster doing?

It didn’t believe that this fierce person would give up so easily!