Chapter 23 - Returning to the City

Chapter 23: Returning to the City

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Wang Yi glanced at the Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard beside him and grabbed its neck again. Then, he lifted it up and threw it down.

“You dog! Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re thinking. If you dare to scold me in your heart again, believe it or not, I’ll turn you into soup!”

“Holy f*ck! How did he know what I was thinking?” The Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard had an expression of disbelief. Was this for real? Was he really that amazing?


Wang Yi slapped the Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard’s head again with an evil smile on his face. How dare it scold him?

This time, the Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard completely became obedient. Even if it didn’t believe it, it had no choice. If it didn’t believe it, then it would be beaten up. Who could endure this?

Seeing that the other party had really become obedient, Wang Yi prepared to pluck the Seven-Colored Heaven Ascension Stage!

However, treasures had their own consciousness and were able to sense danger. How could they be easily obtained by others?

Just as his hand was about to touch the Seven-Colored Heaven Ascension Stage, a seven-colored pillar of light shot into the sky, followed by a circular ring of light.

Wang Yi could feel an immense force from the halo stopping him from taking another step forward.

After sensing it carefully, he could not help but click his tongue in wonder.

The defensive power of that halo was not weak. It was at least at the peak of Rank-9.

Even if he wasn’t around, the Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard might not necessarily be able to obtain it.

Ignoring the fact that it was unable to break through the defensive barrier, merely the seven-colored pillar of light was enough to cause it trouble.

One had to know that this pillar of light was a sign that a treasure was about to be born. It could be seen clearly from thousands of miles away.

However, in this endless wilderness, the Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard’s strength was just average.

Even though it could become a great beast king under the Connate-Realm Demon Venerable, this did not mean that it was very powerful. It was just that too many powerful existences were unwilling to be restrained, so they lived a nomadic life, away from organizations who could restrain them.

There were plenty of creatures stronger than it. If it was discovered by other powerful beings before it broke through the protective light ring, that would truly be troublesome.

However, this matter was much easier to resolve for Wang Yi. He exerted some force with his fingers.


With a crisp sound, the halo instantly shattered and two seven-colored flowers appeared in front of him.

Wang Yi waved his hand and the two Seven-Colored Heaven Ascension Stage flowers disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard watched with envy, but there was nothing it could do. It could only sigh.

Wang Yi had hunted quite a number of beasts and even picked two fully-matured Seven-Colored Heaven Ascension Stage flowers. Thus, it could be said that he had exceeded his quota.

Wang Yi was also preparing to return to the city. After all, he had wasted too much time in the wilderness.

He kicked the Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard that was still in a daze and said, “Let’s go!”

Then, he felt a weight on his shoulders. The Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard jumped onto his shoulder.

Wang Yi was speechless. This guy’s character had changed so quickly. It had adapted to its new identity at such a fast pace.

However, he looked at how the Silver-Winged Cloud Leopard was standing upright on its rear legs, while one of its front legs was drooping and the other was missing. It was really pitiful.

Nothing much happened on the way back. Other than some beasts who did not know about the world and successfully turned themselves into a part of Wang Yi’s spiritual food stash, the journey back was considered relatively quiet.

When they returned to Cang City, the sky had already darkened once again.

Wang Yi was silent. This trip to the wilderness felt like a lifetime ago.

Compared to the deathly silence, desolation, danger, and lifelessness in the wilderness, the peace, quiet, and safety of the giant city were worlds apart, forming a strong contrast.

He had already missed his appointment with Fang Mingze. In addition, he hadn’t brought his phone with him when he left the city, so he didn’t mind wasting more time.

Wang Yi followed the address in his memory and walked towards the Su family villa. At this moment, he had already broken through to Rank-10 and his spiritual power was unprecedentedly strong.

He could definitely support the Su family. He would be able to leave a mark on Su Shiya and her parents. Furthermore, he was strong enough to withstand the spiritual power of a Level-7 grandmaster without being affected that much.

With Wang Yi’s speed, he arrived at the Su family villa in the blink of an eye.

When he arrived at the Su family villa, he was a little disappointed. The entire luxurious villa was pitch-black without a single person inside.

However, this did not have much of an impact on him. In the first place, Wang Yi had come here just in case anything bad had happened while he was gone. There was a very high probability that there would be news from the Guardian’s Residence as soon as Zhao Tianlin entered Cang City.

To the Guardian’s Residence, which had occupied Cang City for more than ten years and had always been the center of power, their intelligence systems were the very foundation of their power.

Cang City would probably receive the news as soon as Zhao Tianlin left Langya County City.

Meanwhile, in order to befriend and rope in a newly-advanced grandmaster like him, the Guardian’s Residence would probably make things convenient for him.

Furthermore, an expert with worries was easier to control than an expert without worries. They could also feel more at ease after interacting with each other.

Since there was no one in the Su family villa, Wang Yi did not intend to stay any longer. He turned around and left.

Although it was already dark and a long time had already passed since his appointment with Fang Mingze, Wang Yi still decided to make a trip to the Tuling Dojo.

Firstly, he wanted to see the attitude of the Guardian’s Residence. Secondly, he wanted to see if Fang Mingze was lucky enough to be there when he arrived.

Most importantly, it would not take too long.

He reached Suite 6 on the third floor of the Tuling Dojo.

Wang Yi pushed open the door to the private suite and found that it was brightly lit. Fang Mingze was sitting cross-legged on the sofa with his eyes closed.

As the door opened, Fang Mingze instantly opened his eyes. He looked at Wang Yi, who had pushed the door open, and immediately stood up to welcome him. He said with a smile, “Grandmaster Wang, you’re here!”

Wang Yi nodded his head and couldn’t help but sigh. This fellow was sensible enough and was truly lucky enough.

Wang Yi did not come at the agreed time, but he was qualified to do so.

Meanwhile, whether Fang Mingze was waiting here would depend on his own good fortune.

If Wang Yi came here today and there was no one present, even though he would still give Fang Mingze the things he previously wanted to give, that would be all.

However, if Fang Mingze was waiting here after Wang Yi opened the door, then things would be different.

Opportunities belonged to everyone, and it all depended on whether or not one could grasp them. Obviously, Fang Mingze belonged to those who grasped opportunities.

Wang Yi was in a good mood, and his evaluation of Fang Mingze had increased.

Initially, he had thought that he could just casually make a few dishes out of Rank-2 or Rank-3 beasts. Now, he did not want to deal with them anymore.

Wang Yi’s spiritual power swept past Fang Mingze. Then, he realized that Fang Mingze was in the middle of Rank-3 and was still a very long way from reaching the peak of Rank-3.

After pondering for a moment, Wang Yi had a plan in mind and smiled.

Whether or not this lucky fellow would be able to advance to the Battle Warrior Rank would depend on his own luck.

Then, he smiled and said, “Sorry for the delay. Sorry for making you wait!”

Fang Mingze hurriedly waved his hand and said respectfully, “Grandmaster Wang is too polite. I didn’t wait for long!”

Wang Yi was speechless and didn’t dwell on this topic for too long. Instead, he looked at the kitchenware that Fang Mingze had prepared and said with a smile, “You haven’t eaten yet, right? I’ll make a few dishes later and you can try them too!”