Chapter 52 - Pauper

Chapter 52: Pauper

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Upon hearing Wang Yi’s request, Tang Zhenyu responded and turned the car around, driving toward the agency.

Hongyun Intermediary Agency was the largest intermediary organization in Cang City.

Not only could one buy and sell houses there, but one could also hire martial artists, trade martial resources, post rewards, and look for jobs. They were involved in a wide range of industries, big and small.

It was more like a super information-sharing platform that covered the entire Cang City than an agency.

This was because people could basically do anything here.

Of course, the premise was that one had to have enough money!

When they arrived at his destination, Tang Zhenyu parked the car and turned off the engine. Then, he got out of the car and went to Wang Yi’s side to help him open the door.

The dignified second-in-command of Cang City had actually completely taken the role of a driver!

“Welcome to the Hongyun Intermediary Agency!”

The three of them walked to the door. A few beautiful and tall waitresses stood on both sides of the door. They were dressed in cheongsams. They suddenly greeted them in a sweet voice.

After entering, Fang Mingze and Tang Zhenyu did not feel anything, but Wang Yi was dazzled.

The decorations in this place were not at all inferior to the previous Battle Arena. In fact, it was even better.

The entire setup was mostly gold in color, making it look extremely majestic and luxurious. But when one stood in it, they would feel that the color of the light around them had already changed.

The hall was like a large-scale talent recruitment market. The crowds coming and going seemed rather passionate!

Not long after the three of them stood still, a person who looked like a salesperson walked over and said with a smile. “Hello, gentlemen. My surname is Yang. I am a salesperson from Hongyun Intermediary Agency. Do you have any requests?”

Before Wang Yi could say anything, Fang Mingze went forward and said, “This gentleman would like to buy a house!”

With that said, he took a step back and let Wang Yi speak.

The eyes of the salesperson surnamed Yang flashed with joy. Buying a house was a huge order. If the deal was successful, he would receive a huge commission.

He led the three of them to a resting area in the corner and poured a cup of tea for each of them. Then, he smiled and asked, “Sir, what requirements do you have for the house?”

Wang Yi thought for a moment and said, “I simply want a big and quiet house!”

Upon hearing Wang Yi’s request, the salesperson surnamed Yang took out a thick stack of documents and started rummaging through it.

Then, he suddenly pointed at a photo on a page and said, “Sir, take a look at this!”

“This house in Yaxin District has a quiet and peaceful environment. It’s located on the seventh floor of the sixth building. The location is very good and has good ventilation. It is more than 150 square meters large!”

Wang Yi glanced at it and couldn’t help but shake his head. He was not very satisfied.

The salesperson flipped through the documents and introduced another house. “Take a look at this. This house is located at Jiahui Garden and is also on the seventh floor. This is a duplex with a larger area. It’s 215 square meters large.”

“More importantly, this place is very close to the Martial Wind Bureau. It’s safe and quiet!”

Wang Yi glanced at it again and shook his head.

After the salesperson introduced a few more places, Wang Yi was basically not satisfied.

An impatient look flashed across the corners of the salesperson’s eyes as he continued to flip through the documents.

However, Wang Yi interrupted him and said, “Stop looking for houses like these. Do you have a villa or something?”

The impatience in the corners of the salesperson’s eyes was instantly replaced by ecstasy as he hurriedly said, “Yes! Yes!”

Then, he introduced a few more villas.

Meanwhile, Wang Yi continued to frown slightly. None of the places that this salesperson had introduced satisfied him!

The salesperson surnamed Yang finally stopped hiding his impatience. He was no longer as polite and enthusiastic as before.

He stood up and said stiffly, “I’m sorry, but I don’t have the house you need. You can wait here. Perhaps my colleague has the house you need. Goodbye!”

After saying that, he did not look at the three of them again and walked to the side. As he walked, he complained, “A bunch of paupers still want to buy a villa? Pui!”

“If you guys can afford a villa, I’ll cross my heart and hope to die. What a waste of time. What a waste of my tea leaves!”

The salesperson spoke these words softly, but with their cultivation, the salesperson’s words were almost no different from speaking into their ears.

Fang Mingze jumped to his feet. Who in Cang City would dare to be so impudent to them?

One of them was a grandmaster who could shake Cang City with a casual stomp of his foot.

One was the Director of Finance and the second-in-command of the entire Cang City. With a single thought, he could decide the lives of countless people!

Fang Mingze had the lowest status among the three of them, but he was still the young master of the Guardian’s Residence. Even if these were put aside, he was still a Battle Warrior Rank expert.

How could he endure being called poor by an ordinary person? He immediately prepared to teach the salesperson a lesson.

He would let the salesperson understand the complexity of the situation!

After all, the walls had ears. Not many people would dare to criticize an expert so openly.

“Forget it. Don’t stoop to his level!” Wang Yi stopped Fang Mingze, who was about to flip out.

Fang Mingze was stunned and immediately felt a little embarrassed. With his status, it was degrading to provoke such a minor character.

Wang Yi casually picked up the tea on the table and took a sip. He smacked his lips and shook his head.

“This tea isn’t that good!”

Tang Zhenyu, who had been silent the entire time, suddenly spoke up at this moment. He smiled and said, “I have a few bags of pretty good tea leaves. If Grandmaster Wang doesn’t mind, I’ll send them to you when I’m free!”

Wang Yi smiled and nodded. He didn’t refuse. Then, the three of them were prepared to leave.

“Hello! I’m Zhao Qiuxue, an intern at Hongyun Intermediary Agency. Do you need my help?”

At this moment, a girl with her hair tied in a bun and an average-looking face stood in front of the three of them and spoke shyly.

The salesperson surnamed Yang, who had just left, saw that there was someone serving Wang Yi again. He couldn’t help but be angry as he cursed softly.

“It’s no wonder you’re still an intern after being here for so long. Serves you right for not being able to turn your life around!”

“An idiot and a bunch of poor people. What a perfect match!”

After that, the salesperson surnamed Yang no longer looked over. Instead, he continued to look for customers.

When Wang Yi saw that someone else had come, he was in no hurry to leave. He sat down again.

Zhao Qiuxue asked, “Sir, how can I help you?”

“I want to buy a quiet house!” Wang Yi voiced his request again.

The girl placed a thick stack of documents on the table and clumsily flipped through it.

“Why don’t you give this to me? I’ll look for a place myself.”

Wang Yi said as he watched the girl rummage through the documents..