Chapter 55 - Discovery

Chapter 55: Discovery

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As the nine suns continued to move around the middle-aged owner’s body, the black mist that appeared became less and less dense until it completely disappeared.

During this process, the supreme yang power emitted by the nine suns gradually made up for the middle-aged owner’s severely injured body.

Previously, Wang Yi could tell that there was a very obscure spiritual power fluctuation from the middle-aged owner.

It had a very strong corrosive effect and was constantly eroding his essence, energy, and spirit.

If the situation were to develop like this, the middle-aged owner might not even survive for a month before turning into a dry corpse.

However, he was lucky to have met Wang Yi today. Furthermore, his actions made Wang Yi feel happy.

In addition, Wang Yi felt that he had taken advantage of the owner, which was why he made a move this time.

It sounded complicated, but it happened in an instant. The golden and red lights returned to Wang Yi’s fingertips.

Wang Yi’s lips curled up as he complained in his heart.

The Yang God Race? What the hell was this? Such a dark and eerie race should be called the Yin oGod Race!

Meanwhile, the middle-aged house owner seemed to have been in a long dream!

He dreamed that he had fallen into endless darkness and was surrounded by countless terrifying creatures. Just as he was about to be torn apart..

In the darkness, nine suns suddenly appeared in the sky, and the brilliant light dispersed the darkness.

Then, a golden and peerless divine saber tore through the air as it destroyed countless terrifying creatures!

Then, he opened his eyes and found that his body had completely returned to normal!

It was as if he had been injected with stimulants. He was extremely excited and his body felt full of energy.

Ever since he moved into this villa, his spirit had been deteriorating day by day. His body was also getting weaker day by day as if he had a strange disease!

It scared him so much that he did not dare to stay here for a day!

During this period, he went to countless hospitals and doctors, but there had been no improvement.

In the end, he even spent a huge sum of money to hire a Battle Warrior Rank expert to use his true qi to cleanse his body. However, it was useless!

His condition continued to worsen day by day. He could feel that his life had already entered a countdown!

However, he did not expect that this young man before him would casually treat his strange illness with a tap on his glabella!

The middle-aged owner instantly knew that he had met a true expert this time.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Without any hesitation, he knelt on the ground and kept kowtowing to express his gratitude.

“Thank you, Lord, for saving my life! Thank you, Lord, for saving my life!”

As he spoke, he cried. His attitude was considered sincere. After all, only he, the person involved, knew the pain and despair involved!

With a casual wave of Wang Yi’s hand, a surge of true qi surged out and lifted the middle-aged owner up.

Then, Wang Yi ignored the owner and turned around to walk toward the villa. He said to the two people beside him. “How is it? Do you want to visit my new home?”

The two of them quickly nodded in agreement. “Of course, we can’t ask for more!”

When the three of them arrived at the entrance of the villa, the door seemed to have sensed that someone was coming and slowly opened.

The middle-aged owner stood where he was and watched as the three people gradually left. Then, a voice suddenly sounded in his ears.

“Although I have already eliminated the malignant illness in your body, your foundation has been injured. After you return, you need to nurse yourself carefully!”

For a moment, the middle-aged owner felt as if he had overturned a bottle of emotions. He had mixed feelings and did not know what to feel!

He could only bow deeply in the direction of the villa and leave quickly!

However, his mood when he left was completely different from before. He had truly changed worlds with a single step!

“Sir is so generous! That person is also lucky to be able to meet Sir. Otherwise, he probably wouldn’t have lived for long!”

As they walked, Fang Mingze spoke with a serious expression. Tang Zhenyu also echoed him.

Both of them were not weaklings, so they naturally had good judgment. Thus, they could determine the health condition of the middle-aged owner at a glance.

These words were not exaggerated at all. If Wang Yi had not made a move, the other party would have definitely died sooner or later!

Wang Yi shook his head and chuckled. “It’s not that exaggerated!”

“I just don’t want to take advantage of others. In addition, I liked him!”

When the three of them entered the courtyard, Tang Zhenyu couldn’t help but sigh. “The grass is lush, and the willow trees are drooping beautifully. The water is clear and the mountains are beautiful. It feels like we’re on a spring trip!”

“Unfortunately, the world outside the city has already become a land of beasts. Such a beautiful scenery has been rare since the day the heavens were opened!”

Fang Mingze nodded as well. “That’s right! If it weren’t for the fact that there are ferocious beasts occupying the area, the scenery outside the city would be beautiful. Unfortunately, it’s detestable!”

“However, Sir’s judgment is really not bad. The environment here is indeed quiet. When I stand here, my heart instantly feels much more at peace!”

Wang Yi nodded and was very satisfied with this place. However, his brows suddenly furrowed.

He felt that something was wrong and swept his gaze towards an ancient tree in the courtyard!

He could actually sense an identical aura from the black mist that claimed to be from the Yang God Race in the ancient tree.

The only difference between the two was that the aura in the ancient tree was clearly much stronger than before. It was simply incomparable!

“Do you have any information on the previous deaths that occurred here?”

Wang Yi asked Fang Mingze beside him. Then, a strange smile appeared on Wang Yi’s face as he muttered to himself, “Interesting! Is there really such a thing?”

“Yes! Yes! I’ll get someone to send the information now!” Fang Mingze hurriedly nodded in response.

However, Fang Mingze’s heart was filled with disbelief. Of course, he knew what Wang Yi was talking about.

He could not help but ask carefully, “Sir, could there really be something unclean here?”

Meanwhile, Tang Zhenyu stood by the side and pricked up his ears, waiting for wang Yi’s answer.

As an extremely powerful martial artist, he naturally did not believe in the legends of ghosts and gods.

However, if Wang Yi said that he believed in ghosts, they had no choice but to believe him. Therefore, the two of them stared at each other, waiting for Wang Yi’s answer!

However, Wang Yi did not turn around. He just stared at the ancient tree and said calmly, “It’s hard to say if it’s true. However, this thing is quite interesting!”

The two of them looked at each other in confusion. They did not know what Wang Yi meant!

Not long after, a car stopped at the entrance of the villa. A young man in a black uniform got out of the car with a document bag in his hand.

When the young man in uniform saw Fang Mingze, he immediately jogged forward and gave a very standard military salute. Then, he handed over the document bag in his hand.

Fang Mingze took the document bag and simply handed it to Wang Yi.

Wang Yi did not waste his breath and began reading the documents inside. However, as he continued reading, his brows furrowed deeper and deeper!

More and more questions arose in his heart!