Chapter 6 - Disappointment

Chapter 6: Disappointment

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As time passed, Wang Yi could clearly feel that Fang Mingze was drawing in less and less spirit qi.

As the amount of spirit qi decreased, Fang Mingze’s body trembled more and more violently, as if he was shaking!

He gritted his teeth so hard that they creaked. It was as if he was enduring unbearable pain. Unfortunately, it looked as if he might not be able to hold on any longer!

Wang Yi became even more disappointed with the cultivation method of this world!

Not only was it inefficient, but it was also not sustainable!


As time passed, Fang Mingze finally couldn’t hold on any longer. He sat on the ground and panted heavily.

His entire body was drenched in sweat, and he felt as if he didn’t have any strength left in him. He didn’t even want to move his fingers!

Even a Rank-3 martial artist became like this. It could be seen just how much pressure he endured in that short period of time!

Fang Mingze rested on the ground for a while before becoming energetic again. After all, with the physique of a Rank-3 martial artist, he could recover very quickly.

“Let’s start!”

Fang Mingze took a step forward with his left foot and said to Wang Yi as he clenched his fists.

Wang Yi was stunned. Start what?

After Fang Mingze finished speaking, he did not care about Wang Yi’s reaction. He rushed forward and punched Wang Yi’s chest with his left fist at an extremely fast speed. There was even a faint wind from the punch!

Damn! Was this guy crazy? He dared to attack a grandmaster!

Wang Yi looked at Fang Mingze’s actions and was speechless! However, his interest was instantly piqued. Why not give it a try?

After witnessing the cultivation methods of this world, it was not bad to witness the techniques and moves of this world too!

Although Fang Mingze’s actions were swift and fierce, in Wang Yi’s eyes, they were nothing!

He dodged the incoming punch and extended his left arm to block the incoming fist!

Then, the two of them started fighting. Although it was called a fight, Wang Yi was basically dodging and defending himself!

He delivered an elbow strike, a knee strike, a straight bunch, a collapsing fist technique, and a whip kick technique…

The more Fang Mingze fought, the more alarmed he became. No matter how he attacked, he couldn’t hurt his opponent at all!

However, the more he fought, the more excited he became. He could use all of his moves without worrying about injuring his opponent. It had been a long time since he had fought to his heart’s content.

Meanwhile, Wang Yi felt more and more listless.

Was this it?

It wasn’t that Fang Mingze couldn’t fight. Every time he attacked, it was clean and efficient. Every move was fatal, but he always felt that something was missing.

Each time he attacked, he could not unleash his full strength, let alone amplify it.

They brushed past each other again.

Fang Mingze, who had completely let loose, suddenly shouted, “Be careful!”

Then, he took a deep breath and a huge mouth seemed to have appeared on his right arm. It was frantically absorbing the surrounding spirit qi!

In the blink of an eye, his arm was filled with spirit qi. At the same time, it seemed to have reached a certain limit, and the suction force stopped abruptly.

Then, Fang Mingze growled. “Tiger Roar Fist!”

Next, he raised his right arm high up and smashed it towards Wang Yi’s chest, accompanied by a series of tiger roars!

Wang Yi’s eyes lit up. That was more like it!

He must have strengthened a few acupuncture points on his arm to absorb and temporarily store spirit qi before using a secret technique to blast it out.

As for the tiger roars, it should have been caused by that secret technique. They had an intimidating effect. As a result, those with weak willpower might lose their focus for a moment.

The power of this punch had increased by at least 50%, causing it to reach the power of a peak Rank-3.

Wang Yi also wanted to give it a try and did not dodge anymore. He controlled his strength to that of a Rank-3 martial artist and also threw a punch.

As the two fists collided, Wang Yi felt that something was amiss and instantly retracted most of his strength. Even so, Fang Mingze was unable to withstand it. He spat out a mouthful of blood and flew backward.

Wang Yi could not help but feel a little vexed. He indeed only used the strength of a Rank-3 martial artist!

However, he had forgotten that the Dragon Elephant Wisdom Technique had always been known for its strength. Those who cultivated this technique would be the strongest among those of the same realm. Their strength would be at least several times that of other martial artists in the same realm, or even more.

It was fortunate that Wang Yi was at the Grandmaster Realm and had great control over his body. Thus, he was able to withdraw most of his strength in time. Otherwise, even if the other party did not die, he would be severely injured at the least!

If the two of them fought without Wang Yi holding back his strength, this punch might have directly blown up the other party!

Then, the instant Fang Mingze flew backward, Wang Yi’s figure flashed and disappeared from where he was. When he reappeared, he was already behind Fang Mingze. With a light push of his palm, he immediately stopped him in the middle of his flight!

Wang Yi sent a wave of spiritual energy into the other party’s body. Then, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, he had retracted his strength in time and Fang Mingze only suffered a minor injury. It looked frightening, but Fang Mingze would be fine after resting for a few days.

However, Wang Yi did not want to wait for Fang Mingze to slowly recover. A surge of true qi flowed through the hand that was on Fang Mingze’s back and surged into his body. In just a few breaths, the injuries disappeared and Fang Mingze recovered instantly!

Even though the Dragon Elephant Wisdom Technique was an external cultivation technique that focused on strength, he had also slowly cultivated his true qi during the cultivation process.

Wang Yi’s true qi was not very strong, but it was still at the Grandmaster Rank. Thus, it was more than enough to heal Fang Mingze’s injuries.

Just as Wang Yi’s spiritual energy swept across, Fang Mingze felt the pendant in front of his chest suddenly burning up. His expression changed, but he quickly concealed it.

Wang Yi was also a little suspicious. Was Fang Mingze also at the Grandmaster Rank?

He felt a flash of spiritual energy from Fang Mingze.

Could this guy be a grandmaster too?

This grandmaster was too weak!

Wang Yi tried to sense it again. No, he was not at the Grandmaster Rank!

That wave of spiritual power was very weak, and it did not match his aura. It should have been attached to him by someone else!

In fact, it would be a good thing if a Grandmaster-Rank expert were to come. They could communicate with each other. Right now, Wang Yi was filled with curiosity about the martial arts of this world!

In the Guardian’s Residence!

Just as Wang Yi’s spiritual power made contact with Fang Mingze, Fang Yuan suddenly opened his eyes and a cold glint flashed across them.

There was a wisp of Fang Yuan’s spiritual power on Fang Mingze’s body. It was contained in the jade pendant that Fang Mingze carried with him.

Just this spiritual power alone could block a full-strength attack from a Rank-6 expert for ten minutes. Furthermore, this time was also enough for Fang Yuan to go and rescue Fang Mingze!

If Fang Mingze were to encounter a Grandmaster-Rank expert, Fang Yuan would be able to sense it through the spiritual energy that he had left behind. As long as it was not a life and death feud, no one would risk offending a Grandmaster by killing his son!

Even if the other party really made a move, this spiritual power could also allow Fang Yuan to locate the person who made the move!

Fang Yuan sensed carefully again. He did not sense any malicious intent from the other party’s spiritual power, nor did he sense any danger from his son. Thus, he stopped paying attention and closed his eyes again to meditate.

After standing still, Fang Mingze could no longer feel any discomfort on his body. He immediately understood that the other party must have used his true qi to treat his injuries.

Fang Mingze hurriedly cupped his hands and said gratefully, “Thank you!”

However, Wang Yi waved his hand and did not say anything.

This injury was caused by his own carelessness. Thus, he was too embarrassed to accept his gratitude!