Chapter 72 - Auction

Chapter 72: Auction

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“Furthermore, this Green Jade Rock is the strongest material for forging Grandmaster-Rank weapons.”

“By mixing some of these stone fragments into the weapon of a martial artist at the Battle Warrior Rank, it can double the sharpness and toughness of the weapon!”

“This fragment is worth at least ten thousand yuan!”

After saying that, the old man looked forward. Then, he sighed and spoke regretfully.

“What a pity! You only have one fragment. If you had more than a thousand, you could totally forge a peak Battle Warrior Rank weapon!”

When the old man said that each grain was worth 10,000 yuan, Jia Xi was already in a daze. As for the rest of his words, he did not hear them at all.

If the smallest stone fragment had such terrifying value, wouldn’t the ones at the entrance of the villa add up to more than a hundred million yuan?

Upon thinking of this, Jia Xi’s breathing became heavy again. He instantly felt that his back was already drenched in cold sweat!

Without saying goodbye to the old man, he left the reception room with lifeless eyes and kept muttering, “Oh no! Oh no! I’m in big trouble!”

He actually wanted to help the owner of the villa throw away such a priceless thing as trash!

Seeing Jia Xi leave just like that, the old man shook his head helplessly. “You’re already so old, yet you’re still acting like a child!”

At the entrance to the villa…

When the renovation workers saw Jia Xi return, they instantly surrounded him and asked noisily, “Manager Jia, what should we do about this?”

Jia Xi’s expression was a little ugly. He looked around at his subordinates and said dejectedly, “Brothers! We seem to be in trouble!”

“Give me the money we split earlier. If anything happens later, push it on me!”

Although the group didn’t know what it meant to be in trouble, in their trust in Jia Xi, everyone took out their money without hesitation.

Then, there was the sound of people talking.

“Manager Jia, what are you talking about? Our brothers have followed you and have received a lot of care from you. How can we let you shoulder it yourself if something happens?!”

“Manager Jia, don’t worry. No matter what happens, we’ll take it with you!”

Jia Xi’s heart warmed slightly when he heard his shouts from his old brothers. His eyes reddened and tears almost fell.

Suppressing his tears, he gritted his teeth and said in a deep voice, “Alright! I, Jia Xi, would like to thank my brothers. Wait here first!”

“1 ’11 go in and meet the owner of the villa again!”

“As long as I can survive this, if there’s anything for me to eat in the future, I won’t let my brothers starve!”

After saying that, he walked straight into the villa. With this aura, it really felt like the wind was blowing and the water was cold !

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Someone knocked on the door. Wang Yi looked through the door and was surprised.

Hadn’t they finished their work? Why was he back?

However, Wang Yi still opened the door. Seeing that Jia Xi looked like he was about to enter the battlefield, he did not know whether to laugh or cry. “Why? Is there anything else?”


Jia Xi was quite straightforward. After seeing Wang Yi open the door, he knelt on the ground and spoke sincerely.

“Jia Xi was blind. It’s not that I wanted Sir’s treasure. If Sir wants to hit or punish me, it’s up to Sir!”

Wang Yi was caught off guard by his sudden move. He waved his true qi and lifted the other party up!

Then, he asked in confusion, “What are you doing?”

Jia Xi carefully raised his head. Seeing that Wang Yi was not about to flare up, he explained with some lingering fear, “Previously, wasn’t there some gravel on the ground at your door? I wanted to help you clean it up!”

Wang Yi nodded. He remembered this matter. Just now, when Jia Xi wanted to help him clean up, he thought that this person was not bad!

Jia Xi gritted his teeth and continued, “When I got my workers to clean up, I realized that there was something wrong with these stone fragments. They were very heavy, and the sand-sized fragments weighed thousands of kilograms!”

“At that time, I felt that this was abnormal, so I took one of the stone fragments to the Yong Hua Chamber of Commerce for an appraisal!”

“In the end, the appraiser there said that this thing is extremely precious. The stone fragments at your door are probably worth more than a hundred million yuan!”

Just as he finished speaking…

Wang Yi could not help but gold his forehead with his hand. He felt very awkward. He had been too careless!

He was still not used to being a martial arts expert!

He had forgotten that the Green Jade Rock that he used as his sign was a precious material for forging Grandmaster-Rank weapons.

How could the stone fragments that fell from it be ordinary!

Wang Yi felt a little helpless. It was no wonder that the other party was so frightened. If it were anyone else, they might not be much stronger than this person!

“Don’t worry. This has nothing to do with you. I was careless!”

Wang Yi could only comfort him. After all, this was indeed his own problem.

Hearing that Wang Yi was not going to fuss about this matter, Jia Xi felt as if his body had been hollowed out. He actually felt like he had escaped death.

He quickly took out the 20,000 yuan on him. “Sir, please take back the money. I’m too ashamed to ask for more!”

However, Wang Yi shook his head and pushed the money back. “Just accept it in peace. There’s no reason for me to take back what I’ve given away!”

Seeing that the other party was determined, Jia Xi could only thank him again and accept the money.

Then, he was overjoyed. Not only did the owner not argue with him, but he also let him keep the reward!

Jia Xi was happy, but Wang Yi was even happier than him. Indeed, strength limited one’s horizons!

The previous owner of his body was not a martial artist. Thus, he didn’t know the value of martial arts resources at all, nor did he know about these Chambers of Commerce that mainly served martial artists!

Wang Yi also treated the memories of the previous owner as experience. He only knew that these martial arts resources were precious, but he did not know how valuable they were!

However, today, someone actually told him that the stone fragments he casually threw away were actually worth more than a hundred million. How could he not be happy?

There were plenty of such things in the system space. If he sold some of them, he wouldn’t face any pressure when upgrading the system to the Advanced-level, let alone the Intermediate-level!

When he thought of this, Wang Yi couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He patted Jia Xi on the shoulder and said, “You’re not bad! You’re very good!”

Jia Xi didn’t know why Wang Yi suddenly became so excited. He laughed dryly and said, “Sir, if there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave first!”

Seeing that the other party wanted to leave, Wang Yi said directly, “Don’t be anxious! If you do me another favor, I will definitely not mistreat you after this!”

“Yes, yes, Sir!” Jia Xi was about to take a step forward when Wang Yi’s words instantly locked him in place.

His heart was pounding. Was this person not going to let him go again? Was he going to deal with him?

Wang Yi did not know what the other party was thinking. Even if he did, he might not care.

He said calmly, “It won’t be difficult for you!”