Chapter 74 - Fu Anzhi

Chapter 74: Fu Anzhi

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“I’m Fu Anzhi, the president of the Yong Hua Chamber of Commerce. I heard that Mr. Wang is preparing to sell the Green Jade Rock?”

As the two of them entered, the middle-aged man in the Chinese robes looked at Wang Yi. After introducing himself, he went straight to the point.

Wang Yi nodded slightly and said with a smile, “That’s right. However, whether I sell it or not will depend on how much President Fu can offer!”

Just as he finished speaking…

Fu Anzhi took a deep breath. He knew that the other party was preparing to sell it, but when the other party said this, he still felt his heart race!

There was no other reason! This large piece of Green Jade Rock was really too precious.

If the Yong Hua Chamber of Commerce auctioned it, they would probably be able to use this opportunity to walk out of Cang City and establish themselves in the 13 Southwest Cities!

After calming himself down, Fu Anzhi spoke again with a smile. “Mr. Wang, don’t worry. The price will definitely satisfy you!”

“I wonder what Mr. Wang is going to sell it for! Are you going to exchange it for martial arts resources or sell it for money?”

Upon hearing Fu Anzhi’s question, Wang Yi said directly, “In that case, I’ll sell it for money! I wonder how much President Fu can pay?”

At the same time, he was complaining in his heart. What he lacked the most was money. What was the use of martial arts resources? If he lacked any resources, he could just go to the wilderness to obtain them. What was the point of exchanging them here!

Meanwhile, Fu Anzhi felt that Wang Yi would probably exchange it for martial arts resources. Unexpectedly, Wang Yi actually wanted to exchange this material for money.

After all, the supreme materials like the Green Jade Rock that could be used to forge a Grandmaster-Rank weapon were no longer something that could be measured with money. Most of them were exchanged for items!

This caught him off guard, and his expression became very solemn. After thinking for a long time, he said, “Mr. Wang, are you sure you want to exchange it for money?”

Wang Yi said nothing. He just nodded slightly.

Upon seeing this, Fu Anzhi was silent for a while again. Then, he said, “No one has ever traded such a precious treasure for money. I don’t dare to make a conclusion about its exact value!” “Mr. Wang, how about this? Let’s set a price of 10 billion for this Green Jade Rock!”

“Of course, with how precious the Green Jade Rock is, it must be worth more than that!”

“We will spread the news of Green Jade Rock. Then, the Yong Hua Chamber of Commerce will auction it at a low price of 10 billion!”

“If the auction succeeds, the extra money will still belong to Mr. Wang!”

“If it goes unsold, the Yong Hua Chamber of Commerce is willing to buy it for 10 billion!”

“Of course, there’s not much chance of it going unsold. Too many people need such precious materials!”

“What do you think, Mr. Wang?”

Wang Yi nodded when he heard this. He was quite satisfied with this price. It was just enough for the system upgrade, and he would even be a little rich after that.

As for the value of the Green Jade Rock and whether the other party had offered a low price, he did not care that much.

Could it be that he had to ask other merchants about the price one by one? Stop joking. If he had that time, it would be enough for him to leave the city for more resources again.

Then, Wang Yi said directly, “Alright! Let’s do as you say!”

“However, I’m a little short of money now. Please give me ten billion directly.”

“I’ll leave the Green Jade Rock to you. You can do whatever you want. Contact me after the auction!”

After hearing this, Fu Anzhi’s face lit up. Then, he said awkwardly, “Well, the Chamber of Commerce only has five billion yuan in liquid funds now. An amount of 10 billion yuan will take a few days to raise!”

Wang Yi waved his hand in frustration. “Just give me five billion directly. Raise the rest for me as soon as possible.”

To be honest, Wang Yi was indeed a little disappointed. He had thought that he could directly upgrade the system this time.

He did not expect that such a large Chamber of Commerce could not even produce ten billion yuan!

If Fu Anzhi knew about this, he would probably vomit blood from anger.

As a businessman, if he had money, he would go and hoard martial arts resources. Who would be so free and have nothing to do to the point that they would have so much liquid funds in their account?!

Upon hearing Wang Yi’s words, Fu Anzhi was instantly overjoyed. With his eyesight, when he first entered the room, he could tell that this Green Jade Rock was definitely the real thing with just a casual glance!

Although Wang Yi was so anxious for money, he was not afraid that this was a scam!

What happened next was much simpler. Wang Yi left the Green Jade Rock behind and left the Yong Hua Chamber of Commerce with a Black Crystal Card containing five billion yuan.

It was only after Wang Yi and the other man left that Fu Anzhi had the time to carefully study the Green Jade Rock.

As his palm kept rubbing against it, an intoxicated expression appeared on his face.

Fu Anzhi could be considered as someone who had been in the Chamber of Commerce circle for half his life. It was not as if he had not obtained a treasure of this level before.

However, all of those had been calculated in centimeters. In contrast, a piece like Wang Yi’s was enough to forge a Grandmaster-Rank weapon.

He had never even heard of such a treasure, let alone obtain it. Perhaps no supreme treasure of this level had appeared in the entire 13 Southwest Cities so far.

Suddenly, Fu Anzhi stopped rubbing the rock. His pupils revealed a hint of fear, and his voice was trembling as he said to the old man beside him, “Elder Jia, look at this Green Jade Rock.

Something seems to be wrong!”

The old man’s heart almost jumped out of his throat at the other man’s words. “The money’s all gone. Don’t tell me that you’ve made a mistake?”

If that was the case, then things would be a little serious. After all, he was the one who had appraised this Green Jade Rock, as well as the one who had invited Fu Anzhi here.

If this turned out to be a fake and caused such a huge loss to the Chamber of Commerce, even killing him would not be enough to compensate for the five billion, let alone asking a high-leveled appraiser to make up for the losses!

The old man could not help but curse Jia Xi in his heart. This grandson had tricked his grandfather!

Then, he said anxiously to Fu Anzhi, “President, they just left. They shouldn’t have gone far. Let’s hurry up and chase after them. We still have a chance to get the money back!”

With that, the old man rushed towards the door.

Fu Anzhi did not know whether to laugh or cry at the old man’s words. He knew that the old man had misunderstood his meaning. He could not help but support his forehead with his hand and hurriedly shouted, “Elder Jia, don’t be anxious! There’s no problem with the jade rock!”

The old man instantly stopped and looked at Fu Anzhi in surprise, not knowing what he meant.

Fu Anzhi didn’t waste any time. He pointed at a bump on the Green Jade Rock.

Then, he asked, “Elder Jia, take a look at this Green Jade Rock. Is there anything strange about

At this moment, the old man also walked from the door to the small square table and looked in the direction Fu Anzhi was pointing at.

There seemed to be a faint silver spot on a bulge, but it was so small that it would have been impossible to notice without looking carefully.

When the old man saw the spot, he was in the same state as Fu Anzhi just now, and his eyes were filled with fear.

Then, his entire face was almost pressed against the Green Jade Rock. His eyes were fixed on it as if he was looking for something!

“As expected! As expected! The legend is actually true!”.