Chapter 76 - Why Are You Here?

Chapter 76: Why Are You Here?

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Jia Xi had never dreamed that he would obtain wealth that no one would even dare to imagine in such a way!

After standing there for a long time, the ecstasy in Jia Xi’s eyes gradually disappeared.

Looking at the closed door of the villa, he bowed all the way down, his heart filled with gratitude.

Then, he turned around and shouted almost crazily at the renovation workers who were still in a daze. “Brothers, we’re rich!”

“I said that as long as I, Jia Xi, don’t die and have something to eat, I will never let my brothers starve!”

“Keep these stone chips. I guarantee that each of you will be worth millions after this!”

Then, Jia Xi did not hide anything and simply told the renovation workers the value of the stone fragments!

It was not that Jia Xi was stupid. He just didn’t know how to keep a secret. Furthermore, he didn’t know the importance of this thing!

However, at the moment of life and death, this group of people chose to live and die with him. Thus, he treated this group of people as his true brothers and was willing to trust them unconditionally!

As soon as Jia Xi finished speaking, the scene became so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

However, not long after, the silence was broken. More than a dozen people actually cheered.

Everyone got busy almost instantly. They felt much more relaxed when they lifted the stone fragments that weighed 500 kilograms each.

Wang Yi returned to the villa and fiddled with the Black Crystal Card in his hand. Before long, he became dispirited.

Although there was a lot of money inside—a total of five billion—he was only halfway through in his journey to level up the system!

He had thought that he would be able to upgrade the system directly this time, but he did not expect that he would have to wait until the auction was over.

Of course, if he made a trip to other large cities now and sold another piece of the Green Jade Rock, he would definitely have enough money to upgrade the system.

However, there was no particular reason why Wang Yi would rather wait for the auction than go out again. It was just that his laziness was acting up and he did not want to move.

In any case, there was not much time left until the auction. Wang Yi could afford to wait.

The hall of the villa had been turned into a restaurant. Thus, there were many wooden tables.

Wang Yi found a random seat and sat down. Bored, he leaned on the table and silently circulated his cultivation technique.

Although this was not as effective as cultivating in seclusion, he could multitask and do other things without delaying his cultivation!

Wang Yi turned his head and saw the menu on the wall. It was still blank at that moment.

As if he had suddenly thought of something, he couldn’t help but get up. A different kind of smile appeared on his face. Then, he scribbled a few lines on the blank menu!

Wang Yi stood at the side with his hands behind his back. He looked at his masterpiece on the wall and could not help but nod in satisfaction. Then, he casually threw the pen aside!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At that moment there was a series of knocks at the door to the villa.

Wang Yi looked back. The door was not closed. Instead, it was wide open.

At this moment, two people were standing at the door. One of them looked like an old man. He looked very nervous.

When the two people at the door saw Wang Yi turn around, they immediately bowed in unison. “Greetings, Lord!”

Wang Yi looked at the people in front of him. They seemed quite familiar. However, what surprised him was that the two of them were together.

The nervous old man at the door was the head of the Xu family, Xu Liancheng.

Meanwhile, the person who came with him was actually the Director of Finance, Tang Zhenyu.

How could Wang Yi not be surprised!

After knowing Wang Yi’s identity, with Tang Zhenyu’s shrewdness, it was already kind of him not to attack the Xu family crazily to please Wang Yi.

Meanwhile, Wang Yi had never expected that Tang Zhenyu would actually come to see him with the Xu family head today.

“Come in!” Wang Yi’s calm voice sounded. As for why the two of them were together, he couldn’t be bothered to think about it.

As Wang Yi finished speaking, the two of them walked into the house.

Xu Liancheng followed behind Tang Zhenyu. Not only did his expression not relax, but he also became even more nervous.

After all, Wang Yi had left a deep impression on him. He would never forget what had happened in the Xu family’s Battle Arena!

It was as if he was facing pressure from a god and his life and death were no longer in his control. He would probably never forget it for the rest of his life.

After Wang Yi left the Xu family’s Battle Arena that day, the upper echelons of the Xu family gathered together and discussed for almost the entire day.

In the end, Xu Liancheng decided to sell some businesses. After that, he had to gather the remaining 2.5 billion yuan.

Next, they had to follow Tang Zhenyu’s instructions. The Xu family would deal with the families that had targeted the Su family one by one!

In the past few days, Xu Liancheng could vaguely sense that some powerful families were suppressing the Su family.

It was also because he was decisive enough to cut the Gordian knot and decisively suppress the few families who had targeted the Su family. Only then was the Xu family able to intimidate those restless forces.

Today, all the money had been gathered and the compensation from the other families had arrived. Only then did Xu Liancheng look for Tang Zhenyu. He really did not dare to meet Wang Yi alone.

Tang Zhenyu was also helpless. He had just come out of seclusion today when Xu Liancheng came to him and begged to visit Wang Yi with him.

To be honest, Tang Zhenyu was extremely unwilling. However, he was the one who had given the other party the idea back then. Furthermore, the other party had exceeded Wang Yi’s requirements. Thus, Tang Zhenyu could only follow him.


After the two of them entered the house, Wang Yi gestured for them to sit down and quietly waited for them to continue.

There was a saying that one would not visit without a reason. There must be something for the two of them to come.

As expected, Tang Zhenyu, who had just sat down, took out a palm-sized brocade box and placed it on the table. Then, he smiled and spoke.

‘VA few days ago, I said that I would send some tea leaves to you, but I was delayed by something and only came today. Please forgive me!”

Wang Yi did not hold back. He opened the brocade box and sniffed it. He could smell the unique fragrance of tea leaves. He could not help but praise. “These tea leaves are not bad.”

Tang Zhenyu’s face lit up. “As long as you like them!”

Wang Yi nodded slightly and glanced at the other party again. He smiled and said, “Not bad! Not bad! Your physical body and true qi have already reached perfection. The only thing missing is an opportunity!”

“Cultivate well. As long as the opportunity comes, you will have a chance to become a grandmaster!”

Upon hearing Wang Yi’s words, Tang Zhenyu immediately became excited.

Although he had already vaguely touched the threshold of the Grandmaster Realm, how could it be so easy to make a breakthrough?

However, this person said that he had a chance of becoming a grandmaster. He probably really had a chance to break through to the Grandmaster Realm!

Upon thinking of this, he hurriedly stood up and bowed. “Thank you for imparting the technique, Lord!”

Wang Yi waved his hand indifferently, indicating for Tang Zhenyu to sit down first. Then, he looked at Xu Liancheng!

‘Why are you here?”

Although Wang Yi’s voice was very calm, Xu Liancheng couldn’t help but shiver when he heard it!