Chapter 79 - Grandmaster Tang

Chapter 79: Grandmaster Tang

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Tang Zhenyu subconsciously swallowed his saliva. Then, he heard Wang Yi introduce one of the dishes. “This is the Tinglan Extreme Yang. It is made of the most tender meat from a Rank-8 beast, the Tinglan Giant Elephant.”

“I used the power of extreme Yang as a fire to burn away the violent spiritual energy in the meat and draw out the most essential parts. Then, the extreme Yang melted into the steak. It will be tender and hot when you eat it!”

After saying that, Wang Yi extended his hand and said with a smile, “Please try it!”

He really looked like a restaurant owner!

Upon hearing this, Tang Zhenyu did not care if he was rude or not. He was dominated by the hunger and desire that suddenly appeared in his body and wolfed down the food.

He no longer had the demeanor of a second-in-command of Cang City.

Xu Liancheng, who had been in a daze, finally reacted and quickly opened the lid of the plate in front of him.

The room shone with a strong light again. At the same time, Wang Yi introduced another dish.

“The Five-Flower Porridge is made from five special flowers that contain the spiritual energy of the five elements. The power of the five elements has fused together. As a result, when you eat the soft porridge, you will experience the fragrance of the five special flowers.”

“Please taste it!”

Xu Liancheng was better off. After thanking Wang Yi, he also wolfed down his food.

For a moment, there was only the sound of the two of them eating, as well as the spiritual energy that kept drifting upwards in the hall!

As the amount of food on the plate dwindled, both of them underwent drastic changes.

Tang Zhenyu’s aura was constantly rising and becoming stronger. There was also an inexplicable power in his body that was constantly condensing. It was as if the power was about to appear in the real world from another space.

When he ate the last mouthful of steak, it was as if he had reached a certain limit and instantly experienced a qualitative change!


An extremely intense pressure flashed from Tang Zhenyu’s body. It was as if it could destroy the world. The pressure rushed crazily in all directions with Tang Zhenyu in the center.

Just as this pressure was about to destroy the newly renovated hall, Wang Yi casually waved his hand and suppressed it.

At this moment, Tang Zhenyu suddenly closed his eyes tightly. Then, his ancestral cavity appeared in the space between his eyebrows. Wisps of spiritual power seemed to have broken through the restrictions of space and continuously developed in the void before pouring into his ancestral cavity.

As the spiritual power surged in, his ancestral cavity became even more crystalline. Even though the spiritual power did not have a physical form, it had the beauty of flawless jade.

In the next moment, the ancestral cavity seemed to be saturated. It flickered a few times and directly disappeared between his eyebrows again.

A glint suddenly flashed across the corner of Tang Zhenyu’s eyes, and a huge wave surged in his heart.

He had broken through!

He actually found that opportunity in a dish and directly broke through to the Grandmaster Realm without any obstruction.

How terrifying was this?

Although Xu Liancheng did not have such luck, he was so shocked that his mouth was agape.

Under his clothes, a layer of black dirt that resembled the scab of a wound appeared on his skin. Meanwhile, half of his silver hair had actually turned black.

The old man in his seventies or eighties instantly transformed and seemed to be in his forties or fifties. He looked extremely capable and energetic, no longer looking like he was about to die.

It took a long time for the two of them to recover from their shock. They looked at each other and knew that they had struck gold today.

The two of them stood up almost at the same time and knelt down towards Wang Yi. They said excitedly, “We thank you for your kindness!”

Even Tang Zhenyu, who had already broken through to the Grandmaster Realm and was a grandmaster, was no exception.

When Wang Yi saw this, he stretched out his hand. The two of them stopped kneeling in midair and could not continue.

Then, Wang Yi’s calm voice sounded. “I’ve said it before. I’m the boss, and you’re the guests. Since you’ve paid, you don’t have to thank me anymore!”

“However, as guests, you must behave like one. Now that you’ve had your fill, don’t disturb me from my business.”

For the two of them to have their current status and wealth, they were naturally not stupid.

Just as he finished speaking…

The two of them had already reacted. After all, this Lord had already ordered them to leave. They hurriedly bowed and said, “We’ve troubled you today. We’ll take our leave!”

Seeing that the two of them were so tactful, Wang Yi nodded slightly. “Goodbye!”

After the two of them walked out of the villa, Xu Liancheng said with envy, “Congratulations,

Grandmaster Tang! You have broken through to the highest realm of martial arts today!”

Although he had no hope of becoming a grandmaster in his life, he was still the patriarch of a wealthy family after all.

When the ancestral cavity appeared between Tang Zhenyu’s eyebrows, he already knew that Tang Zhenyu would definitely be able to advance to the Grandmaster Realm.

At this moment, Tang Zhenyu could not hide the ecstasy on his face.

He could not help but be excited. This was the Grandmaster Realm. Furthermore, a grandmaster was a powerful existence that could guard a huge city and protect millions of people!

Today, he actually broke through so easily!

Tang Zhenyu looked at Xu Liancheng and calmed himself down. Then, he said, “Brother

Liancheng, you’re too polite. You’ve gained a lot from this trip.”

“If I’m not wrong, Brother’s current state is probably the legendary marrow cleansing state!”

“Not only won’t you fall ill in the future, but your cultivation might also improve and reach an even higher realm!”

“In the future, our families have to be closer!”

Xu Liancheng also had a look of joy on his face. At the side, he echoed, “Grandmaster Tang is right. We should visit each other more!”

Then, they looked at each other and couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

This trip had really been filled with fear and trepidation.

To be honest, the two of them were fated to have such an opportunity, just like what the sign had suggested!

This was because Xu Liancheng had suddenly brought five billion yuan, allowing for the unexpected upgrade of the system.

This made Wang Yi feel very good. It was precisely because he was in a good mood that the two of them had such an opportunity.

With Wang Yi’s vision, he could naturally tell at a glance what the two of them needed!

For example, Tang Zhenyu had already perfected his physical body and true energy. The only thing missing was his spiritual power.

Furthermore, at this time, Wang Yi went out of the city to buy goods and happened to hunt a Rank-8 beast with extremely strong spiritual power, the Tinglan Giant Elephant.

Then, he used the Nine Suns True Qi to refine it and draw out the spiritual power contained in its flesh and blood. He then used that opportunity to help Tang Zhenyu condense spiritual power and truly step into Rank-7, which was the Grandmaster Realm!

Another example was Xu Liancheng. He was old and weak, and his body was filled with hidden injuries. He did not have many years left to live.

Wang Yi used five types of strange flowers with the spiritual energy of the five elements to cleanse Xu Liancheng’s body. Although it was impossible for Xu Liancheng to improve his cultivation realm further, it was not a problem for him to live for a few more decades!

As for why Wang Yi treated the Xu family like this, it was easy to understand.

First, it was the money sent by the other party that allowed Wang Yi to upgrade the system in advance. The other families that had suppressed the Su family had also been beaten up by the Xu family!

Next, although the Xu family had suppressed the Su family before, they did not cross that line after all. They simply suppressed the Su family’s business without hurting anyone.

Moreover, even if the Xu family wasn’t around, when faced with an opportunity to curry favor with a grandmaster, even the other families would jump out and target the Su family..