Chapter 85 - The Me of Today is Not the Me of Yesterday!

Chapter 85: The Me of Today is Not the Me of Yesterday!

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Su Changlin was worried, but as the pillar of the family, he didn’t show it. He comforted his flustered wife in a deep voice.

“Lanxin, don’t think about it blindly. It’ll be fine. What kind of person is the Guardian? Why would he do such a thing to small fries like us?”

After all, Su Shiya had also cultivated in the Daoist temple for a year and had already become a Rank-1 martial artist. Thus, she was quite calm at this moment. She comforted, “Mom, maybe something happened in the Guardian’s Residence. Someone might come later!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As soon as she said that, there was a knock on the door of the villa.

The three of them looked delighted at the same time. Someone had really come. No matter what the outcome, at least there was no need to guess.

This endless waiting was the most torturous!

As the door opened, the three members of the Su family were stunned on the spot, their faces filled with disbelief.

Su Shiya looked at the two people outside the door and her eyes couldn’t help but turn red. Two streams of tears slid down her flawless cheeks and into her thin lips, but she didn’t seem to notice.

She reached out a trembling hand, wanting to touch the person in front of her.

However, before her hand could touch him, the emotions that she had suppressed for a long time finally erupted.

She did not care if there was anyone around and directly pounced into the arms of the young man standing in front of her.

She clung to him, unable to control herself any longer. She burst into tears as if to release all the pent-up grief and longing.

Wang Yi stood at the entrance of the villa as he felt the warm and fragrant woman in his arms. He looked at the beautiful woman who looked like an immortal and couldn’t help but stand there in a daze.

Even though Wang Yi had lived two lives, he had never felt this way before. Even though he was extremely powerful, he could not treat her with a normal attitude!

Actually, when he saw Su Shiya, Wang Yi felt extremely complicated.

He had completely inherited his former master’s feelings. When he saw the other party, the explosion of emotions in his heart could not be faked.

However, Su Shiya was also a complete stranger to him, a person who only existed in his memories.

For a moment, Wang Yi did not know how to face Su Shiya.

Only when the cute girl in his arms stopped crying did she remember that there were still many people around them. She hurriedly broke free from Wang Yi’s embrace and lowered her head with a flushed face!

Her voice was a little shy as she asked softly, “Ah Yi, didn’t you go to another city? Why did you suddenly come back?”

Her words were filled with tenderness, and she was no longer as cold as before.

Meanwhile, Wang Yi looked at the stunningly beautiful woman in front of him, whose eyes were filled with happiness. He hesitated and struggled. After all, he was no longer the Wang Yi of the past.

In the end, he let out a long sigh. “Shiya, do you know that the me of today is no longer the me from yesterday?”

As soon as he finished speaking…

Su Shiya was like a frightened rabbit. Panic flashed across her beautiful face as she hugged Wang Yi’s arm.

“Ah Yi, listen to me. There’s really nothing between me and that person. At that time, I was just acting for you to see. After you left, I let him leave!”

Wang Yi did not expect that what Su Shiya cared about the most at this moment was to explain the incident at the hotel!

Upon looking at the other party’s nervous expression, Wang Yi wished he could slap himself hard.

Damn! Was he still a man? What was there to worry about?

Didn’t he once say that there was only Wang Yi here, and that he was Wang Yi?

Didn’t he say that from now on, what the other party protected was what he would protect, and that what the other party cherished was what he would cherish?

But at this critical moment, why did he back down? How could he back down?!

At the thought of this, Wang Yi seemed to have unlocked a shackle in his heart. Without hesitation, he pulled the peerless beauty into his arms and said softly, “I’m not stupid. How could

I not know that you were acting?”

“Don’t worry! After today, all bad things will come to an end!”

Su Shiya said nothing, but her face was full of happiness as she leaned her head on Wang Yi’s shoulder.

After Su Shiya calmed down, Wang Yi turned to Mr. Su and Mrs. Su. He bowed deeply and called out respectfully, “Dad! Mom!”

At this moment, the two elders were also filled with relief. Since Wang Yi had already appeared here, there was no need to investigate why he did not go to another city.

Poor parents. They really didn’t want much. They just wanted their daughter to be safe and happy!

Seeing the happiness in their daughter’s eyes and the love in their son-in-law’s eyes, the two of them said with red eyes and choked sobs, “It’s good that you’re back! It’s good that you’re back!”

After a while, their emotions had all stabilized. Only then did the three members of the Su family realize that the person standing behind Wang Yi was actually the Director of Finance, Tang Zhenyu.

This was a big shot, a true higher-up of Cang City. He was the kind of existence that could decide the prosperity and decline of a family like the Su family with a word.

Moreover, this person was a Grandmaster-Realm expert. At this moment, Cang City was in an uproar because of this person.

The Director of Finance, Tang Zhenyu, had successfully broken through to the Grandmaster Realm a few days ago and became the second grandmaster expert in Cang City after Fang Yuan.

However, why was such an existence following behind Wang Yi like a servant?

Although they didn’t understand, they still didn’t forget the proper etiquette. The three of them hurriedly bowed and said, “Greetings, Grandmaster Tang!”

Although Tang Zhenyu was the Director of Finance, he was also a grandmaster. As a grandmaster, they addressed him as a grandmaster.

Of course, the Guardian was different. The Guardian represented the combat power of a grandmaster, so there was no need to be so particular when addressing him.

Meanwhile, Tang Zhenyu was definitely a smart person. When Wang Yi brought him to the Su family, he already understood that Wang Yi was no longer prepared to hide his identity.

The identities of the three Su family members were extremely high and noble.

Su Shiya was the dignified wife of a grandmaster, while Mr. Su and Mrs. Su were the father-in-law and mother-in-law of a grandmaster. No one could afford to offend them.

Moreover, Wang Yi had the terrifying strength to kill a Rank-9 grandmaster with a wave of his hand. Who would dare to treat him as an ordinary grandmaster?

When faced with the three of them, he simply dodged to the side like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

What a joke. Did he dare to accept this greeting! More accurately, did he have the right to?!

Tang Zhenyu didn’t feel any pressure hiding, but the three members of the Su family were terrified.

They thought that they had offended Tang Zhenyu in some way.

Helpless, Su Changlin could only bite the bullet and say, “Grandmaster Tang, what’s wrong?

What did our Su family do wrong to make Grandmaster Tang unhappy?”