Chapter 280 - Essential Handbook for exploring the Kunlun Ruins, India’s thoughts 3

Chapter 280: Chapter 197 Essential Handbook for exploring the Kunlun Ruins, India’s thoughts 3

Finally, through the second door of the mystic realm in Gale Valley, they arrived at Kunlun City. Kunlun city, like Lingshan City, was built outside the mystic realm. However, Kunlun city was not as large and crowded as Lingshan city. The Kunlun ruins was extremely precious to the construction department, so the people who entered the Kunlun ruins had to go through strict inspection. This also meant that the scale of Kunlun city would not be too big. Li Weiguo brought Lin Xuan and the others here and handed over the relevant documents to the director of the construction department of Kunlun City, Zhou Dingshan. Then, he watched them enter Kunlun city. Li Weiguo pulled Zhou Dingshan to drink. During the banquet, Li Weiguo asked casually, “Old Zhou, is there anything going on here recently?” Zhou Dingshan scratched his head. “Nothing major. It’s just that those bastards in India are a little noisy. However, this kind of thing has happened for a long time. As you know, those bastards have been eyeing the Kunlun ruins for God knows how long.” Li Weiguo laughed. “Indeed. The Kunlun ruins is not like little spirit mountain. It’s almost impossible for spies to infiltrate and it’s also very difficult for them to cooperate with outsiders like before.” “Right. Also, chief Lu Pingjiang went back to recuperate. Now that Chief Lu Pinghai is in charge, I feel more at ease.”Zhou Dingshan drank a mouthful of wine and laughed out loud. Li Weiguo teased, “You can’t let Chief Lu Pingjiang hear your words. Otherwise, he’ll definitely find an excuse to dock your salary.” Previously, for a long time, Lu Pinghai was in charge of Little Spirit Mountain, while Lu Pingjiang was in charge of Kunlun ruins. However, some time ago, Lu Pingjiang was transferred to the Dragon Mountain Range to help out. Due to India’s international reputation, they didn’t dare to attack Kunlun ruins. Now, Lu Pingjiang had recovered from his injuries, but he deliberately found an excuse to stay in Xijing city to slack off. Every day, he would throw tantrums and roll around. Even ye Lijiang couldn’t do anything to him. However, the head of the Dragon mountain range was in a high position. He looked very relaxed, but in fact, he had to deal with many things every day. He was often tense. The battle in the Dragon mountain range was even more exciting. One wrong step could lead to eternal damnation. Ye Lijiang let him be lazy and turned a blind eye to it. His younger brother Lu Pinghai simply ran over to guard the Kunlun ruins. Xiao Ling Mountain was temporarily handed over to Gao Qianchi. While the two were talking, on a mountain peak dozens of kilometers away from Kunlun City. Three Indian martial artists were looking down at Kunlun City, as well as the Majestic Secret Realm Light Gate that stood in the center of Kunlun City. The Indian martial artist in the lead had reached level 9, Level 1. His skin was white, and he wore a white shirt. On his chest, there was the image of a huge bull that was looking up at the sky. The most eye-catching thing was the horns of the huge bull, which actually emitted a golden light. The two Indian martial artists behind him also had pale skin, and their strength were respectively at level eight, level five, and level eight, level six. “Kunlun Ruins… why is it that every time we offer sacrifices, His Highness King Jie Ri has been intermittently transmitting information about Kunlun ruins to us, and also mentioned some powerful existences that surpassed level nine? Could it be that the construction division also has something to rely on?” The leading Indian martial artist muttered to himself. The two Indian martial artists behind him asked in a low voice, “Sir Ox Horn, are we going to make a move? I heard that the construction division has selected a large group of martial artists to enter Kunlun ruins. It seems like they are making some moves.” Ox Horn shook his head slightly. “Hold back and wait for that Guy to come. Although I am very displeased with people who come from the military officer faction, I have to admit that he has some strength. He can compete with Lu Pinghai.” When he said that Guy’s name, he looked disdainful as if he was high and mighty. “Of course, give me some time. He won’t be my match.”Ox Horn smiled faintly and was quite proud. The two Indian martial artists nodded. “Master Ox Horn is right!”