Chapter 1785

Chapter 1785: Young people are full of energy.

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Her heart skipped a beat, but she asked as if nothing had happened, ” “Which two teams will be in the finals?”

I think it’s ran ran from the Mathematics and Computer Science departments. Xu Ziyue thought for a moment.


Qing ‘er was a little disappointed. She could not help but ask, ” “What about the law Faculty?”

“Ah? I’m not too sure.” Xu Ziyue was a little puzzled. why do you ask? ” By the way, your brother Arthur is a new student this year, Yingluo. Is he from the law Department? Sigh, even without him, you can’t miss this Grand Finals! I heard that this year’s Computer Science freshmen are very good!”

Qing ‘er snorted. it’s best that he’s not around. I’m too lazy to go with him around. Let’s go and see the handsome guy!”

Why did she have to toss and turn for this brat, Jiang Yaoyao? Since this was his goal, she would not let him succeed!

Xu Ziyue coughed and tactfully did not pursue the matter. Instead, she nodded vigorously.”Let’s go, I’ll pick a bed warmer for you tonight!”

The two of them arrived at the stadium. After they entered with their tickets, they were shocked by the cheers that entered their ears.

The competition had yet to begin, but the students from the two departments had already occupied half of the arena. They competed with each other and cheered for each other. The cheers just now had been from them.

“Ah, young people are full of energy.” Xu Ziyue said with a smile.

“Where are our seats?” Qing ‘er nodded in agreement.

“C zone, over there.” Xu Ziyue pointed in a certain direction.

Two minutes later, the two of them finally sat down in their seats. Xu Ziyue took out all the snacks and drinks that she had prepared. Qing ‘er expressed her disdain, but she still unwrapped a bag of potato chips and began to eat. Her eyes wandered aimlessly around the venue, and soon, she saw the names of the two teams in the finals.

Qing ‘er was so stunned that she even forgot to chew her potato chips.

She nudged Xu Ziyue who was beside her with her elbow. “What’s going on? The teams in the finals clearly have the law school!”

It was clearly written on the wall that she was majoring in law and computer science. Where did the math department come from?

Xu Ziyue looked in the direction she was pointing and said in surprise, ” eh, it’s really the law department’s Yingluo. Looks like I remembered wrong, heheyingluo.

Qing ‘er turned her head and glared at her.

“What’s the matter?” Xu Ziyue asked innocently. Did you have a falling out with Arthur? Why else would she not want to see him? Isn’t he your little brother? Yingluo and her little brother actually fell out with each other. Those who don’t know better might think that you two are a couple.”

“What nonsense are you saying!” Qing ‘er retorted subconsciously.

“I was just joking.” Xu Ziyue chuckled. at the freshman Party, this kid even said he wanted to ask me out. In the end, he didn’t do anything after so long, ran ran. That’s why I say that men, regardless of their age, are not reliable.

Qing ‘er gritted her teeth and said,’ that’s right! You can just listen to a man’s words, but you can’t believe a single word of it!”

Xu Ziyue moved closer to her and asked, ” “Yingluo, what about your father and brother? Oh, and your little brother Yingluo?”

that’s different. They’re the exceptions. Qing ‘er sternly defended her men. don’t you know that my parents are famous for being a model couple? As for my brother and brother Yingluo, they’ll definitely be good men in the future. If they aren’t, I’ll break their legs!”

Xu Ziyue laughed and said,”actually, Arthur’s not bad, Yingying.”

“Not bad, my ass!” Qing ‘er thought for a moment. I can’t let him see me. I think we’re going to record a video today. When the camera sweeps over me, you’ll help me block it.