Chapter 706 - It's Hereditary

Chapter 706: It’s Hereditary

In the end, Qiao Xi did not tell Gu Yao about her plan. It was not because she was afraid that Gu Yao would leak the secret but because Huang Lilan was Gu Yao’s biological mother. They were connected by blood. If he knew Huang Lilan’s outcome, he would definitely be sad.

The banquet lasted for half an hour. Gu Weiming started giving toasts to everyone. Finally, he walked to Gu Zheng’s side. Everyone’s eyes were on the father and son.

Gu Weiming glanced coldly at Qiao Xi, then said, “Ah Zheng, with your current identity, how can you not have anyone to serve you?”

Gu Zheng did not even raise his head as if Gu Weiming was an invisible person. Gu Weiming’s expression was cold, and his voice was filled with determination. He instructed the servants beside him, “Call her over.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Huang Lilan walked out with the pitiful Shen Ying. Shen Ying’s face was filled with shyness and fear, like a frightened bird.

Lu Yan smiled proudly. The next scene would definitely be very exciting.

Old Madam Gu glanced over and did not say anything. In her opinion, Gu Zheng was completely capable of dealing with these people. If she made a move, it would make everyone think that Gu Zheng relied on her love to survive in the family.

At this moment, Gu Yao could not take it anymore and said with disgust, “Who asked you to come?!”

Shen Ying looked at Gu Zheng timidly, her body trembling. “President Gu…”

“Ah Zheng,” Gu Weiming said coldly. “Miss Shen is your mother’s relative and the only daughter of the Shen family. She can be considered a noble daughter. She’s not a woman you can toy with as you please. Since you’ve touched her, you have to be responsible for her!

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“You were naughty and mischievous in the past. I won’t bicker with you, but you’re already the head of the Gu family now. You can’t abandon her. Not only is it for your own reputation, but it’s also for the sake of the Gu family.”

Gu Zheng said casually, “It’s hereditary.”

What Gu Zheng meant was that Gu Weiming was a man who abandoned his wife after fooling around. Everything Gu Zheng did was because he inherited these traits from his father. Gu Weiming could not even be loyal, so what right did he have to ask his son to be loyal?

When Gu Weiming heard this, he was instantly infuriated. Huang Lilan hurriedly went forward and advised gently, “Ah Zheng, we’re all doing this for your own good. You secretly got married behind our backs, so we don’t blame you anymore. However, Miss Shen is willing to give up her status to stay by your side. How could you bear to refuse?”

The banquet hall instantly fell silent. The guests looked at the Gu family with interest.

Qiao Xi raised her eyebrows. “Miss Shen, you’re willing to give up your status to stay by Ah Zheng’s side?”

“Yes!” Huang Lilan replied without hesitation, then looked at Qiao Xi with a vicious expression. “Shen Ying is the daughter of the Shen family. She’s worthy of Ah Zheng’s identity. Moreover, she really likes Ah Zheng and can give up her dignity for him. You’re just doing this for money and power. You only want the position of Mrs. Gu! You’re not worthy to be the mistress of the Gu family at all!”

Qiao Xi nodded and said with a smile, “But I’m already married to Gu Zheng, yet you still want to push Miss Shen into the picture. Madam Gu, just because you’re a successful mistress, you wish for Miss Shen to follow in your footsteps?”

The atmosphere instantly became awkward. Everyone looked at each other and pondered over Qiao Xi’s words. They could not help but sigh. She was right!

Everyone called Huang Lilan ‘Madam Gu’, but they knew that she and Gu Weiming were not married at all. Back then, she was a mistress and accused Lu Qingyun of marrying Gu Weiming for money. She claimed to truly love Gu Weiming.

Time had passed, yet she still used the same excuse to ruin Gu Zheng’s marriage. She was really a mistress. After she rose to her current position, she began to help others using the same method.

Huang Lilan was angered to the point of gnashing her teeth and roaring. “Qiao Xi! You wild girl! How dare you speak to your mother-in-law like this? You’re really rude! You have no upbringing!”

Qiao Xi’s expression was indifferent. “Madam Gu, remember what you said. You have to keep your word!”

‘I really love Weiming. I’m not with him for money or fame. I just like him. As long as I can be with him, I’d rather not have a status.’

Back then, Lu Qingyun and Weiming’s marriage was a business marriage. She did it for benefits. She did not love Weiming at all. Such a marriage was unfair to Weiming!

Because of Huang Lilan’s words back then, she seduced Gu Weiming and successfully rose to power. However, it was also because of this that she had never married Gu Weiming. She did not dare to rush him either because if she took the initiative to mention this matter, everything she said back then would become a lie.